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If you have not read part one i suggest you go and read that one first. Enjoy;)
It has been two weeks since ross and shaun's encounter in the showers and ross has never been more miserable in his life. him and shaun have not talked at all since. whenever he would try to shaun would start talking to someone else or quickly turn down the hall. Ross couldn't even pay attenchen school. he would find himself start to day dream about that day in the shower and how he could try to fix everything. Even his friends have been noticing that things are different with him but he had no idea what to tell him so he just kept it all in.

"seriously Ross i know somethings wrong with you," said Abby, ross's closest girl friend. "I have known you far to long for me not to notice something is bothering you."
"its nothing just drop it." ross mumbled.
"seriously what is it you have been alienating yourself from all of your friends, you haven't talked to me in days now tell me whats wrong."
"I'm serious I don't want to talk about it." he said getting upset.
"Oh is see its about a girl isn't it, whats her name, do i know her, am i gong to have to beat up some jealous boyfr-"
"IT'S ABOUT A BOY!" ross shouted.

Everyone in the halls stopped and looked at them, it was after school so they didn't have anywhere to be. Abby stood there shocked for a second but soon recovered and and dragged him into the nearest janitors closet.

"what did you just say because i am having a hard time believing what i thought i just heard come out of your mouth."
"I said its about a boy ok, now can we just drop it."
"wait, your... your... gay?"
"yes i'm gay, i like men, i crave the cock, what more do you want from me!" he said starting to get upset again.
"hey listen to me. I'm sorry, i didn't mean to offend you i'm just a little shocked that's all. Hey your my best friend I am completely fine with you being gay."
"So who's the lucky guy?"
"Its Shaun."

Ross explained everything that had happened between him and Shaun. He told her about Shaun's peeping, the kiss they shared in the shower, and even the blow job ross had givin shaun. he explained everything even the punch to the gut he received. It felt good for him to get it all off his chest and for the first time in weeks he wasn't worried. he felt comfort, like he had taken a 50 pound weight off his chest.

"Wait so your telling me shaun's gay to?"
"I don't know, I think he just wants to hide away these feelings by surrounding himself with Alice and pretending I don't exist."
"ughhh I could just punch him, What are you going to do about this he is your best friend you need to talk to him."
"I know but he wont let me, and even if he did I would just probably make a fool out of myself."
"Ok well i have to go text me later and we can talk more about this."

As they walked out of the closet everyone gave them strange looks. Ross couldn't tell if they where looks from his outbreak or looks from him coming out of closet with a girl. Eather way he didn't care care, he only had one thing on his mind. before he left for his walk home he decided to use the bathroom. he couldn't tell if it was fate or not that brought him there but as soon as he walked in he spotted that blond skater hair he knew so well, Shaun was standing at one of the urinals. As soon as shaun turned around he saw ross and knew he had nowhere to escape. They both just stood there in silence. after what seemed like an eternity ross finally broke the silence.

"listen we need to talk about what happened."
"I don't know what your talking about nothing happened." said shaun defensively.
"yes it did and you know it. we shared a beautiful moment, the best moment of my life."
"all you have shown that day is how much of a faggot you are."
That remark stunned ross. Hearing that hurt a hundred times more than getting punched in the showers that day.
"how can you say that you came onto me!"
"the only thing i came into was my girlfriend last night."
"listen we have been best friends since kindergarten how can you treat me like this. we learned to ride bikes together, we learned to swim together, we snuck into our first R rated movie together."

Ross could feel that he was finally getting to shaun. he could see the shame and sadness in shaun's eyes. he could tell shaun was thinking back to all those child hood memories.
"But... But... But i'm not gay, I cant be. I have a girlfriend."
"you don't have to be gay shaun you just have to admit that something happened between us and we can move past this as friends. you can stay with Alice and i will make sure she never finds out."
"You don't get it though, I don't want to be with Alice, I want to be with you."

Ross could feel his heard dive off a cliff at that point. He had no idea what to say. Shaun had just gone from bashing on him to saying he wants him.

"Do you want to come back to my house so we can talk in private, my parents are gone for the weekend." ross asked.
"sure that sounds great."

Ross had no idea what was going to happen when they got home, but he knew that they would be doing a little more than talking.

(Part 4 coming soon)

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