She does it all.....................................................This is for all people who liked the story "Little Susie"
Jan Carpenter loved Saturdays. It gave her great satisfaction, every Friday night when she went to bed, to turn off the alarm clock so it couldn’t wake her in the morning for school.
It had been a hot and humid night and somewhere during her dreaming she had kicked the off the covers and her naked body was lying on the top of the bed.

Jan was 11 years old with soft blonde hair that had a natural curl at the ends. Her tits were only just developing and the small swellings were topped with little red nipples. Her cunt was completely bald and because her outer lips hadn’t formed yet, it consisted of a deep slit that nestled between her tanned legs.

She was lying on her side with one leg straight out and the other was drawn up until her knee almost touched her flat stomach. Because she was dozing, she didn’t feel Shadow’s weight when he jumped on the bed, but she moaned softly when his cold nose touched her skin and his long tongue wormed into her ass crack. As her sleep was disturbed, she lazily stretched her body and the leg that had been drawn up came around until her foot was flat on the bed and her knee pointed towards the ceiling. She moaned louder as a second tongue licked her front hole and her eyes fluttered open.

Jan had two black and white Collie dogs that she named Shadow and Patch. They were brothers from the same litter and were just over two and a half years old. Jan had been fucking with them for about a year and they regularly slept in her bedroom.

“Couldn’t you horny little bastards wait until I was awake?” she asked quietly with a groan, and although both dogs pricked back their ears at the sound of her voice, they continued lapping at her cunt. She could feel her natural lubrication begin to flow and she raised one leg straight in the air and used her hand to pull her butt cheeks apart.

The animals knew exactly what this meant and while Patch wormed his tongue into her front hole, Shadow increased the pressure of his tongue against her puckered asshole.
The little girl closed her eyes and concentrated on relaxing her anal muscles. Shadows tongue slipped over the entrance to her shit tube for a while before he began pressing right in the centre of her hole. Her hips were already moving slowly as Patch pushed his tongue deeper and deeper into her fuck hole.

“Go on boy,” she hissed willing Shadow to press harder. “Get your tongue into my asshole and lick me out.”

She forced her anal muscle to relax further and jumped slightly as the dog’s tongue entered her bowels. Shadow pushed his long tongue deep into her shitter and she gasped as it thrashed about inside her body. Patch’s tongue had now reached the bottom of her fuck tube and his wet nose was firmly pressed against her throbbing little clit as he tried to go even deeper.
Her head slumped onto the bedcovers as she surrendered totally to the two animals. She was very close to orgasm and her tight and smooth butt moved backwards and forwards, as she was stimulated. The familiar rush between her legs started with an intense tingling around her cunt and clit, and gradually increased in intensity.

“Bring me off you bastards,” she gasped. “Make me cum.”

Her breaths came in short gasps as her clit took control of her body. In the seconds before her orgasm exploded inside her, she grabbed her pillow and held it tightly over the lower part of her face to stifle her scream. Her preteen body convulsed and shuddered as she climaxed and she automatically rolled onto her back and arched it from the bed as every muscle spasmed. Shadow’s tongue was torn from her asshole and as the cunt cream sprayed out of her cunt, the animal joined Patch in licking up the slime. Both dogs had their tongues crammed up her fuck hole and they held her in orgasm for a long time.

As her climax slowly subsided, she pushed both dogs away with her feet and gasped, “Fuck, no more. I’m wasted.”

Her senses recovered a few seconds later and her eyes opened to the sight of both dogs standing on the floor with their tails wagging furiously. She rolled to the side of the bed and let her head hang over the side. The cocks on both dogs had dropped as she knew they would have, and her cunt twitched at the thought of what was going to happen.
The animals began prancing back and forth as she rolled off the bed and dropped to her hands and knees. Both dogs growled softly as they fought for position but Shadow eventually won and jumped onto her back with his paws wrapped tightly around her waist. Jan lowered her butt slightly until his cock nudged at her slit and then gasped as the animal lunged forward and rammed his cock up her front hole.

Patch walked around to the front of the girl and began licking her cheek. As she turned her head slightly, she opened her mouth and let Patch’s tongue into her throat. She could taste her own cunt as she sucked the dog saliva from his tongue and her little body shivered with lust.

Patch took a couple of steps back and jumped up to place both front paws onto her back. He shuffled forward and his shiny pink cock slid straight into her open mouth. As Patch pumped his prick into her mouth, Shadow was fucking her soaking cunt at a furious pace. His solid shaft flashed in and out of her fuck hole frothing her juices into a thick cream that formed a white ring of slime at the base of his cock.

The dogs were building to their own climax, speeding up their thrusts and Jan felt Patch’s cock begin to swell in her mouth and she quickly pulled her head back until only the first couple of inches remained in her mouth. She loved the feeling that she got from taking one of the dog’s knots up her cunt but there was no way that she was going to even try to take one in her mouth. She sucked hard on the head of Patch’s prick and raised one of her hands from the floor and started jacking him off. She could feel the swelling at the base of his cock get bigger beneath her fingers and the animal began prancing on his back paws and whining.

He suddenly stood quite still and his shaft jumped in her hand as a torrent of hot dog cum spurted into her mouth. She swallowed rapidly but she couldn’t possibly take it all and the slime ran out both sides of her mouth and splattered onto the floor.

After a few moments, Patch stepped back, pulled his cock out of her mouth and dropped his front paws onto the floor. As he lay down to lick his prick and balls clean, Jan was able to concentrate on the shaft that was fucking her at the other end. Her cunt walls were being pushed apart as Shadow’s knot swelled and the dog changed his long smooth thrusts into short jabs. His knot was forming faster and she moaned as her young fuck hole stretched to accommodate it. Shadow suddenly gave a last powerful lunge and rammed his cock hard against her cervix.

“Oh God, cum up me you bastard,” she moaned. “Stretch my fucking cunt apart until it rips.”

She was gasping for breath when a second orgasm raced through her body without any warning. Her head collapsed onto the floor landing in the pool of dog cum that had poured out of her mouth. The slime covered the side of her face and soaked into her blonde hair.
She was still shuddering when Shadow’s thin and hot spunk splattered into her plugged hole and she felt every jet. Pump after pump of the slime filled her hole with so much spunk that it leaked past her cervix and into her womb.

It took about 10 minutes before the dog was able to pull his cock out of her body with a loud plop and a river of cum poured out of her open hole and ran down her legs.
She staggered unsteadily to her feet and cleaned the floor with an old towel that she kept under the bed and then headed for the shower.


Jan’s sister Louise was 15 and she was in her bedroom getting dressed. She was 5 foot 8 inches tall with a firm 34B-22-32 figure and was wearing a tight pair of denims and a scoop neck tee shirt. Her Nike sneakers were worn without socks and were untied with the laces tucked down the inside.

After breakfast she said to her mother, “I’m going over to Jenny’s this morning and will probably be there most of the day. We’re going to the mall.”

Her mother Anne was not in the best of moods and was nursing a hangover from too much Jack Daniels the previous night. “Yeah, well, take your sister with you.” she snapped.

“No way!” Louise replied. “I don’t want her hanging about all day.”

“I don’t give a shit what you want,” she hissed, banging her hand on the table, and then wishing she hadn’t when her head throbbed in response. “I’ve got a lot to do today and if you’re going out, then your sisters going with you. It’s your choice. Take her with you or stay here and help me with chores around the house.”

The anger in her mother’s eyes was obvious and Louise quickly realised that she wouldn’t win this argument. She jumped to her feet, knocking the chair over, and stormed out of the room.


After getting dried, Jan picked up the panties she had been wearing yesterday and sniffed the crotch. The scent of her cunt mixed with dog cum and stale piss excited her and she slipped them on. Although she had showered, she had purposely left her cunt unwashed and she could already feel some dog slime ooze out of her hole and start to stain her panties. The preteen loved the feel and the smell of her soiled underwear against her sex and when the cum had dried, the smell would be enough to excite the dog’s and she would fuck them all over again. She picked a short yellow summer dress from her wardrobe and pulled it over her head. Slipping her bare feet into sneakers, she went downstairs with Patch and Shadow padding behind her. She let the dogs into the yard and then went into the living room and turned on the television.

