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My bitch ex-girlfriend is gang-raped by teen bullies. I join in.
Disclaimer: This fictional story contains underage sex and non-consensual gang-rape. I do not condone said activities in the real world. Don’t be an asshole and rape people. Just fantasize and masturbate like a normal person. (reposted because of upload error)

My Ex is Taken and Raped by Teen Bullies

Jackie - 5’10”, 21yr, Spanish features and plump round ass. Perky firm B cups.
Travis - 6’ tall, 22yr, strong build, 7” long and 6” girth cock.
Diego - 5’8”, 16 years old, strong build, Spanish features, 7” long, 4” girth.

The leaves crunched under my feet as I walked along the sidewalk. It was dark out already and I was looking forward to sitting my ass down at home and relaxing. But most of all I didn’t want to be where I was going. Towards my ex-girlfriends place. We had broke up three days ago when I found out that she had been fucking a “friend” of mine. I was going back tonight because I wanted a few things I left at her place.

I arrived at Jackie’s apartment. She had a small place that she shared with her younger brother and father. Nothing fancy. I knocked and waited. Her younger brother answered.

Lionel. He’s 14, rather gangly, and what I can only describe as a wimp. I liked him though and he seemed to have grown found of me as well. Probably because I wasn’t a bitch like Jackie.

“Oh, hi Travis. Come look at this. I just got the “Most handicapped” achievement is this game!”

While Jackie currently resented me, Lionel seemed indifferent. So that was nice.

“Hey Lionel. I’m just here to...uhh is Jackie here?”
“Yeah, but come look at this!” He turned back to the living room.
“Fine, but I can’t stay long, I have this...thing I have to get to.” I lied as I followed him over to the tv. Another kid was over here absorbed in the space marines game. Lionel quickly logged in and they began playing. They were showing me various weapons, methods of killing, and such like things. I was preoccupied with my agenda however.
“She’s here right? I’m just in a hurry.”
“What? Oh yeah...” He then said rather hushed. “She’s with Diego...”
“Who’s that?” I asked.
“Oh... just an older boy from school. He’ asshole.”? “Like a bully?
“Yeah... Diego brings a knife to school and always hangs out with those other weird boys.” Lionel was almost whispering and peering past me to the hallway.
“Why is he here then?”
“I dunno...I sorta needed help once and now I owe him money. Jackie is working it out with them though...I think...”

It was then that a fourth person entered the room. She came from the small hall leading to the other rooms. A girl no older than 16 walked around the kitchen. She opened and dug around the cabinets obviously looking for something, oblivious to the three of us. The girl was pretty good looking too. A nice short tight jean skirt, that really showed her ass. Some sort of “designer” shirt and short brown hair. She finally came across a bottle of olive oil. Checking it, she grinned rather maliciously and hurried back.

Now I was curious. I left the to kids to their games and walked over to the back hallway. Loud music rushed at me. It was coming from Jackie’s room.
In front her door was another kid. 16 maybe.
He was just standing there with a straightened his posture and giving me a cold glare.

“Whadya want?” He asked gruffly.
“I’m here to see Jackie. Who the fuck are you?”
“Can’t let you in there... she’s busy.”
“Yeah man. She’ll be out later. I’ll have her call you.” The boy said mockingly.

I’m no heavy weight champion or anything but most people recognize me as the type of person you do not attempt to fight and this 16 year old punk was standing up to me? Now I had to get behind that door.
I grabbed the boy by the shoulders and forcibly moved him to the wall. He struggled but had the smarts to keep from striking me. I then let myself into Jackie’s room.

Out of all the scenarios I could have imagined, what I saw was at the bottom of the list.

First off, the room reeked of sex and sweat and I saw why. Jackie was entirely nude and bent over the edge of her bed, ass facing me, currently getting pounded by a 16 year old boy. She was a complete mess however. Her ass was bright red with a handprint drawn on it. She was sweaty and had words and pictures crudely drawn all over her body. It took me a second to realize these kids were raping the fuck out of her.

The girl holding the oil was standing to the side watching the boy fuck Jackie. Another boy was in his boxers, filming the action with a phone. The last boy in the room was standing to the side, stroking his soft cock. He noticed me first.

“Oh shit, DIEGO!”

Everyone turned to me and went pale. The pant-less boy even tried to hide his dick. Diego however turned to look at me cooly. He slid his 7” dick out of Jackie. Her pussy was fucking damaged. It was red raw and dripping cum.

