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The Ticket III

The next morning Jan one of the upstairs maids, woke me by a gentle shaking. I didn't want to scare her but the instant the door had opened so had my eyes. My hand was under my pillow grasping my 9Mil. Amber says she needs you down stairs. I thanked her and threw the covers back. Jan blushed...I sleep nude. I dressed and headed down stairs, Amber met me at the foot of the stairs with a cup of coffee and the word that the Sheriff was at the door.

I met the sheriff and asked if there was anything I could do for him. He handed me a warrant to search the grounds and my house. I asked what he was seeking and he replied, “One of my young Deputies has disappeared.”

“And … of what concern is that of mine.”

“He was under orders to observe The grand son Of Lone Moon Walker.”

“And to what do I owe that pleasure?”


I heard noise out front I looked out to see a backhoe digging up the shrubs that Leising had just planted.
“What the hell is going on The landscapers just planted those shrubs.”

“Yes and they are going to check on the cow that was put down as well.”

Later I went out in the field with the Sheriff and the vets and a few others Such as Amber and Rose. Rhonda kept warning the sheriff to be careful The cow was infectious .but they ignored her. The back hoe dug down until the white lime was uncovered. The Sheriff ordered his men to get down with shovels and to dig by hand.

They had heard Rhonda speaking about the cow being infectious and they refused. He tried to hand me a shovel and when I refused he pulled his service revolver. There were a lot of snaps, clicks and pops. The sheriff backed off Barbara had her 30-30 aimed at his crotch and there were a variety of pistols all aiming at him and his deputies. Rose spoke up, “ Sheriff you know you are out here pissing in the wind I think it is time for you to take your little boys and get the hell out of here. And sheriff the county will receive a bill for the damages your boys have wrought.” The sheriff and his crew made their way to their cars and departed.

Well every body lets adjourn to the house for breakfast then Amber, Rose, Leising and Barbara meet me in the office. Rhonda wouldn't hurt if you joined us. I entered the house and headed straight for the kitchen and another cup of coffee the girls took extra time to remove pants and panties. I told Sam we need some breakfast and she started cooking. I rubbed her butt cheeks and inserted my finger in her slit.

She just smiled and continued with her cooking. “Sam their will be three of the crew and I at the little house send us a meal about 2 pm. She nodded and smiled. I went on into the table. The ritual was carried thru and the girls that had been with me this morning sat in their usual places. Sam and Mel began bringing in stacks of pancakes platters of eggs and ham, bacon and sausage. We carried on a usual conversation. After breakfast the designated headed for the office and the others resumed their duties.

“It seems that my coming here has caused a lot of problems My grand father left us a head ache, as I told all of you last night … This ranch is owned by you and I . You girls own 48% so you have as much to say about the decisions as I do.”

Amber asked “What else did he tell you about us?”

“That I was to take care of his girls.”

Leising says, “ Only thing is we no longer his girls.” She looked around to the girls in the office. “We your girls. “ They all shook there heads and said yes. “You decide … we do.”

“I have called the contractor He will meet me at the Little house later. “ “Amber how many acres is there in the Ranch.”

“ There is 3595 acres of the main Ranch area . Then there is the 5 acres with the little house to round that section to 3600 acres. Across the street from the little house there is 160 acres which is part of the little house deed. And the rest of Your Grandpas surrounding the 160 acres is another 1280 acres. There are numerous smaller acreages including a feed lot in Hereford. And the contractor you are meeting with is a company owned by your Grand Father. I would have to sit down at the computer to get a list of all property and businesses .”

I looked at her and said “Please”

That was the end of our meeting it was time to head to the little house. Barbara drove And Ruby another one of Roses crew and Chibi one of the landscapers rode in back. We got such a late start we were hardly get there and it would be time for our lunch to be delivered. Sam wouldn't here of us taking the food with us. She was worried it would get cold to soon.

We had brought a 2 horse trailer with Barbara and Ruby's horses they were both carrying scoped rifles. Barb with her 30-30 and Ruby with a .270 bolt action. They were going to ride perimeter. I wanted Chibi to talk to the contractor about the landscaping. With the changes I was going to make the Landscaping would definitely change. After unloading the horses we unhooked the trailer the horses would kept in the corral and barn for the next few days.

I sat down in the recliner to give my mystery a thought. Chibi removed her pants and started to crawled in to my lap. She stopped and leaned over and unzipped me and pulled my cock into the light. She gave me a self satisfying smile then crawled into my lap. She wiggled around until she had my cock head at her entrance. She wiggled her butt some more , then she looked at me with a frustrated look as if to say aren't you going to help..

