Parental guidance.

Parental guidance is my first story, maybe even series if you like it, so I'm not really used to writing like this. And to add English isn't my first language so I apologise in advance for a couple of simple spelling mistakes and I am writing these stories on a tablet and the autocorrect will mess up a bit. Sorry.

Please leave a comment and a positive comment if you like it, and if not why not, thanks a bunch guys.

Warning: do not read if you don't like incest Porn. Thank you


Hi, my name is Lauren, I am 34, single and have a 15 year old daughter. She's a handful, cutting herself and depression this and that, it gets on my nerves. Her names Heather, my dead mothers name. Heather has a slim body but thinks she's fat, which is ridiculous so she cuts and scars her upper arm. I've tried to stop her but she just won't, it's starting to reflect on me being a bad parent. It's not my fault, I work 2 jobs to support us, a night bartender and a daily mechanic at a nearby auto-shop. I wish I could spend more time with her and when I get my degree in further engineering I'll quit my bar job and stay at home with her.

For 34 I am quite attractive, shoulder length brunette hair with Japanese anime eyes. I'm 5'8 and squire busty, with double d's and a nice "smack able ass", as the guys call it. Heather though is a black souled child. Deep in depression and self pity. She has long dyed black hair and a small chest and cute bum. She hasn't got many friends and spends most of her hours drawing bleak pictures or playing games like GTA V and Call of Duty, she likes those games a lot.

From what I've heard she's still a virgin, thank god. Kids these days lose it so young nowadays, it's horrible. She's had no serious boyfriends but the occasional guy has come round for tea every once in a while. I once caught her masturbating to a picture of a guy in her class. She tried to hide it but I got a good glimpse of her teen pussy and the picture.


The doorbell rang and I went to answer it. I was left with the horrible drenched sight of my teen daughter soaking wet and shivering. "Aww, come here" I said as I pulled her into a hug. She sniffed and crude into my jacket. She may be different but no one likes the sight of the kid crying. "What's wrong honey" I say in a soothing tone. She stands ups and says, "Brad dumped me" then burst into tears.

I had heard of this brad on a two occasions, one by her friends when she had a sleep over and they were talking about him and secondly on school report day when she introduced meet him. He seemed nice but there was something about him that sent a shiver through my spine. I was quite glad they'd broken up but I couldn't show it.
"That's terrible sweetie, I'm so sorry" I said as a new wave of tears streamed down her face. "Go have a hit bath and ill have your favourite meal waiting for you when you get out. "Thanks mum" she replied quietly.
"Mum, i know you'll think this is weird but will you hold me in the bath" she said pleadingly.

"We'll okay then, we will just get a take away afterwards, sounds good, Chinese?"
"You know it's my favourite" she said, smiling a little.
"Okay then, go start running the water, I'll call and arrange our order".

She ran of and I got the the menu out and placed my order. I knew that having a bath with your teenage daughter was weird but she was so sad and innocent I couldn't says no. I heard the taps stop running and she called me in.

When I walked in the heat really hit me. We live in an 2 bedroom apartment with an abnormally large bathtub situated in the room in-between us. You could easily fit a family of four in it, so it was nice just to chill there, without a thought in the world. As I said the room was small so the heat was intense as no doors were open. It was like a hot tub,Without the bubbles.

Heather lay there, in her bra and underwear. She had all but perky boobs, a flat midriff and quite a nice ass, at some point she always had someone oogling her up. I surprised her by slipping off my robe and standing in front of her, my full femininity showing.

Her eyes danced from my large boobs to my completely shaven pussy, she blushed red when she realised I had noticed and then looked away. The bath was a large rectangle so I slid in alongside her and put my arm around heather. She rested her head against my shoulder and drew little circles in the water with her fingertips.

"Mum I'm sorry that I've been a bitch recently, I love you and I know you love me so for you I'm going to due my hair back to its original clout and stop cutting for good"
"Wow heather! That would make me day perfect, I'm sick with worry when I see you arms and now you finally growing up, I'm proud of you!" I say, astonished by the turn of events.
"Thanks mum' your the best and I love you so much" as she said this she had slipped out of her bra and panties and lay down next to me, naked like me.

Heather was normally very shy about her body and showing me her body proved to me that she was naked showed that she was finally growing up. And it felt good.

I hadn't felt lust in years. Since my boyfriend dumped me with his child and took off my life had been devoted to work. No man had penetrated my barrier since but my naked teenage daughter next to me was turning me on. What the hell is this! I scream to myself. I can't have my daughter, it's wrong on so many different levels but my standards went out the window when she looked me in my eyes and said I love you. From this angle I could see down her chest and through her small cleavage. All i could see down south was her clit poking out.


Thanx for reading, if you like it please say so in the comments and if not why not. Thank you. If this gets a good response I will write sequels soon. Cya guys later

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