Cousins take a trip down memory lane
It was a warm, rainy summer night when my cousin Sarah stopped by for a visit. Sarah and I had always been close growing up, our mothers being sisters and all. Sarah had always been pretty and taller than my 5' 5" height but her breast were only B's, not that it was a bad thing but I rather liked my larger DD's. We sat around the table drinking wine and talking about old times, how we had played house as children. Sarah started talking about when we used to hide in the closet and play Dr., She said remember the first time I licked your pussy? I thought back to that day in the closet and felt my face flush, I said could I ever forget, you gave me my first orgasm that day. Sarah laughed and said didn't you ever wonder why I was so good at it? I looked at her funny and it struck me that she had been very good at it and knew just what to do with her mouth and tongue to make my little pussy cum on her face. Sarah started to tell me about how when her Dad left her Mom, she tried to console her and somehow one thing led to another and before long her Mom was teaching her how to pleasure her. Sarah liked seeing her Mom happy so she was eager to learn and became quite good at eating pussy and fingering her Moms pussy until she came.

I was shocked, I never suspected that Sarah had been having sex with her Mom, my aunt! We hadn't fooled around since we were teenagers and discovered boys but this trip down memory lane was making my pussy wet and getting me horny. I asked Sarah if she wanted to go upstairs and play with me for old times sake and she eagerly agreed. As we climbed the stairs I told her I had a big box full of toys and I couldn't wait to show her how much more experienced I was now compared to our closet days. I had never been the one to eat pussy, it had always been Sarah and I was determined to make my cousin cum all over my tongue tonight. We started to undress when we entered my room and I was surprised that Sarah's tits were now closer to a D and her nipples were hard and almost an inch long...I love nipples and within seconds I had Sarah flat on her back and her nipple in my mouth. The harder I sucked on her nipple the louder Sarah moaned and the sounds she was making only fueled my assault on her tits. I'd had my fill of her tits and knew she was good and wet by now so I started to undo Sarah's pants and pulled them off just leaving her panties. I could see the dark wet spot where her pussy juices had soaked through her panties and my mouth watered. I pulled her to the edge of the bed as I got down on my knees between her legs, her musky scent of arousal smothering me. I reached out and pulled her panties to the side with one finger and just stared at her pretty bare pink pussy glistening with her juices. I took my finger and dragged it along her slit, gathering some of her juices on the tip before placing it in her mouth. Sarah hungrily sucked her juices off of my finger and when she licked it clean she looked down at me and begged me to eat her pussy and make her cum, that she had waited so long for this moment and fingered herself to multiple orgasms many times thinking about it. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue against her clit before sliding it into her slit and tongue fucking her cunt hole. Sarah started to grind her pussy against my face so I increased my pace and used my thumb to stroke her clit, within minutes Sarah was gushing sweet pussy juice all over my tongue, her juices dripping down my chin as I leaned back with a satisfied smile on my face.

Sarah asked to see my box full of toys so I pulled it out from under my bed and said what's your pleasure? Sarah's face lit up when she spotted my harness with a big black dildo attached. She reached for it and asked me to help her put it on because she couldn't wait to fuck my pussy. This one was special, it had a 5 inch dildo that slid inside Sarah so her pussy got pounded with every thrust into me. My pussy was already dripping wet so Sarah didn't need any lube, she just bent me over and lined the head up with my pussy and slammed it home in one thrust. I screamed as Sarah bottomed out against my cervix and pushed past it, my pussy was used to being stretched because I had been fucking thunder for months and this dildo was nothing compared to his huge horse cock, I wondered if I could talk Sarah into letting me fuck her with my horse's huge cock...

Sarah got off to a rough start but soon got into a smooth rhythm fucking my pussy and I could feel my orgasm building as I imagined watching Sarah's pussy being filled up with thunders cock. Sarah thrust deep a few more time before reaching around and yanking on my clit causing me to cum, squirting pussy juice all over the strap on and her pussy.

Sarah collapsed next to me on the bed, and we laid there for a while...talking and touching. I asked Sarah if she had been riding since she left for college and she said no and that she missed it. We got up and dressed, I said what are we waiting for...I've got 2 horses so let's go saddle them up and ride.