She had just settled down when Louise marched into the room and snapped, “Get your jacket. “We’re going out!”

“Where the fuck are we going,” Jan wailed, but in a low voice so her mother wouldn’t hear her swearing. “I haven’t had any breakfast yet.”

“I’m going over to Anne’s and you’re coming with me,” her sister replied.

“No,” Jan said defiantly. “I don’t want to go with you.”

“I don’t give a shit what you want,” Louise spat echoing her mother. She bent down until her face was only inches away from her younger sisters and continued in little more than a snarling whisper. “Listen to me you little cunt. I need to go out and the only way it’s going to happen is if I take you with me. Believe me, this isn’t my idea. Now get your jacket and come quietly or I promise you that the first time mom goes out, I’ll kick your dirty little cunt in.”

Jan was startled by the anger in her sister’s voice and she sprang up and ran upstairs to get her jacket.

Louise didn’t even say goodbye to her mother as she gripped her sister firmly by the shoulder and propelled her out of the door.

Jan had a vague where Anne lived and they seemed to be walking the wrong way. She almost had to run to keep up with Louise and she whined, “Why do you have to walk so fast? And where are we going? This isn’t the way to Anne’s house.”

Louise stopped suddenly and whirled on her, “Shut up you little shit,” she demanded. “Just shut the fuck up.”

Jan’s lips compressed into a thin line as she trotted in silence behind her sister and she glanced nervously around her. They were in a part of town that was new to her. The houses were very run down and gangs of mainly black teenagers were congregating on just about every corner. She was about to ask again where they were heading when Louise turned into an almost derelict apartment block. The entrance door to what used to be a respectable block of flats was sheeted with steel and covered in graffiti. As Louise pushed it open, the smell of dampness and stale piss made Jan wrinkle her nose.

Louise stopped before the door on the right hand side of the hall and pounded it with her fist. The knocks echoed inside and it took a few moments before Jan heard the sound of bolts being drawn.

As the door open a few inches, Jan stared at the face that appeared. The girl looked to be about 16 or 17 years old. Her jet black hair hung straight and stopped about half way down her back. The front fringe had a spiky cut and the blackness of her hair matched the black lipstick and eye shadow. She was wearing a grubby looking tee shirt with “Nirvana” written on it and a long black skirt that stopped only a couple of inches from the floor. A silver ring pierced one nostril and a matching ring was through her eyebrow. As she opened her mouth to speak, Jan could see that her tongue was also pierced.

“Yeah? What do you want?” the girl asked in a very unfriendly voice.

“I want to see Leroy,” Louise answered.

“Leroy,” Jan blurted. “Mom said you weren’t to see him again. I thought you said you were going to see Anne.”

The girl holding the door eyed them up for a few seconds before she nodded and opened the door to let them pass inside.

The large room was littered with old papers and half eaten take away food and the girl waved them over to a door saying, “He’s in the bedroom,” as she securely bolted the door shut.

“We shouldn’t be here Louise,” Jan said to her sister’s back. “I don’t want to get into any trouble.”

Louise’s eyes were blazing as she turned back to her sister, grabbed her by the throat and pinned her to the wall.

“Listen to me carefully you little piece of shit. You will forget everything that you see in this house and never mention it to anyone. You won’t get into any trouble from mom, because mom will never know. If she ever finds out, I’ll know it came from you and them I’ll have to tell her about you and your dogs.”

Jan could only squeak because her sister was holding her throat so tight and when Louise lessened her grip, Jan managed to say in a small voice, “What about the dogs.”

“Don’t be coy with me bitch,” Louise snarled. “I’ve seen you fucking and sucking with the animals and if you want your secret to remain safe, you’ll keep your mouth shut.”

“She’d never believe you,” Jan replied hopefully.

“She will when I show her the towel,” her sister said.

“What towel?” Jan asked with a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.

“The towel that normally stays under your bed,” Louise said with a grin. “The wet and slimy towel that I took this morning and hid. The towel that will end up in mom’s hands if you open your mouth. Understand?”

Jan was blushing at the thought of her sister knowing her darkest secret and she nodded dumbly.

Releasing the girl, Louise continued along the corridor and pushed the door open. Leroy was sitting on a pile of dirty sheets that were obviously his bed and he grinned as Louise walked into the room. His perfect white teeth contrasted with his black skin and he got to his feet.

“Hi lover,” Louise said as she melted into his arms and offered her open mouth.

Their tongues danced together as they kissed and Leroy’s eyes widened as he looked over her shoulder and Jan came into the room.

Pulling his mouth away, he looked at Louise and said, “What the fuck is she doing here?”

Louise shrugged her shoulders, “Mom made me bring her. The moody bitch must on her period or something but there’s no way I was getting out without her.”

“Shit,” he said. “What do we do with her?”

“Ignore her,” Louise replied. “She won’t tell. I promise.”

There was an old wooden chair in the corned and Jan sat down with a sullen look on her face.

Leroy shrugged and then grinned as Louise asked, “Have you got any shit?”

“Baby,” he replied reaching for a small metal tin and opening the lid. “Not only have I got shit, but I’ve got Grade A shit. Completely uncut.”

The tin contained three thick joints and Louise carefully took one out and put it between her lips.

“Light me,” she said.

The matched flared brightly as he drew it across the wall and touched it to the end of the joint. Jan watched incredulously as her sister puffed twice and then drew a full breath into her lungs. She held out the joint to Leroy as she kept the smoke in her lungs for a full 10 seconds before exhaling. Her voice was squeaky as she relaxed and gasped, “Fuck, that is some serious shit.”

She could already feel the narcotic smoke work on her as she watched her black lover take his first draw and pass it back to her. She took some more smoke into her lungs and lay back onto the dirty sheets.

“Baby, I hope your balls are full because I’m getting really horny.” Louise said dreamily and handed him back the joint as she got to her feet.

Standing in front of him, she curled one arm around his neck pulling his lips onto hers whilst her other hand twisted open his denim fastening and pulled down the zip. Leroy’s arms encircled her waist as they swapped saliva and she dropped her other hand to the waistband of her denims. Because they were so tight, she had to use both hands and wriggle her butt to push the material over her hips. As they dropped to the floor, Leroy’s hands dropped from her waist and pushed into the waistband of her panties and cupped her firm ass cheeks.

Jan’s eyes were wide as she watched her sisters hands push in between their bodies and fumble with the belt of his denims. They were much looser and as the zip came undone, they dropped to the floor. Jan could see that he was wearing a pair of blue boxer shorts but she couldn’t see anything else because of Louise’s body.
Louise suddenly broke the kiss and very slowly sank to her knees. There was a wicked grin on her face and as she went lower, her fingers gripped the waistband of his shorts and pulled then down.
He took a long draw of the joint as Louise’s hot mouth went to work and Jan moved from side to side on the chair trying to catch a glimpse of his cock.

“Why don’t you sit over here,” Leroy said pointing to the pile of sheets as he watched her move about.

Jan’s mind was in a daze as she got up and walked over and sat down. She was now sitting at their side and she gasped loudly at her first look at Leroy’s prick. Her sister’s saliva made the shaft shine like polished ebony and it was at least 10 inches long and as thick as her wrist. Louise’s lips were sliding up and down the shaft, taking most of it into her throat and she would occasionally draw back her head to spit on the shaft and rub the saliva around with her hand.

“Your sister gives good head,” Leroy said conversationally and Jan could only nod her agreement.

He took another pull on the joint and handed it to the preteen girl. Jan reached out and took it from almost without thinking and she then realised what she had done.
He watched her closely as she brought it to her mouth and took a draw. Her body immediately convulsed with a coughing fit and the tears streamed down from her face. Louise released his cock with a loud plop and she laughed at her sister’s discomfort.

Jan gulped huge mouthfuls of air into her burning lungs and tried to hand the joint back to Leroy. Louise however pushed her hand back and said, “Try again.”

Jan’s eyes had a frightened look as she raised the smoking stick to her mouth and Louise instructed, “Take a big draw and hold the smoke in your lungs for as long as possible. Don’t cough it out.”

The smoke didn’t burn so much this time and she managed to hold it in until Louise said, “Right, now let it out.”

Leroy took the joint back as Louise asked, “How do you feel.”

