This chapter has a lot of exposition and character development. Setting the stage for things to come . . .
“Happy Birthday, Deanna!” Kirsten said brightly as her daughter came into the kitchen for breakfast. Dee was still in sweatpants, t-shirt and fuzzy socks, eyes bleary. Kirsten was dressed smartly in slacks, pressed white blouse and jacket for work.

Dee hugged her and said “thanks mom, I love you.”

“I love you too sweetheart. Wow, 15 years old! You’re growing up so fast!”

‘If only you knew’ Dee thought to herself naughtily. The last few days had been a sexual transformation for her as she had learned and explored with her brother Spencer and her best friend Natalie. Two nights ago, Spence and Nat had lost their virginity to each other, with Deanna by their side. Last night, she and her brother had once again masturbated together, but Dee told Spence that she wanted him to put it inside her . . . they just needed some form of protection first. Deanna was NOT going to be a 15-year-old mother!

“So” her mom continued. “How would you like to celebrate tonight? It’s end-of-month at the office so that always makes me a bit late, but I can pick up a cake on the way home, or some take-out?” Kirsten was not one for big birthday celebrations. She had never given her kids parties with a bunch of friends over or anything like that. Birthdays were not a genuine cause for rejoicing, unlike Easter and Christmas, when they celebrated the Grace and Majesty of their Lord.

“Take-out sounds great, mom. Chinese?” Dee said cheerily. “Would you be OK if Natalie came home with me and stayed for dinner too?”

“Didn’t you girls get your routine done the other night?” her mom enquired.

“We’ve still got a few moves to work out” Deanna replied. “Plus I’d just like to have her over for my birthday.
; that’s OK, right?”

“Sure honey, I’ll make sure I get enough for four.”

*** *** ***

“Natalie said she’d be able to get us some more condoms” Deanna said quietly to Spencer, the droning roar of the school bus gave them a reasonable expectation of privacy on their way to school.

“What do you want for your birthday, Dee? I’m sorry but I hadn’t thought about getting anything for you yet” he said apologetically. “I guess my brain has been a bit elsewhere for the last week.”

“Your brain AND your dick, little bro!” she laughed and managed to get a chuckle out of him. “All I want” she leaned in and lowered her voice even further “is for you to make love to me the way you did with Natalie. I really think that was beautiful, Spence. Natalie said it was awesome, and I want to feel that too.”

“She really said it was ‘awesome’?” his face grew flush.

“She really did” Deanna confirmed. “She won’t say anything to anybody else, that’s for certain, cuz she’s not going to admit to any other friends that she lost her virginity to a 7th-grader, but she really felt close to you. You were so nervous you were shaking, Spence, and that was totally special, for both of us. I know Nat was nervous about doing it too, but you made her feel comfortable, and you made her feel like a woman.” She paused and looked him in the eyes, “I want to feel like a woman, Spence.”

*** *** ***

“I got ‘em Dee” Nat said under her breath as they sat down in Geometry.

“Great! How’d you do it?”

“I looked through Devon’s night stand. There were 2 packs in there, so I just pulled a sleeved out of one”. Devon was Natalie’s 19-year old brother, currently in technical school to become an auto mechanic.

“Won’t he notice?”

“What if he does? Who’s he gonna say something to? My mom or dad?” They both began giggling as Mr. Finn called for quiet and began summarizing polygons and their properties, which they had covered yesterday.

*** *** ***

As they sat down at their lunch table, Natalie caught Spencer’s eye as he entered the cafeteria with two of his friends and discretely gave him a wink. She could see him blush and lamely try to look casual as he got into the lunch line.

Tomorrow they would all have the day off of school for one of those “Teacher Development Days”. Nat and Dee had discussed it and figured that this would be a great opportunity to do some more home study on their new favorite subject. Natalie staying the night would make things that much easier. “Get it cleared with your mom ahead of time, Nat, then we’ll just work it into the conversation casually with my mom tonight, like we didn’t plan it or anything. The last few days of the month are nuts for her at work and she’ll be getting home late tonight and heading right back in the morning.”

“What about Robby, have you given that any more thought?”

“Robby is a really great guy and a good friend Nat, but I . . . I don’t really think of him that way.”

