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The MILF next door finally realises I'm not a little boy anymore
The MILF next door was probably the most attractive woman on the street, she was 5 foot nothing with a tiny waist, an amazing ass and her tits were glorious.
She was a mother of two and would've been about 40 max, her name was Jenny and ever since my family moved in next to her 4 years ago when I was 13 I had been absolutely awe struck by her beauty.

She enjoyed wearing skimpy outfits around the house and outside, she'd wore short skirts or short shorts to go outside and get the Mail. I could guarantee you every red blooded man on the street wanted to fuck her senseless but she had a boyfriend who lived with her and her daughters, who were also very pretty (one is 16 and the other is 18).

I distinctly remember a day a year or two ago where she was hanging her clothes out in nothing but a loose fitting singlet,not barely covered her tits and every time she reached up her tits would come out the sides bouncing around mesmerisingly, I watched this for the entire 10 minutes stroking my cock hard remaining hidden in my house. Since then the image of her semi naked was always in my head, I begun fantasising about her and developed quite the crush on her.

Right now I'm 17, I had been going to the gym for the last two years and got quite an impressive physique, I had ripped abs, great arm and chest musculature and powerful thick lean legs, I'd always walk around outside shirtless hoping jenny would see my hot teenage body and be so turned on she would just have to ride my cock but I guess that only happens in porn..

I was getting ready for school one day having a shower when I heard the door knocking, I wrapped the towel around my lower body and walked from the bathroom to the front door, opening it I could see Jenny in a short plaid skirt and a tight top that accentuated her flawless tits.
"H-heeeey jenny what's up?" I said opening the screen door and exposing my lean body to her.
"Hi Robbie, how are y-" her words just cut off as she scanned my physique, I could see her getting visibly aroused and flustered and this did wonders for my confidence.

"You okay Jen?" I said as coy as possible
"Oh....ohhhhhhhhhhhhh wow. You've certainly grown Robbie" she said not taking her eyes off my torso.

"Haha thanks! Just gym and finally becoming a man I guess" I said neglecting to mention the hours of meticulous meal preparation and intense training to get to where I am today.

"So what did you need?" I continued

"My boyfriends at work and my daughters have already left the house I just need someone to hold the ladder down while I change the outside porch light" she said rushed

"Not a problem" I walked out still in my towel (to be honest I forgot I wasn't wearing pants I was just so turned on by her presence) and she led me to the outside of her house where a ladder was set up under her sensor/security light.

I held it down as steady as possible while jenny climed the ladder with her ass inches away from my face, her short plaid skirt did nothing to hide her gorgeous ass and I could see her sexy pink panties underneath so clearly from this angle. I did not stop looking the whole time, my eyes observed every cm of her thighs, ass and pussy. I was so close I could smell it, I wanted nothing more than to climb up behind her and lick her semi exposed cunt and push her panties to the side and eat out her swollen pussy lips and then climb up some more and shove my engorged cock deep into her dripping cunt and thrust with force until I blew ream after ream of my hot teen jizz deep into her milf pussy.

The detail of my thoughts and the view I had made my cock rock hard without me realising

"Okay all done!" Jenny said as she climbed back down, I kept my arms on the ladder and she turned around to face me trapped by my arms

I gathered my thoughts and let go of the ladder and took a slight step back

"Ummmmm.... Robbie I think.. You... Ahhhh " she pointed at my thick erect cock poking a tent in my towel
I went red with embarrassment and pushed it down to no avail

"I'm so sorry!" I said scared she would be disgusted

"Hehe why are you apologising its natural Robbie, now try and think unsexy thoughts and come inside and have a drink with me, as thanks for your help" she said whilst smiling she turned back around and opened the door to her house and walked in, I enjoyed the view if her thick legs walking away and followed her inside.

"Take a seat on the sofa and I'll bring you something to cool you down" she ordered me
I walked to the nearest single sofa and sat in it, I had full view of the kitchen and watched Jenny bend over to grab a drink from the fridge, I could've sworn her panties were now a little wet when they were not before but these thoughts were not helping my engorged cock, it was hot and twitching now and she would surely notice now I had a visible tent whilst sitting.

She began walking to me holding the drink in her hand, her gorgeous tits bouncing with each step. This way way too much for me, this boner was not going anywhere.

Her eyes were fixated on my erect cock only covered by my towel now, she set the drink down beside me and kept looking. "You can't tell a SOUL about what we are about to do okay?"

"O-okay" I said stunned, my mind raced and wondered what she meant when I got my answer.

She knelt down and kissed my lips, and then my neck and my chest and abs until she got to my towel she grabbed a handful of my towel and cock VERY tightly and began to kiss my calves and legs under the towel working her way up.

Was this a dream? This felt too amazingly real to be a dream. This was happening.

Jenny the hot MILF neighbor was kissing me all over and working her way up to my raging hard cock.

I could feel her breath and kisses on my inner thighs now, she slowly unraveled the towel and planted kisses on my balls, I twitched with delight and a dribble of precum made it out the head of my cock and down my shaft.

She licked it whilst looking me right in the eye, savouring the taste and continuing to lick every bit of my cock and wrapping her hot tongue around my swollen cock head.

I was overwhelmed at how good this felt, never in my wild imagination would I have thought this is how a warm experienced mouth would feel wrapped around my cock. She rolled her tongue over the head over and over slowly and then slipped my entire member in her mouth.

She had no trouble enulfing my 7.5 inches of teenage meat, choking ever so slightly when she hit the base, whilst there she slipped her tongue out and lapped up the juices that had now dripped onto my balls.

Amazing. This woman was amazing and she was sucking my hard cock like a porn star, deep throating and jerking me whilst rubbing and licking my balls. Not one bit of this experience felt like anything was neglected, she was pushing all my buttons and she knew it.

I leaned forward and grabbed hold of her tits while she continued to suck me, I played with her nipples and then brought one hand down to her ass and groped her ass and tits at the same time, hoping my lack of experience wasn't showing, she continued sucking and picking up pace with her mouth and hands for another 2 minutes when I felt close to Cumming.

I leaned back and prepared myself to blow a huge load, her cock sucking precision had gained such momentum while her mouth sucked me for all I had.

"I'm gonna cum Jenny, I'm gonna cuuuuuuuu-" my voice cut off while she once again picked up pace as I blew wad after wad of my warm sticky boy cum down her milf throat, she didn't miss a beat and kept going till I had been sucked dry.

I was leaning on the sofa after receiving my first blow job by possibly the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life, I gathered my thoughts and met her eyes staring at me .

"I'm such a slut... I feel so bad now. Please don't tell anyone.." Jenny said looking down as she finished her sentence.

"I promise I won't, you're amazing. Don't feel bad it wasn't entirely your fault, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't fantasise almost every day about fucking your mouth and pussy" I said trying to comfort my neighbour who had just swallowed the cum right out of my balls.

"Really? You think so? My boyfriend never says nice things like that to me and he's overweight and a smoker so I can't even give him head because he smells like smoke , and I LOVE giving head, my days in high school and university were spent honing my cock sucking skills and I can't even utilise them" she said, somewhat cheered up.

"Well... If you love sucking cock and I like having my cock sucked, maybe we can have a discrete arrangement ?" I replied.

A wicked smile formed across her face, she kissed my cock head and got off her knees.

"Come back tomorrow after school, I'll be home alone again and I'll suck you dry again" she said.

This was the beginning of something awesome.

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I've read this story before. I don't like to read a story I think is new only to find it has been stolen.

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sex storres

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Damm a young guy goes outside in just a towel to help change a light bulb......fuck that only happens in porn classics.......oh well......fantasy reigns supreme in some peoples

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