This is a boy/boy story. If you are not into Gay Sex then do not read
My Young First Experience

This is my first story so I hope you all enjoy it!

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Shawn, I’m currently 23 and live in the US. I was born and raised in Austin, TX. I’ve always been a skinny red head white boy with a 6 in cut cock, slightly thick, and a tight hole. This story however, happens to take place when I was 12 years old, so my cock was smaller but my ass no less tighter, actually was probably more so.

Now, onto the other protagonist of my story, Ryan. We grew up together. Our parents had known each other since before we were born from their days in high school. My family was not as wealthy as theirs, but Ryan lived in a nice big house outside the city on a lot of land. He was about the same height as I was, but with tan skin and wonderful blond hair that hung just above his gorgeous green eyes.

Since we had grown up together, we were always hanging out and staying the weekends with each other, always at his house since it was huge, with spare rooms, big TV’s, and a pool. Even with those spare rooms though, we always shared a bed. No one ever thought anything of it and neither did we. Also, since his room was on the top floor, all the heat traveled up and we slept in just boxers with the TV on.

One night, as we lay there watching something on TV that I had no interest in, I rolled over and started to fall asleep. I can not remember how long I lay there dozing off, but I started to feel a warm hand touching the bare skin on my back. It sent a spike throughout my body. It felt sort of good so, I pretended I was asleep. His hand rubbed from my back over to my chest and he started to fill my nipples. By this time, I knew I was breathing a little more heavily and I could feel the tightness of my 12 year old cock in my boxers wanting to burst out.

Ryan then leaned over. “You like that,” he asked, whispering into my ear.

I turned over and saw Ryan facing me with a slight grin on his face and a twinkle in his eyes. He then continued to rub my chest and down my stomach. While I started to touch his shoulders. He was so warm and soft. I moved closer to him and worked my way down to where his hands were on me, just about my belly buttons, which he was massaging and I started to copy him and his motions.

“I wanna see your dick,” Ryan told me as a bit of his finger entered my boxers.

“Go ahead,” I replied and started to do the same with his boxers.

By this time my heart was pounding. I did not know if he was doing this as a prank or if he was serious. I was so confused to be honest, but as his hand went into my boxers and grab my cock all my confusion and fear disappeared. He pulled my 12 year old cock out and I did the same to his. We both lay there, staring at each others cocks for a few minutes, admiring them. Mine was straight, a bit thicker than his.

Ryan’s though, was bigger than mine, I am guessing a little over 6 inches for a 12 year old. It had a slight curve to it, which I would find out later meant that either if he fucked a guy or girl, it would hit that perfect spot.

He started rubbing my cock and I felt a jolt of ecstasy flow through my body. I started to do the same to him, mimicking his motions. He smiled as I did this, obviously feeling the similar jolt I had. As we jacked each others cocks for a few minutes he then started leaning down. His face going towards my cock. His eyes looked up and caught mine, and the obvious look of confusion in my face and what he was going to do next.

“I saw this online,” he told me. “And I wanna try it on you.”

His mouth opened and licked the head of my 12 year old cock. I let out a light moan, unknowingly. Then the head of my cock disappeared in his mouth and he slightly started to suck it. He followed but taking all of my cock into his mouth and started sucking it.

I started to pant a bit, feeling the amazing warmth of my cock in his mouth was amazing. He then started sliding it in and out ever slightly, then came up and my cock was covered in his saliva.

“My turn,” he said.

I eagerly wanted to return the favor so I got down and took his cock into my mouth, wasting no time.

“Ah!” he slightly said. “Watch your teeth man!”

“Sorry,” I replied and started more softly to suck. After a minute I got the hang of how to not have my teeth in the way. I sucked him for several good minutes, longer that he had sucked me. I enjoyed giving him pleasure.

His hand went up on my head and grabbed my hair a bit as I was sucking him. His hips thrust ever so slightly as I went, pushing his 12 year old cock in and out a bit as I went. Soon I was sucking him harder and his hips were moving faster. He was slightly starting to moan a little more and a little louder.

“I’m going to pee,” he exclaimed and I quickly took his cock out of my mouth just as white liquid started to shoot out.