“You need to leave!” Diego forcefully announced to me. I ignored him and walked in looking for my stuff. Nobody moved.
“Just need to get some stuff.”
“I said leave!” He moved at me brandishing a knife. I glanced at it, then at Diego.
“You are real close to making a mistake boy.” I said standing tall and flexing myself out. Diego stopped advancing. “She’s a bitch anyway. I broke up with her because of shit like this. Spreading her legs for just anyone.” I continued.

Jackie heard me and turned to look. Even her face was a mess. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying, and cum and tears covered the rest of her. I waved back grinning slightly sickened.

“Bitch said she still had a boyfriend. One that would kick my ass.”
“Well she is a cheater AND lier.” I replied.
“So you don’t mind if we continue?” Diego sneered.
“Just keep me out of any video. I don’t need to be linked with this shit.”

Diego smiled then snatched the oil from the girl and began to wildly spray Jackie’s ass.

“Okay bitch time to open up that ass of yours!” He yelled.

She squirmed and tried to get up, but Diego held her down. She seemed exhausted from earlier activities and put up little fight.
I watched as Diego line up his 7” dick with her ass and while she looked at me pleadingly.

Without warning he sunk himself half deep. Jackie screamed out and tensed up. Diego got a better grip before sinking the rest of himself into her. Jackie thrashed her head madly, tears streaming hysterically. The other girl sat on the bed and gingerly grabbed her and held it steady.

Diego continued to pound into her asshole mercilessly. Oil and sweat flying off her. His thrusts were powerful and crushed her into the edge of the bed.

I moved over to one of the boys and asked about how this all went down. While I listened I couldn’t stop watching this boy boy violate Jackie.


Diego and his gang walked up the leaf covered steps towards Lionel’s place. They weren’t really a “gang”. Diego just found some idiots that did whatever he wanted. He was the oldest. Tommy, Nick, and Lincoln were the three 15 year old boys that followed him like ducklings and Karis was basically his slut. Today he was here to collect payment from Lionel for services rendered.

Diego rapped on the door. Nobody answered to he impatiently rapped again.
Jackie finally answered. She was wearing a tight tshirt revealing her nice little tits and some sort of short shorts that looked one size too small for her. She eyed over the boys.

“Lionel, for you!” She yelled leaving. Without waiting Diego let himself in.
“Oh...hey Diego...” Lionel said timidly. He was playing video games with one of his friends.
“So what are we gonna do about this money you owe me?”
“...I...uh....I don’t....know...” Lionel whispered.
“Well you’d better think fast ‘cause I-”
“Aw. You boys playin’ gangsta.” Jackie interrupted. She was barely taller than Diego but that didn’t stop her from teasing him.
“Play nice, okay. You kiddies want some juicey?” She belittled them.
“Back off bitch.” Diego snapped.
“Whoa! Big language from a little boy.”
“Its...alright sis. I got it...” Lionel said weakly.
“Whats wrong? Do you owe them money?
“He owes me a lot actually.”
“..yeah...” Lionel shyly replied.
“How much?” Jackie asked.
“Lets say 200. That will do it.” Diego asserted.
“200 Dollars? Ha. Thats not gonna happen, you should just leave now.” Jackie laughed.
“Excuse me? I expect this debt to be paid in full and-” Diego was cut off by Jackie making a loud farting sound.
“Fuck you. Lionel doesn’t owe you shit. Like he would even have that much money anyway. If I hear you messing with him again my boyfriend and I will beat you the shit out of you. Im not afraid to hit a minor.” With that Jackie shoved Diego aside and walked to the back hall.
“Also, get the fuck out before I call the police.”

Diego finally motioned to the group to leave.

“This ain’t over.” He glared at Lionel.

The five of them stood outside stumped. Diego however was fuming.

“Lets just fuck him up tomorrow man.” Tommy said.
“NO! Fuck him! Its that bitch I’m pissed at. Fucking telling me the debt is off.”
Diego stopped.
“No. I’m gonna go show her just who I am.” He gritted before storming back in, the rest following him.

Lionel and his friend looked over shocked.

“Diego? what”
“Shut it. I’m here to talk to the bitch.” Diego marched to the hallway and into her room. She wasn’t there. He walked out and looked around. The shower was going. He smiled. This was how she was going to pay his debt.

