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Mark and Mary deflower a pair of teenage virgins as part of a spell.
The Devil's Pact
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2013

Chapter Eighteen: Virgins

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Lucifer's semen burned in my cunt as he ejaculated. and another orgasm rolled through my body. Hatred and shame burned inside me as Lucifer pulled his cock out. “Always a pleasure, Lilith,” Lucifer said, pleasantly. Then, like I was his dog, he reached out and stroked my hair before he descended deeper into the Abyss.

After my attempts to seduce Mary and turn her against Mark had failed, Lucifer spent several hours fucking me, reveling in my humiliation. Anger boiled inside me. A white-hot rage that needed to be unleashed on someone. On Mark! That disgusting sack of pus!

I peered into the house and saw Mark and his disgusting friends fucking his Thralls around the dinner table. I concentrated and felt Mary was far away, dancing in a club, grinding on another woman. She was drunk on alcohol and sex. She was almost as bad. Loving her man, submitting to his lust like a good little woman. She was just like that whore, Eve, rutting with Adam.

I had failed at seducing Mary. Me, the first woman, the succubus. I was the first sex goddess, before Asherah, before Hathor and Aphrodite. There was me. And that little whore resisted me! It galled me. I needed to fix this, I needed to have a success. I needed to take something away from Mark and Mary.

But what. All of their precious sluts were in the house, save the one with Mary. But I couldn't touch any of them. Mary's command to not appear before any of them was a chain about my neck. If I concentrated, I could see the red, crystal chain leading off to Mary. The chain would remain until Mary used her last boon.

Frustrated, I peered at Mark, examining his soul. Lucifer was right, I hadn't been paying enough attention. So I studied his soul. It was red, the sign of a Warlock, and his soul's connections branched out from him. All the lives that touched him or that he had touched radiated out in all directions. Most were black chains that connected Mark to his Thralls. Anyone who had been giving a command by Mark had a chain connecting Mark to their souls. Some were tiny, barely threads, fading into silver. These were people who were given simple commands, ones that didn't change their personalities, and Mark's influence was slowly fading from them. Others were thicker. These represented people permanently changed by Mark.

Other threads and chains also branched from mark. Silver threads were regular mortals, the thick ones, what few there were, represented the friends and family of Mark. The thinner, silver threads, represented acquaintances. Each of Mark's friends had a silver thread that connected them to Mark.

A pair of entwined, red threads connected Mark and Mary's souls. Lucifer was right, they were soulmates and would be very hard to break up. Magic would have to be used to dominate one of their minds. An option not opened to me at the present. My powers could only influence a mortal, not force them to obey, sadly.

Lastly, a huge, red chain descended from Mark's soul down into the abyss. Mary would have a similar chain leading down into darkness. That chain would lead all they way to Lucifer. The embodiment of the Pact Mark had signed, chaining his soul to Lucifer. Every Warlock had the red chain, leading to whatever demon they made a pact with. If Mary had summoned me the proper way, instead of using that crystal, a thicker, red chain would connect us then the crystal one.

I turned my attention to the black chains. I wondered if any were important. The thickest black chains were his sluts, the Thralls Mark had the most control over, the Thralls most affected by his commands. There were two chains that led away from the house, just as thick as the chains connecting his sluts. Curious, I touched the chains. Both were women, up north somewhere. They had never been in the house since I was summoned. Who were they? Were they sex slaves of Marks? They must be if Mark had as much control over them as his sluts.

Interesting. Mary had ordered me to not appear before their sluts. Clearly, these two were sex slaves of Mark, but were they 'sluts.' Well, as far as I was concerned, Mary was referring to the girls in the house when she gave me that order. For all I know, Mary doesn't even know of the existences of these two Thralls. I smiled, the stupid bitch had left me a loophole. Oh, these two had a lot to learn about dealing with demons. You need to be quite specific or we'll find so many interesting ways to wiggle out our agreements.

I followed the black chains north and found the two women they belonged to. They were in a quaint lodging. A bed and breakfast I believe they are called, on the Key Peninsula. Their room had a gorgeous view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, which connected the Puget Sound to the Pacific Ocean. The women were in bed, making love.

A busty blonde with big tits, both nipples pierced with gold rings, was on her back while the other woman, a short, lithe, black-haired woman with small, apple-sized breasts, ate her cunt. The blonde was writhing on her bed, her wide, Slavic face contorted in pleasure, her breasts heaving as she panted her passion. The black-haired woman was quite skilled at eating cunt, her tongue flicking rapidly on the blonde's clit as she fucked three fingers in and out of her shaved cunt.

I examined their black souls, the sign of a Thrall. Their thick black chains led back to Mark and other connections led off them: family, close friends, former lovers. The pair were connected by entwined, black threads. Soulmates, how interesting. Wedding rings glinted on their fingers. Yes, Washington State had legalized gay marriage last November.

This was perfect. I would need followers when I was freed from the Abyss. Mortals to worship me and serve me. And in the meantime, I needed agents in the Mortal World. My appearance was far to distracting to mortals. Preparations needed to be made before I was free. The thought of stealing Mark's own Thralls sent a delicious shiver through my body and my cunt moistened in excitement. I should have thought of this before.

I watched their lovemaking, waiting for them to fall asleep so I could examine their dreams. I needed to learn about their hopes, fears, and desires. So armed, I could seduce these two women to my cause. Their lovemaking went on for some time, changing positions often. Sometimes they would lick each other's pussies at the same time, sometimes they would scissor their legs together. The two were drunk on each other, their relationship was clearly new. They must be on their honeymoon, as mortal's called it, newly wedded. They cried each other's names as they made love, the blonde was Lana and the black-haired woman was Chantelle.

Nearby, a man was dreaming, his lusts rising, a horrid, ear-splitting screech that knifed through my soul. Well, these two weren't sleeping anytime soon, so I followed the horrid sound to silence it. A few blocks away I found a fat, ugly man sleeping next to his wife. I glared down at him and his rutting dream, wincing as another knife stabbed my soul.

I peered into his dream, to see what disgusting fantasy he was having. In his dream, he fantasized about fucking some actress named Scarlett Johansson. She was dressed in tight, black latex, the pants pulled down to expose her nice ass and bare cunts. Men of this time were fascinated by hairless cunts. The man dreamed he was Thor, his flab bouncing as he plowed the red-head from behind. I snorted, as if that tub of lard could be a god or fuck a woman half as beautiful as Scarlett Johansson.

I invaded the dream and the man quickly forgot all about Scarlet. She was a beautiful women, but all beauty failed when compared to me. I was Lilith, the original sex goddess. The first women created, I was perfection. I pushed the fat man down, roughly, his cock hard and ready, and I mounted him. And rode him. Every time he came inside me, I stole more of his vitality. I arched my back, thrusting my perfect breasts forward. The fat man groped my tits with his fat finger, clumsily pawing at my breasts.

I rode him harder and harder, the more lifeforce I stole, the faster I fucked him. I pushed the man far past his physical limits. He was lost to the pleasure. He didn't care about anything but me, not his wife, certainly not Scarlet Whatshername. And definitely not the weariness suffusing his body, the hammering of his heart, and the burning in his lungs. I lost count of how many times he came inside me, lost in the pleasure of his lifeforce rolling through my body. Nothing was sweeter than slowly draining a man to the brink of death.

When I finished he was passed out, his heart beating frantically. It would take him days to recover, I thought with a smile, if his heart doesn't give out first. And his delicious lifeforce filled my belly, spreading warmth and energy through me. If the man didn't die, every time he so much as jerked his own cock, he would think of the dream, of me. I would haunt his fantasies until he died, every time he would fuck someone, he would remember me and his partner would not compare.

When I returned to the two women, they were cuddling, drifting off to sleep, their lusts satiated and I studied their dreams and learned much. Once they were asleep, I could direct their subconscious and slowly sifted out their hopes and fears, desires and secrets.

Lana, the blonde, was bisexual and had cravings for men that Chantelle could never satisfy. Lana was often unfaithful to Chantelle with men, to satisfy her lust and to drive Chantelle crazy with jealousy. Lana loved how aggressive sexually it would make Chantelle after Chantelle would witness her with a male lover. She had secret desires to be fucked by a futanari, a dickgirl. Not some guy who got breast augmentation, but an actual woman with a penis. I studied her fears, next, and Lana's greatest fear was growing old and losing Chantelle to another woman, younger and prettier then her.

