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Chapter 7 deals with the yin yang emotions of love and hate. It dives much deeper into the hidden feelings of Matt and Sora
Sora worked her fingers faster and faster. Sweat dripped from her body and she had begun to pant. She was begging to reach her limit but she had to finish. Time was running out and she had to share her gift with the world. She could not fail not today. She felt as though a thousand eyes were on her at once. She could not fall to the pressure she had to deliver. Finally one final poke through the hole and her body collapsed. Sora could feel relief rush through her body. She had finally done it.

Sora put down her needle and thread. She picked up the outfit she had been working on all week and smiled. It was the final piece in her collection. It had been a long climb for her but she knew that she had what it takes. She lay on the floor and stared at the ceiling with a big smile on her face. She took a moment to relax and reflect on her accomplishments. A representative from a fashion company would be over in a few minutes to inspect her work for purchase. She looked at a picture of Matt with his band.

“He gave up so much for me it’s time I made it up to him.”

A knock came from the door and Sora rose up. She walked over to the door and gave a small nervous sigh. She opened the door and smiled. A well-dressed businesswoman stood in the hallway. She was younger then Sora expected. The woman gave her a big smile and it put Sora a little more at ease.

“Hello I’m Inami and I am here to see your work.”

“Well I’m Sora please come in. Can I get you anything?”

“Oh I’m quite fine thank you.”

Sora led her in and showed her the large variety of outfits she had made. Inami looked at the outfits with cold and calculating eyes. Sora’s heart began beating fast. Inami turned to Sora.

“So you have an interesting mix here. What was the general theme that you were going for?”

Sora began to drip with sweat.

“Well um I thought that since this was a showcase I wanted to do as many different types of outfits that I could. I have outfits for all year round as well as both formal and casual wear.”

Inami nodded and continued to examine the outfits. Sora felt her answer was very reasonable but she couldn’t help but feel nervous. She felt her stomach churn and she felt cold and hot at the same time. Inami looked at her and smiled.

“Well I would love to see some of these outfits on a person. I assume you made them to your measurements.”

“Yes of course.”

“Then I would love to see one of them on you if that is possible.”

“Absolutely just give me a moment.”

Sora walked into the bathroom and began to pant. She looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like she had ran in a marathon. She was soaking wet and her face was extremely pale. She closed her eyes and kept telling herself to focus. She grabbed her first outfit, a beautiful red dress and tried to put it on. The dress was a tighter fit then she remembered. She felt her body fighting against it. She finally squeezed into the dress and went out to Inami. Inami looked at her and smiled.

“You look wonderful.”

“Eh it’s a little tight for some reason. I must have put on a pound or two lately.”

“Oh tell me about it I’ve failed my diet three times this week. Ok it looks good just the right balance of sexiness and formalness. It’s perfect for both the night at the club or a gala. Now I have a few concerns about the material. It looks a little expensive for our average shopper.”

Inami went on with her concerns. Sora’s stomach was now doing back flips. Her temperature was now begging to approach the low 100’s. She could feel her sweat dripping into the carpet. Sora could feel everything that happened next in slow motion. A wave burst from her stomach and slowly moved up her throat. Inami was directly in front of her. She had to aim somewhere else. She could feel her husbands old guitar behind her and expensive furniture flanking her sides. There was only one way to go. Sora aimed her head down and spat puke all over her dress. Tears rolled down Sora’s eyes she had no other choice. Inami rose up in concern.

“Oh my god are you alright?”

“Yes I’m fine I’m just nervous.”

“It’s to be expected I once had client who passed out completely.”

“I’m so sorry about this.”

“It’s ok I think I’ve seen enough.”

Sora’s heart sank, she had heard this speech 1000 times before. She braced herself for the imminent rejection. Inami smiled at her.

“I love it. This is truly a collection for women everywhere. I would love to sell this in my stores.”

Sora’s heart leapt from her chest. All of the years making outfits, all of the sacrifices she had made were all paying off. Her dreams were coming true in front of her eyes. She felt her breath leave her body and her soul became brighter then the son. It was a feeling better then the most intense orgasm. She smiled and shook Inami’s hand.

“Thank you so much you have no idea what this means to me.”

“Well you have certainly earned it. I’ll call you tomorrow with the details.”

Inami smiled at Sora and walked out. Sora fell onto her bed and began laughing. She was on top of the world and happier then she believed possible. So why did she still feel sick? Her temperature had not dropped and her stomach was still churning. She felt another wave bubbling. She ran to the toilet and barely pulled up the seat up before spilling her guts everywhere. What was happening to her? The sound of the phone ringing roused her. She straightened herself up and answered it.

“Hello this is Sora.”

The voice on the other end was Kari.

“Hey Sora it’s been a long time.”

“Yes too long to what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Well I’m not sure if you know but TK and I are back together.”

“Oh my god that’s so amazing I’m happy for you.”

“Thank you so much. Well TK is hanging out with Matt for a guy’s night out. I thought maybe you and I could have a girl’s night in. Catch up a little bit I mean if things go well we just might be sisters.”

