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An awkward situation becomes a fearsome fight for survival
It's been way too long since I continued where I left off in Awkward Situations 1. I'm sorry to all those who've been waiting for a sequel since earlier this year. I promise, I'll try to update regularly from now on. Cheers!


As Mico freshened up in the bathroom after our long trip, I left the room. The last thing I wanted to see was his face.

Outside our room - which was actually a rather isolated cabin on the shores of a sparkling lake - I met with our facilitator and asked to change rooms.

"Hey, sir. Is there any way I could change rooms?"

"Why? anything wrong?"

"No...but I..."

"Then I don't see a need to change rooms..."

I sigh and look down at the ground.

"...but if you really want to, better go find someone who'll be willing to switch with you then get back to me."

"Alright, thanks sir."

I follow a path through a wooded area leading to the main resort building where most of the other students were staying. For some, they would consider it lucky to have their very own cabin, but for me, it's the exact opposite. Desperately, I go around, looking for someone who could switch rooms with me, but everybody seemed to like where they were assigned so I had no luck.

Back at my...our...cabin, Mico lay on the bed while watching a game of football on the TV. He didn’t even look up or say anything so I just grabbed my stuff and slung my backpack over my shoulder.

“If it’s any consolation, this cabin’s all yours from now on.”

Still no reaction. He hated me that much.

I took one last glance at him before heading out the door. I was now free of Mico, but I had made a stupid decision. I had nowhere to go now since every other place was full.

“Nice thinking you stupid fuck...” I mumble to myself.

The door opens and Mico comes out, a smug look on his face.

“Where do you think you’re going?”
“What’s it to you? I’m getting another room back at the resort.”

Unwilling to make further conversation, I turn and head for the lights of the main building. I’m just about to enter the wooded path when Mico comes up behind me and crosses his big arms.

“Nice try. I know all the other rooms are full. I talked to the facilitator.”

I shake him off and frown.

“I’ll find a room.”

“Can we just please stop...” His voice doesn’t sound so cold now.

“Stop what?”

“Sam. I don’t give a damn if I’m roomed with you. I can’t change that. Just...don’t do anything weird when we’re asleep.”

I scoff. “You still think I’m after your body. You know what, I’m not and I’d rather not be in the same bed as you if you think I’m gonna feel you up in your sleep.”

I leave Mico standing there and walk away. As much as I hate to admit it, he’s right. There’s nowhere I else I can go. It’s either beside him on a bed where our bodies are sure to make contact or nothing. As I walk through the woods, I spot a small clearing barely visible through the thick bushes. I push the bushes aside and enter a nice, clear space with a small brook and some boulders.

“Looks like I found a place for tonight.” I say to myself.

As the sun sets and the stars begin to show themselves in the clear sky, I leave my small enclave and head for dinner at the resort. The facilitator announces that he’ll be checking our rooms later in the evening to make sure everyone’s where they’re supposed to be. I don’t want to return to the cabin, but if I’m not there when the facilitator comes, I’ll be in big trouble. Across the room, I catch Mico staring at me, looking faintly worried.

After dinner and some catching up with the other students, I head to the cabin. I sit on the swinging bench on the porch and bring out a pack of cigs from my pocket. I’ve been waiting to smoke since we got here so I light up and try to relax. Minutes later, Mico arrives.

“You smoke? Since when?”

“Since I started...”

“I thought you left.”

“And get listed as missing by Mr. Travis? I’ll stay until he comes, then I’ll go.”

“Look, I meant what I said. I don’t mind us sleeping in the same room on the same bed, but I’m sorry about the part that followed...”

“You mean the part when I tie you up and rape you? Right...”

“Look Sam, I didn’t mean that. I...I just...after you said you wanted me months ago...I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“Fine, but I’m still not staying here. I found a way better place to crash.”


“Just...somewhere. Why do you even want to know?”

“Honestly, I’m just worried because if someone finds you missing, I’m gonna take the rap for not knowing where you are.”

“Just lie about it.”

“What if the lies run out?”