From Chantelle I learned how much she loved Lana and hated watching her with other men. Every time was a knife in her heart and every time she wanted to tell Lana to stop, but instead would find herself fucking Lana passionately, proving that Lana enjoyed being with her more than with a man. Both of them were strippers, and Lana would often fuck men during lap dances while Chantelle watched. It was Chantelle's greatest fear that Lana would leave her for a man. Chantelle was Lana's first woman and Chantelle feared that Lana would one day stop being gay and go back to men.

I smiled, this was perfect. I knew just how to seduce these girls to my service.

I entered the Mortal World, dawn would be approaching in a few hours, so I needed to act now. I was strongest at night, beneath a moon. When I manifested, my lust radiated out from me in waves, filling the entirety of the bed and breakfast. Both sleeping women started to stir, their nipples hardening and their cunts weeping fluid. In the next room was a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary The wife was sleeping, but the husband was up, using the restroom. The lust hit him, overwhelming his thoughts and he rushes to his wife and soon their passionate fucking could be heard through the thin walls. Upstairs, the innkeeper, a woman in her sixties, started to masturbate for the first time in years.

Lana is the first to awaken, her eyes wide with desire when she sees me. I appeared naked, my lush body bathed in silvery moonlight. Lana shakes Chantelle who snuggles against Lana and sucks a nipple into her mouth. Lana's eyes glisten with desire, her full lips parted slightly.

“Who are you?” gasped Lana, her voice thick with her accent, Ukrainian, I think.

“Lilith,” I answered, purring my voice. “I am here to gift you with pleasures.”

I pulled away the covers, exposing their bodies. Chantelle was pressed against Lana's side, her hand caressing Lana's shaved cunt as she nursed at Lana's breast. I touched both women's thighs and they cried out as they climaxed, hugging each other tightly as they trembled in passion. Lana claimed Chantelle's lips with a kiss, the wives exploring each other's mouth with their tongues. I crawled up their bodies, triggering a second orgasm in each woman as my breasts dragged across their naked flesh, my hard nipples sliding pleasantly across their silky skin.

Both women sucked my hard nipples into their mouths. Their thighs parted for me and I slid a leg tight against each of their wet pussies. They started to grind on me, flooding my thighs with their passion as orgasms rolled through their bodies. I held the women to my breasts, delighting in the feel of their wet lips on my nipples. Each played with nipple differently. Lana sucked harder, nibbling with her teeth, and Chantelle used her tongue more, playing with my hard nipple then sucking it back into her mouth. I breathed deeply, inhaling the heady scent of womanly passion.

I inserted fantasies into both women. For Chantelle, the fantasy of having her own penis, of how happy Lana was to finally be fully satisfied by her wife. The pleasure of sticking a penis into a woman's cunt and ejaculating your seed into her.

For Lana, the fantasy of being taken by Chantelle, to feel Chantelle's dick fucking into her cunt, better than any man's dick because it belonged to her wife, to her love. And beneath her cock, she still had her pussy. She was still a woman, the only woman who could satisfy her fully, a dickgirl.

“I can give this two you,” I whispered to Chantelle, pulling her head off my breast. “With a cock, you could fully satisfy Lana. She would never need to cheat on you.” I pulled Lana off my breast and whispered, “You fear growing old, of Chantelle finding a younger woman, but I can keep you and your wife young and beautiful forever.”

I waited, watching as the ladies absorbed what I promised through the haze of their lust. Chantelle licked her lips, glancing at her wife. “W-would you be happy if I had a d-dick?” Chantelle asked her wife, nervous.

“Oh, that would make me so happy!” Lana moaned. “I've always fantasized about being with a futanari!”

“A what?” Chantelle asked and Lana kissed her. “A beautiful girl with a beautiful dick,” Lana answered.

“All I need is your pledge to worship me,” I told them. “Swear your souls to me and be my High Priestesses, and I will grant you your desires.”

“But we belong to Master and Mistress,” Chantelle objected.

“Your bodies, not your souls,” I lied. “Besides, I serve Mark and Mary as well. They sent me to you, to grant these desires.”

“Really?” Lana asked. She was trying to think, to object. Deep down she could sense the lie, sense that she was betraying Mark, but my lust permeated her body, overriding her fear.

I laughed inside. This was too easy. “Yes. Just say, 'I pledge my soul to Lilith, my Goddess, for now until the end of time,' and then we shall consummate our agreement.”

“Consummate?” Chantelle asked.

I reached down and caressed my clit and summoned my cock. My clit swelled and grew, transforming into my cock, I made it seven inches, no need to frighten them with the monster I made when I raped Sister Louise. Lana stared lustfully at my cock, her objections vanished as she saw her deepest, darkest fantasy about to be fulfilled. Chantelle saw her wife staring at the cock, then glanced down at her pussy and imagined a cock there and Lana staring with that same lust at her.

“Say the words, and spread your legs. When my seed spills inside you, our pact will be made, and your boons shall be granted,” I cooed, stroking both of their faces. They gasped and shuddered in orgasms.

Chantelle and Lana looked into each other's eyes. Their hands entwined and then nodded. In unison, they said, “I pledge my soul to Lilith, my Goddess, from now until the end of time!”

Lana spread her legs for me, opening herself up to me, eager to be fucked by a futanari. I could only fuck someone with their consent, the curse God put on me when I made the cock. And Lana was clearly willing. I groaned as the delicious feel of her cunt giving way as the head of cock slid inside her. Her pussy clenched about me as she orgasmed. And she kept on orgasming as I fucked her, the feel of my cock inside her burned through her nerves. Our breasts rubbed against each other as we fucked, hard nipples pressing into the flesh of our breasts.

Lana and Chantelle still held hands tightly, Chantelle watching in breathless anticipation as I fucked her wife. Lana's cunt was continuously spasming, milking my cock, as her orgasms rolled through her body. I kissed her soft cheek then capture her sweet lips in a kiss. Lana's free hand gripped my ass, pulling me tighter into her inviting cunt. I could feel my orgasm building in my ovaries and my cervix twitching. There was no better feeling than fucking a woman, using my cock in violation of God's creation. I thrust over and over into her pussy, our flesh slapping together every time I bottomed out. Every movement of my cock inside Lana's cunt brought me closer and closer to orgasm.

Then that shuddering release. My seed rushed from my ovaries and out my cock, spilling black semen into Lana's fertile womb. Lana screamed in passion and passed out from the intensity of her orgasm. At that moment, I grasped the black chain that bound Lana to Mark and yanked it away and attached it to my soul, the black fell away, replaced by the red of a Warlock. Lana's boon granted and my payment met. Lana and Chantelle would forever be young and beautiful and would forever be mine.

I pulled out of Lana and Chantelle caressed her unconscious wife's face. She then spread her legs for me. My cock never softened and I rubbed it against Chantelle's slit, nudging her hard clit. She spasmed in orgasm when my cock brushed her clit, making it harder for me to find her hole as she bucked in pleasure. Finally, I found the opened and shoved in. Chantelle howled in pleasure as she orgasmed from my cock entering her cunt.

She was tighter than Lana, her cunt a velvet vice on my cock. I fucked her hard and Chantelle writhed beneath me. She captured one of my nipples with her lips, sucking hard, her hips bucking up to fuck me back. I could feel that tightening in my ovaries build and build and then I spilt my black seed in her fertile womb and wrest Mark's hold over her and made her mine.

I pulled out, and was surprised to find that Chantelle was still conscious. Most women black out from the intensity of the orgasm when I cum in them. She glanced down and frowned. “Where's my cock?”

“Grip your clit and twist it and concentrate,” I told her.

She smiled in amazement as a cock grew out of her clit, six inches. She stroked it and shuddered in pleasure. “Oh this is so amazing, my Goddess.”

Lana was stirring. She saw her wife's cock and smiled in amazement, reaching out to stroke it as well. “Thank you, my Goddess,” Lana said, tears in her eyes.

“Enjoy yourselves,” I told them, “and then you'll have work to do.”

“Work?” Lana asked, still stroking her wife's cock.

“Yes, we're going to destroy Mark and Mary,” I told them, “and Lucifer.”

“Mark and Mary,” Chantelle said and then her eyes opened. “Oh my god, what did they do to us. They, they made us do things to them!”

“I freed you from Mark's slavery,” I told them. “Mark and Mary used magic on you to make you their whores, but I freed you. They can never control you.” No Warlock could control another. The chains that bound their souls to the demon the Warlock made the Pact with prevented that.

Lana straddled Chantelle, sliding her wet cunt down Chantelle's cock. “We will make them pay, Lana,” Chantelle moaned as her wife started to ride her cock.

