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The following story is entirely true and contains explicit deions of sexual activity between adult males. READ NO FURTHER if you are under the age of eighteen or offended by such material.
The Craving - Part 3

By Andy Caulden

Kevin and I were both naked when our guests rang the doorbell.

'I'll get the door,' I said. 'You sit on the floor, by the sofa.'

The opening edge of the front door hit me full-square on the forehead as Gee and his friends burst into the flat, drunk - the five of them had decided to meet in the Royal Oak before the planned fuck-fest. I was sent flying and hit the wall with an almighty thump - the sight of a naked white boy had sent the men into an uncontrollable frenzy.

The front door slammed shut as I was pinned against the wall by the inebriated black men. My air supply was cut off several times by hands pressing against my throat; my feet were trampled on by a variety of boots and shoes; and my nipples were pinched and pulled by some pretty powerful fingers. I tried to struggle free when my cock and ball-sac were pulled in two different directions at once. Unfortunately, this token act of defiance only made things worse.

'Come on, rarse,' said Carl. 'Let's make a fight of it. I like hurtin' bum-boys who don't wanna play ball.'

'Ease up, Carl,' said Lloyd. 'He's only had a couple of rough sessions so far. I think five onto one might be too much for him. Besides, we have his boyfriend to look after; he likes being knocked about.'

'I want to look after this long streak of piss,' snapped Carl. 'Gee and I will screw him to the floor while you three take care of his boyfriend.'

'Fuck off, you blood,' were the words I was hoping to hear from Lloyd, but he remained silent as Carl pulled me away from the wall by my cock.

'He's a nice looking boy,' said Carl, running his fingers through my hair. 'Let's find him a comfortable bed to lie on.'

Lloyd and the other two men stepped back as I was frog-marched along the hallway by Carl, who pulled on my cock while Gee held my hands behind my back. I didn't say a word as I was pushed and pulled into the bedroom.

'Stand with your feet apart and your hands behind your head,' ordered Carl.

I did as I was told. This was clearly the calm before the storm.

The two men circled me, like sharks.

Suddenly, and without warning, Carl punched me in the stomach. I doubled up and stumbled back into Gee's arms.

'I'll bite your fuckin' cock off if you start playing up,' snarled Carl.

'Is that clear, rarse?' added Gee.

Winded, I reply by nodding my head.

'I can't hear you,' said Carl, punching me again.

'Yes-s-s,' I spluttered, as Gee released me.

'Button it, arsehole,' snapped Gee. 'Now get on the bed and start playing with your cock.'

I spread myself out on the stripped-down bed and took hold of my flaccid cock. The two men watched me intensely as they undressed.

'Now I need to punish you with this,' said Carl, holding up a twelve-inch, wooden ruler. 'My old teacher always used a wooden ruler to punish me when I was acting the goat. What did your teacher use?'

'The same,' I lied, sycophantically.

'Good, good; so you're happy for me to punish you with this little beauty?' asked Carl.

'Yes,' I lied again.

I thought the bastard was going to use the ruler on my hand. However, I was taken completely by surprise when he pulled my hand away and whacked my hard-standing cock instead.

'Fuckin' hell!' I shrieked, sitting up abruptly. 'That fuckin' hurt.

The second blow brought tears to my eyes as Gee made sure I didn't use my hands to cover my genitals. He then had to use some considerable force to prevent me from fending off the third blow.

I was still f-ing and blinding when they rolled me over onto my front and began punishing my arse-cheeks and the soles of my feet. I buried my face in the mattress and yelled at the top of my voice as the ruler went to work on my backside and feet.

'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!' I continued to yell when the ruler was replaced with an onslaught of biting and slapping. My arse and feet were bright red from the assault, but still the two ruffians kept hurting me.

It was only when I stopped swearing and made a promise to be 'dutiful' did they pull the plug on the pain. However, the sex that followed was just as manic and uncomfortable as the stuff that had gone on before.

For most of the time I was held in an agonizing jack-knife position, with my head stuck between my feet and my arse up in the air. The two men, who both had some pretty heavy stubble, took great delight in grazing my arse-crack, anus and ball-sac. My inflamed cock and arse-cheeks were also treated to the stubble's rough caress.

'Let's see if you can bend over a little more and suck on your own knob,' said Carl.

'I don't think I can.'

'Nonsense,' said Gee, as he pushed down on my arse and thighs. 'Let me give you a helping hand.'

'Argggh!' I shrieked. 'It hurts, it hurts.'

'What a baby,' chide Carl. 'Let me help.'

The two men pushed and pulled me into a variety of painful and contorted positions, before finally admitting defeat. They then took hold of my ankles and dragged me off the bed. I hit the floor with a bump, and was kicked in the side as Carl ordered me to lie flat out on my back with my mouth open.

Gee's hard-standing cock filled my mouth as the weight of his body pressed down on my face. I was gagging on his cock and fighting for air at the same time; and as I struggled, Carl began hitting my cock with the twelve-inch ruler again.

For ten to fifteen minutes I was forced to endure Gee's brutal face-fucking and Carl's spiteful assault on my cock, ball-sac and feet. I was a total wreck by the time they threw me back on the bed and spread my arse-cheeks apart.

