Deanna and Natalie spend a little quality time with Dee's brother ...
Deanna entered the kitchen with Natalie in tow. Her mom, Kirsten, was finishing setting the table and Spencer was at the cupboard gathering cups. “Just hot dogs and mac ‘n’ cheese for dinner, kids” Kirsten said, almost apologetically. “I have to leave for my committee meeting at the church soon.”

“No problem mom” Dee responded as she walked up to Spencer and put her fingers under his nose.

“Smell!” she mouthed to him, making sure she blocked the view of her mother, who was now spooning out macaroni onto their plates.

“What?” he mouthed back, giving her a confused look but he still inhaled. He couldn’t quite discern what he smelled but there was a subtle tang coming from her fingertips.

She leaned into his ear and whispered “my pussy” as quietly as she could, with a mischievous grin on her face.

Spencer dropped one of the cups he was holding and it clattered on the countertop. Deanna grabbed it and scolded “watch it, clumsy! Good thing that wasn’t glass!” She brought it to the table and got the iced tea from the fridge.

They all sat and applied their condiments to the hot dogs that Spencer had managed to cook himself on their grill. “Thanks for the wiener, Spencer” Deanna completely deadpanned, and tried to keep a straight face. “Yeah, I love wieners” Natalie joined in, taking the naughty cue from Deanna. They both began giggling.

“Girls” Kirsten interjected, “behave.”

They continued with their giggling as Spencer tried to compose himself. He could tell his neck and cheeks were reddening. His sister comes down from her bedroom and puts two fingers under his nose that were apparently just in her pussy? Now they’re talking about wieners? His relationship with Dee had certainly been altered in the last couple days.

“I have to leave right after we eat” Kirsten continued. “So I need you guys to clean up the kitchen and get your homework done before you do your cheerleading routine, OK? Natalie, is your mom or dad going to be able to come pick you up? I might be a bit late because we are doing the planning for the summer Missionary program.”

“I’ll make sure everything gets done mom” Deanna assured her. “And I’ll watch Spencer to make sure he doesn’t cause any trouble.”

“I don’t need to be WATCHED” Spencer stated emphatically.

“My mom can get me later, no problem” Natalie informed.

“Good, I know you guys always behave yourselves, I’m not worried about that.”

As they continued eating, Dee caught Spencer’s eye and put her fingers under her nose again, breathing in and closing her eyes. Kirsten didn’t notice but Natalie had, and she stifled a laugh, taking another sip of iced tea.

“How’s school going Spence” Natalie inquired politely. “Are you ready to be in the High School in the fall?” Their rural school had 2 adjoining buildings, grades K-7 in one and 8-12 in the other.

“Yeah, I’m doing pretty good” he replied, looking up at her as SHE put two fingers under her own nose and inhaled. Spencer’s eyes bugged out in his head.

“OK?” Deanna scoffed. “Spencer’s like the smartest kid in the 7th grade! He’s got, what? . . . a 98 average . . . its’ ridiculous.”

“God blesses us all with different gifts” Kirsten intoned as she picked up her plate and brought it to the counter. “OK, kids, remember: clean up and homework BEFORE cheerleading routine, right?”

“Yes, mom” all 3 droned in unison, which set the girls to giggling again.

*** *** ***

The dishes were mostly done by the time Kirsten freshened up and went into the garage to leave for her meeting. Dee was peeking out the front window and as soon as her mom’s car turned out of the driveway she began laughing uncontrollably. Natalie came over and joined her.

Spencer came from the kitchen, dish towel in his hands and said “are you girls NUTS? Acting like that in front of mom?”

“Oh, lighten up, Spence” Dee teased. “Didn’t you like your sniff?”

“Oh my god” the realization came to him quickly. “Did you tell Nat about what happened?”

“What do you mean, Spencer?” Natalie gave him a puzzled look. “About you jerking it in the bathroom? Or about Deanna jerking you?”

“Oh my god, Deanna you total shit!” His face turned completely red and it looked like he might burst into tears. He turned to leave the room.

“Spencer, wait!” they both hurried after him. “Please don’t be mad” Dee implored as she caught him and grabbed his arm. “I wasn’t expecting to tell her all that, but I . . . I’ve been trying to figure all this stuff out, you know . . . about sex and stuff. You and Natalie are the only ones I can talk to.”

