Gregg woke up to sunlight streaming through the sheer
curtains of his bedroom. He reached over to the other
side of the bed with one arm hoping to feel the warm,
nakedness of his beautiful wife, Barb. The other side
of the bed was empty. His usual morning hard-on was
pressing against the soft cotton sheets.

Barb always took care of his cock with a spirited wake-
up blow job. It was a regular part of their routine and
they joked about it being her morning "protein-drink."
Coming out of his slumber, Gregg wondered where she

He heard muffled voices and footsteps downstairs. He
suddenly remembered it was Father’s Day. Barb must have
let him sleep so she and their daughters could fix his
traditional Father’s Day breakfast. Every year he was
treated to a giant breakfast in bed served by his
darling daughters. Barb was always doing things like

He knew that he was a lucky guy. Barb was not only
strikingly beautiful, but she also had a dynamic
charisma that made her attractive in more ways than
one. She was a dynamo. She was involved at school and
church. She organized charity events and drove the
girls to their various activities.

What Gregg always appreciated most about Barb, however,
was the fact that underneath the good girl, beauty
queen, soccer mom facade was a complete and utter
nymphomaniac. In fact, they were a perfect match for
each other. Gregg and Barb had an amazing sexual energy
together and enjoyed exploring the limits of their
sexuality. On this morning, that exploration was about
to broaden itself in ways even Gregg could never have

The footsteps approaching up the stairway were a clue
to Gregg that his breakfast in bed was imminent. He
reached down and adjusted his hard cock under the
covers so that it would not be clearly noticeable to
his daughters. The footsteps drew nearer the door and
he heard the creaking of the hinges as the bedroom door

"Happy Father’s Day!" cried the three voices. Gregg’s
face had been buried in the pillow and he smiled,
rolling over in anticipation of the tray of pancakes,
eggs and coffee. His proud smile suddenly turned into a
look of shock and surprise.

Barb stood there in her pink satin nightie, her
generous breasts and hard nipples clearly outlined in
the thin, smooth fabric. Her beautiful, long legs
poured out beneath the nightie as the bottom hem barely
covered her bare, shaved mound. Their daughters stood
in front of Barb, shaking and smiling with giddy

Emily was 2 years older then Erin. Both girls had the long
blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and killer looks of
their mother. That had never been more apparent to
Gregg than this moment. His precious little girls now
stood before him completely naked except for sexy
little thigh-high stockings. Their long hair was
exquisitely brushed and pulled back away from their
faces with ribbons.

Barb and the girls laughed at the look on Gregg’s face.
Barb quickly walked over and yanked the covers off of
the bed, exposing Gregg’s long, thick erection.

"I told you Daddy would have a nice big hard-on,
girls," Barb said. "Now it’s time to give Daddy his
Father’s Day present."

The girls scrambled up on the bed as Barb walked over
and sat in the stuffed chair at the side of the room.
Erin and Emily pushed Gregg backwards and then turned
to face his cock. Without hesitation they grabbed the
stiff member. Gregg groaned as he felt their soft, warm
hands playing with his cock.

"Oh it’s big!" Erin said.

"Just like you said, Mommy!" Emily added, quickly
glancing over at Barb, who now had her legs spread and
was letting her fingers slide down between the lips of
her pussy, which was clearly wet with excitement.

Erin looked up at her Daddy and smiled. "Do we look
sexy, Daddy?"

Gregg swallowed hard. His mind spun in an effort to
collect his thoughts. He looked at Barb and then back
at the girls. Here, before him, sat his young
daughters, naked and playing with his cock. He felt
like he should be retreating in fear and shame, but the
truth was - he was turned on. Even more so since Barb
sat there with a wicked grin, not only condoning the
situation, but prompting it – and obviously enjoying it
judging from the way her pussy juices were soaking her
fingers and glistening on her inner thigh.

"Do I look sexy, Daddy?" Erin asked again.

"Yeah, Daddy – do we look sexy?" Emily mimicked.

Gregg nodded, finally getting himself to speak. "Yes.
You look very sexy, sweetheart."

"Are you surprised?" Emily then asked.

