I watched through my peep holes for weeks before making my move
It all started one about a month ago. Right before my down stairs neighbor had her baby. Now i know alot of men out there have a thing for the preggy girls just like me. So I loved to watch my neighbors girl walk around in skimpy outfits and her preg belly hanging out, it was such a turn on.I knew i had to get close to her so i made my way to becoming friends with her and her man. We would hang out and talk for hours, me and her man would sit around drinking for most part of the nights and thats when he would open up and tell me what she liked and what she did'nt like. Well now its time for me to tell you alittle about all of us.... I'm a married guy at the age of 25, 5' 11" about 185lbs i'm not saying that i'm built but lets just say i can handle my own. my name is jack my wifes name is jess, we've been married for about 5 years now and love every min. of it. my neighbors names are dean and chery. Chery is about 5'5" around 130lbs not a bad looking girl, dean is 6'1" about the same weight as me. Shes 21 he's 29 yea quiet age difference. Ok enough about us lets get to telling you my story ok.

Its the middle of september not to cold not to hot here in ny. well i had some of my family over with their kids. We were all sitting around bull shitting while the kids ran around haveing fun in my upper flat. When all of a sudden a knock was on my door, i said come in and it was dean. He started bitching that the kids were jumping around and being to loud, which made me start to fight with him i told him to get the fuck out of my apartment and fuck off. Later that night i made it a point to get back at him for making me look like an ass in front of my family. The next day when the laft their house i went and got my drill and started drilling holes through my floor into their apartment. I did it in the bath room, bed room, living room, and kitchen. In total i had about 10 holes that i could put small cameras down to watch them at any time i wanted.

After about a week i knew what they were doing were they were going and what they talked about. Now i had their patteren and i knew it well i desided that i would make my move after they went to bed tonight. I planed all day on how and what exactly I was going to do. I went to the hardware store and bought some rope, chains, locks, and duct tape. Left there and went to K-mart and bought some sleeping pills. When i got home i put my stuff away intill later, went to the fridge grabed a 6-pack and added the slipping pills to four of the beers. I waited for the pills to dissolve put the caps back on and headed down stairs. I rang deans door bell and asked him if he wanted some beers with me, he said hell yea and there we were drinking. i gave him the laced beer and I keep the none druged ones for my self after we were done i said i was getting tired and went up stairs. After i got upstairs i turned on my comp and watched all of the cams to make sure the pills did their job, it took all of an hour and dean was out like a light and chery was up still reading. I grabed my gear and went down stairs the back way. Trying not to make a sound i cut open the screen of their back bed room window and climbed into their house. I liked the way they kept their house all neat and tidy "i'll make sure to do something about that later" I thought to my self. As i walked thriugh the house i took note on some of the things that I was going to take and put into storage, I wanted this to look like a robbery. As i got to their dinning room chery got up out of her chair and was heading to bath room when she saw me. "What the fuck are you doing in here JACK ?" I looked at her and gave her the most evil grin i could manage and said " I'm here to take care of some issues I've been haveing lately " as i grabed my cock through my pants. Chery tried to run into the bedroom where dean was sleeping but i grabed her and put my knife to her throat with my cock pressing into her ass and screamed " shut the fuck up you little cock tease or I'll give you a new way to breathe." With that she went limp and stop trying to fight me. I dragged her throught the house into the spare bed room where i came in. I took out the rope and tied her to the bed spread-eagled style. when that as done i went into the bed room where dean was sleeping and carried him into the other bed room. When chery saw dean she cryed and asked what i did to him i told her i druged him with the beers. " YOU FUCKING BASTERED I HOPE YOU DIE MOTHER FUCKER!!! " with that said i punched her in her mouth knocking some teeth out in the process. "oops i'm sorry did i do that to you ? " and licked some of the blood off her cheek. She was crying really hard by this time. I turned back to dean and started tieing him face down across a dresser in the room. I went over to chery and took out my knife and slowly started cutting her cloths off starting with her hair tie. In the process of cutting of her hair tie i choped her pony tail off. "oops" was all i said, and kept on cutting off the rest of her cloths off with the shirt, bra, pants, and last her sexy pantys which went straight into my pocket. Now with her naked i could admire her sexy pregent body, I took out my knife again and began tracing lines aroung her nipples down to her pin strip of a bush, i slid the dull part of the blade between her cunt lips which made her shiver. " Care full honey you don't want me to slip yet " i said to her. I got up and went over to dean and begain removeing his cloths it was less work he was already half naked all i had to do was cut off his boxers. Done with that tme to have us alittle fun. i begine to get undressed my self. Slowly stroking my cock carefull not to do it to hard don't want to cum yet, theres lots of time for that later. i walk back over to chery and told her to suck my cock if i feel teeth i was going to slice her fucking throat. Putting my cock to her lips she opened them for me and took my straight down her throat right to my pubes. Wow can this girl give head or what?
Its a shame i'm going to kill her and her little lover tonight..........

keep an eye out for part 2 it will be here soon


2008-08-18 14:07:01
Really good start to a story. The only thing I would say, is better punctuation and grammar. Other than that, I can't wait to read the rest.

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2008-05-11 01:39:17
A big shit.....


2006-02-18 08:59:04
that was shit. you're fucking lame, fuck off


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2005-11-02 11:11:32
Get a life 1/10

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