Natalie is spending the night before Robby comes over to 'Study' in the morning
“I noticed that you shave yourself down there” Deanna observed to Natalie as they lay in bed after their two wonderful orgasms together. Natalie had shaved the hair from the sides of her vulva and sculpted the remaining medium-blond hair on her pubic bone into a 2” wide rectangle, which she trimmed close.

“Yeah” Nat responded. “I know some girls shave theirs off completely; I’ve seen it in pictures. I didn’t want to get rid of all of it, but I wanted it to be neat and pretty . . . in case I got the chance to get naked in front of anybody” she started laughing.

“It is pretty, Nat. Do you think I should do something with mine?” Dee pushed down the covers and dragged her fingertips through her bush. Her pubic hair was black, just like the silky mane that reached down her back.

“If you want to” Natalie said helpfully. She got up on her knees to have a better look. “See this stuff here?” she ran her fingers lightly along the outside of Dee’s labia, causing her to giggle when the tickle leapt through her body. “You could get rid of this and just leave the stuff up top here” she continued as she lightly pulled on the fine hairs on her mound. “It might make it look hotter . . . and I wouldn’t get as many pubes in my mouth when I eat you!” She grinned mischievously as she leaned over and pecked a kiss on Deanna’s clitoris.

They both laughed again, amazed at how quickly they had become sexually comfortable with each other.
They had started by masturbating together, what, just two nights ago? Now they were able to lay in bed naked and explore each other’s bodies like it was completely natural.

“Uh, Nat” Deanna voiced a question that had just clicked in her head. “Does what we did here make us, uh, you know, lesbians?”

Natalie leaned over Dee with a hand on either side of her body and pulled one of her nipples into her mouth, sucking on it lightly, teasingly. When it popped out of her mouth it stood up red and wet from her beautiful breast. “I don’t care, Dee. I don’t plan on marrying you or anything, if that answers your question.” They both laughed lightly again. “I don’t ‘feel’ like I’m a lesbian. I like boys and eventually, I guess, I’ll get married and have kids . . . in about ten years! Do you think there’s something wrong with us making each other feel good?”

“I know what my mom would say. She’d have a friggin’ aneurism if she knew that we were in here sodomizing each other.”

“Sodomizing? What the hell?”

“That’s what she’d call it. It makes it sound bad, doesn’t it?”

“Deanna, no offense, but your mom is a bit out there with her beliefs at times.”

“I know. She loves her church. She finds acceptance and support there. I know she really needed it when my dad died. Her closest friends are in the church. If she finds out that someone she meets hasn’t accepted Jesus as their Savior, she won’t get close with them, because they’re not going to be saved when the End comes.”

“Well, at least she lets you guys be friends with who you want, and YOU don’t go to church three times a week like she does. So she has let that go a little for you two.”

“Yeah, and I’m glad. I feel like I was being brainwashed for years, and then as I got older, hit puberty, learned a bit more about the world around me, I had to question some of the things I’d been told. Not always out loud to her, but to myself or with Spencer.”

“So what do you think, Dee, is what we just did immoral?”

“Absolutely not!” she said in a loud whisper, like she wanted to shout. “Natalie, I’ve been close to you for years, but nothing like what’s happened in the last few days. I feel so much closer to you, I know in my heart that I Love You and I’m not afraid to say it. I feel a lot closer to Spencer also. I can talk to him easier now and I feel more protective of him too.”

“I, . . . I love you too, Dee. I know we’ll be friends forever. When we’re grandmothers we’ll be calling each other to talk about our grandkids, I just know it.”

“And remembering the time that we first licked each other’s cooch?”

They were giggling hysterically when they heard the light tap on the door, and then Spencer entered and hurried over to her bed, like he was under surveillance. “Hey guys, mom’s asleep for sure” he whispered, “I could hear that little snore she does through her door.” Their nakedness was obvious, despite being back under the covers. “So you already got started, huh?”

“Spencer” Deanna took his cue and carried on in a whisper, “we just did a 69! It was super cool, I’ve never felt anything like it!”

“Damn!” Spencer was truly disappointed that he had missed THAT show. His cock was rousing in his boxers as he sat there, within arm’s reach of two beautiful, nude 15-year olds.

Deanna reached out and put her hand on his bulge. “We’ve already cum twice, but I bet you’re looking for a little relief, huh?”

“Uh, yeah. I’ve been thinking about you two since dinner and I’ve had a raging boner most of the time.”

“Dee, how ‘bout you do to Spencer what I did the other night?”

