An 18 year old girl sets out to snare her 45 year old boss - Continued
Laura returns to Adam’s office and assists him in finalising the presentation and producing the required number of copies. Adam notices she has changed into a short red dress and is no longer wearing glasses, he wonders just how many changes of clothes she keeps in the office.

Finished with the presentation they leave the office, both carrying small overnight bags and walk towards Koya, Adam’s favourite Japanese restaurant. As it is situated in the heart of theatre land there are a number of high quality sex shops close by, as the pass ‘Rob London’ Laura stops and holds out her hand palm up.

“Give me some cash Adam and I will get us something for after dinner”.

Adam reaches for his wallet and places some 20’s in Laura’s palm; she looks at the small pile and shakes her head, holding the hand open until the notes are joined by another five. Laura enters the shop having told Adam to wait outside so that he does not ruin the surprise. His smart suit singles him out for attention from the girl’s and boy’s who work the local streets. He is contemplating catching the last train home; certain that Laura will be OK. Just as he decides to catch a cab to the station Laura is back by his side, a large plain carrier bag in her hand. She makes him carry the sealed bag as they walk to the restaurant.

Koya is everything Adam promised and he is impressed by Laura’s dexterity with chop sticks, something he has never mastered. After a fantastic meal and a few cups of sake they make their way to the hotel; Adam still in charge of the carrier bag.

Once in the hotel room they fall into each other’s arms, deeply kissing, their hands exploring bodies, they break away to fall onto the bed where Adam’s hand immediately reaches under Laura’s short dress, The look of delight on his face when he discovers she is not wearing panties almost makes Laura’s heart melt, but not quiet, she has her own agenda for the night. Straddling Laura and holding her down Adam kisses her deeply

“We are going to play Mr Beaumon the school teacher and the dirty little slut who needs punishing, and guess what; you get to play the slut”

Laughing Laura twists then pushes up of the bed and grabbing the carrier bag runs to the bathroom.

“Get undressed Mr Beaumon” she calls “The slut wants round two”.

Quickly stripped and laying on the large bed he plays with his cock; it feels good in his hands, twitching in anticipation of the night ahead. He relaxes and starts to breathe much slower. He wants this to last, nothing like the office quickie. He runs his thumb over his penis head remembering her face and glasses dripping with his seed only a few hours earlier.

The bathroom door opens and OMG - she's dressed in leather, a black leather basque, black leather panties, gloves and a mask. His cock twitches as he looks at her. He is unprepared when she springs forward and before he realises what's happening both his wrists are cuffed to the rail of the beds headboard.

“Stop it Laura” he croaks.

“So Mr. B. School master eh? Looks like those roles have been reversed”. She gives his cock a hard slap.

“You shouldn't have been so hard with that ruler Mr. B” this accompanied by a harder slap”And that's for cumming so fast. You cum when I say” Another slap follows this instruction.

"Now we need to keep you real quiet, we don't want to disturb the other guests”. Laura reaches into the plain carrier bag and brandishing a ball gag that she expertly fits in Adam’s mouth. Powerless to resist as he feels the smooth ball pressing back on his tongue; swallowing with difficulty he starts to wonder just what Laura has planned.

She reads his eyes and smiles cheekily.

“Don't worry Mr. B I know exactly what I'm doing”.

Reaching into the magical bag which is now on the bed Laura removes two small boxes and holds them in front of Adam, he strains to read the small print and then shudders, nipple clamps. Slowly taking two clamps secured by a silver chain from the first box Laura demonstrates how they work and the power of the spring. Adam is wildly shaking his head and trying to wriggle out of the way as the first clamp bites into his right nipple, the ball gag muffling most of his scream. The second clamp is fitted to his left nipple; Laura tests the effect by pulling on the silver chain as is satisfied with Adam’s immediate reaction to the torture.

Opening the second pack Laura looks deep into Adam’s eyes

“Oh dear, I bought two sets, where should we put these”?

She pretends to contemplate and then as if an inspiration comes to her she moves down the bed. Adam is aware of her intended target; his face changes from red to ashen as she gently lifts his still erect cock to reveal the two magnificent balls underneath.

“Yes these will do nicely Mr B”.

The pain caused when the first clamp bit into his nipple is nothing compared to the pain of a clamp being attached to his genitals; tears of real pain are streaming down his face. Laura loops the chain round his semi erect penis before attaching the second clamp. He thinks back to his dominant stance in the office, who was he kidding, he had never in his life experienced such punishment, yet it feels so good.

Bending her head forward Laura gently runs her tongue across the head of Adam’s partly erect penis; the sensation causing his cock to twitch which in turn places pressure on the clamps causing a wave of pain to engulf her shackled victim. Even though the pain is excruciating Adam is unable to stop his cock stiffening as Laura expertly stimulates it with her tongue, the tip dancing in and out of the meatus (slit to the top of the penis). Adam is in both agony and ecstasy

As Laura reaches into the bag for the third time Adam wonders what else the bitch has in store for him; his eyes widen in horror as he watches her remove and then caress a long, thick double headed rubber phallus. Oh God he thinks as she places the dildo on the bed and retrieves a leather harness and large tube of lube from the bag which is then discarded, ending up on the floor. Adam does not know if he is relieved or disappointed that there will be no more surprises.

