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I sell my submissive girlfriend to my roommate’s family for a nig
Disclaimer: This story is fiction. Also, it’s not my best work. (reposted because of upload error)

Selling My Girlfriend: My Roommate’s Family

Sarah and I trudged up the apartment stairs to my apartment. Both of us were tired from a long day in classes and work. My plan was to make diner, fuck Sarah, study...maybe, then sleep. Repeat the next day. That was also about as complex as our relationship got due to our busy workloads.

I opened the door and we entered. It was a two person apartment and my roommate was sitting in a chair in the living room. Jason was majoring in something business related but was really only here because of his soccer skills. Across from him on the couch was a man and a teenage boy.

“Hey man, this is my dad and brother. They’re in town for a while.” Jason said waving us over.
“Hi, hey.” Sarah and I responded. The father stood up to shake our hands. He towered over the already short 5’ 5” Sarah and even placed a few inches over me. He had to be just over six feet tall.
“You can call me Russ, thats my other son Riley. You’re Daniel right?” I nodded.
“And this is...”
“Sarah.” She answered for him. He smiled and I noticed him eyeing her over.

She was wearing white leggings today with a short blue skirt and a ‘Killers’ band t-shirt.
Her ponytail and overstuffed backpack made her look much younger than she actually was.
Sarah insincerely smiled back, said she had work to do before heading off to my room.

“Want to join us for a drink Daniel?” Russ offered motioning towards a bottle of whiskey.
“Yeah, why not.” I said finding myself a glass and chair.

The conversation started normally enough, questions about jobs and school. Russ ran a pretty profitable construction crew, enough so that Jason had no financial loans for school.
Inevitably, after a few drinks, the subject of woman came up.

“So Jason, when are you going to find a girl?” Russ teased his son.
“Come on, I’m doing fine. I’ve had a few this semester.” Jason replied.
“Yeah, any like Daniel’s girl there? She’s fine, if you don’t mind me saying.” Russ joked.
“What Sarah? Yeah, she’s alright.” I laughed.
“She’s got a nice ass, small tits, but nice ass. I’m all about the backside.” Russ smiled.
“Same here. I saw her strutting it one day and knew that it was going to be mine.” I said.
“Well you made a good do take care of it properly? An ass like that needs a good spanking.”
“Dad!” Jason exclaimed. I only laughed.

“Ha, its fine. Yeah, I take care of her. She does like spankings... oh and handcuffs. Not at first but after a while it grew on her.” I noticed Riley shift in his seat, and smiled at the thought of another man aroused by my girl.
“Damn. Its always the small ones that are the kinkiest. So I take it she’s pretty submissive? Russ asked.
“Totally. I can do whatever and she just goes with it. She likes it, but won’t admit it.”
“Tell me it about man. I hear that shit all night.” Jason snickered.
“Shit, sorry. I try and keep it down, but you know, sometimes fuck it, I’m going the whole nine yards.” Russ laughed heartily.
“See what your missing out on son? Damn, you need that...I need that.” Russ said before going for his drink.

It got quiet as the three of us took drinks.
“Hey Daniel. Question. You seem to have a nice tight grip on that girl of yours...but is she available for others? Russ asked with tinge of caution in his voice.
“Ha. Like what, has she sleep around? Fuck no. She knows-”
“-No. Like have you ever, let someone else have a go with her.”
“Oh, like threeways and whatnot? Only once, but we were all pretty drunk so I-”
“-No no no.” Russ said exasperated. “I mean have you ever loaned her out for a favor or payment?”

The room was quiet at this point.
“No. I mean its never really crossed my mind.” I said unsure.
“Well, what if I gave you an offer? Could you get her to do it?”
“I dunno...what do you have in mind?” I said a bit defensively.
“What if I offered 1g?” Russ said dead serious now.
“I..uhhh..well...” I was completely surprised at his offer. A thousand dollars for sex with Sarah? Damn. Was that good? I COULD use the money regardless. I looked over to Jason to see if he had any input. There was a glimmer in his eyes, something that said I should go for it. An eagerness.