“Then make more lies. It’s that simple.”

“C’mon Sam, can’t you just...”

Mr. Travis emerges from the wooded path and sees me on the porch, but not Mico who’s hidden in the shadows. I’m still smoking and I try to hide the cig from him.

“Sam, give me that. Don’t try to hide it. I see the smoke behind you.”

I sigh and walk to Mr. Travis, handing over the pack to him. He takes out a stick and puts it in his mouth.

“Got a light?”

“I thought smoking was against the rules...”

“Not for you. You know that.”

Mr. Travis puts his hand on my shoulder, then slowly slides it down my arm and onto my side.

“Woah...someone might catch us.” My voice is shaking. Mico’s right there hidden by the darkness and seeing everything.

“Oh c’mon. I roomed you here so I can see you. I miss your sexy ass.”

His hands grope me as he breathes smoke on my neck and kisses it. I push him away.

“That agreement’s over. You’ve had enough of me.”

“Actually, no. I haven’t. You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had and I don’t want to stop.”

He grabs my arm and pulls me to him. “This can go two ways, Sam. Either you keep having sex with me or...” He pulls out a blade from his back pocket and slides it across my throat. “ understand me?”

I’m shaking as he pushes me onto a table by the shore and rips my shirt off.

“Oh yeah. Just as delicious as the first time I fucked you.”

He gets on top of me and grabs my throat with one hand as he gropes my crotch with the other. “’re mine.”

As Mr. Travis violates me, Mico appears behind him, grabs his shoulders, and throws him onto the ground. In Mico’s hand is a gleaming hunter’s knife engraved with the initials “M+S.”

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Mico shouts.

“Stay out of this Weismann unless you want to get hurt!”

“Oh yeah?! Bring it on!” Mico readies himself to stab the facilitator with his knife.

“You fucking slob. So this is what you do to your students?! I got it all on video and I’ll make sure you won’t get your hands on another one of us again!”

“You try that and I’m gonna fucking kill you and throw your dead body into the lake.” Mr. Travis reaches for his blade, but finds it isn’t there. “Fuck!”
“Lost your blade? Good.” Mico grabs Mr. Travis’ by the shirt and knocks him out with a swift punch to the head. As the dirty assailant’s body goes limp, Mico turns to me.

“Sam! Are you...”

He freezes when he sees me lying there. Mr. Travis’ blade has embedded itself into my chest and blood is running down my body and onto the table. I’m lying frighteningly still with my eyes wide open. I can’t blink, I can’t talk, I can’t move. I feel weak and paralyzed, but aware. Mico doesn’t know that. To him, I look dead.


Mico slashes the ropes of a nearby hammock and ties up an unconscious Mr. Travis before scooping me up easily in his arms and running towards the resort. I can feel my blood dripping and staining Mico’s shirt.

“Sam. Please...don’t die on me...hang on...please hang on...”

Dozens of students are still milling around the grounds of the resort, enjoying the beautiful scenery when Mico emerges from the wooded path with me in his arms.

“Someone call 911!”

I can see the expressions of shock and fear on everyone’s faces. As Mico carries me into the resort’s lobby to wait for an ambulance, I catch a glimpse of myself in a large mirror. My otherwise white skin was pale and my blood had created a frightening, red, liquid tattoo on my body. I feel Mico laying me down on the ground and hear him shouting for help.

Then I see his face. I haven’t seen his face since I was stabbed and what I saw was not something I had expected. Tears were running down his face and he looked scared and desperate. I have never seen him like this before. This was a different Mico I was seeing. He cared about me.

As the last bits of my strength drained away, I began to lose consciousness. My eyes were still open, but my vision began to blur and the darkness began to creep in. Mico’s breaking voice turned to a faint, echoing sound as my failing body seemed to want him to be the last thing I hear before fully shutting down.

“Sam...goddamnt it...hold on...please don’t do this to me, Sam...

...I love you...”

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2013-11-12 20:24:38
Omg I love this story, made me cry when sam got stabbed. Keep writing

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