Gregg laughed and nodded his head. "Very surprised," he

"Good," Emily said. Without breaking her father’s gaze,
she lowered her mouth and enveloped the head of his
cock with her tight, young mouth. Her tongue flitted
along the sensitive underside and she was rewarded when
Gregg’s entire body shuddered.

"Ohhhhhh fuck," Gregg uttered, watching his sweet young
daughter’s mouth lewdly sucking on his cock.

"My turn! My turn!" Erin cried, grabbing the shaft of
his cock and almost pulling it from Emily’s mouth.

"Be nice," Barb said from across the room. "There’s
plenty for both of you."

Gregg then watched as his youngest eagerly took
as much of his cock in her mouth as she could. The
warmth and wetness of her mouth surrounded his thick
shaft and he could feel the suction as she sucked
greedily. Both of her hands wrapped around his shaft
and pumped up and down as she gobbled down as much of
his cock as her small mouth would allow.

"Deep throat him!" Emily then urged.

Gregg wondered how his daughter knew such a term – but
to his amazement he watched as Erin took more and more
of his cock into her mouth. Her little throat expanded
as the head of his cock slipped into the tight passage.
It was unbelievably tight and warm.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK!" was all that Gregg could say. He
looked over at Barb searching for explanation. She only
looked back at him with a whorish smile.

"Taught her well, didn’t I?" she said to Gregg. She
then turned to Erin and urged her baby daughter on.
"That’s it, Erin. Suck Daddy’s cock, baby!" Barb then
turned back to Gregg. "Come on, honey. Fuck her little
mouth. She wants it!"

Gregg reached down and gently grabbed the back of
Erin’s head. Erin was looking up at him as he thrust
his cock upward, plumbing the depths of her throat.
Just as she gagged he pulled out. Erin coughed, saliva
dripping from her mouth to the tip of his cock. She
gathered herself and looked up at Gregg, smiling.

"Is that good, Daddy?" she asked.

"It’s wonderful, sweetie," he said.

Without waiting, Erin eagerly took her father’s large
cock back into her mouth and began giving it a spirited
oral fuck. Gregg, turned on by his young daughter’s
whorish enthusiasm, reached down and pulled her young
mouth hard against his cock – making her struggle to

"That’s it, Gregg. Fuck our baby’s face," Barb urged.
"What a little oral slut!"

Gregg paused just long enough for Erin to catch her
breath, and then continued to thrust his cock upward
into the receptive mouth of his little girl.

Emily clamored to join the oral fuck-fest. Reaching
over, she grabbed the base of her father’s cock-shaft
as Erin’s mouth continued its’ assault. Erin’s saliva
coated the entire cock and dripped down on Gregg’s
balls, so Emily’s hand was immediately coated with her
sister’s spit.

As soon as Erin gagged for more air, Emily took her
opportunity to take control. She pulled her daddy's cock
away from her sister and quickly thrust her mouth down
on the paternal prick. Wanting to immediately impress
her father, Emily relaxed her throat and took his
entire length into her mouth.

Gregg groaned in lust and amazement as he watched his
cock disappear into Emily’s mouth. Her soft lips
pressed against the flesh around the base of his cock.
Emily kept her mouth there, her hands gripping her
father’s hips firmly as she struggled to massage the
thick cock in her throat. Gregg heard Emily frantically
breathing through her nose; she felt his daughter’s
esophagus clamping down with moist heat on his cock.

"OH MY GOD! EMILY! OHHHHHHH FUCK!" Gregg groaned. His
older daughter was giving him a blow job that
was every bit as talented as her nympho mother, but the
girl’s throat was much tighter and the sensations more

"That’s it, baby!" Barb urged from the sidelines. "Good
girl! GOOD GIRL! Take Daddy’s cock, sweetie! OH FUCK

Finally Emily could take it no longer and she expelled
her father’s cock from her throat. A flood of saliva
poured over Gregg’s cock as it exited. Gregg, filled
with lust, reached down and grabbed a tuft of Emily’s
hair pulling her mouth back down on his cock and
thrusting his cock upward with swift, forceful motions.

"That’s it, Gregg. Fuck her little girl mouth! She
loves it!" Barb groaned.