“You too?” I asked.
“Well now that you mention it, yeah. I wouldn’t mind having a go with her.” Jason replied.
“I suppose Riley too?” I contemplated.
“You know what, fine. How about one grand for each of us?” Russ offered.
“Are you serious right now? Three grand for Sarah? Why don’t you go to a strip club or prostitute or something? I mean come on.” I laughed at the notion.
“I’m tired of that shit. They try too hard and don’t have any spirit left you know? If you don’t want to, you don’t have too, but this is the last offer. So how about it?” Russ asked again.

I sat in silence for a moment. Three grand is a shit ton of money for us. And for what, sex with Sarah? She loves sex. Its basically free money. I finished off my drink.

“Deal. Wait, none of you are diseased right?” I said getting up.
“No. Clean as bell. I ain’t an asshole.” Russ said shaking my hand.

I entered my room. Sarah was at my desk on the internet.
“Get up, we’re going to have some fun.” I said commanding as I rummaged round my room for my videocamera. As I was looking I came across a blindfold. I smiled.
“Right now? Can we eat first?” She sighed.
“No. Put this on and get up.” Sarah obeyed.
“Okay lets go.” I said pulling her to the door.
"Whoa. Where are we going? Are they gone?” Sarah said nervously.
“No. See the thing is Russ is giving me three thousand dollars to have sex with you.”
“WHAT? Are you kidding me!? Why in the hell-”
SLAP! I slapped her across the face stunning her for a second.
“Maybe you didn’t hear me, we’re getting three thousand for this. We can use this money, and besides you’ll love it.” She scowled at me and I could tell she was giving me death eyes from behind the blindfold.

I dragged her like an unwilling child into the living room. Russ, Jason, and Riley became suddenly alert as she stumbled into place. I went to set up my camera.

“Ah yes. I love the blindfold. Nice touch Daniel. So sweetheart I take it your boyfriend filled you in?” Russ said sitting up straight.
“..yeah..” Sarah replied softly.

“Hmm. Sounds like we need a mood changer. Jason, some music?” Sarah bowed her head in embarrassment at Jason’s name. He got up, and like clockwork, got some club music up and blaring.
“Okay, Sarah how about we start with a strip show?” Russ said menacingly. Riley smiled and quickly pulled out his smartphone for pictures.

I sat in at the back of the room and focused my camera on Sarah. This wasn’t the first time she had had sex on camera. Sarah sighed and slowly, unceremoniously, began removing her shirt.
“No girl. Where’s the enthusiasm, the spunk? Russ complained.

“Come on Sarah, you’ve done this before.” I directed.

Sarah gritted her teeth and started over still without smiling. Slowly but steadily she was swaying and snapping her body in time to the music. Her ponytail whipped back and forth erotically and she rolled and popped her ass like a pro. Nobody dared blink for fear of risking missing another second of her dance. Finally she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly wiggled out of it, exposing a white bra containing her small breasts. Russ let out a small whistle.
“Small, but damn if they aren’t the firmest I’ve seen.”

Sarah continued to spin, drop, and tease, all without a smile. She reached to her side and unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor and she kicked it aside leaving her in white leggings. She continued to bounce to the music as she slipped her fingers into the waistband and slowly peeled her tights off.
She wore my favorite pair of panties today. The blue ones with black lacy trim around the edges. They fit her ass perfectly.

The room was filled with whistling and cat calls as she finished removing the tights. Even the quiet Riley was letting out a few ‘damns’ and ‘yeahs’.

“Give us a spin girl! Come on nice and slow!” Russ yelled.

Sarah didn’t reply but went on her toes and slowly spun in place. He ass was now on full display. It met her legs at an noticeable angle and had perfect roundness and firmness.
She finished turning and stood facing us waiting.

“Come over here girl.” Russ called out.

Sarah blindly stumbled over to Russ. He reached out with is large hands and slid them up her smooth legs pulling her closer to him. Slowly he traced the outline of her body, caressing her stomach and legs. Forcefully he spun her around so her ass was in his face, he let out a sigh of excitement. His large hands just covered her cheeks as he mauled them. Sarah moaned and squirmed as he squeezed her.

With a slap on the ass he thrust her over to Riley. Being the youngest he showed the least restraint. He stood up and immediately went to molesting her breasts. Sarah jumped at his sudden attack. After a minute or so he began to explore the rest of her, running his hands everywhere, eventually landing on her pussy. He rubbed vigorously. Sarah gasped at his hasty move.

