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The Code

By Blueheatt

….. This all started in 10th grade with a girl sitting behind me tapping me on the arm and asking me to pass a note to the girl sitting in front of me. Which I did, without reading it. She kept it up until I sneaked a quick look at about the third note without her seeing me. She talked about a guy I knew, and they thought he was so hot. I knew this guy would love to know this, and told him about it later that day. The girl behind me was not pretty and I had no interest in her, but, the girl in front of me was one of the hottest girls in school and interested every guy.

I loved looking at her sweet ass and hot body sitting just in front of me. The notes talked about a lot of girls and which boys they had the hots for. I was getting a wealth of information for all my buddy’s in school. We all, including me, used the info. To our advantage to get in the pants of a lot of girls in school.

Later on they passed me a note written in code. I copied down the ‘numbers only’ code, and went to work on it later. They smiled at me feeling they were so clever thinking no one could read it but them and their friends. I was familiar with a lot of codes as I kind of made a hobby of it, Spoken codes and written codes. My girlfriend today has a written and spoken code that is NOT simple and my girlfriend learned it from her childhood. Her and her sister could talk or write anytime, anywhere and not be understood. They got it from a girl from Korsouvai. So they called it ‘Crazy Talk’, *I’ll come back to this ‘Crazy Talk’ a bit later.

So I went to decipher this school code. The was simplest code of all. It is, A=the number 1, B=the number 2 and so on. Little kids use this in grade school! So my note passing and copying continued. I would just shake my head, as though I was stumped at their notes, while quick copying down the numbers. Guys from all over the school were asking me and getting info on girls they had the hots for. Other girls in school were using the same code too and guys copied them and I deciphered them. Never letting anyone know what the code was.

The next year I worked at a newspaper, and two young women worked in the next office to me. They were not Asian, just regular old American girls. I heard them talking like Chinese? I ask them where they learned it from. They giggled and started talking in this Chinese like talk. It was some sort of code as I listened carefully. I talked to a guy who got drunk with them one night, and one of the girls told him the code. He told me, and now I could understand what they were saying in no time. They cussed, said dick and pussy and cunt, called their boss a fuck head, it was really funny.

I soon got good and listening and speaking it with practice. One Friday afternoon, I got my chance. They were older and could buy beer and whiskey. They were both cute, and a little slutty. I walked in their office with both of them in there and closed the door. I said in their, ‘China talk’, “You buy beer.” and laid down the money. They both went Ekkkkkk!!!, knowing I knew the code for their China talk and they thought back for all the months they talked in front of me.

They both surrounded me real close and whispered
, “Will you never tell anyone what we’ve said in the past if we get you the beer??? I said:” I hate beer, it’s for my buddies, but yes I’ll keep the secret forever.” They jumped up and down with joy, and said they would both be fired if anyone ever found out what they’ve been saying. I said it was so hard to keep a straight face for months now. They thanked me over and over, and then whispered to each other. The one said, “We would like to reward you and seal the secret forever.” I smiled and said in China talk, “Lets all Fuck”, they both said you got a deal!

Well, we set Monday nights for our new fuck fest. They fucked me, sucked me and anything I wanted to do to them. Meanwhile I was fucking my new girlfriend and we wanted it all the time. A 17 yr. old guy ‘thinks’ he can fuck all the girls he can get, I found out he can’t. I got so tired after a month, I slept in my car to get some rest from them all.

Fast forward to my now girlfriend.

My girlfriend and her sister talked this ‘Crazy Talk’ and after a long time I finally figured it out, but I didn’t tell them. They spoke it fast, but soon I could catch it. They had a younger sister Jen, and taught her to speak it too.

I had met Jen when she was 14. She was so sexy even then I wanted her. I watched over time her body get hotter. She wore shorts a lot, and her tits were getting big, She always smiled real sexy at me. I told her once, ‘someday’ we’ll get together and we‘ll make beautiful love. She got red in the face and then whispered, “when is someday?” I found out through listening to their ’crazy talk’, that Jen had a big crush on me, Jen was 19 now, but my girlfriend just laughed it off as envy.

I waited until the right time and got Jen alone in her bedroom. I held her hands to my chest tight and told her I’d had a crush on her for a long time, and I’ve wanted her so bad. Her hands trembled, and her breathing increased. I gave her a soft kiss. I told her, but, she must never tell anyone this. If she did, I would tell her sisters that she had told me how to understand crazy talk, and they would pissed at her forever. Then I said in ‘crazy talk‘, “Your beautiful and I love to you”. She went into shock, knowing for sure I could understand ‘crazy talk‘.

She stood with her mouth open and then it slowly it turned into a big smile. She kissed me so soft as she trembled and her legs shook and went weak. I put my arms around her and just held her as we kissed again with more passion, letting our tongues go free. I pushed my boner up against her and she pushed back tight as she massaged her pussy on me.

We stood and planned now. Rule number 1, never talk crazy talk with me, with her sisters around. She now could act on her feelings for me when we were alone, knowing I had the hot’s for her too. She had her arms around me and her head on my chest. She told me how long she had liked me and wanted me. I held her tight to me and we moved our bodies together, Jen was very sexy, 5’4”, long blond hair, nice tits, and a shape to die for and deep blue eyes. We kissed more and we felt our bodies, I felt those big tits now as she rubbed and felt my boner.

