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The following story is entirely true and contains explicit deions of sexual activity between adult males. READ NO FURTHER if you are under the age of eighteen or offended by such material.
The Craving - Part 1

By Andy Caulden

Kevin and I were often mistaken for brothers in the looks department. We were both tall, slim and blond, and much sought after by those who liked submissive cock-suckers in their early twenties. We also shared a craving for coal-black cock, which our mentor Bryan, who was white and a professional photographer, helped to satisfy.

Bryan loved to photograph burly black men fucking young, white wimps - he owned a photographic studio in Putney, which specialized in challenging the morality of the day - the early 1970s.

Bryan would organize weekend get-togethers at Paul's flat in south London. These all-day and night sex-romps would see Kevin and me stripping off in front of five fully-clothed men: Arnim, Leo and Lloyd - all West Indians from the Windward Islands - plus Bryan and Paul. The three black men would 'encourage' us to humiliate ourselves in all kinds of different ways before we were allowed to suck on their hard-standing cocks.

Paul was an eminent psychosurgeon, who enjoyed watching the weak being dominated by the strong. He also had a passion for holes. The good doctor would examine me and Kevin with all kinds of surgical probes - we would lie face down, or face up, on the twin beds in his spare bedroom and suffer these indignities on a regular basis.

Bryan's enthusiasm for the by-ways of pornography turned me into a voyeur of the first water. He would order me to stand behind the camera and watch Kevin and Gary, another young thruster with a craving for black cock, being fucked by Arnim & Co. I also got to see Gary and other submissives being examined, gang-banged and punished on dozens of different occasions.

I can still recall, as if it was yesterday, my first visit to Paul's flat. Gary was the first to greet me and Kevin, when we arrived at noon. I was expecting to see a room full of rich, old toffs; however, only Bryan and Paul were sitting on the settee when we entered the living room.

'I'm glad you two could make it,' said Bryan, as he stood up to take our coats. 'The rest of the gang will be here in an hour or two. I thought it best that you meet Paul first.'

'Would you like a drink?' asked Paul. 'I can offer you a fine selection of alcoholic beverages.'

'Keep going,' said Bryan, as he took our coats and made it quite clear that he wanted us to hand over the rest of our clothes. 'Our host is a doctor, so he's seen it all before.'

'There's whisky, vodka, beer,' said Paul.

The situation we found ourselves in was truly bizarre. There was Paul playing the perfect host whilst Bryan was demanded that we strip naked in front of him.

'I'll have a Screwdriver,' said Kevin, as he unbuttoned his shirt and took it off.'

'He's got lovely nipples,' said Paul to Bryan. 'I really like seeing tiny nips on blond bum-boys.'

'I'll have a beer,' I said, trying to come to terms with the surreal situation I was in.

'Can you do the honours,' said Paul to Gary. 'I want to see what these two scallywags have on offer under their trendy togs.'

The good doctor stood and watched in silence as Kevin and I stripped off completely.

'No rings or watches to be worn,' said Bryan. 'So hand them over as well.'

Kevin and I fucked like rabbits for weeks on the strength of that first meeting with Paul. We both got a real buzz out of undressing in front of three fully-clothed people in a stranger's flat. We also got a buzz out of being the only ones naked in the room when Paul's other guests arrived.

* * *

Kevin and I really liked Paul: he made us feel special and valued. We saw him as an old man that probably couldn't get it up any more, hence his desire to see youngsters like us perform for his voyeuristic pleasure. We also liked him because he fed our addiction for home-made porn - Kevin and I loved to see amateurs having sex, and Paul's collection of pornography covered this area in spades.

After we downed our drinks, Paul offered us two tumblers full of what looked like Coca-Cola.

'I want you to try this,' he said. 'It's great for the sex drive, and it'll keep you both horny for hours.'

'We're not really into drugs, Paul,' I said.

'Nonsense,' he said. 'Everything it this drink is from the natural world. It's an herbal aphrodisiac. So come on, drink up.'

Kevin and I were too polite to refuse the man a second time; also, we didn't want to go home empty-handed - the good doctor had offered to loan us some photographs of horny amateurs having group sex.

'That's it, drink it all up.'

I really liked the juju juice. It made me feel so warm and comfortable; and sexy; and compliant. I got down on my hands and knees when Paul told me to; I begged like a dog when he told me to; I sniffed, licked and rimmed Kevin's arsehole when told to. In fact, I did everything the shrink asked of me.

The bag Gary fetched from the spare bedroom was full of leather straps and ropes, and tiny padlocks. Paul said the tie-up game was going to last for the rest of the day.

Kevin and I were tied up in dozens of different positions on the living room floor. I was then tied to a three-rung, aluminium stepladder, whilst Kevin was tied to a low-backed wooden chair. Bryan must have changed the film in his camera three or four times that day.

* * *

Bryan's camera was on a tripod in the spare bedroom when it captured images of me and Kevin being examined by the good doctor. I was lying face down on the bed by the window, Kevin was lying face up on the bed by the door. We were tied down securely, so there was no chance of us refusing the invasive examination.