“She ain’t wet yet.” Riley complained, going down to look at her crotch closely.

“Thats ‘cause you two are just animals. Here, let me show you how to treat a woman.” Jason said grabbing her arm and pulling her over to him. “I’m sorry about them Sarah. They just can’t control themselves around a pretty woman like you. Hell, its torture for me everyday.” Jason slowly caressed her shoulders and ran his fingers over her arms ending with them in her hands. He pulled her closer until they were just inches apart. Carefully, he reached up and slid the blindfold off her eyes. Sarah glowered at Jason but he only smiled.

“God your pretty.” He said before gently moving into a kiss. At first Sarah moved to resist but Jason persisted and before long Sarah closed her eyes and began to reciprocate. Damn he was good. After a minute or so Jason move to caress he breasts and grab her ass for support. She moaned out of pleasure this time.
Finally he rubbed a couple fingers across her pussy. Even from where I was standing I could see the glisten of moisture.

“Okay okay. I’m not paying good money to make out with the girl. Let me see her.” Russ said grabbing her arm jerking her out of her trance with Jason.

Russ slipped the blindfold back over her eyes and pushed her to her knees. He proceeded to unzip and remove his pants. I don’t ever notice other men’s packages, but Russ was something else. Even with tighty-whities his massive dick was as obvious as the sun.
Then the reveal.

“Holy shit.” I muttered. Now I was always proud of my member; 6” length by 5” girth, but Russ was a true monster. He had to be at least 8” long and 6” girth. It was so big that it hung in an arc rather than point up.

Russ smiled looking down at the unaware girl as his monster swung inches from her face.

“Okay sweetie, open your mouth, and remember no teeth.” Russ said. Sarah slowly opened her mouth and waited. Russ positioned his giant member at her mouth and slowly started to push into her.

I wished I could see her bulging eyes. Half way in Sarah started to gag and pull back, but Russ grabbed her head steady. She pulled her hands up to push his body away but instead discovered the rest of his cock. She ran her hands down the shaft to his body examining its length. Now it was obvious she was panicked. Sarah was making muffled panic noises and trying to beat Russ with her hands. He laughed as he pushed the rest of his dick down her throat. She was making strange grunting and gagging sounds.

Then quickly he pulled out, his dick covered in drool. Sarah coughed uncontrollably, wheezing for air.

“Okay girl, take a deep breath this is it.” Russ said bring his dick back to her face. At first she refused, but he grabbed her head and rammed his dick into her mouth. I watched as he mercilessly began to pound her throat stretching her lips like a rubberband. She gagged and choked and spit drooled from the corners of her mouth as he slid in and out. During the whole ordeal Sarah was pushing against his body, but I could tell she wasn’t using all her strength.

Finally, Russ had enough and pulled out his swollen cock. Sarah cough and sputtered convulsing for air.

“Not bad, but its time to really take you for a ride. Jason! You want to take the head?” Russ said gently laying Sarah on the coffee table, knocking several cups aside.
Russ proceeded to lift her legs up and tear her panties off revealing her bare pussy mound.

Jason got up by her head and dropped his pants. His dick was comparable to mine, maybe a little smaller.

“Wait! I think you’re too big! Maybe I could-” Sarah’s plea was cut off as Jason bent her head back and shoved his dick in her mouth. Russ and Jason moved so methodically I couldn’t help but feel they had done this before.

Russ hocked up some saliva and spat it on the end of his dick. He then spread her legs apart and positioned himself at her glistening slit.

“Past experiences have said that easing it in doesn’t help, so I’m just gonna get straight to business. Here goes.” Russ said.

Almost sadistically he leaned his full body weight in and drove all 8 inches of his dick straight into her.

Even with the blaring club music and Jason’s cock down her throat, her scream was audible. Her whole body contorted and arched in an almost inhumane fashion.
Then Russ started thrusting.

Every time Russ plunged into Sarah, she let out a deep shriek. Her arms were outstretched and clinging onto the table for brace. Jason continued to drive his dick down her throat, often resting his balls on her nose and blindfold, only pulling out when she would jerk for air. She would then take quick gasps in between painful grunts from Russ’s pounding.