I saddled up thunder and daisy and we took off on a leisurely ride through my property, I had a few acres and part of it was wooded with a small hunting cabin and a lean-to for the horses. Sarah laughed as we galloped through the trails, really enjoying how freeing it was and how bouncing against the saddle caused your clit to throb until it was almost unbearable, I have had many orgasms while riding thunder...both on his back and under him! I led Sarah to the cabin and we dismounted and tied the horses up. As I walked to the cabin Sarah followed me inside, there was a small table and chairs, a day bed, wood stove and sink. I had brought along another bottle of wine and some glasses...thinking I would need to loosen Sarah up some more before broaching the subject of thunder.

We talked about the past 10 years or so and before I knew it Sarah had killed the last of the bottle of wine, I decided she was plenty drunk and I decided to tell her about thunder and I. Sarah seemed shocked at first when I told her that it started out innocent enough, I had seen some videos and decided that I wanted to touch thunders cock and see what it felt like, it was so smooth and powerful and when it started getting hard from my touch and began to come out of his sheath, it seemed to be at least 20 inches long and I was hooked. I began jerking him off and spraying his cum on my tits and belly, it was almost like taking a sticky cum shower there was so much of it.

I have always enjoyed a good finger banging, I can get 4 fingers in my pussy and I loved when My ex Steve would stuff his fingers in my pussy...he would finger fuck my pussy until I came and I thought my eyes were going to roll back in my head, pussy juices running down my legs. I figured if I could take 4 fingers maybe I could somehow fit thunders cock inside my pussy. It took several tries to figure out the best way to accomplish this feat but I figured it out. I found an old high back bar stool that was the perfect height that I could sit in it and work thunders huge cock into my pussy. The first time I tried it I almost gave up because the head was so large, I didn't think I could force it through my opening when suddenly it popped inside. I have stuffed a lot of things in my pussy and none have ever filled it up like thunders cock. I was afraid if I slid him out I'd never get him back inside my pussy so I just kept feeding his cock into my pussy an inch at a time, before I even realized it I had stuffed well over 10 inches inside of me. I slowly slid his cock out and then back in, I could feel thunder getting harder inside me and I was scared he might start thrusting and tear me apart but he just stood there and let me fuck myself with his cock. My pussy was stretching and the pain lessened as the pleasure increased and my clit began to throb, I started fucking myself faster with his cock and just as I felt my pussy start to cum I felt this hot flood of horse cum shoot inside me, I swear it was filling my uterus up there was so much and he was so deep inside of me. I laid there for what seemed like an hour with his cum pouring out of my stretched out pussy, I could actually fit my fist inside if I wanted to...and that had been a fantasy of mine in the past.

I asked Sarah if she was repulsed by my actions, she didn't say a word...just shook her head no and it was then that I realized she had her hand down her shorts and was fingering her pussy as I told my story. This gave me hope and I asked Sarah if I could help her fuck thunder and she nodded yes as she started to cum. I took Sarah out to where thunder was, I was thankful for the bales of hay stacked up, they were just the right height so I laid the blanket down that I had grabbed from the cabin and told Sarah to take off her clothes and lie down. She was plenty wet so I didn't bother with lotion, just started to stroke thunders cock so I could show my cousin what she had been missing. Sarah jumped at first when I brushed his cock against her pussy, I told her to hold her pussy lips open so it would be easier for me to work him inside. I pushed his cock forward and it seemed to slide in much easier than I imagined, seems cousin Sarah had a few secrets of her own. I was amazed that I was able to slide almost 15 inches inside her pussy, I felt some resistance at one point but her cervix gave way and I pushed past it up into her uterus. Sarah was moaning and yelling for me to fuck her with my big horse cock so I decided to see what would happen if I let thunder do the thrusting. I backed away and stood behind Sarah knowing she would need help holding herself in place once thunder got going. He wasted no time and began to pull his cock out and slam it back in over and over, Sarah was screaming and at one point I think she blacked out and she was cumming so hard her body was having convulsions...this went on for a good five minutes before thunder started filling her with his cum. Not having me there to hold him in place his cock slid out and sprayed Sarah's body and myself with his hot seed. I managed to sit Sarah up and she was conscious but still in an orgasm daze, I asked her if she was ok and she replied...yes, can I borrow your horse whenever I come to visit? I started laughing and said yes, next time we'll take turns with should see how great he is at eating pussy, you just need some peanut butter lol

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Great story. I would like more, you saved the best till last and could have told more

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Good story. I would love to see the next installment.

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Fantastic!!! Next time don' t let all that good cum go waste. I hope you love cum because I do.

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