“Did you think of Spencer ‘that way’ a few weeks ago?”

“NO! Oh my god, Natalie, NO!” she whispered fiercely.

“But you want Spence to be your first.” She laid it in Deanna’s lap, it wasn’t a question.

Deanna paused and realized that she hadn’t really thought it through very well. She had been REACTING, rather than thinking. Did she want her BROTHER to be the one to take her maidenhead? That was an old term but one she had learned and hung on to from reading Shakespeare in English class for the last 2 years. She had also embraced that romantic notion that her virginity was something precious. From a religious point of view, she had moved well past her mother’s interpretation of her ‘duty’ as a woman: to lay back and make babies for a husband. That, and that ONLY. No, thanks. That would not be her.

“Nat, I don’t know . . . what if Robby doesn’t want to be with me?”

“Doesn’t want to be with you?” Natalie was incredulous. “You ARE kidding, right? He’s had the biggest crush on you since like 5th grade. Do you know how proud he is that one of his best friends happens to also be one of the prettiest girls in the school?”

“How do you know that?”

“Uh, because I have eyes . . . and ears.” Her voice dropped to a whisper across the lunch table “Dee, you don’t realize how much you being ‘innocent’ and ‘reserved’ has made you a really hot property in this little school of ours. The guys talk about you like you’re some sort of forbidden treasure, like friggin’ Indiana Jones getting that golden idol at the beginning of the movie. You’re naturally gorgeous, you bitch” (she laughed but continued), “but you don’t tease anybody; you don’t come on to anybody; you don’t play the game like a lot of the other girls do” she paused and swallowed, “including me. You don’t realize how absolutely hot that makes you.” Natalie’s eyes were moist as she looked over at Dee with this last admission.

“I had no idea, Nat, I really didn’t.”

“And that’s what makes me love you Dee. You’re my best friend. And I’m proud of that, because you’re true, and genuine, and I never have to wonder about any ‘motive’ when you tell me something or confide in me.”

“I never worry about any of those things with you Nat, I never have! I know you’d never do anything to hurt me or embarrass me.”

They clasped hands across the table as a tear ran down Natalie’s cheek. “Oh my god, you’d think I’m on my period!” she laughed to lighten the mood. They both felt the warmth of each other’s laughter and the warm touch of their hands.

*** *** ***

“Robby?” Deanna said quietly across the row of desks as they settled into History class.

“Yeah, Dee, what’s up?”

“I’m really having trouble with Chemistry. We’ve got that mid-term coming up and some of the equations on reactions, and valance electrons and stuff, I can’t quite figure it out . . . would you be free tomorrow to come over and help me study?”

“Tomorrow?” he seemed confused.

“We’re off for Teacher Development, remember?”

“Oh, shit, I forgot all about that. Day off. Cool.”

Robby and Deanna had been friends since they were paired up on a project about the Mayflower in the 4th grade. He was on the student council with Dee and he took advanced placement courses in math and Latin. He was not a jock by any stretch, though not unattractive in his own way. He’d probably reached his peak at 5’11”, weighing a spritely 155 due to his high metabolism. He normally brought 3 sandwiches for lunch. His hair was jet black and hung in a disorganized mess about his face, which contained a thin nose and the smokiest blue eyes Deanna had ever encountered.

“Mike had said something last week about playing Call of Duty” he now remembered.

Deanna managed to produce an adorable, pouty face as she said “I understand if you’d rather play Call of Duty with Mike than help me out.”

“You really need help?” he was at least slightly abashed. “You’ve always been good with science.”

“It’s the combination of science and math that seems to confuse me, Robby” Deanna was making it up as she went along. “I know that you’d be able to help me. Those reaction equations are just weird; endothermic, exothermic, ya know?”

“Could we study in the morning, and then I’ll go to Mike’s in the afternoon?”

“That would be great. Thanks, Robby”

*** *** ***

“Got him” was the simple text that appeared on Natalie’s phone during last period.

*** *** ***

“Spencer, we need to talk” Dee said as they dropped their book bags into the hallway after getting off the school bus. Their mom, Kirsten, was at least 45 minutes away, bringing dinner for the family. Natalie had joined them on the bus ride home, and plopped her bag next to theirs.