He watches fascinated as Laura carefully applies the lubricant to one of the rubber cocks heads; his cock madly twitching when his tormentor removes her leather panties and sits in a chair positioned at the end of the bed and spreads her legs wide affording him a view of her perfectly formed, shaven pussy. The excitement he feels as her watches her penetrate herself and then simulate intercourse almost causing him to lose control, the pain is intense; his penis now being restricted by the looped chain attached to the two clamps.

Satisfied the phallus is in the best position Laura stands, 6 inches of thick black cock protruding, Adam finding the whole spectacle of this beauty with a cock incredible. Reaching for the harness Laura slips the chrome ring over the dildo and then fastens the leather harness thus holding it in place. Moving next to Adams head she applies lubricant to the exposed end of the phallus and with her closed hand rubs it into the rubber surface. To Adam it appears she is wanking, a thought which brings further pain from the clamps.

Then she is on the bed, between his legs, lifting his knees, Adam realises she intends to fuck him, up to now he had assumed this was part of a show, but from the determined look on Laura’s face she has other plans. Adam’s ass cheeks involuntary clench and he closes his stinging, tear filled eyes. His balls are aching from the need to ejaculate, the restriction round his penis from the chain and the pain of the clamps. He feels a gloved hand on his swollen shaft and then the warm feeling as her leather cased finger forces lubricant into his ass.

Laura gently masturbates Adam, her expert movements driving him to sensations of pleasure he has never previously known, she is an expert knowing just when to stop so that the feelings are heightened yet he does not enjoy the release of ejaculation. He relishes the experience of the digit penetrating his ass and cannot help but lift off the bed allowing Laura better access.

Leaning forward her mouth inches from Adams ear.

“Beg me to fuck you Mr B”.

Adam’s eyes widen, he nods his head furiously, his moans trapped by the ball gag. Laughing Laura rewards him with a hard slap on his permanently erect penis.

“So wimp; you want mommy to fuck you. The big Mr. B is going to be my cock slut”.

She positions herself between Adam’s open legs and rubs the head of the rubbed phallus along the crack of his ass. She centres it on his anus then gently slides the lubricated cock forwards penetrating as deep as the sphincter muscle which resists the first attack. She recalls the first time she ever did this to a guy and how in her enthusiasm she pushed forward, his screams of pain made her cum. She slightly pulls back and then re-applies pressure, the muscle relaxes and she is buried deep inside Adam.

“Looks like I popped your cherry Mr B”.

Laughing she begins to fuck, her thrusts becoming quicker and harder, the end of the phallus buried in her pussy driving her wild. At the same moment Adam is feeling a warm feeling in the pit of his stomach; he feels Laura’s pussy juices dripping onto his sore balls. Throughout the fucking Laura continues to wank Adam’s cock, taking him near cumming, but not allowing him release.

“Are you enjoying yourself Mr B.”?

Adam nods, his cock twitching in her gloved hand, then Laura is cumming, the cock buried inside her has been stimulating her cunt and clitoris and as the wave of pleasure washes over her she wanks Adam harder and faster until his hot cum erupts from the head of his cock spraying her gloved hand and dropping back onto his naked body. She runs her gloved finger through cum then putting it to her lips licking it clean.

“Mmm yummy, gee hope I didn’t hurt you too much Mr B”.

The cock still buried in Adam’s ass she leans forward and lifts his mobile from the bedside cabinet; leaning back she takes a series of photographs of Adam, capturing his chained wrists, the ball gag, clamps and cum coated balls; each photograph capturing his face. She flicks through his address listing before sending the photographs to one of his contacts.

Holding the phone so that he can see the main screen she smiles and silently waits; in less than a minute the phone rings, he immediately recognises the ring tone, it’s Isobel, his wife. He shakes his head as he watches Laura reach for the green button.

“Hello Mrs Beaumon...Mr Beaumon, no he can’t get to the phone right now, he’s a little bit tied up”

Laughing she holds the phone away from her ear as a torrent of abuse is emitted, putting the phone back.

“Yes I will pass on your message....who am I...oh I’m Laura, his new PA.....he didn’t tell you, or he is such a naughty boy.

Terminating the call she laughs then looks down on Adam’s shocked face.


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Oh wow - this is so hot


2013-12-06 07:25:13
Well written and very believable. Kept me hard all the way through.

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2013-12-05 11:52:22
Does this story have a Part 3 -please say it does


2013-11-14 20:38:34
Another hot story well written. Excellent job once again


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Another winner princess. Mr. B gets all he deserves. Great twist, great imagination

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