“Put it in my mouth?”

“Yeah. It’s a weird feeling at first, but I guarantee you he’ll love it. You don’t have to have him cum on your face like I did, you could shoot it into your hand, or a towel or something . . . or, . . . you could swallow it?”

“All of it? It shoots quite a bit, ya know?”

“It’s not really THAT much” Spencer said, like he had to defend his position.

“Was it gross, Nat?”

“No, it was cool. I could feel it like pumping through him as I held on. It might feel really cool to have your mouth on it when he cums.”

“How ‘bout it Spence” she said as she sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed, the covers dropping away from her chest. “Would you want your sister to suck on your dick?”

“How’d you learn to talk dirty, sis? I don’t think I ever heard you even swear before we started doin’ this stuff.”

“It must be something about your COCK that makes me dirty, little bro.” She spoke quietly as she got up off the bed and pushed him back. Natalie moved out of the way so that he could lie back fully. “You’ve made me such a naughty girl Spence” she continued, as she pulled his boxers down and his rod sprung free. It was lying against his leg for a few seconds but then it perked back up, probably in reaction to Natalie letting the covers fall to give Spence a wondrous view of her perky young mounds, swinging over his face as he lay back and felt Deanna slurp his semi-limp form into her mouth.

“Can I touch you, Natalie?” he asked so politely, like he didn’t expect a positive response.

“Better yet, use your mouth Spence . . . suck my titties.” She leaned over him to drop her left tit in his mouth.

He tried to engulf half her breast, then backed off and just pulled her sweet nipple between his lips. He suckled her like a nursing babe, while his sister’s hot mouth surrounded the shaft and head of his cock. What a sensation! He’d be 13 in another 3 months and most of his evenings after homework had been full of fantasy . . . sword and sorcery fantasy, until last week. Now he had a beautiful, firm tit in his mouth and Deanna was sucking on his cock. ‘If I die right now, I’ll be happy’ he thought as he ran his hand over Natalie’s back and brought it down to cup her ass. He squeezed gently and then realized that her pussy must be close by. Female anatomy had been 2-dimensional all his life. This was like orienteering in the woods, finding a trail to the wonders his sister and her friend were offering him. He felt the ravine of Natalie’s ass-crack and slipped his hand down further to the greater warmth of her pussy. She was soaking! Spencer thought that she might jump off and stop him, but instead she pushed against his hand with her cunt, rolling her hips against him and moaning as he continued to suck her tit. Nat repositioned to give her right tit some time in his mouth and he continued to fondle her flower. The wetness, the heat, the scent that was wafting from her snatch, perhaps 18 inches from his head. He told himself that he had to do a journal entry afterward to remember this experience.

Almost as an afterthought his attention returned to his sister Deanna, taking his cock head into her mouth and back out, while holding his shaft firmly in her fist. Dee didn’t have a reference point for giving a blow job. She’d heard the term before, and watched Natalie take Spencer’s dick into her mouth a few times the other night; but Spencer had cum within 30 seconds then. She wasn’t getting any feedback from him now. He was sucking on Nat’s tits and that seemed to be occupying him. She decided to approach it like she’d seen him masturbate, and like she’d helped him masturbate. She used her hand in combination with her mouth to pull him, stroke him, and then lick him. The salty taste of sweat was apparent at first, but now her saliva was covering his dick thoroughly. Dee remembered Spence licking his palm, when he stroked himself before; with the amount of saliva coating his dick, her fist should feel a lot like a pussy! But she kept experimenting: she licked him like a lollipop, she bobbed up and down on his head several times and then stroked him firmly, feeling the saliva act like pussy juice on his cock. She stroked him lightly and kissed him tenderly, wondering if he’d come any time soon. When she felt it pulse it surprised but pleased her as Spencer’s sperm sped through his shaft and shot onto his belly. Remembering what Nat had said about swallowing it she bravely put her mouth back over the head as the second, third, and fourth pulses gushed from his pee-hole, coating her throat and making her gag a bit as she worked through swallowing and breathing. It was so WARM, that was the main thing she remembered, not any taste, or smell, but the warmth and the texture. Spencer’s sperm was warm and slippery, and it slid down her throat with ease.

