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Please read “Going on Vacation” pt 1 through 4
In the morning, after my parents left, we knew we had the run of the house. After waiting about twenty minutes, just to make sure they hadn’t forgotten anything, I stripped out of all my clothes and walked up behind Aaron. I grabbed his hands with mine, bringing them back to me and rubbing them up and down my naked body. He turned around quickly, dropping down to take my nipple in his mouth. I reached down to his shorts, shoving them down his hips, so I could grind against his already stiffening cock. Picking me up by my waist, he sat me on the counter top, spreading my legs, and started licking and nibbling my slit. Sliding one finger inside me, he placed his lips over my clit and started sucking. I immediately began bucking against him, rubbing his face harder into my pussy. He stuck another finger in me, then another, and started feverishly finger fucking me while sucking and licking my clit. I came quick and hard, and when I was done, I jumped down, kneeling in front of him.

Licking up and down his shaft, I cupped his balls and started rolling them in my hands, then I shoved his cock all the down my throat, until I felt it bottom out, and I started swallowing. I slid my mouth up and down, twisting and pumping my fist in the opposite direction of my mouth. I let him out of my mouth with a pop, only to suck both of his balls deep back in, jacking his cock with my hands. I went back to sucking him in my mouth, and when I reached the base, using my hands, I fed his balls into my mouth also, so that all of him was there, being sucked in unison. This proved to be too much, and he started cumming with thick hot spurts into the back of my throat. After swallowing them all down, I stood back up, holding onto his still hard cock. I jumped up on him, and he caught me, backing me against the counter, ramming his cock straight up into my steaming hot pussy, until I felt him bump against my cervix. Lowering his mouth to my neck, he started hammering in and out of me, and I couldn’t move. He put me down, pulling himself out all the way, but before I could complain, he turned me around and shoved back into me, bending me over the counter. From this position he could hit my g-spot, and it wasn’t long until I started cumming again. Reaching around with his hand, he started rubbing my clit between his fingers, while slamming into me from behind with all of his strength, and I couldn’t stop cumming. With one final thrust, he impaled himself all the way up to my womb, and let loose with another series of thick ropey jets of cum.

After we recovered, we decided to go visit the pond we had seen the other day. Not even bothering to get dressed, we walked outside and into the woods. We got to the pond, and it was just as peaceful and tranquil as it had been the day before.

“Last one in is a rotten egg!” Yeah, I know, not the most original, but it worked as we both went running for the pond. I guess neither of us were rotten eggs, or maybe both of us were, because we got in at the same time. I went in up to my neck, and started swimming around. It was so cool against my bare skin. I had never been skinny dipping before. I turned around so I was floating on my back, closed my eyes, and just drifted. I must have been floating for at least fifteen minutes, and then I felt arms close around my waist. Opening my eyes, I smiled up at Aaron, as I was pushed into a vertical position. I wound my arms around his neck, and started kissing him, sliding my tongue across his lips, until he opened them and then we were thrusting our tongues back and forth. I felt him getting hard, but he didn’t try to break the kiss, or change to a more sexual mode. He lifted my legs, holding me cradled across his chest, still kissing me, and it was at that moment that I knew that I had fallen in love with him. I didn’t stop, I just held him closer, wishing the circumstances were different. We drifted over to the waterfall. The water went over a good two foot drop, and we noticed that behind the water was a little cave of sorts.

Ducking behind the water, it felt like we were the only two people in the world. We hadn’t stopped kissing, and now his hands were running up and down my body. I was starting to get turned on again, and I could FEEL that he was turned on, but this wasn’t the same as we’d been doing. There was something different. It felt gentler, more like a lover. I knew that this was not going to be just any fucking; this was going to be making love. He broke from the kiss, so he could start kissing my neck, nibbling my ears, putting his hands all over my body, just circling and rubbing. He cupped my pussy, softly rubbing with the bottom of the palm of his hand. He was up against the wall now, and he suddenly sat down. I guess there were stone ledges that you could sit on. Kneeling with my legs on either side of his, I could now control the action. I took him in my hands, lining him up with me, and slowly sank down; feeling him stretch me, inch after slow inch. We gazed into each other’s eyes as I fully embedded myself on him, then started picking myself back up. Up and down, in and out, so slowly that each thrust lasted a lifetime, stirring the fire inside of us.

Our breath started coming faster, I could feel myself shaking all over, and then it was too much. Throwing my head back, I started having the biggest orgasm I had ever had, and I felt Aaron start to pump his hips harder and faster, and then I felt his body go rigid, and a wash of warmth inside of me. I collapsed back on him, cuddling up against his chest, and it was the most peaceful, loving feeling I had ever experienced. We just sat there cuddling for what felt like forever, but was probably more like 15 minutes. Finally to break the spell, I started splashing him, hopping up and running away, laughing. I went ducking out from the waterfall, and ran right into a hairy chest.

