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Ross Woke up the next morning spooning shaun as he slept. He looked around the room thinking about all the great things they did last night, it stated to get a boner so he got out of bed so he wouldn't wake shaun. he headed downstairs and came into what looked like a robbery. There where pillows and cloths thrown everywhere. He picked up his phone and found 35 missed calls and messages from Abby. 'I should probably fill her in' he thought as he called her.

"WHERE WERE YOU LAST NIGHT! I called like a hundred times."
"Ya sorry about that, Shaun came over."
"Did you guys talk about it?"
"Ya you could say that." Ross said getting a big grin on his face.
"Well, are you guys friends again?"
"After last night I thing we are a little more than friends." Ross said.
"Shut up, tell me everything that happened."
"How am I supposed to do both those things at the same time." Ross joked.
"Oh come on you have to tell me, your killing me over he-" Suddenly the phone was ripped out of Ross's hands.
"Ross will have to call you later," shaun said "we have some unfinished business." He than hung up the phone and swept Ross off his feet.
"You didn't think I was going to let that morning wood go to waste did you?" shaun said giving Ross a few pecks on the lips.
"I thought you could use the sleep after last night."
"Come on you obviously don't know me." Shaun said carrying him back up stairs. "You stink, why don't we go and take a shower."

Shaun put Ross down on the bathroom counter as he turned on the water. As he waited for the Temperature to adjust he walked over to Ross whose dick was at a perfect height for sucking. The sight of his best friends head between his legs is one that Ross will never forget, and the same thing goes for the feelings he felt next. He felt tingles of pleasure as Shaun started licking the Pre-cum out from his slit. He made sure that no drop was left on his cock but wound not engulf his head completely, it was driving Ross insane.

"I think the water is ready." shaun said, stopping his assault on Ross's penis. Ross had never been more disappointed in his life, but soon remembered what was coming next.

They both hopped in the shower and started washing off the sex juices and scents from the night before. Ross grabbed a big thing of soap and started lathering up Shaun's body making sure he didn't miss a single inch of skin. He used what was left of the soap and started rubbing Shaun's dick.
"we have to make sure he stays nice and clean for later." Ross said.
At this moment Shaun leaned in and gave Ross another kiss. "Take me," he whispered as he turned around.
"What?" Ross asked
"You heard me." Shaun said and bent over exposing his virgin hole. Shaun had never been this happy in his life but was a little nervous. He had dated several girls before but they had never gone all the way together. He was still a virgin and was not sure how he would preform. He soaped up his hands again and started massaging Shaun's hole. He slowly stuck his fingers in getting moans and groans in return. He played his hole for a couple minutes loosening him up for what was to come.

He removed his fingers from Shaun's ass and slowly slipped his dick in. Shaun then grabbed ross's but forcing all of him in at once. Shaun let out a loud yell which turned into a moan as he got adjusted to the feelings. Ross could feel Shaun's tight ass adjusting around his cock giving him the best fellings he ever felt in his life. When Shaun calmed down Ross started to slowly pump in and out of Shaun's beautiful ass. He speed up slowly but had to slow down before he came to early. Shaun barley said a word the whole time, Ross could tell the pain and pleasure was to great for him to even think about talking. That was untill he felt Shaun's ass tighten up and heard him yell. Shaun was cumming and the contractions from his ass where sending Ross over the edge. He came in shaun and the two of them slumped to the ground holding each-other under the stream of the water.

When the water started to get cold they both got out and dried off. They both headed downstairs and put on all there disregarded cloths from the night before. While Ross was finishing cleaning up the room he smelled a weird smell coming from the kitchen. He walked in to find that Ross was making them omelets. Just when he thought Shaun could get any better he finds out he can cook also.
"I love you." Ross accidentally blurted out. 'oh shit what did I just do.' Ross thought. 'Did I just ruin things between us.' 'ugh i'm such an idiot.' But when he looked into shaun's eyes he didn't see anger in his eyes. Shaun was smiling. Shaun walked up to Ross and kissed him on the lips. when he pulled away he looked Ross in the eyes and said, "I love you two Ross."

Then Shaun got a very serious look on his face. "What am I going to do about Alice?"

Thanks for Reading my "hitting the showers story's. If you would like to see more and would like to give ideas on where the series should go eater wright it in the comments or kik me at Gunter1996 where we can talk about the story or "anything" else ;)

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2013-11-12 21:42:11
I had friends with both names Shaun and Ross, Me and Ross would mess around, but Shaun didn't know we did. Wish we still messed around

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2013-11-12 17:48:32
I loved your stories, Id love to see more, also maybe when he goes to break up with alice, he cant. Most people arnt going to change that much from refusing to be gay and punching him to admitiing love, most people would relaps so to say. And when he does it would crush Ross who might end up going off the wagon, acting up, sleeping with other guys or being out right crazy, until that is Shaun saves him after we hear some of their stories between their fight

Just an idea

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2013-11-12 12:04:01
You should write the next one about how shaun breaks up with
Alice and add another male maybe one of the two has a younger
Brother and add him on catching them and then him joining in

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2013-11-12 03:37:01
I really enjoy your stories. They get me hard every time although I wish this one would've been a little longer.

What always seems to be hot is when another guy comes into the picture (maybe another friend). Maybe a threesome??

One little piece of criticism on these stories. At times I had to re-read sentences because you kept mixing up Ross and Shaun's characters. "Ross walked into the kitchen to find Ross was making omelets..." You did the same thing in the other stories.

Still very awesome stories. Keep up the good work.

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