“Strange,” Jan replied honestly. “But nice.”

Louise grinned and turned back to suck Leroy’s cock back into her mouth.

Ever since this morning, Jan had small amounts of dog cum oozing out of her cunt and dripping into her panties. It was positively running out of her now as her hole flooded with her natural lubrication and washed the slime out of her body.

She took another draw of the joint when Leroy offered it to her and kept it for a third before giving it back.
Jan was light-headed, as if she was floating and any worries that she thought she had just melted away. She relaxed with her back against the wall watching her older sister suck cock.

With her legs splayed out in front of her, her dress slid up her thighs and she had no problem pushing her hand underneath and into the waistband of her panties.

They all heard the knocking coming from the front door but were so preoccupied with their own pleasure to be bothered with it.


The girl in the other room, dressed all in black sighed and got off the floor where she had been sitting and went to open the door.

The boy standing on the other side of the door smiled and said, “Hi Cathy,” as he swept her into his arms and kissed her deeply. Cathy’s mouth opened to the kiss and she pushed her tongue deep into his mouth. The boy could feel the metal ball that pierced her tongue with his lips and teeth and he groaned softly as he remembered how good it felt rubbing on the tip of his cock when she gave head.

When she eventually broke the kiss and stepped back, she punched him playfully in the chest and pouted, “Where the fuck have you been? You were meant to be here hours ago.”

He shrugged his shoulders apologetically and replied, “Yeah, I’m sorry baby. I got held up.”

He reached out and pulled her back into his arms and this time his hands fell to her butt cheeks and he pulled her body tightly against his crotch. She could feel his hard cock beneath his clothes and she giggled as he whispered, “But I’m here now and I’m really horny. Let’s go into the bedroom and fuck our brains out.”

Cathy looked sadly up into his face and said, “We can’t Jason. Leroy’s in there with a couple of girls.”

“Bastard!” Jason exclaimed, and then shrugged his shoulders and said, “We’ll just need to fuck in the living room.”

He took her by the hand and made to move inside the house but Cathy pulled him back.

“I don’t want to fuck in the living room Jason,” she said. “They’ll hear us in the bedroom.”

“So?” Jason replied reasonably. “We won’t be doing anything that they’re not.”

The girl could understand what he was saying but she still shook her head. Seeing the look of disappointment on his face, she pulled her boyfriend out into the entrance hall and closed the house door behind her.

“You really want to fuck me?” she asked with a smile.

Jason looked at her for a second and then nodded his head vigorously.

“How badly?” the girl asked.

Jason took one of her hands and placed it on the huge bulge in the front of his denims and replied, “This badly.”

Cathy gave his cock a squeeze and then crossed the narrow hall to lean on the opposite wall. Jason licked his lips as the girl gripped the sides of her long skirt and slowly pulled it up. The black boots she was wearing stopped just below the knee and his heart beat faster as she continued to pull it up and expose the bare flesh of her legs. She teased him by stopping when the hem of her skirt just covered her cunt mound, and grinned at his expression. A few seconds later, he groaned loudly as she pulled it all the way up to her waist to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties and she uncovered her shaved fuck hole. The outer lips were glistening with the juice that was leaking out of her sex and she said huskily, “What are you waiting for? I thought you wanted to fuck?”

The boy looked around the deserted hallway and then stepped into her open arms. While he bent down to kiss her, Cathy’s fingers pulled down his denim zip and pulled out his hard prick. She sighed as he gripped one of her legs behind the knee and raised it up to his waist and she rubbed the head of his cock over her slippery sex.

“Fuck me,” she commanded.

She made sure that his cock was against her hot hole and gasped when he thrust his hips forward and drove his shaft into her hole.

Jason’s cock was a fraction over seven inches long and he kept thrusting until the entire length was inside the young girl’s body. To get the last few centimetres up her tight cunt, he squirmed his ass around in small circles and Cathy moaned, “God, that’s deep baby. Fuck my wet hole. Fuck me hard.”

He braced one hand on the wall at the side of her head and held up her leg with the other hand as he began to do her. Faster and faster he drove into her young body and Cathy’s ass slapped into the wall knocking some of the peeling paint off the wall.
Cathy was beginning to feel the familiar rush between her legs as his shaft rasped over her hard clit and she closed her eyes and totally surrendered her body to him. Neither of them heard the door at the side of them open but they heard the old lady roar and Jason felt her walking stick as she prodded him repeatedly in the back.

“What do you think you’re doing, you fucking perverts?” she cried.

Mrs. Goldstein was the last permanent resident in the block of flats and lived in the apartment across from Cathy and Leroy. It was her wall that the girl’s bare butt was slapping against as she was fucked and the woman had come out to investigate. She had lived in the apartment since she got married but her husband had passed away many years ago. Now 72 years old, she was a cantankerous old woman who everyone avoided.

“I asked what the fuck you think you’re doing?” she repeated and new eyes narrowed when Cathy snapped back, “I’m getting fucked you old crone. Now piss off and leave us alone.”

“Bastard,” the old woman spat in response. “Don’t you try and get smart with me you little bitch. I know exactly what you’re doing. I’ve had more cock up my cunt that you cam possibly imagine.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Cathy replied dismissively and turned back to her boyfriend and said, “Ignore the old hag Jason. Keep fucking me.”

The young boy was unsure what to do but he turned back to Cathy and began to stroke his shaft in and out of her body.
Cathy tried to close her eyes and relax into the sex, but when she opened her eyes a few moments later, Mrs. Goldstein was still standing there and her eyes were watching Jason’s cock.

“So you’re just going to stand there and watch,” Cathy demanded of the woman. “You’re the fucking pervert.”

The old woman just smiled sweetly at her but didn’t move.

“Fuck!” Cathy exclaimed. “I’m sorry Jason. I can’t do this.”

She gently pushed her boyfriend away until his cock slipped out of her hole and she let her long skirt fall back down to cover her legs.

Before the boy could react, the old woman banged her walking stick on the floor and cackled, “Good. Good. Why don’t you come with me sonny and I’ll show you how a real woman fucks.”

Both Cathy and Jason’s mouth dropped open in astonishment as the woman continued, “I haven’t had a cock inside me for years and warn flesh will make a welcome change from plastic.”

Cathy was first to find her voice and she spluttered, “You fucking old witch. I can’t believe that you’re hitting on my boyfriend!”

“Relax slut,” the woman said. “I don’t want your boyfriend, I just want his cock.” She turned to the boy and leaned on her stick with one hand and pulled her skirt up with the other. She was wearing some form of long drawers beneath her skirt and she clutched herself between her legs and said, “What about it sonny. I bet it’s still as tight as your slut girlfriends is.”

“You’re an evil bitch!” Cathy snarled. “It would serve you right if Jason did jump your old bones.”

“Honey, I’m counting on it,” the woman retorted as she let her skirt fall and took Jason by the hand. The young boy looked helplessly at his girlfriend as the woman dragged him into her apartment and he was about to pull away when Cathy decided to call the woman’s bluff.

“Go on Jason,” she said with a superior smile on her face. “Do the old hag. Fuck the shit out of her tired old body.”

Mrs. Goldstein led the boy into the apartment and she waited until Cathy was inside before she slammed the door shut and closed the four locks. The bedroom that she led the boy into was a mess and smelled of cat piss. The bed was unmade and Cathy didn’t even want to think about what the stains were on the bedcovers. Jason’s cock had gone soft and the old woman looked down at it before she got slowly and painfully down on her knees.
She lifted his flaccid prick with one hand and brought her other hand to her mouth.

“Oh gross!” Cathy gasped as the old woman removed her false teeth and threw them onto the bed. Jason could only wrinkle his nose in disgust before the old hag’s mouth closed around his prick. Mrs. Goldstein could taste Cathy’s cunt on Jason’s prick and she licked the shaft clean and sucked the shaft into her throat.

The old woman had never forgotten how to give good head and her soft toothless gums teased the tip of the boys cock while her tongue prodded his piss hole.
Despite the sight of his prick in the mouth of the old woman, Jason’s shaft began to thicken and harden and he closed his eyes and let her experienced mouth bring him to full erection.

“Shit,” Cathy said softly as she watched the woman work. She could see that it was having an effect on Jason by looking at his face and at the small part of his prick that wasn’t inside Mrs. Goldstein’s mouth.