Paul had the time of his life probing our holes with his extensive collection of surgical implements. My arsehole was stretched open by an anal speculum and examined with a variety of ice-cold probes. Kevin also felt the caress of Paul's stainless steel probes as his mouth was forced open by a Whitehead gag.

Paul's juju juice allowed us to shed all our inhibitions and get down and dirty. It also allowed the good doctor to take us to new levels of kinky debauchery, which we so-o-o loved - Paul knew from the outset that he had a couple of horny submissives on his hands. So he didn't need to pull out too many stops to ensure that we became his creatures of pleasure.

After the examination, Kevin and I were introduced to Arnim. He, like his two friends, was a coal-black stud. All three men were in their late twenties, but Arnim was Kevin's favourite. He had a Don Juan beard and moustache (Leo and Lloyd were both clean-shaven) and a real cool look about him. He was also more dominant than Leo and Lloyd, which made him my favourite as well.

I was standing in the doorway, between the dining room and the living room, when I first met Arnim - Paul had hired a carpenter to remove the connecting doors and replace the softwood frame with oak. He had also asked the carpenter to install four metal eyes in the hardwood frame.

It was these unobtrusive eyes that were keeping me from stepping forward and greeting Arnim properly - Paul had secured my wrist- and ankle-straps to the eyes before his guest had arrived. I was now standing spread-eagled, naked and red-faced in front of a man I didn't know.

'X marks the spot,' said Arnim to Paul. 'The rarse looks so weak and willing. Has he been fucked yet?'

'He's been prodded and probed a few times,' replied Paul. 'But no one's fucked him.'

'Sweet,' said Arnim, stepping forward and taking hold of my flaccid cock. 'I like the ball-gag; is it new?'

'Yes. I bought three of them. They're far better than the ones Gee sold me.'

'The rarse is getting real frisky. He must like having a black man play with his white-boy dick.'

'Yes. He certainly looks grateful,' said Paul, as he stepped forward to tweak my left nipple.

The two men groped my body for a good ten minutes. Arnim used his tongue to lick my neck, shoulders and chest. He then used his teeth to bite my earlobes, as his powerful hands pulled my cock in one direction and my ball-sac in another.

Paul, who was concentrating on by arse, kept telling me to enjoy the moment as he squeezed and slapped my arse-cheeks.

'Leo and Lloyd are going to like this rude boy,' said Arnim to Paul. 'They like fucking trim and tearful bum-boys.'

I bit on my ball-gag as Arnim sucked heavily on my neck and shoulders - the resulting love bites took almost a week to fade.

A painful punch to my stomach brought the session to an abrupt end. My cock was still rock hard, but clearly neither man was going to wank me off.

I was still standing in the doorway, some twenty minutes later, when Paul, who always remained fully-clothed on such occasions, entered the living room with his naked entourage (Kevin and the three black men) in tow.

The gang-bang that followed was played out on the floor in front of me. Kevin seemed to be revelling in all the attention he was receiving, even though it looked quite rough. His skin looked so-o-o white against the three black studs. And how I wished it was me down there with Arnim, Leo and Lloyd.

Bryan's camera continued to click away in the background as I watched Kevin being humped by his new friends.

'Look and learn, Andy boy,' said Bryan, as he stepped behind me and placed the camera on my right shoulder. 'Let's get a shot of how things look from your point of view.'

I stood and sighed in frustration when Paul told me that I would have to wait a few more hours to be fucked, and that it would happen when Gary returned from running an errand - he and I would be taken together by Arnim & Co.

* * *

Fortified by another glass of juju juice, I was happily led down the hallway and into the spare bedroom by Leo, who was pulling on my cock and using it as a leash.

When I entered the room, Arnim was lying flat out on the bed with Gary knelling between his outstretched legs.

'Keep sucking, boy,' he said to Gary, as he winked at me. 'You have to get it nice and stiff for that bum-hole of yours.'

I smiled and sat down on the other bed, between Leo and Lloyd. The two men looked really pleased with their new cuddly toy.

Lloyd told me to lie back and turn onto my left side. He then took up a sixty-nine position in front of me, before offering me his hard-standing cock. As he did so, Leo spread my arse-cheeks apart and pushed a Vaseline-covered finger into my rectum. I felt the finger slip inside, but I didn't let the sensation distract me from the task at hand. I ease back Lloyd's foreskin and ran the tip of my tongue over his large, bulbous knob. The juju juice surging through my veins was making me feel really good. My cock was rock hard and I didn't give a damn about being the 'wiry slut' in this threesome - I needed to have sex and that was that.

Lloyd took hold of my cock and fed it into his mouth. I shuddered with excitement as I opened my mouth and sucked in several inches of coal-black cock. Leo slipped another finger into my rectum and said something to Arnim in West Indian patois. The Vaseline allowed his fingers to slip in and out of my hole with ease - there was no pain involved, just some mild discomfort.