“Oomph. Oh my, I’m so sorry!” I looked up, and up, and up, into bright blue eyes. He smiled, looking down on me, making a long, leisurely pass over everything that he could see. The water was clear, so that was….umm….everything!

“Oh, no problem. No problem at all little missy!” His eyes sparkled with mischief, and he had a slanted smile that just shouted that he was trouble. He was naked too, and the longer he looked at me, the more excited his mini-man got. Pretty soon it was fully erect, and he was huge! I don’t even know why I was so stupefied. He wasn’t young, he wasn’t hot. Maybe it was because I was naked? He was probably about fifty years old, with a little paunch, and thinning hair. He looked like he probably belonged to a motorcycle gang in his youth. Before I could think of anything else to say, Aaron came running out from the waterfall, still laughing, until he saw this man.

“Well, well, what do we have here? Two little ones getting busy in the waterfall? That’s real nice.”

I didn’t feel that he was a threat, and I had already fucked two strangers, and for some reason this old man was calling to something inside me. I boldly reached down while looking into his eyes, grabbing onto his cock, and started stroking it.

“Well, it looks like you think it’s more than just nice!” I was starting to breath faster, and shallower, and if we had been on dry land, I’m sure my pussy would have been dripping. Aaron came up close behind me, and I could feel him start to get harder too. It looks like big brother has a thing for sharing me. He had done the introductions last time, so I decided I would this time.

“I’m Lisa, this is Aaron, and I want to fuck you.”

“Well little lady, this is your lucky day. My name is Bill, and I’m gonna give you a fucking you’ve never had before. No offense Aaron. I’ve just had more years to perfect my craft.”

“No offense taken Bill. And you can give her the fucking of a lifetime; I may even learn a thing or two. There’s just one rule. No fucking her pussy. You can eat it, you can touch it, and you can fuck her in the ass. Just don’t put your cock in her pussy.”

“That works for me, as long as Little Lisa is up for it.”

“Oh, I am. I very much am.”

With that, he reached down and shoved one of his thick fingers up inside me. Using that as an anchor, he pulled my feet up in the water until I was floating on my back again, and he crouched down, until only his head was out of the water. Taking his finger out, he moved me until my feet were on either side of his head, then moved forward. He had me put my arms around Aaron’s neck, and Aaron used his arms to hold me up, as Bill leaned forward and opened my folds with his fingers. He looked at it for a minute, before leaning even more forward and starting to lick it. He had his hands on the side of my ass, but they were so big that he could still reach my pussy with his thumbs. He shoved one thumb up inside me, and took my clit into his mouth. He nibbled a little, alternating between using his teeth, sucking, and licking furiously. As I started writhing beneath the onslaught, if felt the other thumb at my backdoor, and then that was inside too. He started thumb fucking both holes, going to town on my little clit, and then I was exploding, seeing stars. As he felt me start to convulse around his thumb, he shoved my legs back into the water, so I was facing Aaron, lined himself up, and before I was even done cumming, shoved himself all the way home up my little ass. He and Aaron were about the same height, so I couldn’t reach the ground. I wrapped my legs around Aaron, trying to hold myself steady as my ass was being pounded, and I felt Aaron reach down, adjusting himself. That quickly, he was inside me too. I’d never had someone in both holes at the same time before, and it made me feel so full.

Aaron started thrusting in time with Bill, so that as one was fully impaled, so was the other, and when one pulled out, the other did also. With my legs wrapped around Aaron, I collapsed back against Bill, and just let them do what they were going to do with me. I was moaning and sobbing, telling them to fuck me harder. Bills hands came around, grabbing onto my breasts, using them as anchors as he used all of his power to get as far up my ass as he could. It was starting to hurt a little, but even the pain was pleasure, and I was cumming over and over again. Finally I felt warmth spurt into my backside, as Aaron grunted and thrust all the way into my pussy, filling both holes with hot bursts of cum at the same time. We just stood there for a few minutes, trying to get our hearts back to a normal beat, and trying to breathe.

Then Bill slowly slid out of my ass, gave me a little kiss on the cheek, and walked off, saying “Ooh man, that was good. You just made this old man’s day sweetie. You take care of that little girl boy!” He got out of the water, climbed into his clothes, and walked off. I was still connected to Aaron, although his cock had gotten soft, it was still inside of me. He slowly pulled out, and I decided I wanted to swim some more. After about another hour, we got out, got dressed, and went back to the cabin to eat lunch. After all that swimming and fucking, I needed a shower. Bad. And I just knew I’d be able to get Aaron in there with me….

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