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For the last few months Lisa has continued to be fucked fuck by her father more and more. She has even started to bring some of her friends over. Her father's favorite is Jenny a cute little redhead.

The first time that Lisa showed up with Jenny, He was in the backyard mowing the grass. He happened to glance at the fence gate and there were the two preteens...staring at him. He knew his daughter must have told Jenny something about "movie night", but maybe he was just being paranoid...

Homer shut off the mower and walked over to the girls to see what they wanted. They were giggling, and asked if they could use the pool. It was a hot day and two scantily clad little girls in his private backyard would not bother him one bit.

So he told them they could use the bathroom in the house to change into their swimsuits, so they went into the house. When they did not come out for a long time, he decided that he should go check on them.

When he walked into the living room his dick jumped to attention. The girls were sitting on the couch and both had their swimsuits on but Lisa must have wanted to show Jenny one of the "movie night" pornos and they were watching it...both of them massaging their pussies over the swimsuits.

He just stood at the doorway trying not far so good. He could hear his daughter telling her friend about some of the things going on in the scene and what it felt like when her father and her borther did it to her. Jenny was like "they put their thingies in there then they licked it?.

Lisa continue to describe the sensations she felt when her father licked her tight wet pussy and she asked Jenny if she wanted her to show her. She was unsure but with all of the sex talk and the movie on the tv screen, but she was very curious to know what it was like.

In a way that only a 10 year old could matter of factly do it, Lisa leaned over to Jenny and started the step by step of how it's done. "First he kiss's you like this to get you excited and wet down there", as she gave Jenny a long loving kiss on the lips.

"As I am kissing you, then I put my hand down here to get it ready" she whispered as her hand slowly made it's way down her friend's body and into her swimsuit bottoms. Homer could tell when Lisa's finger went into her tight wet pussy because her body tensed up and she let out a long moan.

Lisa got up and knelt in front of her friend, "Now lift up your butt and let's pull these off'. After the swimsuit bottoms got past her ankles Lisa tossed them aside and slowly spread her friends legs. Her head disappeared into Jenny's lap and she let out another long "Ooohhhh...".

She licked for a while on her friends wet cunt then made her way back up to her face for a kiss. Jenny eagerly kissed Lisa's mouth to taste her own pussy juice and her father saw her hand disappear into Lisa's swimsuit. Lisa's hand went down to Jenny's wet pussy and they fingered each other as they continued to kiss.

From where Homer was standing he had a perfect view of his daughter's fingers in Jenny's tight pussy. She was a little older than Lisa, so her orange pubic hair had started to grow in. Lisa's tiny little fingers were rubbing up and down the tight wet pussy almost so fast that it was a blur. He could not take it any more and he knew that if he let these little girls cum on their own they wouldn't want anything to do with his hard cock.

He quietly crept over to Lisa and started rubbing her back. She slowly backed away from Jenny and said "I was wondering how long it would take for you to join us. I saw you standing there. Will you stick your cock down here to show Jenny how it feels" pointing at her friends wet cunt, which was still occupied by her hand and was clearly wet from her eating it out before. Jenny looked scared and stared at him.

He pulled off his shorts and she stared at his big hard adult dick, a look of terror in her eyes. He sat on the couch next to Jenny, then he pulled her on top of him, with her back to him and her pussy right at his big dick. He reached around her and pulled her toward himself, locking his arms softly but firmly around her waist.

He told Lisa to put his cock into her friends tight virgin pussy.

Lisa must have thought that he was going to leave her out of the fun tonight, because a huge smile went across her face and she jumped up giggling with happiness. He could not see what was going on but he could feel his daughter's hand grab his dick and start to stroke it. Soon it was being guided toward Jenny's pussy...He could feel her shiver when the tip arrived and Lisa pressed it against her tight wet pussy lips.

With both of Lisa's hands gripping her father's dick and him holding Jenny in position, he bucked his hips upward and the tip of his rock hard cock plunged deep into her wet pussy. Jenny let out a scream as he thrust the rest of his hard cock in...he had to hold onto her tight so she would not squirm away. He continue to buck his hip's up and down, and soon he could feel her pussy pushing back tight on to him...grinding away on his hard dick. He fucked the 12 year old wet pussy hard.

He wondered what Lisa was doing, so he peeked over Jenny's shoulders and saw her between Jenny's legs. In between his thrusts, Lisa was licking her friends wet cunt. This was driving Jenny toward an explosive orgasm and the salvia dripping down was an awesome lubricant for Homer. Jenny and Homer came together it was unreal.

As his dick pulled out of her tight pussy, Lisa's mouth went right to it and sucked up all of her father's cum. When she was done there she went back to her friend's pussy and licked the cum/blood filled cunt. What a girl!

He could not let Lisa go without cumming so he rolled Jenny off of himself onto the couch and had Lisa take his spot on the couch. Where he spread her legs and started to eat her out.

Homer could hear some noise and feel some movement up near his daughter's head, so he looked up and there was Jenny...facing him and bending over so that her pussy was over Lisa's face...his cum and her blood was dripping out of her open pussy and Lisa was licking it all up. This had quite an effect on her father as his dick instantly got rock hard again. He got up and stuck it into his daughter's tight pussy. God it was wet and felt good!

As he pumped in and out of his daughter's 10 year old pussy he leaned forward toward Jenny and gave her a deep kiss. Homer could tell that this 12 year old was not too experienced because her kiss was awkard. Before today she may not have kissed a an instant she became a little slut with a cum filled pussy.

He gently grabbed her head and pushed her down toward Lisa's pussy. Jenny licked Lisa's cunt as he pumped her hard. Lisa let out a scream as her orgasm exploded and for the first time in his life saw a pussy squirt. It gushed all over him and into her friends face. Not too long after he pulled out and squirted cum into Jenny's face too.

After they all got cleaned up they went out to the pool for a swim. Around 4:00pm Marge showed up and wanted Homer to go inside. Leaving the girls to tan in the sun and went into the house. He could tell that his wife was high nothing new and when she got high it usually meant she brought some guys home to fuck also nothing new. He had always been OK with it and now for sure because he just keept Marge around so he had access to his daughter Lisa.

Marge told him how she was fucking a guy this afternoon at his apartment and he made lewd comments about Lisa's picture she had in her sexy she was and he would give her money and drugs in exchange for sex with Lisa. She was low on money and needed drugs, but really bothered that she'd even consider it. She certainly did not expect her husbands advice...

To Be Continued...

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