I smiled. Inside both women, I could feel my black sperm swimming up their pussies, heading for her womb. Every woman I fucked quickened a child. Soon, new monsters would be birthed and loosed on the world. My new children to hound mankind. I laughed aloud and watched my Priestesses pleasure each other, and felt my sperm reach their wombs, waiting for one of their eggs to make its way down from their ovaries. The moment my cock entered them, their had ovaries released an egg. Soon, my new child would be conceived.


I was sweaty when I got back from jogging and breaking in the newest member of my jogging club. Issy Norup lived in one of the houses I bought yesterday, along with her parents. They got to live there for free, provided their sixteen year old daughter, Issy, was available for me to fuck. Thanks to my powers, the Norups didn't have a problem with the arrangements. Issy was an athletic girl, so I invited her to join my jogging club. After the jog, the group meets back at Madeleine's house where I would enjoy one of my jogging sluts. Today, that was Issy and the teenager had a tight cunt.

No one was awake when I got home, although Jessica and Noel's cars were already gone. I've never needed that much sleep, I usually got four or five hours a night, and I tend to always wake up at the same time, which was about 5:45 AM right now. I slipped into the bedroom I shared with my fiancee. She was sleeping off the fun she had last night. She had went dancing with a friend of hers, Diane, at a lesbian club in Tacoma called the Clam Diver and came home reeking of pussy.

While she was out partying, I was hosting my D&D group. We had been playing for twelve years, alternating who DM. There was Quatch, my best friend and best man for my upcoming wedding. The others were Tom, Chris, and Karl, who were going to be my grooms. The guys were quite impressed with my sex slaves and each expressed interest in getting their own slave. They were my friends, the only real friends I ever had, so I was more than happy to provide them with a slut of their own.

I turned the shower on. The bathroom filled up with steam and I slipped under the hot water and let the warmth take the ache from my legs away. I was slowly getting used to jogging. My body was slowly getting in better and better shape. I think it's the consequent of my wish to have a long and healthy life that I was starting to shed my excess pounds.

As the warm water rolled over me, the dream I had last night returned. I couldn't shake the dream, it filled my mind while I was jogging. I was thinking about the dream more than I was watching the five naked sluts that jogged before me, and those five ladies all had beautiful asses. It was such a weird dream, and so very vivid. In my dream, I held two dolls in my hands. One doll was blonde and the other raven-haired. I held them tightly, squeezing them in my hands, they were mine and I didn't want to let go of them. And then Lilith appeared, clad only in her silver hair and a gloating smile on her face. She had grabbed the blonde doll first and wrenched it painfully out of my hands. Then she grabbed the raven-haired doll and painfully ripped it from my hand. And then she smiled triumphantly at me.

I felt the dream was important, I just wasn't sure why. I lowered my head, letting the warm water splash down my head and back. Who were the dolls? Were they even people, or did they just represent something. Was it a warning, a premonition, or was this just my fear of Lilith manifesting from my subconscious.

I sighed, it was probably just a nightmare. Probably. I grabbed the soap and as I started to wash my body, and thought about the day ahead of me. The first thing I would do would be to get my friends their slaves. Chris wanted a bikini barista named Velvet that worked at Hot Chick A Latte on Meridian up her in South Hill. Karl wanted his boss, Julie, at the Ram where he worked as a chef. Tom wanted a petite, Asian teenager with bushy pubic hair. He didn't care who she was, so long as those three criteria were met.

I had already gotten Quatch his sex slave. He wanted his little sister, Kim, who was staying with him and, according to Quatch, was a major cocktease. So last night I gave her a call and made her Quatch's sex slave. Quatch should have spent last night enjoying his new slave.

After I took care finding my friends some sex slaves, I was planning on finding a pair of virgins at the Rogers High School. With all the unprotected sex Mary and I were having one of us was bound to catch some disease. Lilith told us about a spell we could use to make us immune. It required two women with intact hymens. Their innocents would protect us from getting STDs. All three of the teenage girls in the neighborhood had already broken their hymens, two by their boyfriends and one using her mother's vibrator. I was also hoping to find Tom's sex slave at the school along with our virgins.

Finished showering, I slipped out and dried off. I dressed in a pair of boxers, comfortable jeans, and a black t-shirt. Mary was still sleeping, curled up on her side. Her auburn hair was spilled across the bed. I bent over and kissed her on the cheek and headed downstairs. Desiree was cooking in the kitchen, naked save for an apron. I had taken Desiree from her husband, Brandon, and his house as well. Desiree was an amazing cook and I would have kept her even if she was the ugliest woman on the planet. She wasn't. She was a gorgeous Latina with big breasts and a nice ass.

“What's for breakfast?”

“Chocolate chip pancakes, mi Rey,” Desiree answered in her sexy, Latina accent. I reached over and fondled her dusky ass.

She was standing at the stove, a mixing bowl full of pancake mix sat next to her while she flipped a few on her griddle. She wiggled her ass as I massaged her butt. “Keep cooking,” I whispered, kissing her neck as I unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out. My hard cock slid across her plump ass then between her legs. I guided my cock, found the wet lips of her cunt and rubbed my head around a few times before I found her hole and slid my cock up inside her.

“Mmm, that's nice,” purred Desiree as I started to fuck her.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and slipped under her apron and squeezed her heavy breasts and played with her hard nipples as I fucked her in a steady rhythm. Her cunt felt like a wet, warm glove sliding up and down on my sensitive head. Desiree continued cooking, flipping the first pancakes onto a platter and ladling more batter onto the griddle.

“Morning, Master,” Chasity murmured sleepily.

“Slut,” I replied.

Chasity, our cop slut, smiled and rubbed my ass as she walked by, heading for the coffee pot and poured herself a cup of coffee. She grabbed a couple of pancakes and set down on the small kitchen table and started eating. “These are delicious,” Chasity said with delight.

“Oh, thank you,” Desiree panted. Her hips were moving as her lust built as I fucked her.

“Not as delicious as your cunt,” I quipped.

“Or your cock, mi Rey,” Desiree quipped back.

After I shot my load in Desiree's cunt, I sat grabbed a plate of pancakes, even with my distraction they were only slight burned, and sat down next to Chasity. I watched my cum trickling down Desiree's inner thigh as I ate. Xiu, a petite and busty Asian slut, joined us a few minutes later, that unsightly nose splint still on her face from when Mary broke it on Monday.

“You're seeing the doctor about your nose today?”

“Yes, Master,” Xiu said, sitting next to me. “I think the split will get removed.”

“Good,” I said.

I pulled out my phone, figuring Kurt's boss, Julie should be in by now to start on the morning prep for the restaurant so I called the Ram in Lakewood. A guy answered the phone and I told him to put Julie on. “Yes, what is it?” an impatient woman said over the phone. She had a shrewish voice, the kind of woman that would just nag you to death.

“Julie, from now on you're going to be Kurt Nielson sex slave,” I told her. “You'll do whatever Kurt wants and love him for as long as he wants you, okay.”

“Yeah,” she answered, the shrewish tone vanishing. “Who are …” I hung up on her. Kurt down, just Chris and Tom left to go.

“Sluts, let Mary sleep as long as she wants,” I ordered. “Chantelle and Lana should be showing up today.”

“They were with you at the Space Needle last week?” Xiu asked. Last Saturday, to celebrate our engagement, I had taken over the entirety of the restaurant at the top of the Space Needle. I kept the six most beautiful servers and had them work naked. It devolved into an orgy pretty quickly. Mary and I ended up keeping three of the servers: Xiu, Fiona, and Korina; as sex slaves

“Yeah, they were on their honeymoon when we claimed them,” I said. “I let them enjoy the rest of their honeymoon before they had to return.”

“How nice,” Desiree said. Then she cleared her throat, and, nervously, asked, “Mi Rey, would you be mad if I asked Allison to marry me?”

I smiled. “I've noticed the two of you seemed close the last few days. I think its a good idea.”

“Thank you, mi Rey.” There were tears in her eyes and she bent over and kissed me.

“Take a thousand dollars and go buy an engagement ring,” I said, pushing away from the table. “Let Mary know I will be home around 2:30. Desiree, you know what to cook for dinner?”

“Yes, mi Reina left instructions. I'll pick up the ingredients after breakfast.”

I kissed Xiu, Chasity, and Desiree and headed out the house and into my Mustang. My first stop was the Hot Chick A Latte to get Chris his sex slave. The bikini barista stand was a hot pink, tiny building in the parking lot of a convenient store on Meridian, the main drag that ran north and south through South Hill down into Puyallup and up towards Federal Way and SeaTac. I parked my car and walked up and knocked at the door.

“Let me in,” I ordered.