There was a loud plop when the old woman pulled her face back from the boys cock and she grinned and licked her lips as she looked up at Cathy.

“Your cunt tastes good slut. Are you sure you don’t want me lick you out while I’m on my knees.”

“I’m sure, you old hag,” Cathy shot back. “Now, are you just going to suck or do you really want to fuck.”

Mrs. Goldstein put both her hands on top of the walking stick, and it took every ounce of strength she had to haul her body back onto her feet. For a fleeting moment, Cathy thought about kicking the stick away while the old woman’s weight was on it and she smiled sadistically, but her foot only twitched slightly.

When she had straightened her back, Mrs. Goldstein looked at them both while her hand unzipped her shirt and it slid down her bony hips and onto the floor. Her face was flushed as she felt them stare at her long beige drawers that covered her sex and Cathy tapped her foot on the floor in exasperation and snapped, “Well, lets see it you old hag. Let’s see this supposedly tight cunt of yours.”

The old woman looked around for somewhere to lean her stick but Cathy made a clicking noise with her tongue on the roof of her mouth and reached out to push the old woman onto the bed.
Mrs Goldstein cried out in surprise as her back hit the bed but the girl gave her no time to recover as she gripped the waistband of her drawers and pulled them off.
As the woman recovered her breath, she spread her legs apart and let them both get a good look between her legs. Her puffy cunt lips were just visible beneath the forest of dark curly pubic hair that went all the way up her stomach to her navel. The blue veins stood out on her legs and her leathery skin was pulled tightly over the bones of her hips

The sight of a 72 year old woman lying almost naked on the bed and opening up her legs for the two young people was so perverted and so obscene that Cathy’s cunt began to moisten.

The young girl reached out her had and probed the pubic hair before she found the woman’s sex lips. Her finger slipped inside easily and as she brought it back out she said, “Jesus, she’s really wet.”

“And tight?” Jason asked hopefully.

“Tight enough,” Cathy replied. “Go on Jason. Fuck the old witch.”

While the two youngsters had been talking, Mrs Goldstein’s fingers had been busy in her cunt, making sure that her outer lips were lubed up to let him slip inside easily. Her pubic hair was becoming matted against her shin making her sex easier to see and Cathy could smell the old cunt even over the cat piss.

Jason got onto the dirty bed and crawled between the old woman’s legs just as Cathy raised one of her feet onto the bed, pulled up her skirt and began masturbating herself.


In the other apartment, Louise let Leroy’s prick fall out of her mouth and she sat back on her heels and reached up to take the joint out of his fingers. Thin strands of her throat slime hung from the corners of her mouth and she wiped them away with the back of her hand as she took a long pull and inhaled the smoke.
She glanced over to her little sister and shook her head. The preteen was slumped against the wall with her yellow dress pulled up around her waist. The crotch of her cotton panties was soaking and Louise could clearly see the outline of the little girl’s hand inside the waistband as she fingered herself.

Jan’s eyes were closed and she was only dimly aware when Louise spoke to Leroy saying, “Look at the little slut. She’s 11 years old, high on shit and horny.”

They both laughed and Leroy replied, “She’s not the only one who’s horny,” as he looked between Louise’s legs as she sat in front of him.

Louise looked down and smiled at the thin wet line that showed where the juices had been leaking out of her fuck hole and she rubbed the material, pushing it into her cunt and making it wetter.
She took another long pull on the joint and looked back at her boyfriend but Leroy’s eyes were fixed on Jan’s hand working inside her panties.

“Do you want to see her cunt?” Louise asked quietly.

Leroy swallowed hard and replied, “God, yeah.”

Louise stretched over to her sister and pulled the little girl’s panties to the side. The child’s pubes were swollen with lust and he could see right inside her fuck tube as her fingers held it open. The normally pink flesh was scarlet and he groaned, “Fuck,” when he saw how wet she was.

Jan’s eyes were still tightly closed as she concentrated on masturbating and she didn’t even feel her sister’s hand on her panties.

Her eyes flew open however when Louise slapped her on the inside of her thigh and growled, “Come here slut.”

The little girl had a stupid grin on her face and she was completely unconcerned that her sex was exposed as she fell forward onto her hands and knees and crawled over to her sister.
Louise handed the joint to the preteen who immediately put it to her lips and took a long pull. She held the smoke in her lungs for as long as she could, just like she had seen Leroy do, and she could feel the narcotic pass through the membranes of her lungs and enter her bloodstream.

Her older sister took the joint out of her hand and wordlessly pointed at Leroy’s thick cock that was glistening with Louise’s throat slime. Jan knew exactly what to do and the boy gasped as the little sluts mouth closed around his shaft.

Her head bobbed up and down, treating the boy’s prick just like one of the dog’s cocks. Her little tongue swirled around his piss hole while her small fist curled around the base of his shaft and gently rubbed over the surface.

Louise had been horny thinking about the fuck she was going to get from Leroy but it really turned her on to watch her little sister give head. Jan’s butt was in the air as she tried to swallow as much of the boy’s cock as possible and Louise trailed her hand over her sister’s ass before sliding her fingers into one of the leg holes of her soaking panties. Jan instinctively shuffled her knees further apart and arched her back to give the fingers more room. The juices were running out of the preteen’s sex and Louise played with the slippery outer lips for a few seconds before sliding two fingers deep into Jan’s tight little fuck hole.

She suddenly realised that she had never tasted her sister’s cunt before and she withdrew her fingers, smelt the thick slime that coated them and them pushed them into her mouth. She groaned loudly at the delicious taste. She had never tasted such sweet cunt cream and within seconds, her fingers were back in Jan’s hole for a second helping. This time however, she offered her smelly fingers to Leroy who eagerly slurped them into his mouth and sucked them clean.

“Fuck, that’s nice,” he said smiling at Louise. “She’s just as sweet as you are.”

“Sweeter,” Louise confirmed, pushing her fingers back into her little sister’s cunt causing her to squirm with lust.

Jan’s mouth was working furiously of Leroy’s prick and he groaned loudly as her sharp little tongue probed and swirled around his piss hole. The boy’s eyes closed and Louise reached out to take the joint from his relaxed fingers. She inhaled deeply as she continued to finger fuck Jan’s hole, feeling the child’s cunt juice run between her thrusting fingers and drip into the crotch of her already sodden panties.

Leroy’s mouth hung open and Louise was suddenly aware of the slack look on his face and the rapid heaving of his chest.

“Fuck!” she thought. “The little bitch is going to make him cum.”

Her cunt was soaking and she wasn’t going to let her sister have all the fun. She needed some cock inside her.
She reached out to entwine her fingers in Jan’s hair and savagely jerked the little girl’s head back. Louise laughed at the ragged scream that came from her sister’s throat and Leroy’s eyes snapped open at the sound. The child fell onto the floor beside Leroy and began to topple onto her side before Louise let go of her hair.

“I don’t mind you sucking on his cock you little slut,” she snarled. “But his cum is mine.”

As Jan scrambled to her feet, rubbing the back of her head where her hair had almost been pulled out, she watched resentfully as her sister stood up, skimmed of her panties and stood astride her boyfriends lap.
The joint was now so small that Louise was in danger of burning her fingers and she looked around for somewhere to put it down. Just when she had decided that she would have to crush it out, Jan reached up and plucked it out of her hand. The child’s fingers were small enough for her to be able to hold it and she raised it to her lips and inhaled deeply. Louise shook her head and slowly squatted over Leroy’s lap, looking down at the boy’s cock that was pointing straight up towards her cunt. The shaft was covered with Jan’s saliva and just as Louise’s sex lips touched the tip of his prick, a large drop of pre-cum oozed out of his piss hole and ran down the side of the hard shaft.

Louise groaned as the first two inches of the solid cock entered her cunt and she stopped with her eyes closed for a few seconds to savour and enjoy the feeling. Opening her eyes again, she looked into the boy’s face as she began lowering her sex again and this time she didn’t stop until every last millimetre was up her fuck hole.

“Fuck, that’s nice,” she gasped, leaning backwards and pulling her hands around her back to grip Leroy’s knees.
In this position, Leroy could just see the root of his prick sticking out from the girl’s cunt and he smiled at the sight.