Someone was coming and we had to break it off. She said, “sit at my computer!” and she went to see who was down stairs. It was her dad, and soon he came up to play with her computer. As he played a game, we snuck in feels and grab’s behind his back. We talked ‘crazy talk’ as the old guy paid no attention, of course he couldn’t understand what we were saying. I told her in crazy talk, I wanted to kiss her tits, feel her body and I couldn’t wait to get naked with her. After a while he said he had to go to bed and said, “Here you guys, you can play this game now,” and went to bed. We were both so hot for each other and now had to be quiet.

She said her dad never gets up. I took us over to her closed bedroom door and put my back to it in case someone came in. This way I could quick sit at the computer if any one came in. Locking her door would be risky. Her mom was asleep down stairs. My girlfriend and her sister were at some kitchen stuff party. With her back to me, I felt Jen’s tits, so perky and nice and full. She felt me and massaged my boner. We wanted to fuck so bad now. Where there is a will, there is a way. I told her my plan.

I said out loud, “that I had to go now, Oh, I have some clothes in my van that are yours, come and get them“. We went down to my van in the driveway. We got in the back as she got right on top of me fast. She unzipped my pants and started sucking on me 69 style. I lifted her skirt and for the first time, licked her beautiful pussy. She had the most soft pubic hair and smooth skin. It was exciting with low risk of getting caught, but never the less risk!

We only had a little time, so we soon turned around and over and I slipped my dick in her. Oh my god, she was tight and wonderful, We had to muffle our moans as we fucked as fast and hard as we could. Soon we both muffled our yells and both came together, so super intense, our body‘s just locked together. Our hearts pounding, out of breath as we both planned our next time to fuck with no time restrictions.

This was fun over the next few days, planning and sneaking feels and hot kisses, in hallways, in the garage, in the grocery store, in the laundry room or anywhere at anytime we could cop a feel or hot kiss without getting caught. We had close calls. Her dad walked in the kitchen as Jen was cooking, and she had stuck her ass out for me to feel. I was just getting ready to feel her butt when I moved my hand over to open a lower drawer. He didn’t pay any attention.

I was feeling Jen’s pussy in my hallway when the girlfriend came around the corner. I quick said, ”Move, Jen!, I need in the cupboard.” Jen said, “Try saying Please once and a while, dork!”, the girlfriend laughed and walked right on by. Jen and I blew silent kisses after she left.

My girlfriend lived with me, her older sister lived with her boyfriend, but Jen still lived at home. Their parents both worked all day, as did my girlfriend. Jen worked 2nd shift at a pizza place. We had the parents house to ourselves most all week days. I was self employed and could set my own schedule. Now Jen and I could fuck without interruptions with plenty of time. Monday. I bought her a light blue see thru night gown. I told her to wear it Monday and at 9am I would be by. I had a key to the back door and parked my van down the block a ways.

I went in and said, “Plummer!”, I hear, “Oh thank god you’re here, I need my plumbing checked,” from up stairs. I went to her bedroom and went in. She jumped on me, wrapping those hot legs around me and started kissing all over my face. She then started taking all my clothes off, and we moved to her bed. We took our time. I ran my hands up her nightgown and felt her hot legs as she squirmed. Slowly I lifted up the nightgown to her waist. Then up my hands went to those perfect full tits. She pulled on me and we kissed hotly for a long time as we felt us up. I turned around then and I wanted to eat that sweet pussy while she sucked on me.

We were in no rush as we enjoy sucking, licking and fingering. She tried to take my dick all the way in her mouth and soon figured a way to do it. I sucked her little pink clit and she moaned and bucked. I put two fingers in her tight little pussy and massaged it and found her G spot. She yelled, and shivered as I massaged it faster. She learned from her sisters, and put my dick in deep, then would pull off and lick the underside of the head, and kept this up. What she didn’t know is that I had fucked her sister before work, and had plenty of time to build up for her. She had only had sex once before me from a guy at a party, and it was a quickie.

She told me she knew I would be a lover to her, and not like that, someday. I sucked her now puffed up clit with my lips, suck it firm and then letting it go, over and over as I ran my fingers over her G spot each time. She had never had this done to her ever. This made her buck and moan loud. She had the most beautiful moan. It was almost steady with a GASP!, and then a long moan each time I sucked her clit. Soon she started bucking hard and a louder moan. She moaned out, “Oh baby, (moan), Cum for me, (moan), between sucking and pulling off my dick.

Then she moaned a yelling scream with my dick deep in her throat and stiffened up, shook, shuddered and I let go with a big cum in her throat. She orgasmed hard and squeezed her pussy hard on my fingers and gave out a long steady moan as I pumped and pumped my cum, overflowing in her mouth.
We lay in ecstatic bliss as we felt my cum and her juices spasm till we were empty. Later she opened her sleepy sweet eyes and whispered, “today is…..someday”.

She is the best, and still is……
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