The door opened and a tan-skinned woman, with the largest tits I had ever seen, opened the door. She was easily a G Cup like Chris claimed. Her breasts were full, heavy and swayed as she walked. Two pasties with the Rockstar energy drink logos on them covered her nipples. The only clothing she wore was a pair of frilly, yellow panties. Behind her another busty girl, only a DD Cup, who also wore pasties, was making a coffee for a customer.

“Yes?” the giant-titted girl asked.

“Velvet?” She nodded. “Good, we're going to fuck, so get those panties off.”

Her panties came off and I entered inside the coffee stand. I gripped her left pastie and tore it off. She winced as her huge areola and fat nipple was exposed. I bent down and sucked the fat nipple into my mouth, and hefted her heavy tit and squeezed the flesh mound.

“What the fuck,” the other barista gasped.

“Keep working,” I ordered her as my cock slid into Velvet's shaved cunt.

I had Velvet pushed up against a supply shelf and started fucking her hard. The shelf, and the ingredients on it rattled as I fucked her. Her huge tits pressed against my chest, one nipple still covered by the slick pastie. I gripped her skinny ass and really started to plow into her cunt. The girl definitely had some nice charms. Her lips were wet on my cheek as she kissed my face, panting in pleasure.

“You're going to be Chris Young's sex slave,” I growled in her hear.

“Oh, who's that?” she asked in confusion.

“He's a customer,” I said, and squeezed one of her big tits, feeling the soft yet firm flesh between my fingers. “You're going to love him and do whatever he wants, no matter how disgusting, for as long as he wants you.”

“Yes, yes,” she gasped. “My Chris.” Her cunt spasmed on my cock and she bucked against me, Fuck, just the idea of being some guy's sex slave as enough to send this whore into an orgasm. “I can't wait to meet my Chris!” she moaned.

“Chris will come today and you're going to go with him because you belong to him now.”

“Yes, yes, I'm all his,” she panted.

I left Velvet panting on the floor of the coffee stand, my cum oozing out of her cunt, wearing only a single pastie. She was a nice fuck, Chris was going to enjoy her. I pulled out my phone and sent him a text message to come on down and collect his slave. “She's wet and ready for you, buddy. *-)”


When I woke up this morning, Mark was already gone. He seemed to like to wake up early. I, on the other hand, hated waking up early. I used to have to wake up 4 AM for my job at Starbucks. Lucky for me, I met Mark and didn't have to work at that shitty job anymore.

My pussy was still wet from this amazing sex dream I had. Both my sisters were in it and they were so beautiful, nude and pressing against me. They caressed me and I caressed them. Maybe sleeping with my sisters could be something magical and beautiful and not something I needed to worry about.

I reluctantly crawled out of bed and pulled on my pink, silk robe, loving how cool and sleek the fabric felt on my body. Downstairs, I found some of the sluts eating a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. All the sluts were there, save the three with jobs: our reporter, Jessica; our FBI Agent, Noel; and Willow, our doctor.

Korina was looking better, her arm still in a sling from when Chasity shot her on Monday night. At the time, Korina was being controlled by a nun and was about to brain Mark with a rolling pin when Korina shot her. Desiree also had gotten shot by Chasity, and I used my second boon from Lilith to save her life.

As I ate my breakfast I gave the sluts their orders for the day. The house needed to be spotless, my dad and sisters were coming for dinner tonight, along with their boyfriends. My family was eager to meet Mark. Apparently, none of them ever liked Mike and were glad that I had found someone better. After dinner, I planed on seducing one of my sisters. It was part of a spell that would allow me to stop Nuns.

I was nervous. I wasn't sure if I could actually sleep with my sisters, but that dream was giving me second thoughts. Maybe Shannon, she was always bullying me when we were children. I wouldn't mind getting a little bit of payback. But Missy was just a sweetheart, the baby of the family. I shared a bedroom with her since I was four and we used to share everything. I smiled at a nasty thought, we could share each other's bodies, now. I licked my lips, maybe I should have both. I smiled, what a naughty thought and then I realized I was actually looking forward to having Shannon and Missy naked in my bed.

Damn, I was turning into one kinky girl. What next, would I be fucking my dad? No. I shook my head. That was a little too much. Mark had made me into a sex crazed woman, not that I was complaining, but sleeping with my dad … well that was a line I just wouldn't cross. I wasn't kinky enough to do that.

Yet, a voice whispered inside me, and I wiggled in my chair as a trickle of pussy juices leaked out.

“Desiree, you have the shopping list?” I asked, dragging my thoughts out of the gutter.

“Yes, mi Reina, I was just about to leave,” Desiree answered.

Karen, the former nun, suddenly bolted from the table and went running out of the room. I followed her, concerned, and saw her disappear into the bathroom. I looked inside and then looked away. Karen was retching into the toilet and I couldn't watch that. Just knowing she was doing it was enough to make my stomach queasy. What was wrong with the girl? She had been throwing up for the last several mornings.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Karen answered, washing her mouth. “I don't know what's wrong with me.”

“You're not pregnant, right?” I wondered. “Is this morning sickness?”

“Nuns don't get pregnant,” Karen answered. “It's one of the gifts we're given, since we may have to have unprotected sex. So, it would have to be since Lilith stripped my powers. And if Master has impregnated me, its far to early for morning sickness to develop. I mean, it hasn't even been a week, yet since he first fucked me.”

I nodded. “Okay, well if you're feeling better.” I motioned her to follow and we returned to the dining room. I sat down and ate a piece of my pancake, then continued with my orders, “Tonight, only Fiona, Thamina, and Desiree are to remain.” Desiree had to stay because she was the cook. The other two I just picked at random. It didn't really matter which sluts stayed, they were all beautiful. “You three need to get some less slutty maid outfits to wear. The rest of you sluts will go next door while my family is here. The Laytons are supposed to move out today. Order pizza and do whatever you want.”

“Yes, Mistress,” the sluts answered back. It sent a naughty thrill through me, all these sluts obeying me.

“Allison, Karen, and Xiu, we're going to go see a florist and several caters for the wedding.”

“Mistress, I have that doctor's appointment today,” Xiu, the former Asian waitress, said. “But I'll be more than happy to cancel.”

“Oh, sure, go to the doctor. Violet, you'll come instead.” I didn't really care which sluts came. I just wanted some company and some second opinions on flower arrangements and food and whatnots.

Teenaged Violet beamed at me. “Oh, thank you, Mistress.”

The three I chose went upstairs to change while the other sluts began cleaning the house. I went upstairs to take a quick shower and then I dug through my underwear drawer, finding a red thong and pulling it over my hips. Next, I pulled on a pair of cute, skinny jeans with scroll-work tracings on the rear pockets that really made my ass look nice. Lastly, I put on purple halter top that didn't quite reach the waist of my jeans and left the back of my thong visible. I fished out some lip gloss from my purse, peach flavored, and smeared it on my lips.

The sluts were waiting for me, dressed. All three were giggling and excited to go out. Teenage Allison, our first slut, was wearing a similar pair of skinny jeans to the ones I wore, a blue thong on display, and a flower printed belly shirt draped her breasts. Violet, our other teenage slut, had white knee socks and a pleated, green skirt. For a top she was wearing a green bikini.

“Are you wearing the bottoms?” I asked her when I noticed her top. Violet grinned and flipped up her skirt exposing her tight, naked ass. I reached out and squeezed her cheek. “Naughty slut,” I laughed, wickedly.

Karen was wearing tight, lycra shorts, hot pink, with the word “Slut!” printed in sparkly red letters on her ass and a hot pink, matching halter top, that had “Nice Tatas!” written in red sparkles. She was definitely a slut, I thought, licking my lips, and had some nice tatas.

“Let's go, sluts,” I ordered.

We piled into my cute Eos. Karen was entrusted with the GPS. I wasn't that familiar with South Hill and I had no idea where some of these places were. At the florist we settled on a color theme for the flowers: white and pink with purple for a splash of vibrancy. My bouquet would be made up of white daisy's and snapdragons, pink orchids, and a few deep purple anemone. The same flowers would be placed in vases lining the aisle and for smaller arrangements at the tables.

Next, we headed to the caterers and ate some delicious food. One had these delicious squabs that I absolutely loved and while the other cater had pumpkin ravioli. I was leaning towards the squab. I got to-go boxes from both for Mark to try later and see what he liked. Then we were off to the bakery to order the cake. A triple layered, white cake decorated with pink, frosting flowers, and little figures of Mark and I perched atop the cake beneath a white arch. It was going to be so beautiful.

