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In roman mythology, cupid whimsically shoots arrows with a mysterious power to freely control the hearts of men and women at will...When he shoots a gold tip arrow any person will fall in love. When he fires a lead tipped arrow anyone will awaken from love. In modern times, WHAT IF CUPID HAD SOMETHING MORE I MISCHIEVOUS IN MIND....
Mother was stark naked. Facing towards me as I laid on the bed, with nothing on, not even panties, revealing two well-shaped breasts, two small pink nipples, and below a perfectly flat stomach, a black triangle of pubic hair, looking like a shaded area in a drawing. Her skin was very white, with a newly minted glow. At a loss to explain her presence here, I nevertheless went on staring at her beautiful body.
“Mother what's going on? Why are you here?” I asked, trying to figure out what was going on exactly.
Not even giving me a small glance, she simply replies with, “Those are questions I cannot answer.”
Aeron interrupted us, while sitting down at a table. “Jaden there are many things you don't know, and you do know.”
“What do you mean by that?” I asked.
Aeron let out a fairly long sigh. “How should I explain this in the most simplest of ways to you brother,” Aeron said as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, and placed them on a table. As he sat there thinking he started to twirl the lighter between his fingers.
As time went by a women in a maid outfit appeared, coming through large steel door. Not even taking a glance at my mother hanging from the wall and she placed an ashtray in front of Aeron and left.
He lit up with a clipped flick, narrowed his eyes and released a puff of smoke. Aeron didn't say a word, choosing instead to contemplate the lit end of end of his cigarette. When the tip of Aeron's cigarette had transformed into a goodly increment of ash, he gave it a measured tap, and the ash fell in the ashtray. “You inherited a very rare blood,” began Aeron, in a high, piercing voice. “It was necessary for you to be raised in our house. Yet your mother or what I would like to call a whore, took you away in the heat of the night.”
“That is not true,” I said. “My mother raised me by herself after my father walked out on us.”
“Walked out,” piped Aeron. “Walked out?” Cigarette at his lips, he scratched his palm. “What has this women been feeding you all these year's Jaden?”
“She told me father was a sweet man, but he had mistresses, and left her the moment she told him she was pregnant.”
“Can't say I capisce,”he spoke, measuredly. “Surely you must be mistaken. Father loved and worried about you, until he was sent to his grave. He hired people to watch every move that whore made, he spent millions on you. Did you really believe a single mother could afford to send her son to a private school for 12 years? Your mother is nothing but a gold digger!”
“What the fuck did you just call my mother? Talk about her again like that and I’ll kill you.” I snarled.
“Now please, wait just a moment.” Eden chose at this point to intervene. “Brother don't you think your being too hard on Jaden? Aeron, Jaden it is important to proceed with this discussion in an orderly fashion.”
“I don't see that happening, as long as that woman is in my sight.” said Aeron with sense of hatred in his voice. “There is no order to this. What kind of order do you mean? This discussion doesn't have any.”