"Take it, baby!" Gregg urged, "Fuck me with your

Emily relaxed and welcomed the assault on her mouth.
She loved the feeling of his hot, wet cock sliding
across her lips. Her tongue pressed against the
underside of the thick prick and tasted the saltiness
of her father’s pre-cum mixing with her and her
sister’s saliva. She had been so anxious to taste her
Daddy’s cum. Her mother had tried to explain what it
was like, but she was finally getting a small taste of
her own.

She wanted more and reached up to grab the shaft of her
father’s glistening cock. She squeezed, causing saliva
and pre-cum to seep between her little fingers.
Instinctively she began to jack the shaft of her
father’s cock as it continued to pummel her mouth. She
felt it throbbing in her soft hands.

"Ohhhhhhh SHIT!" Gregg groaned.

Barb knew her husband well and could tell that he was
going to begin to cum.

"Cum on, Gregg! Give it to them! Shoot your cum all
over our babies!"

Emily had been well coached, and let the head of her
father’s cock fall from her mouth. She stuck out her
tongue in giddy anticipation of her lusty reward as her
hands enthusiastically milked the huge shaft of her
Daddy’s cock. Erin quickly moved over with open mouth
next to her sister. Her tiny hands reached out to help
jack the saliva soaked shaft.

Gregg felt his cock begin to throb as his climax began.
He looked down at the sweet, innocent faces of his
young daughters. Their mouths were open and tongues
outstretched, just waiting for his salty offering.
Their bright blue eyes sparkled with excitement and

"Cum in my mouth, daddy!" Emily begged.

"Me too! Me too!" Erin chimed. "Cum on my tongue!"

Gregg felt his muscles seize with the exception of the
intense spasms of pleasure in his prick as the orgasm
hit hard. A long, thick stream of creamy white cum
exploded from his cock and streaked across both girls’
faces. The girls giggled and continued to jack their
father’s shaft. Another thick string of jizz landed
across Emily’s outstretched tongue and cheek. Erin
moved in and placed her tongue just below the head of
Gregg’s cock and was rewarded with a blast of her
father’s spunk against the back of her throat.

"More daddy! More!" Emily begged.

"Ohhhhh FUCK!" Gregg cried. "Drink it, sweetie! Drink
Daddy’s cum!"

Erin grabbed her Daddy’s cock and pulled it into her
mouth, sucking lustfully to drain the last drop of cum
from his balls.

Barb sat in the chair next to the bed watching this
incestuous display, furiously finger fucking herself.
She had never been so filled with lust, despite her
sexually adventurous life. Her juices poured out of her
cunt, coating her hand and soaking her thighs and ass.
"Of fuck! That’s so HOT! Drink it, girls! DRINK DADDY’S
CUM! Oh GOD! I’m CUMMING! OHHHHHHH FUCK!" she screamed
as her body rocked in orgasm.

A moment later there was long pause as Gregg and Barb
attempted to catch their breath. Erin let Gregg’s cock
plop from her tight mouth and Emily quickly sucked the
cum and saliva soaked head into her mouth hoping to
squeeze out a few more drops of her father’s cum. Barb
got up from the chair and walked over to the bed. She
lustfully looked into Gregg’s eyes, which continued to
be filled with a mixture of bewilderment and amazement.

"Don’t they look gorgeous with cum soaked faces?" she
asked Gregg.

"Absolutely awesome!" Gregg acknowledged.

Barb then looked down at Erin who smiled up at her with
excitement and pride.

"What do you think, Erin? Do you like Daddy’s cum?"

"Yes! It’s just like you said, Mommy! I love seeing it
shoot out!"

"Isn’t it cool? Stick out your tongue, baby. Let Mommy

The youngster opened her mouth and stuck out her
tongue, still coated with a residue of her father’s
salty offering. Barb leaned over and lustfully ran her
tongue across Erin’s cheek, lapping up the thick stream
of jism still plastered there. She then lowered her
tongue into Erin’s mouth. Mother and daughter kissed
passionately, their tongues intertwined and savoring
Gregg’s cum.

Barb relished the feel of that small tongue in her
mouth. Her hand instinctively reached down and slid
across her daughter’s flat chest, letting the tip of
her index finger play at her youngest daughter's hard
nipple. At the same time, she felt the girl’s small
hand sliding up between her legs – the small fingers
slipping into her dripping wet snatch.