When we got home, around two in the afternoon, I was tired. Mark was going to have to make it up to me for doing all the legwork for our wedding. He still wasn't back yet. He must be still having fun at the High School looking for our virgins. The horny jackass probably found them right away and then got carried away and popped their cherries. And then spent the whole day fucking through the student body.

I sat down on the couch in the living room and kicked off my heels. Thamina, our nurse slut, was cleaning in the living room, naked, her dusky skin was so beautiful, a beautiful coffee-cream color. Her breasts were round, perfect handfuls topped by dark nipples. Her cunt had been waxed, leaving only a V of black hair that pointed to the top of her slit. Her dark hair was covered by a colorful headscarf, a vestige of her modest Muslim upbringing.

“I need a foot rub, Thamina,” I said.

“Oh, absolutely, Mistress,” Thamina excitedly answered and knelt down and started to massage my right foot with rigid pressure.

“You're pretty good at that,” I murmured.

“Oh, thank you, I used to give my husband footrubs,” Thamina replied.

“You're married?” I asked in surprise.

“He died last year visiting his family in the West Bank,” Thamina answered. “He … he wasn't a kind man.”

“Sorry, anyways,” I told her and closed my eyes, her hand felt so damn good as she rubbed my sole.

“Its alright, I have you and Master now.”

Her massage felt so good, so relaxing. I needed to get my feet massaged more often. She started to massaging my left foot. “Your toes are so dainty, Mistress.”

I smiled. “I know, they're so cute.” A thought entered my mind. “Why don't you suck them.”

I shivered in pleasure as her wet tongue started licking my foot, sliding between my toes and sucking into her mouth like little cocks. Delightful tingles traveled through my body, ending at my pussy and I felt myself starting to moisten. I unsnapped the button on my jeans and slid my hand inside to find my pussy growing wet. I slowly circled my clit, not wanting to cum, just wanting to feel more pleasure as Thamina worshiped my feet with her mouth.

“Let me do that, Mistress,” Xiu said.

I opened my eyes to see the busty Asian beauty sitting down next to me. The splint on her nose was off and her face was no longer swollen. When she had been under the control of Karen, when she was a nun, I had kicked her in the face during the struggle and broken her nose. I was glad to see her beautiful face was back to normal. She most have just got back because she was dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a blue tanktop that clung to her large tits. On Xiu petite frame her tits looked enormous but were actually the same size as Desiree's.

I pulled my hand out of my pants and Xiu's deft fingers slid in. Being touched by someone else was always more exciting. I closed my eyes and sighed as Xiu's fingers roamed about my pussy, stroking my labia, caressing my clitoris, and sliding into my vaginal canal. Thamina continued to lick my toes, a trickle of pleasure that added to the torrent that Xiu was creating in my pussy. I slid my arm under Xiu's tank top and pushed up her bra, freeing her large tit from the cup. I squeezed her fleshy melon and found the butterfly that dangled from her nipple piercing and gave it a hard pull. Xiu cooed in a pain and pleasure. The slut was a masochist.

I felt Xiu push up my halter top, the fabric rubbing pleasantly on my hard nipples. My perky breasts were exposed to the air and I felt warm breath on my right breast. I gasped and shivered in pleasure as a wet tongue licked my right breast, circling my areola. Wet lips sucked my hard nipple, the lips soft on my sensitive nub. Every time I pulled on her piercing, her moan vibrated on my nipple, adding another delicious feeling to the pleasures my sluts were giving me.

The front door opened and someone entered the living room. I opened my eyes to see Noel, our FBI slut, back from work. She was wearing a reddish-brown pantsuit. Her blonde hair was pinned up in a bun and she pulled it out and her hair spilled about her face in a wild mane. She pulled off her jacket revealing a white blouse and her shoulder harness for her service weapon.

“You're back early,” I sighed in pleasure, and patted the couch next to me.

Noel sat down, unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her black bra. “I spent the day getting interviewed by OPR,” Noel sighed, tired. “They're giving Peterson the third degree right now.”

I smiled, Agent Peterson was the asshole that had our door broken down yesterday and sent a whole SWAT team to storm our house. Mark made him give our reporter slut, Jessica, an interview where he made a complete ass of himself, admitting in the interview that Mark wasn't the bank robber and that his incompetence led to this disastrous raid on an innocent man and his family while they slept. The prick deserved it, and more. I thought being captured by a Nun was scary, but two guys in black pointing sub-machine guns at you while you lay naked in bed is quite terrifying.

“What's OPR?” I asked.

“Oh, its the Office of Professional Responsibility,” Noel answered. “Its the FBI's Internal Affairs.”

“Okay, so Peterson's in trouble?” I asked with a smile.

“Yeah, the evidence against Mark is pretty iron-clad,” Noel informed. “They've used facial recognition software to identify him in the security footage from the bank robberies and compared it to his drivers license. OPR can't understand why Agent Peterson didn't arrest Mark. They think he was bribed or blackmailed. So, a judge has signed off on wiretap warrants for both your cell phones and the house line. They're going to start surveilling the house, soon. I won't be able to keep my cover if I keep coming here. Rumor is an investigator from Organized Crime Unit in New York is flying in to take over the investigation.”

“Okay,” I told her, reaching out and fingering her bra, thinking about what she said. Surveillance will be problematic. “You'll need to be here Sunday night. We'll sneak you in a car trunk, I guess.”

Noel pulled out a cell phone. “This is a burner phone,” Noel said. “I'll use it to communicate with you.”

I stroked her face and pulled her in for a kiss. Her tongue slithered into my mouth and I sucked on it as Xiu fingered me and Thamina sucked my toes. Noel started playing with my left breast, her fingers gently pinched my hard nipple. Xiu's mouth was sucking hard on my other nipple, her tongue swirling about my nipple.

I broke the kiss, “Noel, you're our slut and the FBI isn't going to keep you from us,” I said, holding her chin. “Let us know where the surveillance is and Mark will make sure they don't report on you.”

“Thank you, Mistress!” Noel blushed and I pulled her in to kiss her sweet lips. This time it was my tongue that invaded her mouth.

My orgasm was building as the three sluts played with my body. The pressure in my womb was building and building, every touch of their tongues, their fingers, added to the pressure. The dam was starting to crumble beneath the sluts assault. My senses were alive, I could feel the fabric of my jeans rubbing on my legs, the velvet of the couch tickling my back. The fresh scent of Noel and Xiu's jasmine shampoo filled my nose.

“Yeesss!” I howled as the dam burst and my body convulsed as the pleasure flooded my body. “Oh fucking yes!”


I pulled into the driveway of my house. In the backseat of my Mustang sat two high school girls, both virgins. It took me most of the school day to find two girls that still had their hymens at Rogers High School. I had to question, and fuck, quite a lot of girls. Many were virgins but they had broken their hymens with toys, hair brushes, doing sports, riding horses, and even riding a bike in one girl's case.

I also had found Tom his teenage Asian sex slave. Her name was Hikaru, a beautiful, petite exchange student from Japan that had the thickest, hairiest black bush I'd ever seen, just the way Tom wanted. Tom had picked her up when school got out. The two virgins I'd found were April, a nerdy looking girl with silver glasses, bushy, brown hair and a beautiful face. The other was Felicity, a tall, gangly girl with a nice pair of tits and black hair that was pulled back in a beautiful french braid.

I was going to let Mary choose which girl she got to deflower. Both were beautiful, but April had those sexy glasses going for her, so I hoped Mary would choose Felicity. The girls were nervous when they got out of the car. They both knew they were here to lose their virginities. I reached out and grasped a hand from both girls. Their hands were slim and sweaty and I led the virgin teenagers into the house.

“Mare!” I called. “I'm home, where are you?”

“Living room,” Mary answered and I led the virgins deeper into the house.

Mary sat, disheveled, on the couch. On one side of her Xiu was snuggled against her and on the other side was Noel. Mary's shirt was rolled up over her breasts and her nipples were hard, the right one wet with spit. Her jeans were unbuttoned and Xiu's hand glistened, resting on Mary's stomach. Thamina was kneeling naked on the floor, rubbing Mary's dainty feet.

“They're naked!” gasped April and she covered her glasses with her free hand.

Felicity smiled, nervous, and looked at Mary. “You are so beautiful,” she whispered in awe.

Mary purred, “So are you.” Mary stood up, and pulled off her shirt the rest of the way, her perky breasts swayed as she walked over. “Don't be rude, hun, introduce us.”

“This is Felicity and the one with glasses is April,” I said. “Girl's this is Mary. Why don't you both give her a kiss.”