“Dee, you don’t realize how embarrassing it is to a guy for someone to know about something like that” he admitted as he looked from his sister over to Natalie, who looked back at him with what seemed like genuine concern for having hurt his feelings. Spence continued, “even though we’re told that ‘everybody’ does it . . . no one ADMITS to it, you know?”

“Spence” Natalie spoke up. “I really didn’t mean to upset you. What Dee told me is not going ANYWHERE. I know what you guys have dealt with growing up and I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.” She thought for a moment and then added “if it would help for you to have one of my secrets, could we call it even?”

“One of YOUR secrets?” he had no idea what to expect here.

Natalie took a deep breath. “When Dee and I were masturbating together upstairs, which I’m guessing you figured out, she put her fingers in my pussy . . . and I put my fingers in hers.”

Spencer looked at her, mouth agape, as the blood from his face found a new depository in his hardening cock. The mental picture he created of Dee and Nat fingering themselves, and each other, was quickly dissolving his embarrassment.

Nat continued “I know you might think that I’m, like, real ‘experienced’ or something when it comes to sex . . . but I’m a lot more talk than action” she admitted to both of them. “I’ve never been naked with a boy, or had anyone touch me there. The most action I ever got was when Bobby McKenzie rubbed my boobs after the Freshman Dance last year. He wanted to get me out of my dress, but that wasn’t gonna happen”. Natalie surprised herself at how easily these admissions flowed, but the intimacy that she and Dee had just shared, and how much Dee had confided in her, made it feel right. Besides, she was still tingly from her earlier orgasm . . . must be those endorphins that they taught them about in biology. She wanted to explore more and this seemed about as safe an environment as possible. “I guess that makes me a bit of a tease, but I haven’t been ready to do anything else before.”

“Before?” Spencer replied.

“Before Dee told me about what you guys did” then more quietly “and before she gave me the best orgasm of my life.”

Dee blushed at that and gave Nat a hug, then turned and gave one to her little brother.

“Oooh, Spence!” she jumped a little. “Somebody’s got something going on in their pants!” She looked down at the boner that was supporting a tent in his loose khaki’s.

“Sorry” Spencer replied. “But I can’t stop picturing you guys doing that together.”

“Well, maybe you won’t have to ‘picture’ it, little bro.” She pulled her sweater over her head. She hadn’t bothered putting her bra back on after getting naked with Nat.

“Spencer” Natalie looked at him very seriously. “If any of your little friends find out about this, your grades will be the LAST thing you’ll be worried about, understand?”

Spencer nodded like a bobble-head as Natalie pulled off her long-sleeve T, affording him a beautiful view of her smooth, pale skin, flat tummy and a black sports-bra wrapping her modest breasts. She gave him another stern look, eliciting another nod as she pulled the bra over her head.

“You girls are gorgeous!” Spencer breathed out as he stared at the amazing site in front of him. Deanna’s boobs were bigger than Natalie’s, but that didn’t make Nat’s any less perfect. She had small pink nipples which were quickly hardening, pointing slightly upward from her B-cups. Nat was a bit skinnier than Dee, she probably only weighed 110 pounds, and it was all tone and fit.

“Now you, Spence” Deanna encouraged.

“Uh, Dee” he offered “do you suppose maybe we should go upstairs instead of standing in front of the living room window?”

*** *** ***

Once in Deanna’s room and the renewed giggling had subsided, Spencer took off his button-down shirt and undid his belt and trousers to get his khaki’s off. This left him in his tight, white, Fruit-of-the-Looms and socks. Both of the girls could see the pressure his dick was putting on the elastic material.

“Uh, umm. What do you guys want to do?” he queried.

“Nat?” Dee decided to let her friend make the call.

Natalie was very excited from the exposure of her body to this young boy, her best friend’s brother. Her nipples were hard as rocks and she found that her hand was pressing into her crotch through her jeans. Why did she still have pants on?, she found herself thinking. She found her voice and said “I’ve, uh, never touched one” she replied as she unzipped and pulled off her jeans, leaving her in her plain black panties.