I smiled and lifted her tiny butt which changed the angle and aided her in sliding down on my cock. She began saying oooh from the start till she bottomed out then it changed to Ahhh. Chibi was very active, her movements was erratic and jerky she would start lifting her hips then she would jerk to a stop and change directions. My pecker seemed to be confused but boy did it feel good. I slid my hands under her hips and lifted her almost all the way off my cock then slammed her back down.

There was a knock on the door, I yelled out, “I will be right out.” I guess my words were garbled for the doorknob turned and Charles Sundown, the contractor walked in. Chibi was curled next to my body.
Charles said sorry, I said hello Charles and Chibi opened one eye and said Hi Charles. She never stopped moving.

Charles pointed at the door and said “I will be out side.” He closed the door and Chibi started laughing, then howling. The combination of events hit her at once and the emotions caused her to climax. Her movements were so erratic I couldn’t hold out any longer and I slammed her hips down and bathed her insides with wave after wave of sperm.

Chibi was still laughing when she crawled down from my lap. She was not laughing at us being caught but at the embarrassment of Charles. We got cleaned up and Chibi sent Charles back in to the house. We talked awhile about grandpa, he had paid Charles's way through College and had become a friend as well as a benefactor. He showed me different sets of plans including ones he had drawn up of the little house and the lots around it.

I noticed something that I didn't remember, “Charles what is this?” I was pointing at some markings in the county road.

Charles looked around and said that is a secret. And he told me a story part of which I knew. “When your Dad had built the little house the road was a private road and ended a 100 feet from your drive. After you had joined the Army the county started making noises about annexing this private road and extending it to Country Club Road. Your grand pa hired my Dad's small company and paid him a lot of money to do a little job.”

“First the road was blocked off and had a sign that said bridge out. They dug down 15 feet and poured forms and made a passageway 7' x 5'. Just think there was a culvert lain on top of it and no-one knew..
The passageway opens in to an under ground bunker 48' by 56' My suggestion is to build what ever sized structure you want over the top of the bunker. The bunker is reenforced and the walls and ceiling is over 2' thick. And it is all wired with electric and piped with water. It has a small septic system which we can up grade with the new structure.”

“I am looking to house as many as 25 people. Charles I think I am in deep dodo. How did your dad manage to do all this and never a suspicion of it happening.”

“ He brought in workers from far away paid them well and took them back after completion. They lived in you garage and in cammo tents. Your mother cooked for them and your Grand pa brought in women for them twice a week.” “I have a crew on stand by, You do know you own this Company, I just run it. This type of job is how we stay afloat. We do them all over the world.”

“Where is the entrance, as of today this company is yours.”

Charles motioned me to follow him to the garage Along one wall of the garage was a compressor room. Dad had 4 large air compressors one for the auto lift.. Dad always did his own service work and worked on friends cars too. He had also built a work pit that you just drove the car over the pit and you could work on cars without using the lift. He flipped a switch in side the compressor room then he walked into the pit hit another button and the end of the pit lowered revealing a set of stairs. Midway down the stairs was a light switch and a second switch which closed the door.

I looked back at the door and could see the inside of the garage. I turned and looked at Charles. “ Close circuit monitoring.”
We walked on down the stairs and started along the passageway there was plenty of lighting all the way to the bunker.

We entered the bunker and I discovered there was more to it than I had expected there were walls making up small rooms on one out side I spotted something... It looked like a letter D with a chain hanging down . The chain looks like tear drops... Where had I seen this before..

We made our way back to the house and found Chibi almost hysterical because she couldn't find me. A few minutes later Mel arrived with our lunch...I might have known she brought enough to feed the workers. Charles called them to chow. I really expected problems with the workers and the girls . I was fooled they acted as perfect gentlemen.

Charles and I went back to the table to eat and talk come more. It was agreed he would bring in his secret crew and do the job as soon as possible. I let him get back to work and I sat down to think Where did I see that symbol.

Barbara rode in and had her lunch, Ruby soon followed, Chibi talked with Charles's Landscaper. I walked outside to pay my respects to Mom and Dad . Standing in front of their Stone I looked over to the twins stone Timothy D. and Tommy E. I had a tiny spark ignite in my skull. Their middle names. Timothy Dawn & Tommy Eagle ...Dawn ...Don, Eagle...Egal … wow … Donegal . Grand pa said Mom was from Donegal in Ireland.
I looked over the their stone carefully and found the Chain of Tears from each ' D ' and joining below in the arms of a Cherub. Before I was able to look closer Ruby yelled I was wanted back at the Big House. The girls all climbed in , we waved to Charles and was on our way to the Manse.