Gee was the first to fuck me. His cock replaced Carl's Vaseline-covered fingers and stretched my rectum to the maximum. The man then pounded my body into the mattress while I lay, in a daze, on a sweat-soaked sheet.

'Fuck him harder, Gee,' said Carl. 'He can take it.'

Sweat continued to pour off me as the man held me down and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. He then stopped for a moment, feigning a possible respite, before plunging in again and humping me even more ferociously.

I was huffing and puffing like an old steam engine by the time Gee shed his load. The bedroom echoed to the sound of animal-like grunts and groans as he came down from cloud nine and collapsed on top of me.

'Fuckin' sweet!' exclaimed Carl. 'What a show! What a fuckin' horny show.'

Gee rolled off me a few minutes later and called on his friend to take over. I was mounted and lanced to the spot before I had a chance to request a five-minute breather. Carl's hard-standing cock was less formidable than Gee's impaler, but still it took its toll on my burning hole.

'Come on, man,' said Gee to Carl. 'Ride him hard! Make him cough up that cock-head of yours.'

Carl renewed his efforts by grabbing my shoulders and increasing his stroke rate.

'In, out! In, out!' chanted Gee.

I raised my head off the mattress and shook the sweat from my brow. The man was power-fucking me like the nutter had done a week earlier.

'In, out! In, out!' continued Gee. 'Fuck his brains out.'

The two of us began grunting and groaning in unison as my inner sanctum was flooded by yet another load of seed. Carl's climax lasted a good deal longer than Gee's, and still he continued to fuck me in fits and starts for some time after.

'The poor sod's done in,' said Gee to Carl. 'Let's call it a day and hit the showers.'

'Okay, old man,' replied Carl. 'But he's coming home with us when we leave. I want to fuck that smooth, white arse some more.'

* * *

Some two hours later I found myself in the nude, lying face up and spread-eagled, on another stripped-down bed. My ankles and wrists were secured to the double bed with a combination of handcuffs, leather straps and ropes.

'Now relax, rarse,' said Carl. 'If you make a fuss, I'll tell the dog to bite you.'

'Dog! What dog?' I asked nervously.

The Rottweiler gave out a low growl and jumped onto the bed, between my outstretched legs, and, looking directly at me, licked his chops. This submissive adventure, which Bryan had arranged, had gone too far, but now I was in no position to call it a day and walk away.

'If you play up, Bruno will bite you,' said Carl, smiling. 'If you play along, Bruno will lick you.'

Carl left the room, leaving the dog to guard me.

I pulled at the handcuffs, but they were locked tight. The dog growled again.

'Steady, boy,' I said. 'I was just getting comfortable.'

Bruno whined a little and opened his mouth, which allowed his tongue to roll out. The tongue was huge, pink and awash with saliva.

I pulled at the handcuffs again as the dog's tongue encircled my cock.

'Oh, fuck!' I exclaimed, shutting my eyes.

Bruno settled down and went to work on my flaccid cock. Somehow my fear and loathing didn't stop my penis from twitching with excitement.

'Bruno, stop!' I ordered. 'Bad dog. Stop...'

The Rottweiler's tongue forced me to stop talking and start moaning with pleasure, which I knew was totally reprehensible and utterly wrong; and with those formidable canine teeth so close to my manhood, extremely dangerous.

I opened one eye and took a peak at the beast's busy tongue, which was now making my toes curl as it continued to lick my cock into shape. Within minutes I was willing the dog on and urging him to, 'Suck on that bone, boy. Make it nice and stiff'.

I knew that I was taking a big risk, and that it was abnormal and beyond the pale to encourage such a bestial act, but my cock was ruling my head again. So, I just lay there and let Bruno coat my hard-standing cock with his canine saliva.

Suddenly, I was jolted out of my unbridled state of pleasure by Carl's return. I heard his voice, but I didn't catch what he said.

'The dog's licking my cock,' I said, putting on my best look of shock and surprise.

'And you like it, so don't go pretending otherwise.'

'He could bite...'

'Yes, that's true,' Carl interrupted. 'But he won't, unless I tell him to. He's been trained to get the best out of a man's cock, so he won't gobble up your balls without my say-so.'

'And if I play along, that won't happen, right?'

'That's it, rarse. You belong to me now. I'm going to keep you here for a month or so, and during that time I'm going to pimp you out to my friends.'

'No, that ain't right,' I said. 'I can't stay here for a month. I have things to do, people to see, places...'

'That's right, rarse. You have lots of things to do, and lots of people to see. So just relax and get use to being my new bum-boy.'

He ran his coal-black hands over my ribcage and sighed.

'So pale, so white,' he continued. 'You wouldn't want me to beat you black and blue, and break a few of these [ribs]. So be a good boy and co-operate.'

He then tweaked my nipples and left the bedroom.

Bruno was quick to get back into his stride. I could feel his saliva dripping on to my ball-sac as I edged toward an orgasm. My legs stiffened, my upper body shuddered and I thrust my hips upward.

'Fucking hell!' I exclaimed, as a jet of seed filled the dog's mouth.

Bruno swallowed the whole lot, including the second and third spurts of spunk.

'Good dog, good dog,' I groaned. 'Lick it some more.'

- - -

Copyright (c) 2011-2013 Andy Caulden
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