Jan was swaying slightly on her feet and she took one more draw of the joint before she was forced to drop it on the floor or burn her fingers.

She was so horny and the sight of her sister taking Leroy’s cock up her cunt was making her even worse. She quickly skimmed of her saturated panties and staggered forward to step over Leroy’s lap and position her body between him and her sister. The child didn't say anything but she pulled her skirt up to her waist and looked at him expectantly.

Leroy reached out to grip the preteen’s hips and pulled her bald sex into his face and slid his tongue inside her body. At the same time, Louise let go of Leroy’s knees and lent forward to pull Jan’s butt cheeks apart. She could see Leroy’s tongue slither up the child’s fuck hole and Louise bent further forward and lapped at her sisters little puckered asshole as her thigh muscles lifted her own sex on and off the cock buried inside her.

The little girl gave a loud groan at the assault on both her holes and her mind flashed back to the morning when both of her dogs were doing exactly the same thing to her.


Mrs. Goldstein opened her legs as far as her arthritic hips would allow and her eyes gleamed with lust as she watched Jason shuffle between her legs, bringing his cock closer and closer to her aching sex. She held her breath as the tip of his shaft brushed against her open cunt lips and then let out a long sigh of satisfaction as he pushed inside her.

“Oh God, it’s been to long,” she muttered, almost to herself. “Much to long.”

Her old cunt walls were pushed apart until Jason was fully inside her, and the boy started to pull back and prepared to fuck the woman.

“No!” she wailed loudly and closed her legs as much as she could to stop him moving.

As he looked down at her she gasped, “Please don't move. Just stay like that for a while. It’s been so long and it feels so good.”

Jason grinned and looked across at his girlfriend who was slowly moving two fingers in and out of her cunt. “She may be old,” he said happily. “But she’s still hot and tight. Just the way I like them.”

Cathy returned his grin as she pulled her fingers out of her body and sniffed them as she climbed onto the bed and knelt beside the old woman. Mrs. Goldstein was lying still with her eyes closed and a small smile on her lips as she thrilled to the feeling of having her hole full of cock and Cathy leaned forward and gripped the front of the woman’s blouse.

“Let’s see what kind of tits she’s got,” she said as she pulled the blouse open. Buttons popped open or were ripped off the blouse as she tore it open and the old woman’s eyes opened.

“What the fuck’s this?” Cathy said staring down at the slip the woman was wearing. She pulled it up until it was bunched under Mrs. Goldstein’s arms and then sat back on her heels to admire her work. The old woman’s tits had so little flesh in them that the skin flopped about on her chest but her nipples were still hard and erect. She was so thin that her bones almost poked through her shin in a number of places and the girl reached out and took one of the woman’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She giggled happily as the old woman cried out as she squeezed teat and she looked up at Jason and commanded, “Fuck the bitch.”

As the boy began to slowly shaft the 72-year-old cunt, Cathy stood up on the bed, skimmed of her panties and faced her boyfriend as she straddled Mrs. Goldstein’s head.
The woman looked up into the wet slit between the young girl’s legs and she knew exactly what was going to happen.
Her toothless mouth opened as the girl squatted over her face and the powerful smell of a cunt on heat filled her nostrils. As Cathy’s sex lips touched her mouth the old woman’s tongue slithered up the girl’s fuck tube and pulled her slime into her throat. Cathy sighed happily as she was tongued and pressed down further until her hard clit was resting on Mrs. Goldstein’s chin.

As Jason began to increase the speed of his thrusts, Cathy rocked her hips back and forward to rub her sensitive clit over the woman’s chin. Cathy could feel Mrs. Goldstein moan into her sex but the old woman never stopped drinking down the cunt juice that was pouring out of the girl’s slit.

The familiar rush of an orgasm was building up between Cathy’s legs and she groaned, “Suck me you old hag. Suck me hard,” as she reached out her hand to slip it between Mrs. Goldstein’s legs and feel her boyfriends slippery cock slide in and out of the old fuck hole.

Jason was holding onto the woman’s hip bones as he pounded in and out of her cunt and Cathy could feel that the old woman was very close to her climax because of the way her body was tensed. The young girl was also close to cumming over the woman’s face and just as her orgasm exploded inside her young body, Cathy gripped Mrs. Goldstein’s throbbing clit and squeezed it as hard as she could. The woman’s scream was muffled by Cathy’s spasming cunt that was clamped over her mouth and the girl had only a fraction of as second to enjoy the results of her stimulation before her eyes fluttered closed and her own body convulsed and shuddered.


Jan was creaming heavily. The drug coursing through her bloodstream had heightened her senses and the effect of Leroy’s tongue inside her cunt and her sister’s tongue inside her bowels was almost causing her to pass out Her hands gripped Leroy’s shoulders tightly for support and her leg muscles trembled continually as she came. Louise couldn’t believe that the preteen could produce so much cunt cream. Although Leroy was drinking it down as fast as he could, the insides of the child’s legs were covered in the slime and there was a constant drip falling out of her body onto his lap.

The young girl’s eyes were tightly closed and she was drawing in short gasps of air through clenched teeth as the tongues held her in orgasm. As her climax began to subside, a touch on her clit or asshole would start of another and she would begin to shudder and convulse again.

The little girl was so consumed by her multiple orgasm that only Leroy’s and Louise’s hands were holding her up as they lapped at her holes. Louise would have loved to keep her sister cumming but her tongue and jaw were getting sore and her own cunt was demanding attention. She pulled her face away, taking her tongue out of the preteens shit tube and then dropped her hands. She giggled as Jan’s trembling legs buckled and the child toppled sideways to collapse on the floor in a heap.

Jan’s body sprawled on the dirty floor with her short skirt crushed around her waist and her legs wide apart. Her slit was swollen and red and her cunt slime oozed out of her hole and pooled beneath her, soaking into her skirt.
Both Leroy and Louise looked at her for a few seconds before Louise turned back to him and began bouncing her wet fuck hole up and down his shaft.

“My turn,” she said. “Make me cum baby. I need to cum.”

She threw her arms around his neck and drew his lips onto hers as she fucked him. She could taste her little sister’s cunt in his mouth and she knew that he would be able to taste the child’s asshole from her mouth and the thought excited her further. Leroy gripped her butt cheeks tightly, opening them up, and giving him an extra half inch of penetration, as he started thrusting his hips upwards to match hers.
She groaned into his mouth as her tongue darted down his throat. Her erect clit was rasping over the surface of his prick as he shafted her and the intensity of the tingling between her legs was increasing.

“Oh fuck, I’m close,” she moaned as she drew her mouth away from his.

Leroy’s cock was flashing in and out of her hole as fast as he could and he could feel the spunk bubble inside his balls. He was determined to make Louise cream before he pumped her full of his slime and he gritted his teeth with the effort.

Just when he thought that he wasn’t going to make it, Louise cried, “Fuck I’m cumming,” and her body shuddered in climax. Her tight wet cunt contracted around his pistoning cock and the extra friction as enough to send him over the top and he heard the girl gasp as the powerful jets of his hot spunk blasted against her cervix.


In the old woman’s house, Cathy’s orgasm had just receded and as her eyes opened, she grinned when she found that Jason was looking at her.

“Good cum?” he asked with a grin and he laughed when she replied, “Fucking right. Even my toes and my ears tingled with that one.”

She slowly moved to the side, pulling her cunt away from the old woman’s face and she looked down at her. Mrs. Goldstein was almost unconscious and her chest was rising and falling rapidly as she fought to recover from her climax.

Cathy looked down at where Jason’s cock was still buried to the hilt inside the woman’s fuck hole and she asked, “Have you cum yet?”

Jason shook his head and Cathy grinned wickedly as she said, “Let’s fuck the old witch up the ass.”

Jason pulled out of Mrs. Goldstein’s body and the woman moaned feebly as they flipped her over onto her stomach. Louise sat across the woman’s back and reached down to pull her bony ass cheeks apart. Mrs. Goldstein’s asshole was a tight puckered opening and the skin surrounding it was stained brown. She hardly moved when Cathy spat on it and gently spread her saliva around. Pushing a bit harder she wormed the tip of her finger inside the woman’s bowels and lubed her up. Jason was gently jacking himself off as he watched his girlfriend at work and he bent forward and added his saliva to hers.