Beat red, April removed her hands from her eyes and bent in, looking to do a quick peck, but Mary had other ideas, pulling the girl tight against her and giving her a hard kiss with plenty of tongue that left the nerdy girl breathless. Felicity had an excited grin on her face and eagerly kissed Mary and playfully stuck her tongue into Mary's mouth.

“I'm going to pop your cherry,” Mary told Felicity when she broke the kiss, squeezing the girls ass through her jeans. And that left me with cute, nerdy April.

We took our virgins upstairs, leading them by the hand, to our bedroom. April was the more nervous of the two girls and was shaking in fear, in anticipation, her breath coming ragged and fast. I stroked her bushy brown hair and cupped her pretty face and kissed her gently on the lips. Her body trembled against mine as her lips surrendered to my tongue. I tasted her apricot lip gloss and the fresh flavor of her mouth.

Mary was being more aggressive than I was. She pushed Felicity back onto the bed and crawled over her, dressed only in her tight jeans. Mary laid on top of the teenager and the pair passionately made out. Mary had her hand underneath Felicity's My Little Pony t-shirt and was pawing at her breasts while Felicity's hands roamed Mary's supple back.

I broke the kiss, April's eyes wide with awakened passion, her cheeks crimson. I caressed her cheek and whispered, “Undress me.”

Her hands, trembling, grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. Her hands caressed my chest. The fat had almost melted away and her hands played with my chest hair. Her hands traced down my body, reaching my pants. She popped the button and the zipper slowly slid down with a metal rasp. I stepped out of my pants as she slid them down my legs and then she grabbed my blue boxers and slid them out.

My hard cock popped out and bounced in front of her face. She gasped in surprise, her breath warm on my cock. I saw her tongue lick her lips. “It so big,” she whispered, fearfully. “That's going to go … in me?”

“Your pussy will stretch,” I told her. “Why don't you lick it.”

I shuddered as her timid tongue licked the shaft and grazed the sensitive tip. Her tongue licked over and over, like a cute kitten. On the bed, Mary was pushing up Felicity's t-shirt, exposing her nice breasts cupped in a lilac bra. I watched my fiancee strip the blushing teenager bare, exposing her breasts topped with mauve nipples that Mary just couldn't resist sucking into her mouth. April's licks became more confident, more aggressive, her lips started kissing the head after every lick, and then I was inside her warm, wet mouth as she sucked me in.

Her teeth grazed my head and I winced. “Watch the teeth.”

“Sorry,” she apologized. This time she kept her mouth open wider when she sucked me in.

Mary was sliding down the bed, kissing Felicity's flat stomach and began pulling off the teen's blue jeans. Finally, Mary pulled off the girl's lilac panties. Felicity flushed and covered her pussy and black pubic hair with her hands. Mary grabbed one hand pulled it away, kissing the palm, and set it at Felicity's side. Breathing in deeply, Felicity moved her other hand away in submission.

When Mary spread the virgin teen's thighs and exposed her tight slit, her lips parted slightly to reveal her pink depths, surrounded by a forest of black hair. The sight of Felicity's virgin cunt was so beautiful, I felt my balls tightened and I came, hard, in April's mouth. April gasped in surprise, releasing my cock and two more spurts of cum splashed her surprised face, staining her glasses. She stared up at me, in surprise, her tongue licking salty cum off her lips.

“Oh wow!” moaned Felicity as Mary's tongue licked up her virgin slit. “Oh my god, that feels amazing!” Mary was lapping harder at Felicity's cunt as the teen writhed on the bed in pleasure.

I grabbed April and pulled her to her feet. “You look so sexy with my cum on your face,” I told her.

“Thank you,” she flushed.

I grabbed the hem of April's baggy, white shirt and pulled it over her head exposing her tiny breasts clad in a plain, boring white bra. I reached behind her and deftly unhooked her bra and her beautiful, small breasts were free, topped with large, dark nipples. Her nipples were hard as rocks and I reached out and pinched one and she trembled in pleasure. I slid my hand down her thin waist and found the zipper to her green skirt. Her panties were as boring and plain as her bra. I could see a damp spot on her crotch.

“Did sucking my cock make you wet?”

She nodded. “It was so … so dirty,” she giggled.

I pulled off her panties exposing her bushy brown hair covering her puffy pussy lips. Her fragrance was tangy and fresh and her hairs were matted with her passion. “Beg me to pop your cherry.”

“Please, take my virginity,” April begged, lust thickening her voice. “I … I want to be a women.”

“Are you on the pill?” Her lip trembled as she shook her head. I smiled, “Don't sleep with another guy until you have your period and if you get pregnant, you'll get the honor of baring my child.”

A tremulous smile creased her cum-stained lips as I pushed her back. Her legs touched the bed and she fell back next to Felicity. Felicity turned to April and kissed her, tasting my cum and the two virgin's entwined their hands. Mary's face was buried in Felicity's snatch, furiously eating the girls cunt. I felt my cock harden and I stared at April's brown furred muff.

I licked my lips and joined Mary, eating my virgin's cunt. April gave a muffled gasp as my tongue slid up her tight slit and flicked her hard clit. Felicity leaned over and kissed April on the lips, her tongue shoved in April's mouth. I delighted in the tangy, fresh flavor of April's cunt, her pussy hairs tickling my lips as my tongue wiggled into her tight depths. I found the thin membrane of her maidenhead and pulled back, to scared to accidentally break it before I was ready. I concentrated on her clit, sucking it into my mouth and caressing the little pearl with my tongue.

“Cum with me,” Felicity urged April. “Please, cum with me!”

“Yes!” April gasped. “I'm going to orgasm! Oh, geez, this is so much better than rubbing on my pillow!”

Fresh juices flooded my mouth as both girls writhed on the bed as their first orgasm from a partner rolled through their bodies. I took one last lick with my tongue, enjoying one last taste of virgin cunt, before I rose up. Both virgins were flushed and wet and ready to have their cherries popped. April smiled at me, eager and shy all at the same time. Her large nipples were hard and sweat rolled down her breasts.

Mary stood up, face smeared with Felicity's love juices. I pulled her to me and we kissed and I tasted tart and spicy pussy and Mary tasted tangy and fresh. “Help me with my strap-on, hun,” Mary said, when I broke the kiss.

I helped her slide the black, leather harness up her legs and positioned a fleshy dildo that was a little smaller than my cock. It wasn't the big one she used to rape Karen back when we were punishing her earlier this week. I adjusted the straps and made sure the dildo was rubbing her little clit so she got as much pleasure as Felicity was about to get.

Both girls spread their legs, their virgin pussies glinting pink beneath their pubic hair. I mounted April and Mary mounted Felicity. I guided the head of my cock to her wet, aroused pussy, rubbing on her silky lips. April bit her lower lip and I looked into her blue eyes and slid my cock into her tight hole until I felt that thin membrane, the evidence of her innocents. When I broke her cherry and uttered the words Bathuwlah I would cast a spell and make myself immune to STDs. The girl's stolen innocence would armor me.

I looked over at Mary and she had the tip of her strap-on in Felicity's eager cunt and Mary smiled excitedly at me. Together, we intoned, ”Bathuwlah!” and thrust forward, and I felt the membrane start to give beneath the force of my thrust. April gasped in pain as her hymen tore before the press of my cock, parting like cheesecloth, and I buried my dick halfway into her no longer virgin cunt. Energy seemed to be flowing from April's cunt into my cock, spreading through my body, a tingle like static electricity. It took two more thrusts to bury my cock fully into her very tight pussy while April was groaning in pain.

I looked down at where our genitals met, and saw pinkish fluids coating my cock. As I drew back my cock, I rubbed my left index finger against her hard little clit and then slowly thrust in again, starting a slow, steady fuck. I grasped her nipple with my right hand and started playing with the turgid nub. Beside us, Mary was fucking Felicity slow and hard. The two women's breasts were mashed together, nipples sliding about as the women were locked in a passionate kiss. Felicity’s limbs were wrapped around Mary, her arms around Mary's back, her legs about Mary's waist.

April's cunt started to feel slicker and her moans became more pleasurable. She tried to kiss me, but I turned my head and her cum stained lips brushed my cheek. Her hands roamed my chest, stroking my nipples, playing with my chest hair, and rubbing my stomach. I picked up the pace of my fucking and April started to move her hips as the pleasure grew and grew inside her. Her cunt was hugging my cock tightly, every thrust increased the pleasure I felt. The tightness in my balls increased and I held off cumming, gritting my teeth. I want the little ex-virgin to have her first cum from a cock fucking her.

“Your cunt feel so tight,” I whispered to her. “So god damn tight!”

