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Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m 24.

I guess if you’ve read any of my previous stories you’d know what a filthy slut I am. I’d been trying to stop having sex with the help of my psychologist but a couple of days earlier I’d lost control and had sex with a 16 year old boy I’d met at my gym. I met up with him a half dozen times over the next few weeks. Each time he emptied his load inside me, in my pussy, mouth and finally my arse it took away my cravings for a few days, but each time there returned stronger. My heart would pound in my chest and my blood would feel like it was in my veins.

Fucking the young boy left me yearning for more. He just didn’t seem to be able to make me cum. I’d been looking on a website, Fabswinger, to try and meet some people for some discreet fun. Once I’d put a picture up and got verified by a few skype conversations with other members, I started to get a lot of messages. Guys telling me how much they loved my pictures and what they’d like to do to me. How they’d like to force their hard cock up my pussy or arse, spunk in my face and on my tits. It all sounded good and got me hot but I was looking for something specific.

I got my wish when I was contacted by a guy called Trevor from Manchester. I’d put on my profile that I loved gangbangs and that I wanted to be used by a group of older men. Trevor was 64, much older than my 24 years. He and his friends lived in a retirement home and they had their own fantasy to act out. It seemed I was just the type of girl they were looking for.

I built up the courage and agreed to meet him and one of his friends in a bar opposite London Euston train station. When the day came I was nervous, I don’t know why. I’d fucked plenty of strangers and I had been in a number of situations where if I’d tried to change my mind I could have gotten hurt.

I arrived early, got a drink and sat in one of the empty booths. It was busier than I expected for early afternoon and there was a big 40 year old black guy at the bar who looked familiar. I couldn’t be sure but I think he paid to fuck me once, cuming in my mouth at the end of our session. I couldn’t remember all the guys I’d fucked whilst working as a whore, partly because they so often liked to fuck me from behind so I didn’t get to see their faces that much. I remembered this guy because his spunk tasted foul and it was one of the few loads I’d had to spit out rather than swallow. When he turned to look at me and whispered something to his friend I knew it was him. I wondered whet he was telling his friend.

Trevor had sent me his pic, so when he walked in with his friend I signalled to them to join me at the table.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi,” Trevor said. “This is Albert.”

“Hi,” Albert said and smiled.

Albert was maybe 70, with grey hair but he was taller than Trevor and still quite muscular. He sat down on one side of me and Trevor sat on the other side. Albert’s hand found my knee and moved up the inside of my leg.

We talked for a while and finally got down to what they wanted to do to me. They had this little fantasy; Trevor and his 7 friends. They wanted to dress me up like a school girl and spit roast me all night. The thought of it got my pussy so wet that I had to slip off for the toilet to wipe my pussy.

I came out of the stall after a few minutes to find the big black client with the fowl tasting cum waiting for me.

“I locked the door,” he said. “How much to fuck you ?”

“I’m with friends,” I said.

“Fifty pound for a quickie,” he said. "I'll cum quick," he begged. He pulled the money from his wallet and handed it towards me. I took it and slipped it into my pocket before I undid my belt and started to pull my jeans down.

“How much for bareback?” he asked.

“Another fifty,” I replied.

He took another fifty from his wallet and passed it to me. I bent over the sink and looked in the mirror as he undid his belt and liberated his big black cock from his trousers. He took up position behind me and pressed the tip of his cock to my pussy lips. I could feel the tip slipping past my wet labia and gliding into my wet pussy.

He took hold of my hips and thrust into me as hard as he could. He picked up the pace, bagging my fuck hole as a moaned. It didn’t take long, but the hot streams of spunk flowing into me felt amazing. Normally, a load of cum inside me dulled my needs to be used and my blood would stop boiling. But the idea of getting gangbanged once more by Trevor and his friends kept my blood on fire.

I could feel the cock now buried inside of me softening; and then it slipped from my cunt with a load of cum that dropped into my knickers. I pulled my cum covered knickers up and felt te damp spunky fabric stick to my arse.

“Thanks,” he said. "I love fucking white sluts. Do you like black cum?"

"Yes, i love all cum. I can't get enough."

"Are you still at the whore house?"

"Massage parlour. Yes but not as often. If you ring up they'll let you know when i'm working. Justdon't tell them i let you bareback me. They aren't too keen on that."

He smiled. "I'll see you soon." He turned away and let him self out of the bathroom.

I quickly cleaned myself up and left the bathroom, making my way back to Trevor and Albert who were still sitting at the table with a pint.

“We thought you’d left us. You’ve been gone 20 minutes.”