I gagged several times as I tried to emulate my friend's cock-sucking technique. He was a real expert: knowing exactly how to keep a cock teetering on the brink of a climax. I had no such skills, so I had to make do with raw enthusiasm. Leo watched my efforts with interest. He said I was a rude boy with a nice looking cock and an arsehole that needed fucking. It was then that his two fingers were removed and replaced by his hard-standing cock.

Apart from the colour, Leo's cock was very similar to my own: it was some seven inches long, uncut and quite chunky. However, it felt a whole lot bigger than seven inches when it entered my arsehole. I winced and tried to pull away, but I was firmly sandwiched between the two men. In desperation, I slapped Leo on the thigh as the pain began to overwhelm me. This didn't seem to bother him at all; he just carried on pinching my nipples, biting my neck and fucking my arse.

'Be still, boy!' he ordered, between love bites. 'Just relax and go with the flow. A white boy like you should be begging for more black cock, not less.'

The pain did ease off a bit when Leo's length made itself at home. This allowed me to settle down again and start enjoying myself, which in turn prompted the two men to redouble their efforts and bring things to a memorable climax. I was allowed to come first, and boy did I come! My whole body began to convulse as Lloyd devoured every drop of seed I could produce. In fact, he wouldn't let go of my ball-sac until he had it all.

Leo was next to come. He gave out an almighty roar and continued to pump away at my arse until my rectum was awash with sperm. He then grabbed hold of my hair and pulled my head back, forcing me to open my mouth and release his friend's cock. This allowed Lloyd to take hold of his erection and bring things to a spectacular close - my face was completely covered in sperm by the time he had shed his load.

Leo withdrew his cock, slapped me hard across both arse-cheeks and said he and Lloyd were going to rub some face cream [sperm] into my skin. I just smiled and let them get on with it - the sex had completely drained me, so I was well and truly out of it by the time they had finished cleaning me up.

* * *

I was still lying on the bed, in the nude, when I woke up an hour or so later. My arse and head were competing for the 'Pain of the Year' award, and Arnim was standing over me with a glass of water in one hand and two aspirin in the other. Embarrassment swept over me as I downed the pills and sipped the water.

Arnim sat down on the edge of the bed and said I should lie back and relax. He then took hold of my cock and gave it a gentle squeeze. I couldn't believe my luck; this was just what I wanted him to do.

Some ten minutes later, with Arnim lying flat out on the bed, Bryan, Lloyd and Gary entered the room.

'Look at the boy go,' said Bryan to Lloyd. 'He's cock crazy.'

I was too engrossed in what I was doing to let Bryan's remark put me off in any way; in fact, I kind of liked the idea of him thinking that I was out of control - it made me feel really wicked.

Gary helped Bryan set up his photographic equipment as I continued to work on my friend's nine-inch cock.

With the camera and lights mounted on tripods, it only took Lloyd a minute or two to get in on the action. He knelt on the bed behind me, put his hand between my legs and took hold of my erection. His vice-like grip was the first indication that he was clearly out to dominate me. He forced my hard-standing cock back, between my thighs, and held it there while he covered my arse-cheeks with painful love bites.

Meanwhile, Arnim grabbed hold of my head and forced it down on his coal-black stem; holding it there until I gagged. The camera captured every moment of my struggle to cope with the cock in my mouth and the assault on my arse.

A few minute later, Bryan told me to stop sucking cock and lie face down on the bed, with my legs as far apart as possible. The experience that followed was truly awesome. I grit my teeth and winced as Arnim straddled my lower back and helped Lloyd push a well-oiled dildo into my rectum. My tearful protests prompted Bryan to call me
'a pathetic cry-baby'.

Bryan was clearly impressed with what his friends were doing to me in front of the camera. He encouraged them to 'go in deep' and ream me out, which they did on several occasions. However, these slow and painful attempts to expand my inner sanctum with rubber were eventually brought to a halt by Arnim, who decided to remove the dildo and let Lloyd have a go with his cock.

The weight of Lloyd's body on top of mine was crushing. 'I'm gonna sweat you, boy,' he whispered in my ear. 'I'm gonna fuck your white-boy arse and fill it up with seed. And when I'm done, the man with the nine-inch chopper is gonna ride your arse some more.'

Encouraged by Bryan, Lloyd plunged his hard-standing cock into my hole and fucked me like a man possessed. The camera captured the whole thing on film, and towards the end, Bryan turned to Gary and said, 'You're next, so get ready to take it up the arse.'

Lloyd's climax was a very noisy and drawn-out affair for the both of us; and so was Arnim's: his cock certainly left a lasting impression on my burning hole. I really had to struggle to accommodate his 'nine-inch chopper', which made my eyes water the instant it was pushed into my battered rectum. The two men took great pleasure in making me squirm beneath their hot, virile bodies. I remember lying on the bed with my arms and legs fully outstretched as they took it in turn to hammer my 'white-boy arse' into the mattress.

- - -

Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Andy Caulden

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