Sora gave a small laugh and smiled.

“Yeah that sounds great we have a lot to talk about.”

“Ok great well I’m at the grocery store right now picking up some stuff. Is there anything you want? ”

Sora felt her churning stomach.

“Yeah maybe some flu medicine I think I picked up something.”

“Sure and well I’m there did you want me to pick up some tampons. If I remember correctly this is your time of the month.”

“Yeah it should have been two days ago but I’ve been dry.”

A horrific wave of realization rushed through her. The sickness, the weight gain and being late could it possibly be? Sora ran over to their bedside garbage. They rarely filled it so it had been a few months since it was changed. Sora began digging around until she found what she was looking for. She discovered the used condom that Matt used the last time they had sex. The condom was empty of fluid. A small hole had torn right in the tip. Sora grabbed the phone.

“I need you to get me a pregnancy test right now!”

Sora stood in the bathroom pacing. Kari sat on the edge of bathtub watching her.

“Sora you need to calm down. Worrying is not going to change things right now.”

“How do you expect me to be calm? I might be fucking pregnant! This can’t be happening to me!”

“Hey calm down and take a seat.”

Sora nodded and sat on the toilet.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m just so scared.”

“I understand I can’t imagine what you are feeling.”

“Let’s not make this all about me. This is the first time we have seen each other in over 3 years. How are things with TK?”

Kari looked down in shame.

“Well they are ok. I think that he is having trouble trusting me right now.”

“Why is that?”

Kari’s mind flashed to her domination of TK. She didn’t know what had come over her that night but she knew that TK had not been the same to her since. She was kept fearing that he would break up with her any day now it was only a matter of time.

“Let’s just say that I made some mistakes. It’s been 5 minutes.”

Sora looked over at the pregnancy test slowly. Every part of her didn’t want to look but she knew that she had to. She glanced at the test and her heart dropped. A blazing red positive sign stared her in the face. She dropped the test to the floor and broke down crying. Kari walked over to her and rubbed her back gently.

“Hey it will be ok. It’s not like you’re a high school student. You are a grown woman and you told me that you just made a big business deal. Surely you can afford it.”

“It’s not a money problem it’s Matt. He is dead set against having children. I don’t know why he just hates the very idea of it.”

“Yeah I know TK is the same. Listen I know that things look bad now but I know Matt and he is a good guy. He won’t betray you. Once he realises the reality of the situation he will accept it.”

“You really think so?”

“Yeah you just have to break the news to him gently. You know butter him up a little bit.”

Sora smiled a sly smile.

“I have just the thing. I’m sorry but I’m going to have to cancel girl’s night.”

“I understand completely.”

Kari hugged Sora and left. Sora sighed and knew what she had to do. Hours later Matt came home to find a dark apartment.

“Sora you home?”

Matt went into the dining room to find a candle lit dinner. Sora sat on the table seductively. Her hair was neatly combed and she wore a beautiful white dress the hung off of the side of her shoulders. She looked more beautiful then he had ever seen her. He smiled widely.

“To what do I owe this surprise?”

“Well I have a surprise for you. I sold my collection. They bought every outfit.”

“Oh my god that’s wonderful. I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you. I thought we might celebrate with dinner.”

“Well I ate when I was out with TK so I’m not hungry really.”

“Well I’m starving so I’m going to grab something.”

Sora dropped to her knees and took off her husband’s belt slowly. She slid off his pants and released his semi erect cock. Matt put his hands on her shoulders in protest.

“No baby this is your night let me please you.”

“Matt you gave up everything for me. You’ve been patient all this time. Please for once let me please you. Let me show you just how much you mean to me.”

Matt looked deep into her eyes and saw the desire in them. He nodded at her slowly. Sora smiled as she reached up and began gently stroking Matt’s cock. Inch by inch she could feel it growing larger and thicker in her hands. It was the only penis she had ever seen and it was the only one she ever wanted. She had her husband by her side and with that she could withstand anything even a child. All she had to do was convince Matt the same thing.

Sora began licking around the tip of Matt’s penis circling around it with her tongue. She slid her mouth up and down the side of Matt’s shaft. Matt gave small moans of pleasure and Sora smiled. She knew just how to please him. She licked the tip a couple of more times then proceeded to put his penis in her mouth very slowly. The gentle teasing drove Matt insane but he waited patiently for his reward. Sora bobbed her head back and forth slowly savouring the taste of his precum. With every second she increased her speed ever so slightly. Matt grabbed her head and gently pushed it into his cock. Sora closed her lips tightly and began sucking on his cock hard. The pressure pushed Matt over the edge and he shot a load into her mouth.

Tiny spots of sperm leaked from Sora’s mouth into her cleavage. Matt reached down and grabbed it with his fingers. Sora grabbed his hand and forced it into her mouth. She sucked his fingers dry and swallowed deeply. She smiled at him.

“Better then the rarest wine.”