Spencer took the hint and removed his underwear, letting his cock swing free. He didn’t know if his was big, small, or in between. “It IS about the size of a hot dog, isn’t it?” Natalie commented.

“Yeah, I guess” Spencer agreed, “but not a foot-long!” he managed to joke.

Natalie knelt on the floor and tentatively reached up and touched the head with her fingertips, then wrapped her hand around his shaft. It was just long enough that she could get all four fingers on it and she felt the hardness and the heat. “Wow” was all she said as she moved her hand to cup his ball-sac and moved back up to run her thumb back over the head. Spencer twitched at that and Nat’s thumb came away with fluid on it, which she could tell was not pee, it felt more like a lotion. She spread it around on his cock-head with her thumb and forefinger. Spencer moaned as she did.

Deanna had removed her pants and was sitting on the bed watching Natalie’s exploration of her brother’s dick. Her right hand was in her muff and her left was squeezing her tits. “That is soooo hot guys.”

Natalie’s face was close enough that Spencer could feel her warm breath on his dick, but he was still a bit surprised when she put her lips around the head. The wet warmth of a mouth around the end of his cock was an extraordinary new feeling, and he was watching Dee play with herself a few feet away. “Uh, Nat, uh,

I’m gonna cum.”

“What should I do?” she asked innocently.

“Up to you, but it’s coming in a few seconds.”

Natalie gave his dick head one more open-mouthed kiss and then stroked his shaft as she stared down at the tip. When the first spurt came at her she reflexively closed her eyes and the string of cum hit her on the forehead and began to drip down her face. The second landed on her upper lip and the last dripped down her wrist as she finished pumping him dry. She just stayed still for a few moments, breathing heavy as the cum ran down her face, some of it passing her lips.

Not many other options presented themselves so she ran her tongue around her lips and swallowed the bit that was there, then used her free hand to wipe her left eye so that she could open it again.

Spencer and Deanna were staring at her in awe, waiting for a reaction to him cumming in her face. Finally a smile broke out on Natalie’s face and she began laughing. Dee and Spence quickly joined in.

“OH MY GOD, that was SOOOOO cool” Natalie got out between laughs. She wiped her eye and cheek a bit more thoroughly and decided to give Spence’s cum another taste.

“What’s it like, Nat?” Deanna wanted to know.

“Doesn’t have much of a taste, really” Nat replied. “A bit salty, I guess.”

“Well, all I know is . . . that made me cum too” Deanna said as she clutched her legs tight around the hand that was still pressed into her twat.

“Uh . . . I think I’ll go clean up!” Natalie said matter-of-fact as she headed to the bathroom. She returned to the site of Deanna and Spencer sitting next to each other on her bed, both stark naked. Before today she would have been absolutely shocked to imagine this, let alone see it in person . . . but things had quickly changed.

“What’s next Dee?” she enquired. Nat hadn’t even cum yet and she was definitely ready to continue her own explorations into sex.

“Well” Dee began. “Spencer DID say that he wanted to put his dick inside of a pussy. Would you want to give that a try?”

“You want me to let your brother FUCK me?”

“Not if you don’t want to, Nat. But hey, we’re here, we’re naked, no one’s home?”

“We couldn’t even if she wanted to, sis” Spencer objected. “I could get her pregnant!”

“Not if you used a condom” Natalie added, surprisingly.

“Well, we certainly don’t have any of those here” Spence replied.

Natalie looked a bit sheepish at both of them and then said, quietly “I’ve got one.”

*** *** ***

“Why in the world would you have a condom with you, Nat?” Deanna was shocked. “You said yourself you’ve never done anything like this before.”

“My mom tucked it into my purse months ago” she admitted. “She told me that I’d better not be doing anything with any boys, but that she also knew how teen-agers were . . . and that I’d better be CAREFUL is anything DOES happen.”

“Well, I’m not in any condition to even TRY that right now” Spencer said as he looked at the shriveled worm which used to be a hard cock.

“Watch us and I think you’ll get ready again soon, Spence” Dee encouraged. “You did it quick again the other day.”

Dee led Natalie to her bed and then laid her down. Leaning down over her, she caressed her firm breasts, pulling and twisting her pink nipples gently. She ran her hands down her sides and her upper thighs then slid them back up to grasp her black panties. Nat’s hips pushed off the bed reflexively so that Dee could pull the soft cotton over her sweet ass and down her sexy legs.