*** *** ***

*** *** ***

“You almost ready Spence?” Natalie playfully touched him and began pulling gently on his dick as he lay back on the bed. She felt him start to harden as he ran his hand along her smooth thigh and looked at her erect nipples to get himself going again. His sister Dee was propped on her elbow on his left side while Natalie was on her knees to his right, both gorgeous and completely nude. He felt like this dream world would be dashed away and he’d wake up any minute, back in his room with his own hand on his dick. But the dream persisted and Natalie climbed over to straddle his legs so that she could reach for a condom on Dee’s night stand. Looking down he could see her labia silhouetted against the lamplight through her legs, it was so sexy looking. He’d seen a few pictures like that before but here was Natalie in the flesh, her warm skin against his legs, her pussy lips protruding into the lovely gap between her thighs.

He was fully hard as Natalie opened the packet and slipped the condom over his cock and rolled it down to the base. Dee watched intently and pushed his dick up to vertical as Natalie moved up and brought her opening to the tip of his head. Deanna pushed him back and forth along Nat’s lips and then held it where she felt he could enter her friend. Natalie took over from there and worked him gently into her cunt, leaning forward onto him with her hands on his skinny chest.

“Spencer” she said quietly as she pushed down and took two inches inside her. “We’re fucking.”

“Uh, . . . yeah” was all he could think of in response.

She rocked back and forth until she bottomed out on him and then sat back upright on his young pole. She reached out and clasped hands with Dee, looking in her eyes while she fucked her little brother. Her humping began gently, up a few inches and back down, up a few inches and back down; then pressing forward so that her clit could grind into Spence at the base of his cock.

“Think of something to distract you Spencer so I can do this for a while” she said, pulling her long blond hair back away from her face as she continued to rock on him, increasing her pace and the depth of her strokes. She went up on her knees a little higher so that he almost popped out of her cunt and then plunged back down on him with a satisfying “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuh”.

“Give me a kiss, Dee, grab my tits” she commanded gently. Her friend complied immediately.

Spencer was proud of the way he was lasting inside the box of his blond angel, grateful for the cum he already had that had left him less sensitive, like pressure had already been released from his system. He began to push upward to meet Natalie’s down strokes, thrusting his hips to meet hers. Her pussy felt so good, there was no other feeling to compare it too, it was just simply the greatest physical sensation he had felt in his life. Her tightness and her heat wrapped him like a glove. When she would occasionally flex her muscles it felt like there was a little hand inside her cunt squeezing him further . . . it was amazing. His hands had been resting on her thighs, now he moved them up to grab her breasts, which Deanna was also fondling and alternating kissing them with kissing Nat on the mouth.

“Spence” Dee turned and whispered to him, “would you wanna lick my pussy?”

It just kept getting better! “I’d love too!”

She swung her leg over so that she was straddling his narrow chest facing Natalie, who began to fondle her boobs in return. Spencer looked up as his sister’s asshole came into very intimate view. She moved herself back a little to get her cunt over his mouth. Her lips were swollen with excitement and he could see the moisture coating the interior. “Ready?” she asked helpfully.

“Fuck, wow, sis . . . uh, yeah, I think so.”

Dee lowered herself until she felt her brother’s nose bump into her box, then the satisfying sensation of his tongue taking his first taste of a pussy. They were all learning new things each day and each time; this was no exception. Spence had to figure out where to position his face, how to breathe easy while licking his sister, not to hold his breath. He learned his way around her pussy like he would study a new subject, committing each detail to memory. Just being under Deanna like this was so erotic, her sexy thighs brushing up against his cheeks, her dark pink asshole staring him in the eyes as he ran his tongue up and down her sopping slit, consuming her juices, feeling her jump and shudder with some of his attention.

Natalie felt herself getting close and switched over to short, quick, powerful strokes, using her hips the way only a girl in great physical shape can. Dee was kissing her and pinching her nipples, then some instinct seemed to make her put a hand down to the point of their union and rub Natalie’s engorged clit. Nat was kissing her neck at that instant and she lightly bit her as she moaned in response. Dee could feel that they were all getting close to climax and she pushed her pussy onto Spencer’s face, running the length of her cunt up and down his mouth. The orgasm began with a rumble in her tummy and then burst through her body like lightning. She stiffened and twitched, pushed her pussy down on Spence, then back up, finally not being able to take any more touching down there as her twat spasmed over and over. She rolled off Spence to his left and Natalie flopped down into the space she had vacated, urgently thrusting to finish herself off

“I’m cumming, Nat!” Spencer said, a little louder than he should.

“Me too, Spence” she whispered in his ear. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” she whispered hoarsely with each of her final thrusts as she felt his cock pulse inside of her, emptying his load into the latex sheath. She laid her sweaty body down onto Spencer, leaving him inside her as he began to soften.

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