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Based on a true story, 'gay chicken' is where the two supposedly straight participants attempt to gross the other out by out gaying each other, all whilst sitting in a class room.
"Thank god it's Friday, last class of the day and no homework or assignments for the weekend" I said to my John as we walked to our computers class, I was in a good mood. Being in the 10th grade and having a computer lesson on a Friday afternoon was the best, if we used the computers it was just mucking around while the teacher slowly walked around the room or if it was a formal lesson me and John would play a little game we always played in class.

"I hope he gives a class, I wanna beat you once and for all in gay chicken out Robbie" John said with a big grin on his face.

We got into class and the teacher was already writing down the chapter on the white board, looks like John got his wish.
We sat down and got our books out and settled down, the desks in the class were spread out and placed so well that no body would have a clue what's going on, no body ever did know.

John started writing his notes, I rolled my eyes and motioned to slide my hand over his thighs and crotch. He was already semi hard. No reaction though, to win you needed the other person to say stop or to back out, we always built up the tension to stroking each other, hiding in plain site as they say. We would wank each other, feeling the others cock and balls under the pretence of a little game.

"Someone is a bit horny already" I said to John as he pretended to listen to Mr Davids and his boring lesson on programming, "why don't we stop screwing around and you give me a handjob Robbie?" He replied.
I wasted no time in unzipping his fly, undoing the button on his boxers and slipping my hands inside to grasp his now hardened cock. I began stroking it all whilst we looked at our teacher like nothing was even happening, we had certainly gotten good at this, but this is usually as far as it would go.

Being 15 we didn't see any problem in having a little fun during class, it's all innocent right? John grabbed a handful of my crotch and started to slightly move his fingers, my balls slid in between each finger and I snapped rock hard. He undid my fly and had my cock out too, we simultaneously jerked each other on and off for 35 minutes, longer than we had done before and I was the horniest I have ever been.

"Alright class pack up your things and get ready to leave soon" Mr David's said looking right into my eyes as I had a handful of teenage cock in my hand, stroking it and giving wrist flicks like a porn star would.
I tucked my boner into my belt, painfully, and we both packed out things ready to leave.

I thought to myself "looks like I'll be having another wank as soon as I get home", John must've read my mind because he looked at me and said "why don't we go to the bathroom and continue this, unless you're scared you'll lose!" Not one to be contested and quite honestly curious to how far this would be taken I agreed.

We made our way, boners and all, to the toilet cubicles waiting until it was clear before hurrying into the same cubicle and shutting the door behind us.

"So, what now?" I said wondering what he had in mind.

He unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out, this was the first time I had actually seen it. It was nice and thick, at least 8 inches long and had the most amazing shine on his cock head, a single drop of precum was oozing out as he stood there giving it a little jerk and grinning.

"Why don't you suck it, see if you're really gay chicken out champion material" he said with a wicked smirk, I don't know what it was but the possibility he could pull his cock away at the last second and be disgusted was negated by how unbelievably horny I was, I had to let my cock out first. I unzipped my own fly and let it hang out, it was only a modest 6 inches and not as thick as johns but I didn't care.

I squatted down and grabbed hold of his amazing cock, I gave the precum a quick lick and observed his reaction, no grossed out face or surprises, he wanted this and so did I. All inhibitions went out the window then and there.

I lapped his cock head with my tongue over and over, enjoying the salty precum that was now slowly oozing out more and more, the saliva that had coated it and the smell of a hard cock before my very face was too much, I had to suck this cock and that's exactly what I did.

I worked it into my mouth, licking the shaft, his balls and the head before attempting a deep throat. I choked a little at first but when my throat and his cock were well lubricated I was able to take more and more into my mouth.

He groaned on the edge of orgasm over and over and each time I'd stop as I wasn't done, I wanted this moment to last longer, I teased his prick with my warm mouth whenever he draw near to cumming, the look of flustered frustration in his face as he looked down at my cock hungry eyes that were focused on his member made me completely forget this started as a innocent game between two friends.

"Please let me cum, my balls are about to explode, this is fucking amazing, suck my cock and don't stop you little slut" he whispered making sure not to be heard by anyone else in the toilet, his orders made me hornier than I already was and like a good eager to please cock slut I listened, I picked up the pace and began slurping and sucking whilst jerking him with one hand and playing with his heavy balls with the other.

His balls tightened up and his cock head seemed to double in size in my mouth, I expected his load to be barely a teaspoon like mine so I didn't expect what happened next. "I..." he barely managed to say before my tongue and throat were flooded by gush after gush of hot salty teenage cum, I tried not to choke on the sheer unbelievable volume but I swallowed everything and sucked him dry as the last drop of cum left his balls, I looked up at him, his eyes were rolled back into his head still enjoying the pulsing orgasm that shook his body, the taste of cock and cum still fresh upon my breath.

"So I guess I win buddy" I spun around to leave when he kept the door shut "who said I'm giving up? I want to taste your cock too" I was hoping he would want to suck my cock, I turned back and shuffled around the small cubicle, pushed the toilet seat down and sat with my raging hard cock and balls out, John made his way in between my legs and sucked his first cock, I lasted about 2 minutes from all the pent up sexual pressure over the last hour I'm surprised I didn't cum instantaneously.

Me and John went to the toilet together every Friday afternoon after that, sucking each other's dicks and swallowing every last drop of cum the other had to offer, my insatiable urge for cock to suck started that one Friday afternoon in high school, 15 years young and swallowing cum. Life's good with your mouthful.


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Oh my God, thank you. That was perfect. Let's just say, I'll be reading that story again and again.

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Well I need to change my shorts there is a large spot of cum on these ones


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ahh the first time. sweet memories.

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Your mother's pussy da thali

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Pussy wet n hot!!! Good story

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