“I like … oh my … I like the feel of you inside me,” she panted back.

“Say it,” I whispered.

“Your penis, I like your p-penis. Inside me,” she whispered, flushing and her cunt tightened on my cock.

“That's not what it's called,” I urged. “My cock is in your slutty pussy.”

“Yes!” she gasped. “I love your c-cock in my … oh … my p-pussy! Oh, it feels so nice! Yes, yes!”

April's cunt began to convulse on my dick and her entire body trembled beneath me as she experienced her first orgasm as a woman. I fucked her hard, slamming my cock into her loving depths three more times, striving to reach that point where the dam in my balls burst and cum would flood her once innocent cunt. I groaned, slamming in one more time and there it was, the pleasure released from my balls and flowed out and dumped into her teenage pussy.

“Wow,” she breathed as I rested atop her. “That was … nice.” She smiled.

“Yes, yes, yes, oh God yes!” Felicity was chanting next to us and we watched Mary pounding the hell out of Felicity's cunt. I was so into fucking my virgin I didn't even notice that Mary had flipped Felicity on her stomach and slid a pillow underneath her, elevating her ass, so she could fuck her hard from behind. Felicity's perky ass jiggled every time Mary bottomed out in her cunt. Felicity's face was turned towards me and her eyes were squeezed shut and her mouth open as she moaned in pleasure.

“You fucking whore,” Mary groaned, as she fucked her hard. “Oh, you're going to make me cum, you fucking whore!”

“Yes, yes, yes, cum!” Felicity gasped. “Oh yes, yes, let's cum together! Let's cum!”

“Fucking whore!” Mary panted, her breasts bouncing up and down from the force of her fucking. “Oh fuck!”

“I'm cumming!” Felicity gasped as she writhed beneath Mary. “Holy shit, this is amazing!”

“You sweet fucking whore!” Mary yelled and collapsed on top of Felicity, trembling as her passion over took her. Mary rested her head on Felicity's back and smiled at me, her face drenched in sweat.

“Thank you,” Felicity whispered. “That felt so good.”

“Wait till you have a real cock up your cunt,” Mary whispered back. “It feel so much better.”

“Really?” Felicity asked, wide eyed.

“Sure, let's find out,” Mary said and pulled her strap-on out. “We're switching partners.”

“Absolutely,” I said, reaching out to fondle Felicity's pert ass. I rolled off of April, my cock slick with cunt juices and blood. “Ride me.”

“Like a cowgirl?” Felicity asked. “That's what its called, right.”

“Yeah,” I said.

Mary walked over to April's side of the bed and rubbed her cunt. “Oh please, I'm sore,” April murmured.

“Then roll over,” Mary said. “You have another hole.”

April looked puzzled for a moment and flushed. “You mean my … butthole?”

“Oh yeah, babe,” Mary said. “I'm going to ream your pretty little tushie and you're going to scream in pleasure while I do it.”

Felicity was straddling my waist as April rolled over. Mary placed a pillow beneath April's stomach, raising her ass up. Then, Mary leaned over and started reaming her asshole with her tongue, swirling around April's rosebud. Mary wiggled her tongue past the tight ring and into virgin ass, then started to work a finger in. Felicity was struggling to get my cock in her cunt, taking a few tries before she lined everything up and sank down, slowly, onto my cock.

“Oh wow, you're bigger than the dildo,” she gasped as her tight cunt engulfed my cock.

“Keep going,” I urged, closing my eyes as pleasure rolled through my body. “Swallow my dick with your hungry cunt!” Her cunt slid lower and lower down my shaft and until her clit was rubbing against the forest of my pubic hair and she raised herself up and slowly lowered herself down again. It was such a sweet torture as she slowly rode me.

“Oh my gosh,” April gasped as Mary fingered her ass. “That feels … good!” She sounded surprise.

“Told you, babe,” Mary cooed, slipping a second finger into her tight ass, “you'll be howling in delight when I'm fucking your ass.”

Mary was starting to fuck April's ass with her fingers faster and faster as the nerdy sluts asshole grew more and more used to her fingers. Felicity was starting to pick up the pace, too, as her cunt began to get hotter and hotter as my cock deliciously stretched her sensitive cuntal walls. I reached up and cupped one of her breasts and squeezed it. Her breasts were bigger than Mary's, with tiny, mauve nipples that my fingers found and caressed. Her cunt tighten on my cock as I played with her nipples and a low moan escaped her lips.

“Don't stop,” April moaned as Mary pulled out her fingers.

“It's time for something bigger, babe,” Mary answered, moving atop the girl and maneuvering the dildo to the tight entrance of her asshole.

“Oh jeez,” April gasped as Mary pushed the dildo slowly into her ass. “You're going to rip me apart!”

“Shh, relaxes,” Mary whispered, stroking the girls back. “Just relax and let my cock slip into your tight depths.” April moaned as the dildo sank deeper and deeper into her bowels. “There we are, see, I'm all the way in.”

“Oh wow, this feels so strange,” April panted as Mary started to pull out and then slid slowly in. Mary started to fuck her slightly faster every time she pulled out.

“Oh my god!” Felicity was moaning, “Your cock is so amazing in my cunt. It's warm and twitches. Oh wow, I can feel the head and the shaft inside me. Fuck this is so awesome. Why did I wait so long to do this!”

“Are you on the pill?” I asked her.

“No,” Felicity answered, then her eyes widened in alarm and she stopped fucking me. “Oh fuck, you're not wearing a condom.”

“Keep fucking,” I ordered and she immediately started fucking me again, going faster. “Isn't it exciting. My sperm will soon be inside you, swimming their way to your womb. Maybe there will be a cute little egg for my little troopers to breach. Would you like that? Would you like to have my baby growing in your belly?”

“Yes!” she purred. “Oh, knock me up! Fill my belly with your baby!”

Her cunt tightened hard on my back and she arched her back in pleasure, thrusting her breasts forward and slamming all the way down on my cock. She howled wordlessly as her passion exploded through her. I could feel the power of her orgasm on my dick and answered with a load of fertile sperm.

“Ohh, I think I'm going to exploded?” April moaned next to us as Mary pounded her ass. “Oh jeez, oh jeez that's great! Keep going! Yes, yes, holy crap! I'm going to cum! Yes, yes! Oh, fricking yes!” April howled and hugged a pillow as her orgasm exploded inside her.

Mary kept fucking her, grinding her clit against the dildo every time it bottomed out in the nerd's ass. Mary grabbed her bushy hair, pulling her face up and kissing the girl on the lips, licking my dried cum from her cheek and howled her own passion into the girl's ear before collapsing on top of her. Mary rolled off and snuggled up next to me, the wet dildo rubbing on my leg.

“You girls go find Thamina and tell her to take you home,” I ordered. “And remember, neither of you can fuck a guy until you've had your period.”

“Yes, Mark,” April pouted. Felicity sighed and got off me, my dick popping out of her cum filled cunt with a wet plop.

Mary unstrapped the dildo and tossed it to the floor and I stroked her hair and kissed her on the lips. The former virgins got dressed. Both seemed taken aback by being so abruptly kicked out. But Mary and I got what we wanted from them, so it was time for them to go. April looked sadly at me, the little slut had fallen in love with me. Well, she needed to learn that love and sex weren't the same thing. Dressed, the two girls slipped out of the room.

“How was your day?” I asked, stroking her side. Mary was pressed up against me, her breasts and head on my chest.

“Long,” she sighed, and then pinched my side. “You're coming with me for wedding stuff from now on,” Mary complained. “Or at least, you don't get to fuck your way through a high school while I'm doing it.”

“I didn't fuck my way through the entire high school,” I replied. “Although, there was a gym class.”

Mary shook her head laughed. “That's my randy stallion.” She sighed. “But, you are going to help with the wedding plans, okay?”

“Yeah, of course, Mare.”

She kissed me. “Good. I have some samples from the caterers for you to try, I want to know which one you like best.”

“Sure. Why was Noel here so early?”

“The FBI isn't buying what we told Peterson,” Mary answered “He's in a lot of trouble. Noel says they're sending an Organized Crime agent to run things and bugging our phones. They're going to setup surveillance on us.”

“Okay, nothing we can't handle,” I told her, stroking her hair. Then I slid my hand lower, down her back and reached plump ass, tracing a circle on her cheek. “I can't wait to meet your family.”

“You mean you can't wait to see me fuck my sisters,” Mary said with a naughty smile. “I'm kinda looking forward to it, too.”

“I thought you were nervous about it.”

“I had the hottest dream last night,” Mary said. “I was making love to my sisters. They were so beautiful, naked and wet, and we gave each other so much pleasure.”

