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This is in part based in my life, . Not the whole thing, but a big part of it. It happened after a Halloween part a friend of mine threw for all women.
Trick or Treat bitch,. PT 1 This is in part based in my life, . Not the whole thing, but a big part of it. It happened after a Halloween party a friend of mine threw for all women. I was walking to a corner store which was about half a mile away, I was pretty drunk and was giving myself some time to sober up before I made the drive back to my hotel. I saw one of her sons black friends and he was waving to me, he and he pointed down the alley. So I said, fuck it, might as well see what he wants, I was figuring money. So I go strolling across the street, staggering a little but finally catching my footing and walking across trying to look like I wasnt drunk. I get over to the corner and he is talking to another boy, and he says, hey lady can you do us a favor? I said, sure I suppose as long as its nothing bad. So he whispered, follow us, and we go walking down this very dark alley, finally stopping about halfway down and he takes my hand and pulls me into this newer wooden storage shed, and as I walk in I can hear rap music, and many other voices talking. I get in and the door closes behind me, and in my mind I try to count all the boys there, but im too drunk to concentrate and thats when I feel the steel cold blade of a knife at my throat,. In a very deep voice for such a boy of young age, he said , you stupid fucking bitch! You is about to get da fuckin of yo life! I feel very afraid at first, but in my drunken stupor, I get aroused, I feel my panties moisten up and a wave of heat slowly spread out over my body. Two young black boys slowly start undoing my top, and pulling my shorts off, im standing as still as possible, and now I am counting the boys, 7,8,9, all the way to 16. All are staring at me, with eyes showing their keen interest in my body, which is making me even more eager, I reach back, undo my bra and pull it off, I feel hands all over my body, I can hear phrases being mumbled by all the boys touching me, about my tits, my ass, my pussy. I feel a mouth on my neck, tits, and feel fingers finding their way inside my pussy, my body is greedily accepting all these points of contact, and points of penetration. The rap music has faded into the background, I can hear my own heartbeat in my ears, and I feel hands on my shoulders pushing me to my knees, I feel two hands pulling hair back behind my shoulders, and before my knees even touch the ground I have 5 very young black dicks waiting. Instinct kicks in and I reach out for the closest one, very nice and long for a boy that couldnt be any older than 12, I can already see the glistening of precum at the tip of his cock, and I slowly stick my tongue out licking his pee hole, and he lets out a long deep moan, and I slowly suck in the head of his cock as I hear a boy behind me, talk with excitement in his voice, I told you mofuckers this bitch would do it. I start sucking with a fury, knowing he wont last long and about 25 seconds into it, he lets out a loud ahhhhh!! Clinching his fist as he pumps his hot cum in my mouth, I keep sucking him, milking his young black hard cock,. Until he pulls out and says, damn that was fucking fun.! Before I can even finish swallowing what I have in my mouth, I feel another cock shoved in, fitting perfectly in my mouth, I jack him off rapidly as I bob my head up and down as fast as I can and find the same result, he shoots a huge glob of cum, gagging me for a second before I recover and continue to milk his cock. Then without even realixing I was being bent over, I found myself in the doggy position and boys nearly fighting to be the first to fuck this older white woman. I finally feel a cock pushing at my entrance, my pussy eagerly accepts it inside and and I slowly start rocking my hips to meet his thrust. I know it wont be long before he comes in my pussy, and almost instantly after that runs through my head, I feel him buck his hips, and tighten up and I keep rocking back and forth, .I can feel that moment building in my body, the next boy that gets behind me, he has a massive thick cock, so I turn around quickly sucking it, not wanting him to cum in my mouth, because I want to feel that cock deep in my pussy. I lay on my back, so I can watch him penetrate my pussy, he puts one leg on his shoulder and I guide his massive cock inside, stretching my pussy, my face grimacing half in pain and half in pure lust. I let out a loud , OH FUCK! Even slipping up and saying please fuck me baby. He starts stroking his cock, and with each stroke I feel much better , the sensation tearing through my body, starting at my pussy, I have my eyes closed my head back, pinching both my nipples when I feel three cocks slap me in my face. I open up and they start face fucking my, balls hitting my eyes, cheek and chin, emptying their cum deep in my mouth, . I couldnt fight it any longer, the orgasm tearing through my body like a flood, but that didnt stop them boys from molesting my body, ,. I told him, over and over, cum in my pussy, please baby. I could see it in his eyes, he had fucked a lot, I found out later he was 13 and had fucked 11 women around my age, after about 15 minutes, he said , alright here it comes hoe, as he pulled his cock out and shot cum on my tits , face, and in my mouth. To be ctd.


2018-05-06 15:45:12
Mmmmmm I LOVE young black cock would be better with more details of what they did to her as I'm sure she stayed for several hours....

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2013-11-10 16:11:15
A wall of words.


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2013-11-10 09:06:36
I love nigger cock too an thinking of a bunch of blk boys make me wet

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2013-11-09 23:46:04
ok but just knowing what was coming next made it a 5.

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2013-11-09 23:40:50
paragraphs please & boring

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