Cathy pushed harder and as her finger pushed deeper into the tight shit hole, Mrs. Goldstein’s head snapped up and she cried out, “Not up the ass. Please. I don't take it up the ass.”

“You do now, witch,” Cathy hissed as she nodded to Jason.

The boy stepped between the old woman’s legs and Cathy pulled her ass cheeks further apart and watched the head of his cock press against her back hole. Mrs. Goldstein automatically tightened her anal muscles but the combination of the saliva that covered her shitter and her cunt slime that covered Jason’s cock were too much and Cathy clapped her hands excitedly as her boyfriends prick popped inside the woman’s asshole.

Mrs. Goldstein wailed as she was penetrated but she couldn't do anything except pound her fists on the bed and kick her legs because Cathy was still sitting on her back.

Jason kept pushing until his entire length was buried up the old hag’s shit hole and he then began to fuck her.

“Please don't,” Mrs. Goldstein pleaded with the tears running down her cheeks. “Fuck my cunt all you want, but don't do me up the ass.”

The stinging pain radiated out from her back hole and she felt like her ass was on fire. Jason’s shaft was sliding in and out of her back hole faster and faster as he savoured the tightness of her virgin shit hole.

Despite the fact that she had just cum, Cathy could feel her cunt begin to heat up again and as she got to her feet, thin strands of her slime joined her cunt to the wet patch on the back of the old woman’s blouse where she had been sitting.

Mrs. Goldstein no longer had the strength to pull away from Jason’s cock as she was raped up her asshole and Cathy got off the bed and knelt down beside her boyfriend and watched his shaft make the old woman’s back hole bulge out every time he pushed inwards.

She slid her hand under the thrusting cock and felt that the entrance to Mrs. Goldstein’s cunt was still wet and slimy. Driving two fingers up the woman’s fuck tube causing her to jump and cry out, and as Jason pounded on her shit hole, Cathy finger fucked her front hole and pressed her fingers against the thin membrane that separated her from her boyfriend’s prick.

The burning pain in her asshole was beginning to dull and Cathy’s experienced fingers were starting to feel very good inside her cunt. The old woman raised her butt slightly from the bed to give the young girl better access and she gasped when Jason took advantage of the better position to fuck her deeper and harder.

Cathy had one hand jammed up Mrs. Goldstein’s cunt and the other hand pushed up her own. She finger fucked herself as fast as she did the old woman and it was like a race to see who would orgasm first.

The woman raised her butt up further and drew her knees beneath her until she was on her hands and knees with her knees wide apart. The pain in her asshole had changed to pleasure and the cock and the girl’s fingers were doing their work. She could feel the juices run out of her old hole and she moaned continually as her second climax approached. It erupted inside her like a volcano and the rush of heat radiated out of her sex and covered her body for a few seconds before the shuddering started. A long sigh rattled out of her throat and her head collapsed onto the bed as she surrendered totally to the waves of pleasure.

Cathy was only a few moments behind her and the girl rubbed furiously at her clit until she was rocketed to another climax. Seeing both females begin to cum, Jason screwed his eyes closed and gritted his teeth as he emptied his balls into Mrs. Goldstein’s shit hole. Jet after jet of his hot load splattered inside her bowels and he grinned as he watched the old woman’s body jerk in response to every spurt.


It took a while for Louise’s breathing to return to normal, and, when it did, she looked down at where Leroy’s cock was still inside her cunt. She could feel that it had softened inside her and as she lifted herself off, a thin trickle of spunk leaked out of her cunt.

Jan had recovered from her cum as well, but she was still horny. Before Louise could move, the child was on her knees in front of her with her mouth open. Louise laughed throatily at her sister and then straddled the little girl’s face and pulled her sex open. Large clumps of spunk mixed with her own cream slid out of her hole and into her sisters waiting mouth. Jan swallowed it all down and when the last drop had fallen, she glued her little mouth over Louise’s slit and licked it clean. Her tongue cleaned the walls of her sisters fuck tube as deep as she could go and then she concentrated on licking her outer lips until every last trace of spunk and girl cum was gone.

When Jan moved away, Louise recovered her discarded clothes and she watched her sister crawl on her hands and knees towards Leroy as she began to dress. Leroy’s eyes were lightly closed as he savoured the afterglow of the sex, but they fluttered open when he felt the young girl’s fingers touch his soft prick. The shaft was shining with Louise’s cunt juices and a thin dribble of spunk had trickled out of his piss hole and was sitting on his pubic hair. He watched as the child sucked the glob of sperm into her moth and then her tongue darted out and licked the slimy shaft.

As Louise pulled on her wet panties and smoothed down her skirt, she watched Jan lift the soft cock and suck it into her mouth. Leroy groaned and jumped when the child’s tongue swirled across the sensitive head of his prick but he could feel the shaft begin to stiffen again and so could Jan. She sucked and licked the cock, loving the way it hardened in her mouth and she didn't stop until it was fully erect again. She pulled her head away and looked down at the shaft that was now clean and shining with her saliva.

Grinning, she looked up at Leroy and said, “Please fuck me. I’m really horny.”

As it to try and confirm what she had said, she rubbed her fingers over her cunt and showed then to the boy. Her fingers were thickly coated with her juice and the smell wafted into his nose. He looked up at his girlfriend for guidance but Louise just shrugged her shoulders.

“Can she take a cock?” he asked Louise in concern. “I don't want to hurt her.”

Before Louise could answer, Jan replied, “I’ve had bigger inside me, lots of times.”

Louise thought of the size of the dog’s cock that she had seen a few times and she shrugged again and said, “Yeah, she probably has. If you want to fuck her, just do it. Stretch the bitch’s little cunt open.”

Before Leroy could say anything else, Jan stood facing him and straddled his lap, exactly like she had seen her sister do, and squatted down. Leroy watched the tight hairless cunt get closer and closer to his cock and he held his breath as the child took the first couple of inches up her front hole. When she felt the resistance, Jan bit her bottom lip as she pushed down harder and she didn't stop until the prick was firmly embedded inside her fuck tube. Even with the lubrication inside her hole and her saliva on the surface of the shaft, she was very tight and Leroy groaned as his cock felt like it was being held in a hot, wet, velvet covered fist.

As the preteen began to rise and lower her cunt over Leroy’s shaft, he lounged back on the floor and closed his eyes, content to let the eleven year old do all the work. Louise shook her head at the sight of her boyfriends cock buried fully up her young sister’s hole, and she left them to fuck while she went out of the room to find the bathroom.

As she came out of the bedroom and into the living room, the front door opened and Cathy and Jason entered. Jason gave her a smile as he walked past her and went further into the room before throwing himself down on a pile of old cushions. Cathy bolted the door closed and then turned around to face Louise. The two girls hadn't actually met before although Louise knew that Cathy shared the house with Leroy, and Cathy knew that Leroy had a girlfriend. They stared at each other, sizing each other up and Louise opened her mouth to speak but Cathy beat her to it. The sounds coming from Leroy’s bedroom were unmistakable, due to Jan bouncing her cunt so hard and fast that her butt was slapping against his stomach about twice a second.

“Who’s Leroy fucking?” Cathy asked.

“My little sister,” Louise replied.

“Jesus!” Cathy said, “She only looks about ten years old!”

“She’s eleven,” Louise replied helpfully, and she grinned when Cathy responded sarcastically, “Eleven. Oh that's all right them. For a minute there I thought she was too young to fuck!”

Louise shrugged her shoulders and said, “It’s her choice. If she wasn't sitting on Leroy’s cock, she’d probably be at home with a dog’s cock up her cunt.”

When she finished speaking, she smiled at Cathy and turned to go into the bathroom.

Cathy’s mouth had fallen open at the thought of Jan fucking an animal, bet she gave herself a mental shake and followed Louise into the bathroom. Louise hadn't locked the door because the latch was broken and she had her panties down at her ankles and was wiping her slit with a ball of toilet paper when Cathy came into the room. Cathy walked straight to the toilet bowl and raised her skirt before sitting down. In less than a second, her piss was splashing into the water and Louise couldn't help looking. Seeing where her eyes were directed, Cathy had a small smile on her lips as she opened her legs so that Louise could see her hot yellow waste as it spurted out of her cunt. She could also see that Cathy’s cunt had been used recently and she knew that her own hole looked just as red and swollen.