“Sounds nice,” I said. “I can't wait to see that.”

“I bet you can't wait to fuck them,” Mary giggled.

“Yeah, I'd love that.” Mary kissed me. “We'll see,” she said with a naughty smile.

We kissed some more. “When do you think Chantelle and Lana will get back?” Mary asked. “I thought they'd be back by now. You did tell them to return today?”

“I thought I did,” I said, thinking. “I was pretty drunk that night, it's kind of a blur.”

Mary grabbed her phone and sent one of them a text and we went back to cuddling. “I need you to make a guest list,” Mary told me. “So we can start getting invitations mailed out. Buy Monday.” I kissed her hand. “Sure, Mare.”

Mary's phone chirped and she read the text message. “Chantelle says, 'I thought it was next Friday. Master said we could enjoy the rest of our honeymoon and we still have another week.' Is that what you said, Mark?”

“I guess I did,” I answered with a shrug. “Tell them they have to be back by noon next Friday.”

“Oh, I almost forgot, Alice called, Monday at 3 pm in Seattle we have an appointment with the investment group that owns the empty lot,” Mary said. There was a big empty lot behind cul-de-sac our house was on that was supposed to be a housing development before the recession. We were going to buy it and build a huge mansion there.

I tensed at the mention of Alice. She was Mary's friend or lover. I still wasn't sure. Mary said they were friends, but they would spend hours making love in a hotel. I met Alice yesterday and she was clearly in love with Mary and jealous of me. Ironically, I was a little jealous of her.

Mary felt me tensed and asked, “What, didn't you like Alice? I thought you two hit it off.”

I blinked. Really, did she not notice Alice glare daggers at me. If looks could kill, Alice would have blown my head off with the intensity of her gaze. “I … I don't think she likes me,” I told her. “She seemed jealous when you were with me.”

Mary frowned. “Why would she be jealous. You're my fiancee? Are you sure you were just imagining things?” I was pretty sure I wasn't. Mary continued, “Her husband isn't giving her any attention, so I'm just helping my friend out. There's nothing between us but friendship and some great sex.”

“Maybe it was my imagination,” I lied. I wasn't in the mood to fight. I was in the mood to have some great sex with my fiancee, though. I pulled her face up and kissed her on the lips. “I love you, my beautiful filly,” I whispered. Her loving smile begged to be kissed again.

Her tongue slipped into my mouth as the passion of our kiss grew. My cock was hardening as I stroked Mary's side, sliding up to her perky breast, playing with her hard nipple. I broke the kiss. “I realized I haven't made love to my beautiful fiancee, today.”

“Ohh, maybe you should fix that,” Mary panted. “She's still a little angry about having to work on our wedding while you were off having fun.”

I kissed her neck, and down to her breasts and sucked her nipple into my mouth, gently nipping it with my tongue. “I'm so sorry,” I whispered, sucking in her other nipple. “I am I making it better?”

“Maybe,” she grinned. “If you go lower.”

I kissed down her flat stomach, pausing to tongue her bellybutton. Mary giggled and squirmed as my tongue swirled around her ticklish belly. Then I kissed lower, rubbing my face through her silky pubic hair, shaped as a fiery heart. I could smell her arousal, sweet and spicy, and I moved lower between her spread thighs.

Mary shuddered as I licked up her slit. “Hmm, yes, I think I'm starting to forgive you,” she moaned as my tongue swiped up her pussy a second time. Then I sucked her labia into my mouth, my tongue exploring her sensitize lips. I spread her labia open, her pink depths glistened with excitement, and I shoved my tongue in, wiggling around her vaginal canal. Her hand gripped my hair, pulling me tight as I ate her cunt.

“Hmm, yes, eat me!” she moaned. “Oh, God I love you, my randy stallion! Suck my clit! Oh please!”

I sucked her clit into my mouth and slowly slid a finger up inside her wet pussy. Her pussy walls sucked eagerly at my finger and I added a second. Mary's hips were writhing in pleasure and her moans filled my ears. I played with the hard pearl with my tongue, every flick on her clit causing her hips to twist in pleasure. My fingers in her cunt curled upwards, searching for her G-Spot.

“Yes, yes, yes, you're forgiven!” she cried. “You're forgiven, just keep doing that! Oh, fuck, yes, you're making me cum! Yes, yes, you fucking stud!” Her fingers dug painfully into my hair, pulling me hard against her cunt as her back arched in the pleasure of her orgasm.

I lightly kissed her pussy lips as Mary came down from her orgasm, savoring her flavor. Her soft thighs pressed against the side of my head and kissed those as well. Finally, Mary sat up on her arms, smiling.

“I want my stallion in me,” she purred. “I need that big cock filling me up. I haven't had a dick in me all day. My poor, little cunny is all sad and lonely.” She glanced at the clock. “We have over an hour before we need to get ready and I want your cock in me the whole time.”

I smiled and crawled up her body. “Your stallion's more than happy to feed your naughty little cunny all the cock it needs.” I squeezed her ass. “And your hungry asshole, too.”


“Theodora, I just heard about this great bar,” Antsy giggled to me as she entered the hotel room.

Antsy wasn't her real name, it was a shorten form of Samantha. Her father called her that because she could never sit still. “Dad always said, 'The girl's got ants in her pants.' And that's how I got the nickname,” Antsy would explain to everybody she met.

Today, she was wearing a florescent pink bikini that revealed all of her youthful charms. The girl had a nice pair of tits and a great ass. Her body glistened with tanning oils and was starting to turn a rich brown. The girl had just returned from trolling for guys on the Miami beach. And with her body, she wouldn't have to troll hard.

Last night I had wanted to seduce the girl but she never came back to the hotel room until this morning reeking of stale bear and sex. She had, all giggly, told me all about the guy she hooked up with and how she actually went back to his apartment. “I couldn't believe I did that,” Antsy had confessed. “I've never done a one night stand before. It was so wicked!”

“What's so great about this bar?” I asked. “You're nineteen? You can't drink.”

“They don't card,” Antsy giggled. “At least that's what this cute guy, I think his name was Keith or was it Kyle?” She shrugged. “Anyways, do you want to come with me. Keith said he'd be there and I bet we could find a guy for you.”

I bet if we found a cute guy and I offered to have a threesome with them she'd jump at it and it would give me the opportunity to perform the Prayer of Avvah on the girl and make her a trap for her brother. Antsy was sister to Mark, the Warlock that I was tasked with defeating. Once Mark was exorcised, I could rescue Sister Louise from him. Sister Louise had been the first nun to try and defeat Mark, but thanks to the demoness Lilith's interference, Mark had prevailed.

Mark's lover, another Warlock, had summoned the Demoness Lilith and made my job much more difficult. And that's where Antsy would come in. According to the Angel Ramiel, Mark would need to sleep with his sister as part of some dark magic. When Mark slept with Antsy, the Prayer of Avvah would make the pair obsessed with each other and destroy Mark's relationship with his lover. Once they were separated, they would be much easier to handle.

“I'd love to come to the bar with you,” I replied. “Maybe we could find a guy and take him back here and fuck him together.”

“What, like a threesome?” Antsy asked, blushing.

“Sure, they can be a lot of fun,” I said as sexily as possible.

She frowned. “I guess that could be interesting. I've never been with a woman before, I'm not sure …”

“Oh, girl, don't worry, we'll be with a guy,” I lied. “It's not like we're going to fool around with each other.”

“Oh, okay,” she brightened. “I guess it could be fun. Besides, imagine the look on any guy's face when he finds out he gets to fuck two beautiful women.”

I laughed with her. Once you're drunk Antsy and all horny in bed with a guy, you won't care that a woman's caressing you. You'll be putty in my hands.

To be continued …

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While I'm certainly not against deflowering a pair of virgins, it wasn't really necessary. Mark wished for a long and HEALTHY life when he made his Faustian deal. Someone suffering from AIDS is hardly healthy.

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Lilith has had sex with the former nun, Karen. Sence Lilith is a Demoness, who knows how long it would take for a woman who is pregnant by Her too show.......


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It just hasn't been enough time for anyone who might be pregnant to show. Their is at least one girl pregnant. The story started at midnight on late Wednesday/early Thursday and its only Friday of the following week.

It's also a bit of oversight on my part. The problem with posting chapter by chapter is I can't fix oversights like that.

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I'm actually surprised no one has gotten pregnant yet. It's been glossed over on e or twice, but besides casually mentioning the pill for Mary and a couple others, it seems these two virgins were amongst the first to express concern...that or I missed that part.

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