Jason had decided it was time to remove her bra and tore it off by ripping it with shear force. She squealed as it snapped off her. Jason then went back to deep throating her now while mauling one of her breasts. Russ had taken the other as sort of a handle as he viciously impaled her.

Watching my blindfolded submissive girlfriend get rammed by a giant cock while deep-throated by my roommate was too much. While holding the camera with one hand I dropped my pants and pulled out my own hard dick. I wasn’t the only one masturbating though as Riley had also dropped trou and was going to town on his member.

Slowly with time, Sarah’s shrieks turned into pleasuring grunts and sighs. Her body relaxed a little and she became more inviting to Jason. It wasn’t long after that that Russ was obviously coming to a close thrusting harder and deeper.
Without warning, he pulled out with a slick pop, grabbed Sarah’s shoulder jerking Jason’s dick from her mouth. Just as she was sitting up he exploded over her face. Wave after wave of cum hit her covering her nose and blindfold. To my astonishment Sarah kept her mouth wide open catching as much as she could.

Finally finished, Russ fell back into his chair tired. Sarah sat there licking her lips of his cum.

"What the hell dad! Damn it, you say something when you’re ready!” Jason yelled his dick still throbbing.
"Cool your jets boy. I was in the moment. Besides she ready for you now.” Russ laughed.

Jason now moved behind Sarah. He rolled her over to the floor and lifted her ass up. She simply moved in compliance. I changed to a get better angle of her abused pussy. It was raw and still gaping from her rough stretching.

“Goddamn you have a nice ass!” Jason exclaimed before slapping it hard. Sarah jumped but remained in position.

He lined his hard dick up behind her and pushed in.

“NO! WAIT. THATS MY ASS!” Sarah screamed only too late. Jason buried his cock deep into her cavity. Like with Russ she screamed as Jason violated her ass. Sarah had done anal before but wasn’t a huge fan.

Riley, taking his brothers place, rushed over with his hard dick and jammed it into Sarah’s screaming mouth. She was again being double teamed but now in doggy style.

“I want to see this bitch’s eyes.” Riley yelled out finally tearing away the blindfold. Her eyes were bloodshot and tears had ruined her makeup from crying earlier. She was not crying now though, only starring into Riley’s eyes with disdain.

“Hey, Daniel. Let me have your account information, I’ll just transfer your money. But also...can I get a copy of that movie your taking? I’ll throw in another grand.” Russ said casually not taking his eyes off of his kids ramming Sarah.
“Hell yeah you can.” I laughed.

Just as Jason was really pumping with the rhythm of the music, Riley exclaimed loudly and it was obvious he was cumming. He grabbed Sarah’s hair and pushed himself as deep as possible.

Finally he let her go and stumbled back. Sarah cough once and licked her lips clean.

“Damn Riley. You gotta control yourself. Learn to pace and take your time.” Russ mocked the boy. Riley sulked over to a seat as we watched Jason continue to go to town on Sarah’s ass. Occasionally she would let out a deep moan of satisfaction.

I walked over and knelt down so I could get the camera in her face. She looked at me with a deep loathing but could not hold it for long as pleasure washed over her. Cum dripped across her nose and cheeks, a tiny steam came from the corner of her mouth. She felt it and licked it clean while starring into my eyes.

That was it. I put the camera down and joined the party.

For the next few hours we all took turns abusing all her holes even managing to get three dicks in her at once. It was the early morning hours by the time everyone was drained.

Jason and Riley were taking pictures of Sarah’s body. She was spread lying on the coffee table passed out from exhaustion. Her face was now covered in cum and bruises covered her arms and legs from the vicious poundings.

Her ass and pussy were in the worst shape however. Bright red and stretched wide open. They looked mangled. Riley was getting some good closeups of cum dripping out of her cunt and collecting on the floor.

I picked her up announcing she was retiring for the evening and took her to the bathroom. I ran a warm bath and gently cleaned and massaged her damaged body. Carrying her back to my room, I slipped her into some comfortable panties and put her too bed. Reaching down I kissed her forehead. She smiled and rolled over exhausted.

I however, had to think some things over. Sarah was more of a slut than I assumed. Maybe...just maybe...I could use this to our advantage....

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