She was holding the used toilet paper in her hand and Cathy opened her legs even wider and said, “You can drop it in here if you want.”

Her mind reeling, Louise took a step forward and pushed the wad of paper between Cathy’s legs. As it went through the stream of piss, some drops splashed up and fell onto the back of Louise’s hand. While Cathy watched, Louise brought her hand up to her nose to smell the other girls piss and then licked the drops off her skim. Cathy shivered slightly at the other girls’ actions and she locked eyes with her as she reached out and pulled off some fresh toilet paper. Wrapping it around her hand, she let the last few drips fall out of her cunt before she moved her hand down to wipe. Shaking her head, Louise stopped her by gripping her arm. Cathy’s heart was hammering in her chest as she wondered what Louise had in mind and she watched the young girl get onto her knees in front of her.

“Stand up,” Louise said softly.

Holding the front of her skirt up to her waist, Cathy stood up and Louise watched in fascination as a small drop of piss formed on the older girl’s outer lips. Just before it fell, Louise scooped it up with her tongue and savoured the salty taste. Reaching around to grasp both of Cathy’s bare ass cheeks, she pulled the girl’s cunt into her mouth and Cathy groaned as the young girls tongue wormed its way up her fuck tube.


Jan was desperate to cum again and she bounced her preteen little cunt up and down Leroy’s cock as hard and as fast as she could. The narcotic drug was still flowing through her body, intensifying every sensation, but she had reached some form of plateau and just couldn’t manage that extra little kick that would take her into orgasm.
Leroy wasn't helping much as he laid back and let her do all the work, but her fuck hole was incredibly tight and the speed of her thrusts was bringing him very close.

Jan gritted her teeth and frantically rubbed at her throbbing clit as she fucked the prick but it didn't seem to make any difference, and she groaned in pure frustration as Leroy cried, “Jesus, I'm going to cum you little bitch. I'm going to spurt up your cunt.”

Before Jan had any chance to react, she felt the cock inside her tube give a massive lurch and her soft cunt walls were bathed in spunk. Almost crying with disappointment, she threw her head back and groaned loudly. As she did so, her eyes opened and she saw Jason standing in the doorway watching her. He had been attracted by the noises they were making and as Cathy had stayed in the toilet with the other girl, he thought it would be safe to have a look. When he realised that Jan had spotted him however, he made to turn away, but the preteen jumped to her feet. There was a loud slurping noise as she pulled her cunt off Leroy’s prick and spunk started to drip out of her hole as she reached the doorway, gripped Jason by the arm and dragged him into the bedroom.

Before he was fully inside the room, Jan’s little fingers were unfastening the button of his denims and pulling down the zip. He made a half-hearted effort to stop the child but she wouldn't be denied. Slapping his hand away, she hissed, “I want your cock. You have to fuck me until I cum.”

Pulling his pants down to his ankles, Jan yelped excitedly when his hard cock sprang free and she threw her arms around his neck and jumped up to wrap her legs around his waist.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried as she wriggled her butt around trying to line her dripping hole up with Jason’s prick. Reaching beneath her ass, he gripped his shaft and raised it up until the tip nudged against her fuck hole.

With a satisfied grin, Jan sank her hot cunt over Jason’s cock and sucked him fully inside.

The preteen was still stretched from taking Leroy’s cock and the inside of her tube was full of spunk and her own slime, so Jason had no trouble in sliding deep into her body. As soon as he gripped the young girl’s butt cheeks and took some of her weight, she started sliding her hot hole up and down his shaft. When he had woken up this morning, Jason would never have believed anyone who told him that within a period of an hour, he would fuck a seventy-two year-old woman and an eleven year-old child.

Leroy knew that it was the marijuana that was making Jan act this way, but there was something very erotic about watching such a young girl demand to be fucked.


Louise slurped eagerly at Cathy’s cunt and loved the combination of flavours from her fuck sauce and her piss. As she sucked, Cathy closed her eyes in concentration and was able to squeeze a final small trickle of urine out of her piss hole. Tasting the salty offering, Louise moaned and used her fingers to open up the older girl’s cunt and lap up the piss.

“No wonder you little sisters a slut,” Cathy said with a grin, as she looked down to where Louise’s mouth was glued over her sex. “She obviously takes after you.”

Louise didn't stop sucking, but she swivelled her eyes up to Cathy’s face as she continued, “I’ll bet you fuck dogs too?”

Pulling her mouth away for a few seconds, Louise replied, “I haven’t yet. But I think I’ll give it a try.”

“Good,” Cathy replied, and then pulled Louise’s face back into her cunt as she added, “But wait until I'm around. I want to watch you do it.”

Louise concentrated on licking out the older girl’s fuck hole and was slightly disappointed that there was no more piss, but Cathy’s bladder was empty. She pushed her tongue as far up the hot and tight tube as she could and wormed a finger between Cathy’s ass cheeks to rub gently at her shit hole. When she heard Cathy groan and felt her push her butt backward against her finger, she stiffened it and pushed it up the girl’s asshole.

The effect was immediate and Cathy moaned continually as Louise rotated her finger and swirled it around to open up her shit tube. At the same time, Louise fastened her lips around Cathy’s stiff clit and teased it with her teeth, gently nibbling and then increasing the pressure slightly.

The older girl could feel the familiar rush begin deep inside her cunt and she relaxed into the feeling until it was the centre of her being. As the tingling intensified, she gasped through gritted teeth, “Fuck, you’re going to make me cum.”

Louise was delighted that she was going to be able to bring the older girl of and she swirled her finger around in a wider circle to really open up Cathy’s shit hole and gripped her clit between her teeth and lashed it with her tongue. The extra stimulation was enough to take Cathy over the top and she cried out as she shuddered in climax.

Her cunt convulsed and produced a deluge of girl cum that Louise lapped up eagerly and the older girl clung onto Louise’s shoulders to prevent herself collapsing to the floor. As Louise licked up the delicious slime, her tongue kept Cathy in orgasm, which meant that she produced more slime. It was a circle of events that Louise was more than happy to keep going, and she swallowed as much cunt sauce as she was able, but eventually, Cathy had to pull her over stimulated clit away from the young girl’s mouth and step back.

It actually wasn't a step, but more of a stumble and she tottered back until she was able to sit on the side of the bath with her chest heaving and her cunt dripping.

Louise sat back down on her heels and watched the older girl recover. While she waited, she sniffed the finger that had been in Cathy’s asshole and then sucked it until the only smell left was of her own mouth.

Cathy was getting her breath back and she watched Louise taste her shitter from her finger. She had initially been unsure of the girl, but now was very aroused by her and she wanted to taste her sex. She was sure that Louise would agree but she stood up slowly from the side of the bath and said, “I want to do you now.”

A huge grin split the younger girls face and Cathy continues, “Let’s get more comfortable.”

She took Louise by the hand, helping her to her feet, and led her out of the bathroom. As they passed Leroy’s bedroom, they stopped for a moment to watch Jan buck her tight little cunt over Jason’s cock. For a second, Cathy felt a pang of jealousy, but it passed very quickly and she pulled Louise over to the double mattress on the living room floor.

Louise sat down on the mattress, skimming down her panties as she did so. When she slipped them off, she realised that the crotch was soaking, and she made to throw them on the floor but Cathy grabbed them out her hand. The younger girl smiled as she watched Cathy move them towards her nose and she giggled and asked, “Do you always go around sniffing girl's underwear?”

“I do when they smell this good,” Cathy replied and she wiped the sticky stain over her nose and her mouth.

Louise watched her as she propped herself up with her back against the wall. She brought her knees up and spread her legs as she slid a finger up her cunt and covered it with her slime. Pulling it out, she sniffed it before straightening her arm and offering the wet finger to Cathy. The older girl dropped the panties she had been smelling and crawled slowly forward on her hands and knees. Her eyes were focused on the dripping finger, but she could smell Louise’s cunt as she came forward and the scent drew her like a magnet and made her own fuck hole drool in response. Cathy was like a bitch in heat and she shivered as she opened her mouth and sucked the finger inside. Her tongue swirled around and cleaned every drop of the tangy cunt juice before she spat it out and looked into Louise’s face. Chewing slowly on her bottom lip, Louise reached between her legs with both hands and pulled her fuck hole open

“Do me,” she pleaded. “Please do me.”


