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Authors Note: New story series, hopefully it'll be better than my last series that kinda stalled.

A little about me before the story starts, my name is David, I'm 16, 5 foot 6 inch, with jet black hair, hazel eyes, and thin build but not lanky, I do have some muscle definition, a feel-able 6-pack and strong for my size. I found out about my ability, or power or what ever you want to call it when I was 10. At first it was just being able to read minds, which overwhelmed me at first but I learned to ignore the stray thoughts most of the time, tune into one person at a time. By the time I was 12 that expanded to 'pushing' I would guess be the right term, I could mentally push some one to do something. Simple stuff at first answering questions they didn't want to answer, or doing something they don't normally do in public but in private, nothing too powerful then, which looking back even if I did have more control I wouldn't have abused it except maybe get what I really wanted for Christmas those years.

When I hit 15 my powers expanded again to telepathy and control memories of when my abilities are in use. I found this out the hard way when I was sitting in the living room watching TV with my sister after school. Her name is Rebekah (Bekah to friends and family), two years younger then I. She managed to get the red head gene that is in our family and very fair skinned, and the deepest green eyes you've ever seen. She also has a thin but athletic body, on the cheerleading team, and vying for captain of the high school cheerleaders by her junior year. We were sitting watching TV as I looked over at her and just thought about what she would look like naked, just an idle thought then she turned her head to look at me and spoke

“What did you just say?” Her eyes wide with shock.

Shocked myself I again thought, “Did I say that out loud? Oh shit!”

“Yes you did say that out loud, you perv!” she spoke, responding to my thoughts.

All I could do was blink at her thinking, well wishing it wasn't happening, and if it was if she would just forget what I thought about her. Like magic she turned back to the TV as if nothing happened.

“uhh... what just happened?” This time I know I spoke that out loud and she turned back.

“did what just happen?” completely clueless as to what just happened in the last two minutes.

“oh uhm... nothing. I must have been thinking of something else” I waved it off and she too just went back to the TV.

I tested this with mom and dad at dinner and performed as expected, doing something wild then telling them to forget it and they did.

Later that night I did get to answer my question of how my little sister looks naked when she went to take her shower I made my way into her room and hid in her closet, after 10 or 15 minutes later she came into her room, towel wrapped around her body and locking the door as I step out and used my ability to tell her that no one was in the room, as she turned around my heart leaped into my throat waiting for the truth as she looked around her room she didn’t' see me, or if she did she wasn't yelling at me to leave like she normally would. The moment of truth was when she dropped her towel with me in her room. My eyes bugged as her body was shown in her full glory, 34A cup breasts, perky and soft looking, and still growing on my 13 year old sister. Her body smooth and flat, a little bit of a 6-pack showing from all her exercising and cheer, a sexy 'V' down her abdomen where her legs meet and her sweet pussy lips bare of any hair, unsure if she shaved or was still hairless.

She went to lay the towel on her bed and laid on it as she reached into her bottom side table drawer and pulled out a small purple dildo, smiling as she let the head slide across her lips as she got more comfortable and wrapped her lips around the head of it and I couldn't help myself as I pulled my cock out and began to stroke myself watching my naked sister suck on a dildo.

Soon she was taking most of it into her mouth it was only 5 inches total, getting it nice and wet before she placed it at her hairless cunt, one hand spreading open her lips as the other pushes the dildo into her (hopefully) virgin cunt. One inch, then two, then three finally all five inches are buried in her cunt as she lets out a soft moan her eyes closed as she enjoys being filled with plastic. My cock is now fully erect, six inches of blue-steel wanting to be rammed into my little sister.

Shortly my sister pulls the dildo out to its head and push it back in slowly, her sighs and moans barely audible as she wants to stay quiet not wanting to have me hear her as my bedroom is on the other side of the wall, our parents have a master bedroom on the ground floor so Bekah and I have the entire upstairs to ourselves. Soon she was pumping her dildo into her cunt, I could hear the juices of her pussy squish as she pounds her pussy. She becomes enthralled with her self and get a little louder, her ass lifting up trying to fuck herself deeper, and moaning out a world that has seared itself into my mind and ears for all time, my name. She just moaned out my name.

“Oh David, fuck me, please pound your little sister” she begins to writhe and squirm harder, her finger pushing against her anus as she pushes the dildo inside of her pussy as deep as it'll go, her breasts heaving as she pants getting closer to an orgasm as I get an Idea. I quickly strip and stand next to her bed and let her see me, but in a way that won't make her scream for me to get out, she sees me as part of a fantasy, but only this fantasy is real.

“You sure you want me to fuck you sis?” I ask looking down at her as her eyes open with a smile.

“oh yes David, fuck me please, make me your woman.” with that I lean down and kiss her soft lips my mind filing away the way she said it for later. Slowly getting on the bed as we kiss and tower over her, holding myself up with one arm and using the other to stroke her cheek. I've always had this intense feeling for my sister, even if she can be a brat.

Lowering my body against hers I feel her heat against my body, our lips locked together for what feels like an eternity before I break out kiss and begin to slowly slide down her body, planting soft kisses down her neck before reaching her chest. I lean back and get a good look at her breasts, perking and heaving as she breaths, topped with soft pink nipples that right now are hard as eraser tips, surrounded by a light pink aureola. Leaning down I take her nipple and part of her breast in my mouth as I suck gently as she moans “ohhh David.” I shift a bit and bring my other hand up to her breast and cupping the wonderful flesh. She brings a hand up and caresses the back of my head holding me to her breasts.

Soon I switch to her other breast, as I cross her body I move my hand down her body, caressing and teasing her side as my hand slips between her legs, gripping the dildo and pushing it into her as I firmly suck on her nipple, my teeth coming down and biting her breast as she bucks her hips and pushes her tits into my mouth more. “oh yes, you can do anything to me you want, bite me, scratch me, fuck me.” she tell me as I pull the dildo out and slide down her body as I can't hold myself back and have to taste her, Have to know what she tastes like before I take her.

Moving down her body as I kneel between her legs as I put each leg over my shoulder and dive right in, my tongue working up and down her dripping cunt lips. Up one side and down the other, round and round then stopping and going the opposite direction, slowly making smaller and smaller circles before I bring my thumbs up and parting her lips and slipping my tongue into her cunt. In and out I fuck my sisters cunt with my tongue, licking and tasting her juices, sweeter then ambrosia. Faster I tongue fuck her, my nose tapping at her clit her body writhes and her legs clamp around the back of my head as she gets closer again to an orgasm. My hands grip her thighs as I try to push my tongue into her, trying to pull myself even deeper into. Soon her body jerks and locks up as I can hear her moaning loudly and and can taste the torrent of her cum gush into my mouth as I eagerly drink her up.

Just as quickly as it started she lays limp on her bed, panting hard, sweat covering her body. I knew then that she and I would have more nights like this together. And over the last year we have had more nights together, but never to the point of fucking until her 14th birthday.

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If she's 13, how in she a junior?

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