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I made my way down stairs feeling the ball settle in my pussy, I went and stood by master as he places his arm around my waist.
“Very good my little pet, if you behave I may even let you have free time tomorrow, misbehave and I will ship you off to mistress P... for a whole week!” he whispered into my ear before we joined his parents at the door welcoming guests.
“Draco darling thank you for putting together this party, I’m sure yourself and Hermione went to a lot of Trouble” Mrs Malfoy kissed my cheek then masters.
“Don’t be shocked mother, I know you knew about it we weren’t very subtle about it, now go and enjoy your night with father, we will welcome the remaining guest” he lead me to the front door and I stood next to him for the remaining 100 guest to enter only saying welcome and nice to meet you, we stayed back a little as the last guest entered,
“Get over here slut!” he dragged me by the neck to a small room off to the side. “Kneel and suck my dick!” I fell to my knees in front of him and quickly undid his zipper as his semi hard cock popped out, “Hurry up before someone comes looking for us!” I leaned forward swallowing over half his cock, running my tongue along the bottom of his dick, “Fuck you’re going to slow!” he put his hands on either side of my head and began thrusting down my throat as I gagged and chocked a little. I started to feel a small vibration coming from my pussy, it started to get more and more intense, the door slammed open and master kept thrusting harder down my throat.
“I wondered where you got off to Draco” he moaned loudly and blasted his load down my throat before leaning back on the table.
“Clean it up slut” he shouted at me, I leaned forward and licked the remaining cum from his cock. “Yes well I started to get a stiffy while thinking about what you shoved up my slaves pussy, so I had to put her to work before going into the ballroom” I finished licking and stayed kneeling in front of him as he put his dick away. “So did Blaise finish the prototype for the other toy yet? And does this zapper actually work this time?”
Mistress P walked forward with an evil smirk on her face as she handed master the remote. “Why don’t you find out Draco” he took the remote and flicked the blue switch causing me to fall forward onto my hands as I screamed out.
“I like this toy already; I can’t wait till nights over to really test it out, get up slut we have dancing to do!” I stood up shaking a little. “Now you know the rules, no talking, no sharing opinions, and if you dare cum without first begging me for permission I will have you locked in the red room with Pansy for a whole week” my eyes widen as mistress P laughed.
“Oh Draco I don’t think she could stand a week with me” she left the room on that note.
“Do I make myself clear Granger?”
“Yes master”
The night was long and I was to never leave masters side, only four questions were ever directed at me and as instructed I answered briefly and returned silent again, the vibration of the metal ball were becoming harder and harder to ignore, nearly Cumming twice through the night, I was about to nearly reach my limit as they stopped again I leant over to master.
“Master may I speak?” I whispered to him.
“Yes but make it quick” he turned to look at me.
“Master I need to cum so badly, please allow me to cum” I hung my head in shame as he laughed,
“I don’t think I will, how many times have you nearly cum already?” he hand ran up my leg under the table.
“Twice, but I was able to stop myself” his fingers came into contact with my slit slowly rubbing up and down.
“You’re very wet tonight little slut, maybe you enjoy having that metal ball inside of you” I moaned softly as he began circling my clit,
“Yes master I do, please allow me to cum, I have been good all night” his fingers stopped and he stood up, helping me out of my chair, as we walked over to his parents.
“Sorry mother but we will be heading to bed early, Hermione feels unwell, and father your present is up stairs maybe you could come now and get it?” his mother walked off with mistress P as his father stood and followed us upstairs, we reached our bedroom and I was tossed to the floor, and the door was locked behind them.
“Draco that’s no way to treat your wife!” thought it sounded like he was concerned but I knew he wasn’t.
“Come now father I see the way you look at my wife, as though she’s not a human just a slut, you try to hide those stiffys but well tonight you don’t have to” he walked forward and grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up. “You will do as father tells you, do I make myself clear?” I looked down at the floor.
“Yes master” I finally understood what his present was.
“Good girl, now I expect you to make him cum at least twice, or I may take away your free time tomorrow” I gasped a little I only got free time once a week, I slowly started taking the dress off as it slid off my body.
“Master may I speak? He nodded at me. “May you remove the ball so I can complete your wishes?” he chuckled and bent me over the bed and slowly inserted his fingers and took the ball out.
“I have a better place for it for now” he spat on his fingers and started to rub them around my ass hole and put the ball inside me again. “That will be fun for later” he chucked the remote to his father.
“Red is vibrator blue is the zapper, enjoy my present father” he left the room and an evil smile played across Mr Malfoy’s lips, he sat in the arm chair by the fire and clicked his fingers, I ran forward to him.