Leroy’s cock was getting hard again as he watched Jan take Jason’s cock. After two cums in quick succession, he should have been drained, but their was something incredible erotic about an eleven year old child acting like a complete slut, and it was certainly having an effect on him.

Lying down on the mattress, he had the perfect view of her tightly stretched cunt hungrily clinging to Jason’s shaft, and Leroy began jerking himself off gently as he watched.

As Jason held on tightly to the preteens butt cheeks, he opened up her ass crack and Leroy could see her pink little shit hole and the long, thin strands of cunt slime that dripped lazily out of her front hole and spiralled down to the floor.

Getting to his feet, he fisted his now rock hard prick and reached out with the fingers of his other hand to catch some of the slime that was pouring out of Jan’s cunt. The young girl became aware of his presence when he pressed his fingers against her asshole and spread her slime around the entrance. Smiling at him as she looked over her shoulder, Leroy stiffened one of his fingers and pushed it into her bowels.

Jan groaned at the penetration and she tilted her hips back to encourage him to go further. Leroy happily responded, and she cried out her pleasure as he slowly worked his finger to loosen her up and open her asshole at the same time.

The preteens breathing was shallow and fast, as Leroy pulled his finger out and then pushed two back in. Gradually increasing the depth until he was fingering her all the way up to his palm, he could feel Jason’s cock on the other side of the child’s shit tube and he looked over Jan’s shoulder at the boy and grinned at him.

Jason could feel what Leroy as doing and he wondered if such a young girl would be able to take a cock up her asshole. From the huge grin on Leroy’s face, Jason knew that that was exactly what he was planning to do and he continued to fuck Jan, hard and fast, while Leroy got her loose and ready.


When Louise had let Cathy lick her cunt slime of her finger, she had felt the metal ball of the older girl’s tongue stud on her flesh and she wondered what it would be like to feel it on her cunt. She didn't have long to wonder because she could feel Cathy’s hot breath on her open hole as her mouth bent closer.

Louise held her breath and time seemed to slow down as Cathy moved closer and closer until her tongue made contact and flicked delicately over her slit. Gently at first, Cathy licked up and down the outer lips of Louise’s cunt and then pulled the younger girls fingers away and stared at the drooling hole. Taking a deep breath, Cathy ran her tongue up the full length of Louise’s cunt and pushed inside. She tasted even sweeter than she smelled and the younger girl gave a long moan of satisfaction as she was penetrated. The tongue stud felt wonderful inside her tube and she jumped when Cathy teased her and flicked the metal ball against her burning clit.

Using her fingers, Cathy spread her lover open and pushed her tongue deep into her tight little pink hole. It was so warm and wet inside but Louise contracted her fuck muscles, trapping Cathy’s tongue and tugging it further into her tube. As she did so, she arched her back, raised her hips up from the mattress and growled, “Suck me you bitch. Suck me and make me cream.”

Eating Louise was really turning Cathy on. The powerful scent of her aroused cunt filled her nostrils as she lapped eagerly and swallowed all the girl cum that the younger girl could make. The metal stud through her tongue slid up and down the walls of her fuck tube and then went inside her little piss hole. The effect was like a jolt of electricity had flashed through her body and Louise cried out loudly as her whole body stiffened and a flood of juice gushed out to soak Cathy’s face


Jan’s butt was thrusting and writhing as she drove her tight cunt over Jason’s prick. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open as she came close to climax. Her twisting body was also moving her shit tube over Leroy’s fingers in the most delicious way and she groaned softly when he removed them. Only a few seconds later however and the tip of his rock hard cock was pressing against her back hole and Jason stopped thrusting and gripped the preteens ass tightly to stop her moving. Jan’s eyes opened and she looked into his eyes, just as Leroy began to push forward. The child’s asshole had loosened up from the finger fucking but her back hole was never meant to take something the size of Leroy’s shaft. Her eyes grew wide as he continued to push forward and her asshole was forced into her body.

She cried out in pain but Leroy kept a steady pressure until the head of his prick popped past the resistance of her anal sphincter. The preteen was panting and almost hyperventilating by the time Leroy had forced his shaft into her shitter, but neither of the boys gave her any time to recover as they began fucking her. Jason’s cock was fully inside her cunt and battering against her cervix as she was pounded, wile Leroy was just starting to get into his rhythm and was sliding deeper into her asshole with every thrust.
Her back hole was as hot and as soft as her cunt, and after the initial pain had begun to diminish, the child responded by pushing her ass back against Leroy’s cock and she gasped, “Fuck my hard. Please make me cum.”

They both stated pumping their cock in and out of Jan’s holes deeper and faster until they were driving their shafts into her and slapping her with their balls.
Jan was out of her mind with pleasure and her whole body was on fire. She could feel her little cunt tingle and she desperately needed to cum.

“Fuck me,” she cried loudly. “Fuck me harder.”

The pleasure in her body was so intense that the little girl was bucking about wildly as the two older boys sandwiched her between them. Her weight was being taken by the two thrusting cocks and she was so aroused that she felt her body starting to float. Coloured lights sparkled in front of her eyes and she started screaming loudly as a massive climax erupted inside her. She shuddered and convulsed like she was being electrocuted as the pleasure centre of her brain was hit by thousands and thousands of blissful jolts. Totally overloaded by pleasure, her brain shut down and the preteen’s eyes rolled up into her head as she passed out.

Even although she was unconscious, there was no way Jason and Leroy were going to stop now and they continued pounding the child’s limp body. The membrane that separated their cocks was so thin that the shafts were virtually rubbing together and the additional friction was having its effect. Both boys were very close to their release and it was Leroy who gasped first and then let out a long moan as his spunk erupted into the little girl’s bowels. Feeling Leroy’s prick jerk was enough to take Jason over the top and he groaned as well as his thick cum sprayed into Jan’s preteen cunt.


Louise’s girl cum was dripping down Cathy’s chin and she kept tonguing the climaxing teenager. As she licked, more spurts of love juice sprayed out of her spasming hole and Cathy eagerly drank it down.

Finally Louise’s orgasm subsided and Cathy moved up and kissed her on the mouth.

“You taste like cunt,” Louise said with a giggle as she pushed out her tongue and licked her cream from Cathy’s chin before kissing her again.

After their tongues had explored every inch of each others mouths, Louise moved her face back and said huskily, “I want to taste your cunt again.”

Cathy smiled as she got up on her knees, straddled the young girl’s head and slowly lowered her dripping hole down to her mouth. The young girl’s tongue was out of her mouth, and waiting for the cunt to get within reach. When it did, Louise’s tongue speared the open and dripping hole, making the older girl moan with pleasure as it wormed deeper and deeper. Cathy’s cunt muscles gripped the squirming tongue as her hips rotated in small circles over Louise’s face. She could feel her climax build and her nose was filled with the scent of aroused cunt. She didn't know if it was Louise’s hole, or her own she was smelling, and she really didn't care. The scent just added to her lust and she lowered her hips slightly and started sawing her rock hard clit over the younger girl’s nose. The flicking tongue inside her tube felt heavenly and the stimulation of her clit was intensifying the familiar rush until her orgasm exploded deep inside her. She cried out as she shuddered and Louise pulled her tongue out of the spasming cunt and lay still with her mouth wide open. The girl cum that splattered out of Cathy’s hole was the sweetest Louise had ever tasted and she swallowed quickly to make sure that she got every drop.

Both girls were breathing heavily as they changed position and lay side by side with their chests heaving. That was how Leroy and Jason found them a few minutes later and all four snuggled together and basked in the afterglow of their fucks.

Eventually, Louise began to wonder what had happened to her sister, and she got to her feet and went into Leroy’s room. The preteen was lying naked on the old and stained mattress as she slept off the effects of the drug. She had curled herself into a foetal position and was contentedly sucking on her thumb as she slept. The only thing that marred this idyllic picture were the trickles of spunk that were oozing out of both of her red and swollen fuck holes.

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