“Let him speak first,” I said to Eden. “We can add proper order afterwards assuming there is one.”
Eden looked at me for a few seconds with his lips lightly pursed and then gave a little nod. “All right, then,” he said. “Brother Aeron first you should speak your mind first.”
“Well then,” Aeron cleared his throat. "There's not much time so let's cut the socializing out.” He crushed his butt out in the ashtray, and looked up at me. “Brother there is thousands of things I could tell you about your mother past. I’ll let you hear it from the horse’s mouth though.” He said while staring at mother. She turned her face. “I thought it would be like that. So I bought you a present.” Aeron said with a sadistic smile. He snapped his fingers twice and the steel door blew wide open and banged flat down. With that entered one mountain of a man, wearing a loud aloha shirt, khaki army pants stained with grease and white tennis shoes the size of scuba diving flippers. He had a Skinhead, pug snout, a neck as thick as my waist. His eyelids formed gunmetal shells over his eyes that molten white. False eyes, I thought immediately, until a flicker of the pupils made them seem human. He must have stood two meters tall, with shoulders so broad that the buttons that on his aloha shirt was practically flying off his chest.
The hulk glanced at the wasted door as casually as he might pop a wine cork and then turned his attentions towards my mother. No complex feelings here. He looked at her like she was another fixture.
“Now Jaden, I tried to talk to your mother the easy way. But now were going to have to play by my rules.” Aeron continued with a sadistic smile.
Big boy parked his weight on the edge of the bed, on other side of the gigantic room. He crossed his arms, as thick as normal human thighs, his eyes glued to my brother.
“Now then,” Aeron said while standing up. “Eden grab hold of Jaden, you too Ella and Anthea.”
“We can do this more gentleman like if we wanted to brother.” Eden yelled out.
“But it's not necessary,” Aeron said. “Desires awaken.” His eyes pupils started glowing red, while his hair was turning black. Aeron made his way to where my mother stood.
“Eden, Ella, and Anthea, I will not repeat myself again no matter how much he struggle hold him down even if you have to use the power of cupid.” Aeron barked.
“Eden you don't have to listen to this guy.” I said.
Eden looked at me with a sorrowful smile like that of a puppy. “I'm sorry brother but orders are orders. I hope you won't come to think badly of us.” Eden walked behind me and wrapped his arm around my neck like a choke hold. “Desires awaken.” With that one line I felt a tight grip around my throat.
Ella slowly made her way towards me. As she made her way over she ran her hands through her soaking wet pussy with one hand cupping her large breast. “No fair Jaden, while watching you fuck Anthea I got this wet. I know I told you I could get wetter, but didn't know I could this wet without even fucking you yet. Desires awaken.” Her silk black hair became a gorgeous blonde, her breast became perky. Her cute plump body turned into an even more stunning curvy figure. Not even kayden kross could compare too her. “How about this, I’ll give you a special treat for making me so horny,” she said as she pulled her soak and wet fingers out her damp pussy. She took the hand that was covered in her sweet nectar, and polished off everything that was on her fingers. She licked up every last drop like she was savoring the flavor. One by one, she removes a finger out her mouth. “It's done, Eden let him go.” she said. I took that as my chance to escape. But she grabbed my arm with the most intense physical strength. “Sorry, but the fun part is about began.” She threw me back on the bed and stuffed my mouth with the fingers she drenched in saliva and her nectar. I tried to pull her hands out my mouth with all my strength but she was too strong. “Jaden did you know people who've been granted master cupids gift can make they're pheromones levels 100 times stronger than the average human. The men can change a female’s heart and make them fall madly in love with them. The women's, on the other hand can make a man dick twice as thick as a normal man if they fuck our hot and wet pussies, but if man was to swallow our sweet honey and saliva at once.” she let out a small chuckle. “He becomes nothing but into a mindless sex slave for 24 hours.” she said while pulling her finger out of my mouth.
“Why are you doing this?” I shouted.
Aeron answered, “Because it's important for siblings to bond. Why else?”
“You people are sick.” was all I could say.
“No brother we’re gifts to these humans we’re the ones that set them free.”
“Free?” I asked.
“You see brother when we activate our powers as Ella said, our pheromones become greater than the average humans. But do you know what happens to the ones affected? ” he asked while foundling my mother's breast. “You see, the first thing they loss is their minds. It will go and with it goes all sense of loss, all sorrow, all pain, all worries. Nor will love matter. Only lust will remain. An Indescribable lustful sensation, it’s almost like giving a dog a T-bone steak.”
All I could do was let out a simple grunt. But I could feel every last thing he was talking about. My body and mind started to feel like it was on fire, my heart started to pound, every thump sent chills down my spine, every pore of my body started to crave Ella body. What was happening to me? I asked myself.