“Sorry,” I replied. I looked over at the guy who’d just fucked me. He was whispering to his friend who kept glancing in my direction. 3 I bumped into a friend in the toilet and we got talking.”

“Albert thought you were backing out,” Trevor said.

I glanced at Albert. “Look, why don’t you take me back to your hotel and ehhh……, test fuck me,” I smiled.

They stared at me.

“Look, you came a long way and Albert still thinks I’m not going to go through with it.”

They agreed nervously, still unsure if I’d let them slide their hard cocks inside of my young pussy and ride me like a cheap slut. They followed me from the bar and they took me to their hotel, which was luckily just round the corner. My pussy was tingling and I didn’t think I could have walked very far without pushing something inside of me.

We took the lift up to the fourth floor. Albert’s hands stroking my arse lightly through my jeans.

Trevor fumbled with the key as Albert, standing behind me, pushed his hands around to the front and squeezed my tits. His tongue found me ear and he whispered “I can’t wait to fuck you.”

As soon as I crossed the threshold their hands were all over me. Squeezing at my tits. Trevor’s hands found my belt buckle and he started to yank at it hard as Albert caressed my arse. My belt came open, then the button popped and the zip of my jeans was pushed down. Trevor pushed his hands into my panties and I felt two of his fingers find my pussy. He jammed them inside me and finger fucked me vigorously as I moaned.

Albert thrust his tongue into my mouth as he pushed his left hand inside my blouse and cupped my left tit. Their groping got more forceful and I slipped between them, their bodies sandwiching me. I pulled at Trevor’s trousers, freeing his old hard cock

“You want me to suck your cock Trevor?”

“Yes, please,” he said.

I dropped quickly to me knees and took his cock in my hands. I licked the tip as it twitched and then took the whole thing into my mouth. It tasted salty, his precum coating my tongue. He rubbed his hands through my hair as his old cock rubbed against the back of my young throat.

“That feels so good,” he moaned as he began to thrust back and forward into my throat.

Albert knelt behind me and started to pull my jeans and panties down exposing my firm arse. His hands kneaded the soft flesh and his fingers found my cunt. Albert fumbled with my clit for a few seconds before pushing two fingers inside me.

“Her pussy’s so wet,” he said.

I smiled as I remembered the load of spunk still sitting deep inside me, lubricating for cunt for him.

He slammed his fingers in and out of me rapidly. I moaned loudly, my cries of pleasure muffled by the old cock fucking my throat.

“I gotta fuck her,” Albert said. “I have to cum in her pussy.”

I pulled Trevor’s cock from my mouth and looked over my shoulder. Albert rushed to release his rock hard fuck tool from his trousers. He looked at me and smiled.

“You’re going to love this,” he said.

“How old is that cock?” I asked.


“Then fuck me with it.”

I turned away and Trevor forced his cock back into my gaping mouth.

I felt Albert’s hard cock against the flesh of my bare buttocks. He pulled my arse backwards towards him getting me into a position to be spit roasted. I felt the tip of his old cock against me vulva. He massaged my pussy with his bell end, smothering his cock with my cunt juices and black cum.

Albert grabbed my hips and thrust his cock straight inside me. He fucked me hard and fast. I moaned and sucked on Trevor’s rod.

“That’s it. Fuck this slut Albert,” Trevor said. “Fill her cunt with spunk.”

“Her pussy is nice and tight,” Albert replied. He pounded and pounded my cunt as fast as he could. He moaned and moaned until his thrust slowed and he screamed. Rope after rope of hot spunk flowed into me, filling my womb with his juice.

He fell backwards onto the floor exhausted. Trevor pushed me to the ground. I was flat on my back, on the carpet as he mounted. He pushed his cock slowly into me. I wrapped my legs round his back drawing his cock deeper into my fuck tunnel.

“Fuck her Trev,” Albert said. “Pump that pussy.”

“She’s such a slut,” Trevor replied as he ploughed my cunt. Thrusting his cock in and out of me.

I was in ecstasy. My body shook and waves of heat overwhelmed me as Trevor cried out and flooded my cunt with a second sticky load.

He collapsed on top of me, his weight pinning me too the floor beneath him.

“I never thought she’d really let us fuck her,” Albert said.

Trevor rolled off of me and sat up against the bed. “She’s a right slut this one,” he replied.

I lay on the floor exhausted. Albert stroked my head with his hand, “Don’ t worry baby. As soon as I’m hard again I’m going cum in your face.”

Trevor fingered my pussy, scooping a mix of spunk and pussy juice out of me with his fingers before feeding it too me.

“When you come up to Manchester, I’ve got 8 guys who’ll do things to you you’ll never forget. You’ll be their whore all night.

I smiled.

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