"Ohhhhhh my god," Barb moaned.

"You’re really wet, Mommy!" Erin said with a giggle as
she broke away from their kiss.

"That’s because you make Mommy so excited, baby." Barb
responded, placing her hand over Erin’s and grinding
her cunt against it.

"I’m wet, too!" Erin said, letting her free hand fall
down between her legs. She rubbed her fingers against
her bare slit and then held up her fingers to show her
mother. The little digits were coated with her cunt
juice. Barb smiled proudly and reached down, lifting
the fingers to her mouth. She took the fingers into her
mouth and sucked the juices off Erin’s fingers. Erin
shivered as the pleasure coursed through her.

"That fells funny, Mommy." She said.

Barb smiled at her and continued to suckle the small
fingers. "Oh, Erin, your pussy tastes so good. Mommy
loves it so much."

Gregg watched this incestuous display and then looked
down between his legs, where his eldest daughetr Emily
continued to suck on his now flaccid but swollen cock.

"That feels so good, Emily," he said.

Emily pulled the cock from her mouth and slid it
against her cheek, not wanting to let go. "Mommy says
my pussy tastes good, too. Wanna try it?" she asked

"Of course!" Gregg answered. He was finally getting
over the shock of what was happening. Fear and anxiety
had given way and he was now completely given to the
fact that he was committing the ultimate social taboo –
having sex with his own young nubile daughters. Not only
was he doing it – but he was doing with his wife and
his little girls were fully compliant. Compliant –
hell, they were little nymphomaniacs – just like their

Emily climbed up her father’s naked body and Gregg
helped her along. Gregg watched as his daughter’s
small, soft legs straddled his face. He looked up at
her puffy little pussy lips and the small clit that
barely jutted out between them. He looked up across her
flat chest and hard nipples, like pencil erasers
sticking out from her penny-sized areola. He looked at
her tender face and bright eyes. She smiled down at
him, excited to share her herself with him. She reached
down and pulled her pussy lips apart, exposing her
tight love hole and child-sized clit. She then lowered
herself onto her father’s face.

Gregg stretched out his tongue, letting it poke into
his daughter’s hole and then slide upward towards her
tender young clit. His hand reached up behind her
thighs and he pulled her tighter against his mouth.

"Ohhhhhh Daddy! Your tongue feels sooooo good!" Emily

Barb looked over to watch. "That’s it, Gregg. Tongue
our baby’s cunt."

"Will you do me, mommy?" Erin asked, not wanting Emily
to have all the fun.

"Absolutely, baby girl. Let me suck that sweet snatch
of yours." Barb answered, lifting her daughter’s naked
framed and laying her back on the pillow next to Gregg.
She then positioned herself between Erin’s legs. She
nuzzled her face in Erin’s neck, licking up some of
Gregg’s dried cum that had dripped down Erin’s chin.
She then let her tongue snake its way down Erin’s
chest, stopping at the small nipple. She gently suckled
her daughter’s nipple.

Erin, once again, shuddered and giggled at the tickly
sensation this sent through her body. Barb laughed
right along with her, enjoying the fact that she was
bringing her daughter such sensual pleasure. Her tongue
then left a trace of wetness as it worked down across
her abdomen.

The closer Barb got to the "V" of her daughter’s
crotch, the wider Erin spread her legs, anticipating
the feeling of her mother’s tongue against her anxious
pussy. Barb let her hands slide up her daughter’s legs,
across the lace top of the little stockings she still
wore. Her hands then slid along Erin’s inner-thigh so
that her fingers reached the swollen lips of the
dripping cunt at the same time her tongue reached the
top of the bare slit. Barb once again moaned with
pleasure, hardly containing the excitement she felt as
she lapped at her very own daughter’s pussy.

Erin reached down and placed her hands on Barb’s head.
Barb felt her daughter pulling her face downward, even
as Erin thrust her hips upward. The horny little slut
was aching for a good cum, Barb thought. She thrust her
tongue down into Erin’s tight slit, drinking in her
daughter’s sweet nectar.