Matt stared at her and finally couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He moved over to her and kissed her wildly. He didn’t care where he kissed every part of her body was a prime example of perfection. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him. Sora kissed him back hard and began forcing him into a nearby chair. The two kissed each other wildly as Sora grinded her hips into Matt. Sora began to moan loudly but Matt stopped.

“Wait we have to be careful.”

Matt pulled out a condom and rolled it over his penis. Sora nodded and got back on his lap. Matt tilted his head into confusion.

“Strange that you are not arguing. You always hate this.”

“I don’t want to ruin this moment for anything.”

Sora and Matt looked into each other’s eyes. They could almost see the aura of love surrounding them both. Sora leaned in and gave Matt a deep kiss. It was a kiss with no lust only love. It was the same kiss that they shared the moment they became man and wife. Their tongues entered each other’s mouths and the kiss rapidly altered in nature. The two moved in unison with their bodies communicating without words. Matt reached out and wrapped his hands around her waist.

“Have you put on some weight?”

Sora became nervous and started to sweat. She put her finger over his lips.

“No more words.”

Sora kissed him on the lips one more time gently. She stood up and took off her panties. She sat back down with the tip of Matt’s penis over her vagina. She sighed and sat down completely stuffing his whole cock into her vagina. She winced slightly but didn’t slow down. She wanted to please him with every part of her being. She moved her hips up and down with perfect precision. Matt’s whole body shook from pleasure as she rode him like a cowgirl. Sora tore open his shirt and sucked on his pectorals. The two moved their hips into each other and they were both close to a climax. Matt began lifting Sora’s buttocks up and down. He saw the redness entering her face and smiled. He forced her body down hard and the whole of his penis entered her. Sora let out a scream like never before that echoed through the walls. Sora wrapped her legs tightly around Matt pushing him over the edge. He erupted in pleasure and shot a load as hard as he could.

Sora collapsed on his body panting. She kissed Matt one more time and rubbed the side of his face.

“Matt I have the most wonderful news. I’m pregnant.”

Matt couldn’t believe his ears and bolted up sending Sora to the floor.

“No that’s not possible we use protection every time.”

“The condom you used last time broke. I’m sorry.”

Matt smashed the table sending the food to the floor.

“This can not be happening! We can’t do this.”

“Matt it’s ok we can handle this. I sold my collection we will have more then enough money.”

“Great so we have money do you think that makes us good parents? It takes a lot to keep a kid happy.”

“We will be fine we love each other and I’m sure we will love our child as well.”

“Yeah well sometimes love doesn’t last forever. Sometimes parents split up leaving the child to wonder if they ever loved each other in the first place.”

Sora’s eyes widened in shock. Everything made perfect sense now she knew why Matt and TK didn’t want to have kids. Their parents got divorced when they were young. They always seemed so strong but even they are not immune to emotional pain. They must have been hiding this their whole lives.

“Matt do you really believe that we won’t stay together? I love you more then anything.”

“My mother said the same thing to my father and look what happened. I’m sorry I cannot put a child through that. I just can’t.”

Sora looked at the ground in shame she understood his pain. Matt looked at her and sighed.

“It’s ok Sora it’s not your fault. You were right we are in this together. We can deal with this. I’ll make an appointment tomorrow with the doctor.”

Sora smiled and chuckled.

“Well I think it’s a little early to get an ultrasound the baby has probably barely developed.”

“I’m not talking about an ultra sound. Tomorrow I’ll take you to the abortion clinic and we can end this once and for all.”

Sora stared at her husband in disbelief. It couldn’t be true Matt would never do this to her.

“No we can’t kill our baby it deserves life.”

“Oh come on you don’t complain when I put on a condom. All those sperm cells are potential lives and yet you don’t bat an eyelash. Until it comes out of you it’s not a person.”

“Stop it please don’t talk like that. It’s part of us now we can’t just get rid of it.”

“This is not up for discussion Sora we are getting rid of this once and for all. Now shut your mouth and go to bed.”

Red-hot rage boiled through Sora like she had never felt before. She hated above all else being controlled. Her mother tried to tame her when she was a child. She wouldn’t stand for it then and she wouldn’t stand for it now. She began to pant in anger. She looked at Matt with eyes that would instil fear in the devil.

“I hate you!”

The ground around them began to shake. Both of their expressions changed from anger to fear.

“Matt what is going on?”

“I don’t know.”

Across the dimensions the eight crests exploded into tiny shards. Apocalymon could feel the universe around him for the first time. He could feel the icy cold of space surrounding him and he welcomed it. After 13 years he was finally free. He laughed manically even if no one could hear him. It was time for his revenge at last. He stretched his hands out and a red portal appeared. The portal extended to the human world. Matt flew through the window through towards the portal. Sora watched as her husband was ripped away from her.

“Matt no!”

Sora did not have any more time to worry about his safety for her feet left the ground as well. She flew into the portal and saw Matt falling. She tried to grab his hand but he was swept away from her. Sora out of the other side of the portal and she landed hard in a field of grass. She got up slowly fearing injury. She looked around at her strange surroundings and her jaw dropped. It was a place that she knew all too well but believed that she would never see again. She had returned to the digital world and she was not alone.

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