“Block the hall.”
“Okay Diego, what for?” Tommy asked.
“Just keep the fucking nerds away.”

Diego pulled his switchblade out and slowly opened the bathroom door. Jackie’s clothes were strewn on the ground. He could hear her bathing behind the shower curtain. Picking up her panties he sniffed them. The smell was invigorating.
Slowly he approached the curtain. There was a small gap and he peered in.

Water washed over her dark skin. Her amazing round ass stuck out just enough for the falling water to splash off it.
She turned around and Diego froze. Luckily she was washing her face and had her eyes closed. Her tits were small but firm and her pussy was shaved clean and matched her impeccably smooth body.

Taking a deep breath he rushed in, clasping his hand over her mouth. They struggled and with the water they fell through the curtain and onto the ground.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” She screamed. Diego quickly jumped on her pinning her down. She struggled but he again clasped her mouth shut and put the knife to her throat.
“Don’t you fucking try anything! I will cut your pretty face to shreds! Hear me!?”
She scowled at him, but stopped struggling.
“Don’t you make a sound!” Diego said climbing off her and pulling her to her feet. As soon as they were standing though she tried to yell out. Before she could even finish one syllable Diego punched her square in the stomach.

Jackie fell over winded. Diego took another swing at her face and ended with one swift kick to her pussy. She squealed curling up in pain.

“Bitch! You don’t listen very well! Maybe after tonight you will have learned some manners!”

Diego grabbed Jackie by her wet hair and dragged her up to her feet. She cried out but stopped at the sight of Diego’s knife. She gave him dagger eyes through the tears. Diego smiled. He had a wet, naked, 21 year old by the hair.

Pulling her hair he forced her to hunch over in pain.

“Ow ow! Please stop! I’ll pay you! I’ll pay you!” She pleaded.
“Oh you defiantly are now. Come on, and if you yell out, Lionel will be the one suffering.”
“Fuck you assholes!”

Diego ignored her, turned off the water and dragged the hunched Jackie over to the door and into the hall.
She slipped and stumbled on the floor as he dragged her to her room. She tried covering herself but couldn’t. The rest of the gang looked over and went bug-eyed in shock.

“Damn dude! Are...are we gonna-”
“Shut the fuck up and get in here. Tommy, watch the door.” Diego and the rest of them entered Jackie’s room, slamming the door behind them.

“Find something to tie this bitch up.” Diego commanded before throwing her onto the bed. The boys quickly grabbed what looked like scarves off the floor and jumped on Jackie.

“FUCK OFF!” She flailed and tried to throw the boys off but could not as they tied her wrists and ankles. The boys couldn’t help but feel her wet body up as they worked.
Squeezing her ass, running their hands across her slit, pinching her breasts.

“Please! Fucking stop! Get off me! You’re gonna be in so much trouble when-’
Diego stuffed her panties into her mouth, looking around he spotted some tape and used it as well.

“Karis, play some music. Make it loud.” Karis nodded and went over to the computer to start playing some sort of club music.

The boys meanwhile were having a field day with Jackie. Rubbing and touching every part of her body with an almost inspector type application.
They seized and roughly molested her small tits. Nick was having fun pinching and twisting her small brown nipples. She squirmed violently as he stretched her nipples as far as they would go.

Lincoln was busy rubbing his hands over her smooth legs and reaching under her to clasp her beautiful ass. He clenched as hard as he could to feel just how firm it really was. Her ass rose up like a soft hill.

Diego watched the boys release their sex starved hormones as Jackie continued to thrash and scream through the gag. He walked over, and as Lincoln stepped away, smacked Jackie’s ass with all his might. In slow motion you would be able to see it ripple with the shock.
She shrieked and rolled over trying to get away.

Diego reached up and roughly grabbed Jackie’s shaven mound.

“We will be using THIS until I am satisfied the debt has been paid. Got it?” Diego yelled before spitting in her face. Jackie turned away in disgust making him smile.

He roughly threw her and bent her over the side of the bed.

“Nick, you recording this?” Nick nodded diligently as he came around with his phone up.

Diego wound up his arm and let out another painful smack across Jackie’s plump ass. She tried to move but Lincoln climbed up and sat across her back. She was now completely immobile.
Diego continued the assault, alternating between cheeks. As one hand got sore he would begin using the other. Lincoln smiled and hollered for more, jumping up and down on her like he was riding a horse. Nick got a great angle that allowed him to see the rippling of her ass when Diego hit her.
With every hit, Jackie would squeal through the gag.