“Well I see time's running out, so I think I’ll cut short our little lesson.” Aeron said. “To tell you the truth brother your mother has already been placed under my curse. But everything that happens next remember I’m doing it all for you.” Aeron looked at Big Boy and nodded. The Big Boy nodded immediately and took off his clothes only to reveal a monster for a penis.
It had to be at least 9 or 10 inches, the girth was the size of a can of Campbell’s soup. Was this man even human? I asked myself.
Big boy then made his way to my mother. He slid both of his enormous hands between her soft white thighs.
“Oh gods please don’t do this.”
“Now whore,” Aeron started. “Tell Jaden about your slutty pass or my buddy will fuck you until you uterus rips in two.” Her eyes became lost in Aeron eyes.
“Please masters fuck my dirty pussy.” she said.
“To bad I tried to warn you Jaden.” He laughed. “Once a slut is always slut.” He nodded once again at the hulk.
Without even a look of compassion he lifted my mother over his dick and when he felt his dick being kiss by her drenched pussy lips he shoved every last inch of his dick in her body. “Oh god, pull it out.” she screamed.
“You heard what she said pull it out.” The man took heed to my brother advice. With a simple nod, the man pulled half of his dick out and with all his strength pushed it right back in. There wasn't much for me to do but stare and cry on the bed and watch my mother being rape. Big Boy whistled through it all. I couldn't recognize the tune; I could only make out the sounds coming from my mother. First high and shrill, then low and harsh, her screams sounded more like a scraping violin bow.
“I'm getting horny from just watching.” Aeron said with admiration.
“You sadistic fuck.” I screamed.
“Don't be like that Jaden you will hurt your big brother feelings. Look she was so against it at first but look she's keeps thrashing her hips against his in a rhythm.”
“Please Jaden don't look at your mother slutty face.” she said while violently thrashing her hips.
“Jaden stop paying so much attention to your mother. I'll get jealous.” she said while stuffing her face with my cock. It felt like my penis was melting in her mouth. As she slid my penis in and out her mouth she gentle grinded her teeth against my shaft. As I felt an explosion coming she stopped. “Jaden I want to you to cum in my other mouth today.” Ella said.
Like an animal in heat I threw her on the bed and fucked her doggy style. “Oh god, Oh my fucking god Jaden you’re so deep.” she lustfully shouted out. She turned her head around and started to kiss me. Our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths. The moment she bit down on my tongue I came.
“Did that feel good?” she asked.
“It felt amazing.” I said as I started to pull cock out of her. Then I felt I tight clamp around my dick. “What's going on?” I asked.
“Did I not tell you that until I’m satisfied you will be my sex slave for the next 24 hours?
I tried to pull out even harder. But my penis grew stronger inside this woman wet moist walls.
“Desires awaken,” I said trying to fight my way loose.
“What a dirty boy trying to use your power on me how cute.”
“Damn right! Now let ....” My head started to get fuzzy my hips started to move on their own. “Wha... What did you do to me?” I asked.
“I see you finally took the bait. Like brother said those who are affected become mindless beast who only craves sex.”
No matter times I came I would get instantly hard again coming back harder and stronger each time.
I kept having black outs throughout the whole 24 hours. One minute I was fucking Ella, then next I was fucking Anthea, and the very last woman was my mother. Was it the right thing to do? That cannot tell. I can't be sure. I guess I'll never know. But at the time it was as all I could do. We both were in a heightened state of tension and confusion and she made it clear she wanted me to give her release. We explored each other's bodies in the darkness without words. I kissed her and enfolded her soft breast in my hands. She clutched at my erection. Her opening was warm and wet and asking for me. And yet when I went inside of her mother tensed with pain. Was it because of that hulk bastard? I asked, and she nodded. I went in as far as I could and stayed that way for a long time, holding her in my arms without moving. And then, as she began to seem calmer I allowed myself to move inside her taking a long time climax, with slow gentle movements. Her arms tightened around me at the end, when at last she broke silence. Her cry was the saddest sound of orgasm I had ever heard.

“Well done brother. I knew you had it in you. Now let’s start the real fun.” Aeron said. “You still have much to learn about yourself. And about your real mother.”

So sorry about the wait I broke my thumb last weekend. I'll Try to update all 3 stories this week. And Again I'm sorry for the short story. I promise the next chapter will make up for it. Here's the thing i'm currently writing 3 different stories right now and i need a little time to focus on each one individually and that's where my fans come in. I will let you guys decide which story I should spend the weekend working on. How you may ask? Its easy the story that has the most positive votes between Cupids curse, Dream girl, and The Amazing life of Toothpick will get my full attention for 2 chapter. Thank you again for reading my stories it really means a lot to me. If there is anything you would like to see in the story or you hate about the story please feel free to comment or you can talk to me one on one on kik @ taurus95gol and again thank you for reading!

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2013-11-14 20:26:56
WTF!!! You have me so lost. This story is so hard to read, I have to re-read almost every sentence just to try to figure out what you are trying to say. This could be a decent story if you would try a little harder to apply some thought to what you are writing....and get an editor!!!!

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