"Daddy! Ohhhhhhhhh Daddy!" Emily began to moan as Gregg
fucked the tip of his tongue in and out of Emily’s
tight hole. His daughter ground her cunt feverishly
against her father’s face as her climax began to build.

Gregg sensed his daughter’s growing excitement and
reached around behind her. His hands grabbed her small,
tight ass cheeks and spread them wide. His fingers
traced down along the soft flesh until he felt the
puckered hole of her ass. He quickly let his finger
reach down and scoop up a generous dose of saliva and
cunny juice off his chin. He then let the tip of his
finger run tiny circles around his daughter’s anal

"Ohhhh Daddy! Oh FUCK!" the girl screamed as she felt
the combination of vaginal and anal stimulation.
Hearing his innocent, young daughter utter such nasty
words in the midst of incestuous passion only enflamed
Gregg’s own lust. He eagerly lapped at his daughter’s
flowing cunt, concentrating on her hot little clit as
his finger penetrated her ass to the first knuckle.

Feeling her father’s finger push into her ass as his
tongue worked fast against her clit sent Emily into a
powerful orgasm. Her young cunt flowed across her
father’s mouth and chin. Her body shuddered and shook
with pleasure.

"Daddy! DADDY! YES DADDY!" Emily cried as the climax
rocketed through her tender frame. "I’M CUMMING! OH

Gregg drank deeply from the incestuous fount of his
daughter’s pussy, letting the nectar of her cunt coat
his tongue and fill his mouth. He tasted a warm
saltiness and knew that her orgasm and caused her
bladder to momentarily lose control, the piss mixing
with her sexual juices. This served only to enflame his

Barb looked up from between Erin’s small legs. Like
Gregg, her face was coated with their daughter’s
precious cunt juice. She watched as Emily’s orgasm
subsided. Gregg’s cock was, once again, rock hard as
the experience of lapping his daughter’s cunt had
renewed his lust.

"Mommy!?" Erin whined at the pause in her mother’s oral
attention. "I wanna cum, too! Don’t stop!"

"You precious little slut," Barb chimed with a smile,
"you’ll cum in a moment! But I want you to cum all over
daddy’s face – just like Emily." Barb reached out and
stroked Gregg’s thick erection.

"Emily, you should be good and wet – get down here.
Daddy’s present isn’t complete until he fucks you!"

"Barb?" Gregg uttered in a doubtful whisper. Caution
began to grow in his mind once again. Licking his
daughter’s cunt was one thing – but fucking her? She
was so young and his own daughter!

Barb crawled over and looked down at her husband. Lust
filled her eyes. Gregg knew that look. When Barb was
taken by lust there was nothing she wouldn’t do.

"Don’t you want to fuck our baby’s precious, hot,
tight, wet little cunt?" Barb asked before leaning over
and kissing Gregg full on the mouth. Her tongue thrust
into his mouth and they shared the tangy sweetness of
their daughter’s combined juices.

Barb broke off the kiss. "She wants to do it. They both
do. They’ve been begging for it." Barb said before
turning to Emily. "Don’t you?"

Emily just grinned and nodded her head
enthusiastically. "I want to fuck you, daddy! I want to
feel your cock in my pussy! I can’t wait to feel your
cum shoot inside me!"

Barb reached down and held Gregg’s cock straight up.
"Get up here, Em," Barb said, helping to position her

Emily straddled her father’s waist and lowered her bare
cunt slit towards his large, pulsing cock head. Barb
reached between Emily’s legs and spread her daughter’s
cunt lips, exposing the small clit. She then ran the
head of Gregg’s cock down between the sopping we slit,
rubbing the soft head of Gregg’s cock across Emily’s
clit. Emily shuddered with pleasure her clit was

"Doesn’t that feel good?" Barb asked her daughter.

"Yeah! Oh mommy!" Emily moaned, her gaze firmly fixed
on the head of her father’s cock as it slid between the
swollen lips of her pussy and across her clit. Each
time the warm, soft flesh of her daddy’s cock passed
across her clit there was an incredible rush of
pleasure and her body shook. She was filled with the
desire to feel her daddy’s cock deep inside.

She thrust her hips forward until she felt the cockhead
slide into place below the tight hole of her cunt. Her
mother, still gripping the shaft of the throbbing
prick, checked to make sure that it was positioned
correctly. Emily began to lower the weight of her
petite frame onto her father’s cock.