As her snatch was exposed she parted her legs and gave both of them a glorious view of her cunt. Her pubes were a slightly darker blond than that on her head, more like the color of her roots. She had obviously groomed it, because there was no hair on the side of her lips and the hair above was in a neat, rectangular patch, trimmed close.

Natalie just lay back passively, like she was resigned to her fate. Deanna pulled her right leg further over, spreading her so that they could see her inner folds, and then reached in gently with her fingers and began to explore the cunt she had blindly groped at a few hours ago.

Spencer couldn’t help himself. He got in close on his knees so that he could stare into Nat’s gash as Dee played with it. He began caressing her legs, amazed by their suppleness and how erotic a bare leg can be when it is attached to a beautiful girl. Leaning in he placed a light kiss on Nat’s inner thigh, and she moaned in response.

The aroma coming off of Nat was intoxicating and Spencer realized that his dick was standing at attention once more.

Dee was fumbling through Nat’s purse and pulled out a shiny foil packet. “Is this it?” she asked, having seen one only once in health class.

“That’s it Dee” Spencer confirmed. She tore open the packet and pulled the latex ring out. “How’s it work?”

“You put it over the head and roll it down over me . . . can you do it? I’m worried about losing my boner if I stop to do it.”

“Sure.” Dee placed the ring around her brother’s head and began to push down the condom with her nimble fingers. Her touch kept Spencer’s level of excitement up as he stared into Nat’s tunnel, nervous as hell. Natalie seemed to know what to do automatically as she picked up her feet from the floor and put them on the mattress, right at the edge of the bed. “Put it in Spencer, I think I’m ready.” She was panting in her excitement.

Spencer stood and moved in, hoping that his dick would somehow find her hole on its own. He bumped into her and his dick slid over her pubic bone, pointing straight up. “Uh, what do I , uh . . . “ he stammered.

Nat sat up enough to grab his head with her fingers and ran it down her slit, shuddering with the feel, then placed the head at the entrance of her tunnel. “Right there, Spence, push in a bit, nice and easy, OK?”

Spencer leaned slightly forward and was rewarded with his head penetrating this gorgeous blond cheerleader lying naked on his sister’s bed. None of his friends would ever believe this . . . and he dare not tell any of them.

Nat was breathing rapidly. Spencer’s dick wasn’t all that big, but it was bigger than a finger, that’s for sure. She did a little shifting of her hips and then nodded up at him.

Spencer applied a little more pressure, encountered just a bit of resistance and then the rest of his shaft slipped into this tight, wet, warm wonderworld. His mind was trying to process the sensation and wasn’t quite there yet.

“Oh, gaaaaaaaaaaahd” Natalie moaned, her eyes closed and her head tilted to her side. “You feel really good, Spencer . . . now move it in an out a bit.”

Spencer was nervous as hell. He didn’t want to disappoint Natalie but he could tell he was going to cum again quick. His dick was inside a pussy! A real pussy! Fuck! He backed out a few inches and went back in to the hilt, breathed a few more times then did it again. After 3 more strokes he knew he couldn’t last and he came inside this blond angel. That sensation must have been enough to help Natalie finish as she grabbed his ass with her legs and pulled him into her with a death grip, “aaaaarrrrghhh” she cried out, clutching the covers with her left hand and reaching out to Deanna with her right, grabbing hold of one of her tits in her climax.

Spencer finally stepped back after his dick had gone completely soft again. “I’m sorry I couldn’t last any longer, Natalie . . . was it still OK?”

Natalie sat up, pulled him to her and kissed him on the lips. “It was great Spencer” she assured him, her eyes gleaming. “I could only have hoped for someone as sweet and gentle as you for my first time. And I’m sure you’ll be able to go longer once you’ve gotten the hang of it.” She turned to Dee and kissed her also. “Dee . . . thanks for confiding in me and bringing me in to this. I wouldn’t have expected anything like this to happen between us, but, shit it felt great. And I know I can trust you guys.”

“You sure can, Nat” Dee responded, and pulled them both into a hug.

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