“What the…” I said confused.

Ryan was breathing a little heavy, but replied, “I must have cummed. I saw it online once. So that’s what it feels like.”

“That’s so cool,” I said to him, now wanting to cum myself.

After catching his breath for a bit he looked at me and asked, “Wanna see what more we can do?”

“Uhh Yeah!” I answered.

We both got up and completely forgot, or maybe did not even care, about putting our boxers back on; and went to the computer Ryan had in his room. He pulled up the internet and started to type stuff into Google. Multiple sites came up and all had pictures. He opened a few and one had a video of two boys fucking each other in the ass.

Ryan gave me a look with a grin and asked, “Wanna try this?”

“I don’t know man,” I replied. “That looks like it will hurt a lot.” As I said this I was starting at the screen and hearing the moans of the boy getting fucked. It sounded like a little bit of pain and some pleasure, but I did not know which it was.

Then the boy started to scream for the other boy to fuck him harder. I looked over at Ryan and said, “Yeah, lets do it.”

“Ok,” he replied with joy. “Go lay down.”

I went and lay on the bed while he looked up something else real quick. After about a minute he turned and went over to the bed and said, “Get on your hands and knees facing the wall.”

I did as I was told and moved myself into position. “It said to have lube, but that spit could work,” he said, talking more to himself than to me.

“What for,” I asked.

“To make it better,” he answered.

He spit in his hand and started rubbing his cock with it. Then he started doing the same to my ass hole. It felt really good, but I was so nervous this was going to hurt I was a little tense.

“Relax,” he commanded.

I did as best I could. I then felt the bed move a bit as he got closer to me. “I’m gonna put it in Shawn.” Before I could make a reply I felt the head of his cock on my hole and then it was opening it up. My hands gripped the sheets as I felt Ryan’s 12 year old cock penetrate my tight virgin ass.

“Uhhhh,” I moaned, but I do not know if it was out of pain or pleasure.

“Ok Shawn,” Ryan said. “Here it comes.” Once again before I could make a reply I felt all my breath knocked out of me as I felt Ryan’s cock slam into me. My mouth opened, but nothing came out. Then I felt a hand over my mouth, it was Ryan’s hand and it was tight over my mouth.

“So you don’t wake anyone up,” he said and then started fucking my boy hole. He may have been inexperienced, but he did not start off slow. He was fucking my ass hard. And I think he knew it since my mouth was covered.

“Uh uh uh uh uh…” I moaned, but it was muffled due to his hand. My eyes were tearing up a bit, but then something happened. I felt a jolt of amazing pleasure I would later find out was Ryan’s curved cock slamming into my prostate giving him a place in heaven.

Ryan pulled back on my head with the hand over my mouth and it lifted me up ever slightly to pin me against the wall next to the bed and he continued fucking my 12 year old ass.

As he fucked my, my hand dropped to my raging hard cock and I started to jack it as he fucked him. I was in such heaven I did not even notice after just a few minutes of jacking my cock off I had shot a load of cum on the wall, my first time cumming ever.

“Oh God…Oh God…Oh God,” I heard Ryan saying behind me. “Here is comes Shawn…Oh God here it comes! Here it comes! Oh Shawn…” I then felt a load of warm liquid inside my ass and I figured that Ryan had just shot a load of cum in my ass.

He collapsed on my back and I was pinned against the wall, panting from the fucking and the orgasm I had just experienced.

“That…” I started to say catching my breath. “Was so amazing man.”

“You bet Shawn,” Ryan replied. “And we can do it every weekend you stay over now.”

PLEASE, leave comments for improvements I can make. This is just the start to my sexual experiences and I hope to write more on them, and later give you a few stuff I want to try ;)


2017-01-27 19:05:12
Fucking hot story. I remenber when I was 15 & I got my ass torned by my 14 y o cousin. It was one of the best experience of my life

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2017-01-25 17:57:12
Made me so hard

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2017-01-10 19:56:29
I love it, my cousin tried to fuck me when I was 13 ,but his dick was too fat!!;;

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2016-12-28 08:32:20
Wish i am shawn and i will always be at rayns house.

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2016-09-18 20:09:41
u is a dirty as mf

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