"That’s it, baby!" Barb urged. "Fuck that cock!"

"Aiyyyyyyy!!" Emily cried as she felt her father’s cock
filling her little pussy.

"OH FUCK!" Gregg groaned, feeling his erection being
enveloped by the wet heat of his young daughter’s bald
little cunt.

"Fuck him! Barb said, watching as inch-by-inch Gregg’s
cock shaft disappeared into their daughter’s small
body. Barb reached up and fingered Emily’s tender clit.

"Ohhhhh mommy!" Emily exclaimed, her eyes close, her
face contorted with an expression of strain and

"That’s it, Em! Fuck daddy! Be a good little slut for
daddy! Take his cock into your cunt!"

Erin watched her older sister fucking their daddy and
was filled with jealousy. She wanted to be the one
fucking him. She wanted to feel her daddy’s cock inside
her. Erin tugged at her mother’s arm.

"Mommy! Mommy! I wanna fuck daddy!"

Barb looked down at her youngest and couldn’t help but
shake her head in amazement at how horny her daughters
were. "You’ll get your turn," Barb assured Erin. "Why
don’t you get up there and give daddy a taste of your
pussy. He’ll just LOVE licking your pussy!"

Erin smiled at the opportunity to join her father and
sister. She stood and straddled Gregg’s face. She
looked down and smiled at her daddy.

"Hi daddy! Here you go!" she said as she spread her
pussy lips and thrust her bare mound against her
father’s mouth.

Gregg said nothing, still trying to absorb the pleasure
of having his eldest daughters pussy squeezing its way
down his prick. He reacted lustfully, letting his
tongue rocket into his younger daughter’s slit which
was still sloppy from the tongue bath Barb had been
giving her.

"Good girls!" Barb said, admiring the threesome. She
now leaned back and watched Emily begin to fuck herself
up and down on Gregg’s prick as Erin impaled herself on
his tongue. The lust blazed deep inside her and she
began violently fucking herself with the fingers of one
hand as she rubbed her clit with the other.

The climax was immediate and powerful. Her body
shuddered as the orgasm ripped through her. Pussy juice
flooded out of her cunt, covering her hand, coating her
inner thighs and dripping down on the bed. Her eyes
feasted on the sight of her husband’s cock sliding in
and out of their daughter’s tight cunt.

The shaft glistened, coated with Emily’s cunt juices
and Gregg’s pre-cum. The tight opening of Emily’s cunt
stretched to accommodate Gregg’s ample prick. The sight
was so sexy and so taboo. Barb had never experienced
lust this intense and the result was an orgasm that
shook her to the point of passing out. Everything began
to go out of focus and room began to spin as wave after
wave of pleasure filled her entire being.

Gregg was also having trouble controlling himself.
Usually he could hold out for a long time on his second
cum. The experience of having his cock in his hot, wet
and tight daughter’s cunt while his tongue penetrated his
youngest daughters slit was too much for him. He thrust
his hips upward in swift, forceful strokes, feeling the
moist heat of his daughter’s tight pussy. His orgasm
hit suddenly and unexpectedly. A huge explosion of cum
filled Emily’s small womb.

"Daddy! OH DADDY! OH DADDY!" Emily cried as she felt
her father’s cum showering her insides. The cum coated
her cunt and triggered an orgasm. Her pussy began to
throb, milking every ounce of sperm from her father’s
pummeling prick. Her body convulsed and waves of
pleasure, emanating from deep within her cunt, spread
across her body.

Barb, coming down from the mountain top of her climax,
quickly moved over to lick Emily’s clit as it continued
to fuck up and down on Gregg’s cock. A generous mixture
of cum and pussy juice poured out around the cock shaft
and pooled at its base. "That’s it, Emily! Cum for
daddy! OH FUCK! You sweet slut! CUM!" Barb groaned as
she lapped at gooey mixture. Sucking up a generous
mouthful of the sexual nectar, she moved over to where
Erin was grinding her little mound against her father’s

Barb gently grabbed Erin’s hair and pulled her head
back. Erin looked up at her mother just as their lips
met. Barb’s tongue thrust into her daughter’s young
mouth. Erin’s tongue welcomed her mother’s as they
danced together. Erin then felt her mouth fill up. She
recognized the tangy taste of her sister’s cunt, but
the thick saltiness of her father’s cum was new to her.
She let her mother’s tongue stir the frothy, warm cum
in her mouth, savoring its taste. Barb broke the kiss
and looked down at her daughter with a smile.