Karis got bored of the spectacle and began rummaging through Jackie’s things.

After ten minutes or so Diego finally let up and stood back to see his work. Her ass was red enough to be used as a stop sign.
Lincoln got off and walked back to see the damage. Jackie, too sore and tied up, remained in the humiliating position allowing the boys to take pictures and laugh at her.

“Damn, my hands are sore. They’re almost as red as her ass. Worth it though.” Triumphantly Diego said.
“This girl is a SLUT.” Karis exclaimed from a dresser. She pulled out a wad of panties and condoms and threw them on the floor. Various g-strings, little cheekies, and frilly lacey pairs. A pair that read ‘Go large or go home’ caught Diego’s eye.

“Well damn girl. Looks like you like to party. We’d better get started then.”

He quickly began to take off his pants. The rest of them watched as he unloaded his 7” cock. It was only semi hard and still bigger than the rest of the group. Nick and Lincoln shied away self-consciously.

Jackie looked back and saw Diego’s growing dick. Again she tried to stand her ground, weakly stumbling to her feet.
Diego marched over and shoved her back down over the bed.

“No. I say when we are done, and looking at that pile of condoms you have, we’re gonna be here a while.”

Jackie began screaming angrily, but the gag and music drowned her out.
He grabbed her ass and positioned himself at her shaved little pussy.
Jackie jolted with each thrust into her dry cunt.

“She ain’t no virign, but still fucking tight for a slut.” He yelled back at the boys who were watching with studious eyes.

Diego reached forward and began to maul her tits as he pounded harder. Her bright red ass acting as a cushion. She grunted as he invaded her, but this was not nearly satisfying enough for Diego.

“This bitch needs a good deep fucking. Guys hold her legs open.” Diego threw her up on the bed and untied her ankles. Jackie, now on her back, watched horrified as Nick and Lincoln each grabbed a leg and spread her apart.
She screamed in pain and began to cry in humiliation of her predicament. Her 21 year old pussy was splayed open by a bunch of teen punks.

Diego laughed and lined his prick up with her cunt.

“Now I’m gonna get deep. I’m gonna punch your womb.” This time he slowly slid into her one inch at a time. Jackie weeped and flashed eyes of intense hatred towards him. He pushed harder until he was all the way in. Smashing his body against her he felt his prick come up against something inside her. Her cervix. Her eyes went wide and she again tried squirmed away.

“Thats what I want.” He said calmly before pulling out and ramming back into her full force.

He continue to piston in and out of her like a wild animal. The longer he went, the harder he thrust. Slamming into her with such force that all four of them had to keep good balance on the bed.

She may have had bigger cocks, but none that were so violently aggressive. Diego fucked with the purpose of punching her cervix and watching her twitch. He mauled her breasts leaving nail marks all over and at one point even edged forward to lick the tears from her face.

Diego was getting close. It was time to finish with a bang. He shifted his position and grabbed her waist. With reckless abandon he jack hammered her. Impaling her with such ferocity that Nick and Lincoln had to let go of her and back away. They cheered him on as he grunted and thrusted. Jackie had her eyes clenched shut.
What seemed like ages went by before Diego finally made one final screaming push and came deep inside her.

He laid on top of her, both of them too exhausted to move. Jackie’s pussy was red raw and burning. Any faster and they would have caught on fire.
Diego slowly pulled out releasing a stream of cum dripping from her.

“She’s all yours guys.” Diego said letting Lincoln and Nick swarm her. Nick, already hard, pulled in front of Jackie ready to plow right in.

She was too spent and did nothing as Nick grabbed her and lined his smaller 6” dick up. Slowly Nick plowed into her already abused pussy. Lincoln meanwhile, climbed up on the bed to rip off her gag off and shove his dick down her throat. Jackie began gag and choke on this new invasion.

Eventually Karis walked over to the scene holding red lipstick menacingly. She kneeled next to Jackie as she was getting ravaged and proceeded to write and draw all over her body.

BITCH. LATINA WHORE. Little stars on her stomach. A smiley face on her cheek. Targets on her tits. She wrote ‘property of Diego’ above her crotch, with an arrow pointing down. It came out sloppy as Nick was still in the middle of pounding her. Karis smiled and giggled like a child the entire time.