“You can call me daddy, now face the fire and bend over so I can see you cunt and pretty little ass!” I did so without a word and felt him slap my ass. “You will say yes daddy before completing a task! So I know you understand slut” his hand came down hard again.
“Yes daddy” I could feel the sting on my ass as I stood bent over in front of him.
“Spread you legs wider Mudblood” I was about to move but I stopped myself at the last second.
“Yes daddy” and I moved my legs apart.
“You’re a quick learner” he pulled my hips back towards him so the backs of my legs were touching either side of the seat, his hands were on both ass cheeks squeezing and slapping them, then he stuck his finger inside my pussy, causing me to gasp.
“Your cunt is so wet, such a little slut getting off while bent over in front of her daddy” he slapped my ass a few more times before I heard him unzip his pants. “On the floor in front my feet mudblooded whore”
“Yes daddy” I knelt in front of his feet and looked up, he slowly stroked his cock while looking at my body.
“I want you to clean my shoes, with that back chatting little tongue of yours” he laughed as I moved my face to his shoe; he kicked me with his other foot.
“Forgetting something?”
“I’m sorry daddy, I won’t forget again” I leaned down and started to lick his shoe slowly, making sure to have even lines down the shoe, like I was taught, as I finished the second one, I felt his hand pull me by the hair up between his legs.
“Good girl, now let’s put that stupid mouth of your to work, suck daddies cock”
“yes daddy” he pushed my head down to his groin, and leaned back in his chair, his cock was a little bigger the masters, at 9 ½ inches long and 3 inches in width, I licked from the base to the tip of the head and rang my tongue along to the tip in a circle as he moaned out.
“Just shove it down your throat; I still need to fuck that sweet little pussy of yours tonight”
“Yes Daddy” I took the head in my mouth and tried to swallow as much as I could, only able to fit six inches down by myself, “Daddy can I speak” he groaned as I had stopped sucking.
“This better be worth it slut” I took both his hands and placed them on either side of my head, knowing that’s how master always got the last few inches down my throat.
“Please daddy help me fit the rest of your big cock down my throat” he smiled at me and pushed my head down on his cock trusting down hard the last few inches were able to go down.
He moved his leg under me and the tip of his shoe started to rub against my pussy, slowly sinking into it, causing me to moan around his cock,
“That’s a good girl moan for daddy again, your making his cock feel so good” I started rocking my hips on his shoe, and moaning as I felt the pleasure through my body, he shot his load down my throat as I came hard on his shoe, he lifted my head of his cock some dribble and cum came out,
“Clean it up slut!” I swallowed what was in my mouth,
“Sorry daddy” his shoe was still deep inside my pussy and I knew he was going to feel the wetness as it seeped into his shoe. I finished cleaning and looked up. “Daddy I’m sorry for coming on your shoe” his shoe was removed and he was soon standing in front of me.
“Clean it up now” his eyes were dark with anger and lust, once finished licking his shoe clean, he pushed my face onto the floor with his foot. “Clean the mess you made on the floor” I started to lick my cum from the tiled floor.
“Get up here once you are finished, you need to be punished for messing my shoe up and for Cumming without your daddy’s permission” once I had finished licking the floor, I walked slowly over to daddy where he sat on the end of the bed waiting, he was still clothed, with his hard cock poking out from his suit pants.
“A good caning is what naughty girls like you need to be kept in order” he bent me over the bed so my ass was in the air and my arms behind my back. “I want you to count them out to daddy” both his hands were on my ass as he rubbed his cock between my legs,
“Yes daddy” he stepped back, a second later, I could hear the whistling of the cane running through the air. Next thing I knew a stinging pain spread through my ass as I screamed out.
“One Daddy” this went on for a while counting out each one.
“How many is that now little girl?” his hands were cupping my ass and rubbing the pain away.
“That’s twenty daddy” he smacked my bum lightly with his hand, as I felt his cock slip between my legs again.
“You’re all wet, maybe you liked your punishment after all” he lined his cock up with my pussy and thrusted forward. “You like having daddy’s meat inside you, don’t you” he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me up, while fucking harder.
“Yes daddy, it feels so good inside of me” his hand reached around my body as he grabbed my boob, he squeezed it hard and started to puller and twist my nipple.
“Just wait till mama has a chance to play with you little girl, making me even harder just thinking about it” he nibbled on my ear as he started to blow his load deep inside of me. He took his cock out of me and laughed a little. “it seems I’m still hard, might as well have another round before I rejoin my wife, she going to love learning about what a little slut our daughter in-law is” he lined his cock up again and just started pounding harder than before.
After Cumming again he zipped his pants up and left the room leaving me bent over the bed.

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It might be beneath his family but to get his name out of the dirt and stop his family from going to azkaban he would do what it takes even if that ment getting with a mudblood

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