“K, what’s up?”

“Spencer . . . please don’t take this the wrong way” Deanna dug deep for strength, not wanting to hurt her brother, who had shown her so much love. “I, . . . uh, I’ve decided, . . . to have, uh, Robby be my first time.” She continued quickly, “I Love You Spence, I really do. But Nat helped me realize that I needed to think hard about this. You, being my brother, being the first one to put ‘It’ in me, might be a bit creepy. I love you Spence. And I’ve loved what we’ve done together. I don’t regret any part of it, but I want Robby to take me.”

Spencer stood where he was and stared at her for a few seconds before admitting “whoa, uh, . . . yeah. Uh, yeah, well, that’s kind of a relief, sis! I never knew if I’d ever be able to hold a hard-on to put it in you. You’re a bit intimidating, ya know?”


“Uh, yea, you’re just like, um, so pretty, so perfect, and I think ANY young kid would just have trouble having their first time with you. And . . . you’re my sister.”

“You’re not making that up?” Dee was honestly not sure if he was playing a joke on her.

“Dee, you and Nat are two of the hottest fucking girls in the whole fucking school” he made sure he enunciated his words. “I’d love to do it with you every night for the rest of my life, Natalie. But you guys have to deal with reality, if you don’t mind me saying.”

“And what reality is that?” Natalie asked.

“You guys hold the cards. Plain and simple. If you haven’t realized that yet . . .you really should. Girls call the shots. Dee, if you want to have sex with Robby, all you’ve got to do is say OK. Now, If HE wants to fuck you? He’s got to play sweet and nice, and get on your good side, and not piss you off, or offend you, or say something wrong. It’s a total fucking pooch-screw for guys! Do you realize that?”

“Hey buster!” Natalie’s dander had somehow become ignited. “Girls get the short end of the stick all the time!” she practically shouted back at him. “How many times do you hear about girls BEATING UP guys? Oh, yeah, none. How many young girls have to deal with babies they weren’t expecting? There were three last year in our school! Do you think the GUYS are dealing with that? Maybe, but maybe not; the girls, definitely! So give girls a fucking break when it comes to having sex, will ya?”

Spencer couldn’t even look Natalie in the face. He felt ashamed and stupid. “I’m sorry, Natalie. I didn’t really think that through before I spoke.” He sat down on the bench by the bay window in the kitchen.

Natalie took a breath before continuing, “I’m sorry too, Spence” she tried to soften the blow she’d laid upon him. “I just took it a bit personally, which I shouldn’t have. One of my friends got pregnant in the fall and now she’s staying with her grandmother, getting tutoring and counseling. It’s all fucked up. She’s gonna have a baby in 2 months, have to give it away to her aunt, I think, and then go back to life like nothing happened? It’s just a fucking mess.”

“You’re a lot more mature than I gave you credit for Natalie” Spencer said with all honesty. “I always thought of you as just a, well, I’m really sorry to say it out loud now . . . kind of like a slutty cheerleader, flaunting your body. I’m so sorry that I ever jumped to that conclusion, because I didn’t know any better and you definitely don’t deserve it. I’m pretty smart at school but I guess I can be pretty dumb at real life.”

“You’re not dumb at anything, Spencer, you’re just young” Natalie said.

“Thanks, Nat.”

“OK, guys, lighten up!” insisted Dee. “We really don’t have time to do anything before mom gets here, so let’s just get our stuff put away and get ready for dinner. Later tonight, after mom falls asleep, you come over into my room, OK Spence?”

“Got it” he managed a smile as he went to retrieve his book bag.

*** *** ***

Kirsten had bought cupcakes also and they sang “Happy Birthday” around a single candle sticking out of one of them. ‘I wish for Robby to want me and to make me a woman’ went through Dee’s head as she leaned in to blow it out.

*** *** ***

“Sleep-overs are never gonna be the same” Natalie remarked as they retired to Dee’s room at about 10 o’clock. She immediately walked over to Deanna and put her hands on her breasts.

“I guess not” Dee replied with a grin, as she took the hint and began stripping off her clothes.