When the boys finished cumming deep into her, they switched places flipping her onto her knees. Karis had to untie her arms so she could keep her head up for blowjobs. Jackie had little fight left in her and let them continue to abuse her.

As Lincoln now fucked her, Karis had him clutch Jackie’s ass while she traced his handprint. She signed it ‘Lincoln’ with a little heart for the ‘i’. Diego laughed and took a picture.

They continued to rape her until the boys finally finished for a second time. They then dropped down on whatever furniture was available totally spent. Jackie was destroyed. She just laid on the bed breathing heavily with cum dripping from her pussy and mouth.

Diego walked up, slowly and delicately running his hand over her sore ass.

“I think its time we use this other hole here.” He said poking at her asshole. At this Jackie finally found some energy and moved to resist but Diego just held her down.

“Nick, gag that mouth again she’s gonna scream; Karis go find some oil or something this bitch looks tight.” He commanded. “In the interm...” Diego said softly plunging his already hard dick into her pussy again.


I watched mesmerized as Diego, with a final thrust, unleashed himself deep in Jackie’s ass. He pulled out with a little pop and cum dripped from her abused hole. Jackie had stopped crying but was still spasming and dry heaving. I couldn’t help but take a few pictures for my own personal use. She glared over at me with defeated eyes.

“Damn. She is one used whore.” Diego sitting back down exhausted. Everyone just starred at the ravished 21 year old.
“No. Not quite yet.” I said sinisterly. “Jackie never let ME do anal. Said I was too thick, but today seems like the day to try.”

The group of teens watch me curiously as I dropped my pants then boxer briefs. My cock sprang out and I noticed Karis’ eyes lock on intently. I may have been around the same length as Diego (probably a bit bigger), but everyone was in agreement that I was much thicker. My 6” girth made my dick look like a child’s arm.

Jackie used to love it. Now she was panicking with the terror of being anally impaled by it. I walked over to her with my massive meat hung in a low arc. (It’s too heavy to erect up)

“You, Karis, come and place this in for me.” Karis obediently came over and knelt at my cock, studying it. Diego did nothing but watch with interest.

Karis slowly stroked my member making it twitch with excitement. Her hand was so small and she was too young but I could have cared less at this point.

“Hey, why don’t you give it a good lick. So its lubed up for her.” I suggested. Karis didn’t even look at me before bending down and taking my cock into her mouth. She sucked at the tip, teasing it with her tongue, before slowly lowering herself onto it. She only got about half way before her mouth was stretched wide and she stopped.

“Okay, just put it in her for me.” I smiled. Karis pulled my dick over and I restrained Jackie’s weakened body. As Karis lined my dick up with the oiled and raw ass I pushed in.

Jackie squealed and writhed in an attempt to escape but to no avail. I smiled wickedly and impaled my full dick in. Jackie’s body went completely rigid. Probably out of shock.

I began pulling out almost all the way before driving right back in full force. Watching her straining asshole almost pull inside-out was amazing and disturbing all at once. It was so tight it actually hurt me a little. I pushed onward regardless. There was still no screaming and no more writhing, just stillness as I merciless tore her ass apart.

After twenty minutes of ramming her I finally approached my end. With one final massive push I exploded deep in her bowels. I wanted her to be shitting my cum for days.

I pulled out and admired my work. Her red asshole remained stretch open enough to see deep inside her. A small pool of blood and semen was visible. I just had to take a picture.

Jackie remained motionless. I looked over to make sure she wasn’t dead. Her eyes were empty and she was starring out into nothingness. I gave her a kiss on the forehead before slapping her ass and grabbing my stuff.

“Well its been fun but I have shit to do. Don’t kill her, and leave the boy alone now.” I said waving at the kids. Diego nodded at me and I heard him starting talking again as I walked out the hallway.

“Lincoln get Tommy in here, you stand guard for now. Hey nick, now that she’s busted open lets see if we can get a dick in her ass AND pussy.”

“Oh, hey Travis. What are you guys doing in there?” Lionel asked seeing me leaving.
“Hmm? Oh, we were just helping Jackie with a project. Nothing you need to worry about. Good news though, those jerks won’t be bothering you again.”
“Cool. Thanks!” Lionel said excited.
“No problem. Oh, and when you see your sister, tell her it was a fun ride. She’ll know.” I walked down the leafy steps with a big grin on my face. That confrontation went better than expected.

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