"What do you think? Isn’t it good?" she asked Erin.

Erin looked up and smiled, swallowing down the mouthful
of cum. "Mmmm. I like it Mommy!"

"That-a-girl!" Barb said with pride. Bending over and
giving her daughter another lusty kiss. "Why don’t you
lay down next to daddy and you can have some more!"

Erin hopped off of Gregg’s face and lay down next to
her father. Barb looked down at Gregg, his face coated
with little girl cooze. She smiled at him and he back
at her, silently agreeing that this was one incredible
experience. She leaned over and licked Erin’s juices
off of Gregg’s chin and then kissed him playfully.
Their tongues met and shared the sweetness of their
little girl’s pussy.

Barb then turned around and looked at Emily who was
still fully impaled on her father’s cock. She was
resting now, gasping for breath and coming off the high
of her intense orgasm.

"Good job, baby girl!" Barb said quietly with a proud
smile. She gently licked at her daughter’s hard nipples
and then kissed her full on the mouth. "How about
letting your little sister have a mouthful of what’s
inside your cunt?" she suggested coyly.

Barb helped Emily extract herself from her position on
top of Greg’s cock. The prick was still-throbbing and
fell from her tight cunt, slapping onto Gregg’s bare
stomach. It was glistening from the thick coating of
man cum and girl cooze. Emily reached down and held her
hand over her swollen cunt. Barb turned Emily around so
that she faced the foot of the bed but was straddling
Erin’s eager face. Erin had her mouth open and was
clearly anxious to receive the offering from her big
sister’s cunt.

"Now, mommy?" Emily asked.

"Go ahead, sweetie," Barb answered. "Let it drop into
her mouth!"

Emily spread her pussy lips and a large, thick white
dollop of cum fell from her cunt onto Erin’s
outstretched tongue.

"Alright!" Gregg said, encouraging his daughters.
"That’s so HOT! Squeeze more out, Emily!"

Another generous stream of goop fell from the small
cunt hole into Erin’s mouth. Emily looked down between
her legs to watch. She giggled each time a big drop of
cum fell into her sister’s mouth.

"Is it good, Erin?" Emily asked.

Erin nodded her head, still drinking the mixture in.

"Here, babe," Gregg said to Emily, reaching down and
lifting his cum coated cock. "Have a taste for

"Okay!" Emily said. The girl leaned over, her cunt
still hovering and dripping over Erin’s mouth. She
grabbed the base of Gregg’s cock and passionately
gobbled the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue
around the head. Gregg shuddered once again as his cock
throbbed and sent shivers running through his body.
Emily laughed, knowing that she’d just given her daddy

"You like that, Daddy?" she asked.

"Yes, Em. Do you like what you’re tasting?"

"Yeah!" she cooed, continuing to eagerly blow his still
swollen prick.

Barb and Gregg looked at each other once more. Barb
arched one eye-brow and gave her husband a wicked grin.

"Happy Father’s Day, honey. You’re the best dad in the
world. You’ve got the best little girls in the world.
And now they are our very own little fuck toys."

Gregg looked down as his daughter bobbed up and down on
his cock and ground her bare cunt into her little
sister’s cum covered face. He looked back at Barb.

"Barb, how did you…?"

Barb stood up and began walking towards the master
bathroom. "Come on your three. We’ve got to get cleaned
up." She stopped and glanced back at Gregg. "I’ll fill
you in on the way to church."

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2015-06-12 03:56:09
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2014-10-14 03:05:58
I had an opportunity like this with a woman I was dating who had 3 daughters. I know if we had continued to date this could have well happened. I have often thought about her and her daughters. Those daughters would be in their late 20s early 30s no. back then the youngest was 5 the oldest 10. This story is so similar to what could have been!

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2014-08-21 02:21:20
This inudcrtoes a pleasingly rational point of view.

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