“I’m so friggin’ horny!” Natalie said, sounding frustrated and excited at the same time. Within seconds they were both nude and got under the covers together in Dee’s bed, their hands exploring each other’s bodies, their mouths kissing each other lightly on the lips, neck, breasts. Dee reached down between Natalie’s thighs and found her pussy already very damp. Her fingers moved down her slit and back up, parting her lips lovingly.

“Uuuuuuuh” Natalie breathed in her ear. “I needed that Dee” she whispered as she found Dee’s honey pot with her own fingers and the two of them proceeded to pleasure the other. Natalie moved her hand on Dee to mirror the actions that Dee was doing to her, and Dee got very excited by that. With her index and middle fingers together, she lightly stroked the perimeter of Natalie’s cunt, sliding down one side and up the other, spreading the slickness of her juices. She pressed them against her clit, one finger on each side, sliding them down, then back up, not losing contact with her sensitive button. Gently, slowly, those two fingers found her entrance and eased inside. As they penetrated each other their mouths sought each other out and they began to kiss passionately. This was the first time they really got into kissing each other, with tongues probing and swirling. They both moaned softly as they slowly pumped their fingers in and out of each other’s twats. Within another minute they both shuddered and clamped their thighs against the other’s hand, embracing so that their tits mashed together in their climax.

“That was a good start” Natalie whispered as she pulled her fingers from her friend and brought them up to her mouth. Looking Deanna in the eyes she sucked her juices off of her fingers. “Mmm, you taste good Dee.” Deanna had tasted herself before but not Natalie. She felt very naughty as she licked her own fingers and then sucked on them to pull Natalie’s essence into her mouth. “You too, Nat.”

“Would you let me lick you Dee?”

“You want to lick me . . . down there?”

“Uh-huh” Natalie confirmed. “I’ve seen it on the internet before, they call it ‘going down on a girl’ or ‘eating her out’. If girls do it to each other at the same time, it’s called a 69.”

“Oh, duh, yeah” she laughed. “I’ve heard kids talk about 69’ing like it’s some joke they all get a laugh at, but I didn’t know what it meant.”

“You wanna give it a try? You get on your back and I’ll get up over the top of you, so that our mouths can line up with our pussies.”

“Oh my god, that sounds so dirty . . . I love it!”

A bit of shifting, a pillow propping up Deanna’s head with Natalie’s knees to either side and they were both inches from each other’s wet gashes. Natalie reached out tentatively with her tongue and touched the tip to Dee’s clit, eliciting a hissing intake of breath from her friend. Dee’s scent was strong in her nose as she leaned further in and pushed her tongue between her labia, giving a long lick and getting a healthy coating of her pussy juice. That taste from the source was all Nat needed to fall in love with this new activity. She began to probe and explore Dee’s sex with her face and nose, pressing her mouth into her folds, kissing and licking her thighs, her outer labia, her clit.

It was Dee’s turn to mimic Natalie’s actions as her friend had definitely taken the lead this time. The obscenity of this act made it all that much more exciting. ‘Sodomy’, that’s what mom would call it. Any touching of genitals with other body parts besides the opposite sex’s genitals was considered sodomy, she’d been told. ‘Fantastic’ is the word Dee would use. The feelings she was getting from her pussy were amazing and she bent up her knees so that she could open wider to Natalie’s ministrations. Natalie wrapped her arms around her thighs and laid herself down onto Dee completely, succumbing to this rapture. She began to lightly toy at Dee’s pussy with her fingers as well, sending Dee to higher and higher levels of pleasure. They lasted for several more minutes before Nat could feel Dee’s body start to shudder, which helped her to climax as well. She instinctively placed her mouth onto Deanna’s clit to finish her off, and she could feel the contractions of her cunt through her mouth, felt the additional release of juice on her fingers, felt her thighs squeeze against her head as Dee arched her ass up off the bed and twisted, so that they finished lying on their sides together.

“Wow” was all Dee could say as they sat back up and grinned at each other, faces coated with their cunt nectar. They kissed again, tasting themselves on each other’s lips and mouths, an intimacy that Dee hadn’t known to exist.

“Spencer should be here soon” Dee observed, looking at the clock. “You’re not worn out or anything, are you?”

Natalie used one of her favorite phrases back at her . . . “You’re kidding, right?” They giggled together and lay back down in a loving embrace.


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