Office of Fox, Fox, Shari

Raymond Jr entered his Dad's Office with a big smile on his face. Sr. looks up and sees the smile he began to stand. Jr says, ” We have The Forms demanding a DNA Test to prove he is Lone Moon Walker's Grand Son.... We can't kick him out of his Parents house but once served with these papers. He has to vacate the Big House as soon as possible and he will be escorted while he packs his clothes.
It will be served in the morning by a Constable and a Deputy Sheriff who will escort Him and make sure he removes nothing. That is going to give us about 3 months to find the list.

Amber met us at the door and led us to the Dining room as we walked Amber was telling that I had other girls as well. Some were my eyes and ears of Canyon and Amarillo. One works as a Law clerk in Fox, Fox and Shari. We arrived at the dining room and there was a very petite brunette with her cute little butt shining. I stepped up to her ran my hand over her smooth ass and inserted my middle finger into her pussy. She sighed, I pulled back my finger out sniffed then inserted it into my mouth and licked it clean.

I sat down in my place Amber introduced Laura Ives. Laura began telling us about the papers I was to be served with tomorrow. Once I was served I would have to vacate the house and could only take with me what I brought when I arrived. I would be escorted to the Hospital in Canyon where they draw blood for a DNA test. So this was the way Grandpa's Lawyers helped out. I kind of felt like they were a slimy pair and I bet their names were at the top of that missing list.

Until the results of the test is back I would not be allowed in this house. I sat there a moment with my fingers laced thinking. “ Get me a couple of bags. Bring them to the office . Barbara bring the truck around to the garage. I think we need to do some preparation.. I headed for the office and opened the safe. I began filling the bags Sal snapped her fingers and took off a few minutes later she was back pushing a luggage cart .

I smiled at her and kissed her on the cheek and said thanks just what I needed. We pushed the Cart to the garage and I relocked the safe. We loaded the bags into the truck and I looked at the cart. Sal smiled and folded the cart it was portable. I took Barbara and Sal with me and we headed back to the little House.

I had Sal open the Garage door and Barbara pulled in over the Pit. She got out and Raised the hood. While she was playing under the hood Sal and I took the bags into the pit. I opened the secret door and we carried the bags down the stairs then the luggage carrier. I put the bags on the cart. Turned out the lights and closed the secret door. I switched off the remote switch in the compressor room.

Sal and I went in the house, and she was removing her pants before we were 2 feet inside. She leaned over the table in the utility room and wiggled her butt. I dropped my pants and stroked between her legs it wasn't need she was already soaking wet. I drew back positioned my self and slid in her with ease. Yep she was wet and ready. As much as I would like to stretch this out it had to be a quickie. I pounded fast and furious I was working so fast and hard that Sal could not even hold on. It had to be working for her. I heard her indrawn breath and felt her pussy muscles grasp me as a sweet liquid eased out around my pounding cock.

After a few minutes Barbara came in, she got on her knees and managed to get her face close enough that she could extend her tongue and lick the underside of my cock, about three strokes and my body went stiff. Barbara stuck her finger up my butt, when she yanked it out I flooded Sal' s womb.

Barbara says, “Works every time, Get cleaned up we need to go.”

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Before you need a publisher you need an editor. The person who commented on grammar and punctuation surely didn't pass 11th grade English. Your mind may work faster than your fingers, but that is what Spell-Check is for. Get a good editor, not one who tells you what you want to hear, and let him or her read over and suggest changes. It's still your story and you can ignore him, but you need help to fix this. I know how hard it is to correct your own work, but if you want to be published, you need it. The story is interesting -- I don't care for your type of sex, but that's another decision, not for an editor. It might be publishable, and you should try it you're interested, but not until it's cleaned up, please!

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I would be interested in speaking and working with a publisher. As far as how soon I get the next segment out you have to look at it from my side. When I sit down to write I have absolutely no idea what I am going to write. The story comes out as I write there is no actual planned plot Just a vague idea. The Ticket or rather the finding of the ticket was the whole idea. Everything else ballooned up from that single idea. I am glad my stories have been received as well as they have. My preferences would be non erotic but they aren't as well received.

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Oh boy...please please PLEASE submit the next section of this story...I loved "Mondo's Clan" and I am hooked on this one, too!!!

Ignore anyone who tears apart your grammar/punctuation - like you said on your front page - your mind works faster than your fingers. I hope, sincerely, that you go back & develop the characters more & really do more with your stories....I know a publisher who would probably enjoy working with you. I am a freelance editor, too. Stories like yours have so much potential...they are good, as is, for a site such as this one, but I think you could really do more with these.

You have a great imagination & you mix in enough "facts" & reality w/your stories/characters, that it makes it even more enjoyable to read...I couldn't wait to get to the nect chapter!!! :)

Keep up the good work....& I hope you post more for "The Ticket" really soon!!

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