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.....and I could see her little clit poking its way out. She had such a beautiful body, apart from the scars, it was in wrinkled and blemish free. I could feel deep inside me that I wanted to touch her, to feel her body writhe next to mine in pleasure. I tried to suppress these feelings because they were horrible and so in descent but the compulsion was so strong.

Heather leaned in my shoulder, breathing quietly, he petite body snuggling up to mine. It was so soft and comfy, I wish I could hold onto this moment forever. She sighed and sat up, looked at me and blushed. It was then that I realised that my hand was on her thigh, moving upwards towards her vagina.
"Oh my God! I'm so sorry, I didn't realise what I was doing, I was in another world!" I exclaimed.
"It's okay mum" she replied.

It was from that moment on when I saw a twinkle in her eye before she blushed, I knew that I wanted her bad. There was a war going on inside me, the classic good vs evil. And evil was beating good to pulp with a baseball bat. Heather didn't realise it but I was about to seduce the crap out of her.

We stayed in the bath for hours, until our skin was all wrinkled like a raisin. I lifted my body out and I could fell her eyes in my ass, it felt weirdly good. My large boobs jiggled as I grabbed a towel for myself and lobbed one at heather who had got out behind me. We stared at each other as we dried our selfs. She stared incessantly at my chest while I was amazed by her sweet pussy and little clit. I put the towel behind my back and shook it side to side in the process drying my back but also sending my tits in a sideways sway, to heathers utmost joy.

When she had towelled of her little, fragile body she put on a pair of sweet, pink pyjamas which I hadn't seen her wear in ages. She looked so young and innocent. I smiled and said, "you look beautiful". She blushed and said meekly, "thanx mum, but could you put some clothes on because I can't stop looking at your boobs, and that's weird".
This knocked me of my feet for a while, however I play these next few minutes could be critical to seducing her quickly and efficiently. "It's not that weird honey, I'm your mother and you've seen it all before haven't you, and this is true but I like your chest to" I said with a smile.

As I said this she blushed a deep crimson colour. "Mum! Don't say that it's weird!"
"No it's not" I replied, "it's natural, I'm your mother and your my daughter, were both attracted to each other in one way or another because I'm half of you".
"I suppose that's kinda true" she said quietly.

Later that night I picked up the Chinese dinner and we snuggled up on the couch and watched some trashy romance film. She was out like a light when she had finished her chicken noodles and duck pancakes. She snored softly on my lap, just like when she was 5 years old. The only exception was she now had small perky boobs that I could see down her top.

I was so tempted to just rip off her shirt and play with them, but then If she woke up she would kill me then probably herself. I was torn, good vs evil again. I figured if I was gentle maybe just a little poke around. Just to make sure she was spark out I changed my position on the couch and in the process re positioned her body so I had easier access. She stirred a little but was still dead to the world.

Well here goes everything I thought to myself, I slowly lifted up her shirt to reveal to bouncy, perky, soft breasts. So full of life and love. Her little nipples were of perfect colour and shape. I sighed in happiness. I had been in two or three lesbian relationships so I knew what I was doing. I placed my hands around her perfect tits and gave them a little squeeze. They felt so good, firm yet soft and warm. I helped my hands there for a while, savouring the moment. I then let go of them and focused on her nipples. I punched them delicately between my thumb and forefinger. I could feel them growing underneath my fingers, it was incredible. They were about half an inch long when they were fully erect. Still a bit of growing until they matched mine though. I let go if her boobs feeling satisfied, she hadn't moved at all, we'll except her nipples! I should have stopped then and there when I noticed her pyjama bottoms were lose. I could see the top of her virgin pussy, gleaming like a beacon to me. I begged myself not to but I could stop myself. I slid my hand over her midriff and to the cord that fastened her bottoms. I loosened the cord and pulled the trousers down a little with little effort. My hand hovered over her little, young pussy. Should I do it? I questioned myself. What the hell! I thought and placed my hand over her mound. It was warm and silky, just like I'd thought it would be like. I slowly, cautiously moved my middle finger up and down her slit. From her clit to her small ass hole. She moaned quietly but didn't stir. I pinched her clit between my fingers and she groaned louder this time. I smiled and slowly inserted my pinky finger in. My heart leapt into my mouth as she groaned loudly and shifted position. God this is it, I thought. Incredibly she just rolled onto her front and continued sleeping. From this angle I had access to her pussy and her tight asshole. I smiled and chuckled. With my pinky still inside her I got my other hand and traced the outline of her little but hole. I stuck my other pinky in my mouth and got it nice and wet before slowly pushing it in her ass. I let her hole adjust before pushing in further. I was now knuckle deep in my daughter pussy and ass. It felt so wrong yet so good. I let both hole adjust before slowly pulling out and pushing back in. I was now double finger fucking my 15 year old girl. She writhed under my fingers but did not wake. Her pussyfoot contracted around me and the juices started to flow. Then all of a sudden she moaned loudly and her juices forced my finger out. She slept soundly, even through her huge climax.

Satisfied I pulled out and looked up to see heather staring at me quizzically....,.

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