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....she reached her climax and her pussy juices forced my finger out. It was only when I pulled out I realised she was awake. "Fuck" I said to myself. "I'm so sorry dear, I couldn't help myself, your so beautiful and your were exposed on my lap".
"It's so weird mom, why the hell would you do that?"
"As I said I couldn't help myself! I'm so sorry honey"
"Well, if your going to do it just ask me first okay, that did feel weirdly nice"
"So your okay with it?"
"We'll not really but just tell me first if your going to, okay!"
"Okay honey"I replied.

Heather got up and walked out, with her top round her head and her bottoms round her ankles. Her little cute ass jiggled as she waddled away. "Fuck me" I said when she was out of earshot. I put my hands in my hair and sighed. I had just disgraced myself infront if my daughter and she probably thought I was a pervert. If she told someone I could get arrested. A solitary year escaped my eye and I reached for a bottle of jack Daniels. I slept on the kitchen floor that night.

By the time I woke up the liquor and spilled over me and my hair was plastered to my face. I sat up with a pounding headache. I looked at the clock and it was 12 o'clock, heather had left for school and walked right past me. I needed to talk to her about me violating her in her sleep. But first I crawled into my bed, stripped naked and collapsed onto my bed. Asleep before I could pull the covers up.

I was aroused by the sound of heather letting herself in and getting a snack from the fridge. I pulled myself up and put on my rise coloured robe and met her in the hallway.
"I'm so sorry about violating you in your sleep last night, please font tell anyone honey!"
"It's okay, weird but okay. If I'm honest I really enjoyed it, even with your finger in my ass. I would have thought it was horrible but intact it was sensational!"
"Really dear?"
"Yes mom. Can I ask you something?"
"Of course sweetie"
"At some point will you do it again?"
"You want me to do it again" I said, completely surprised.
"Yeh, but when I say so, no raping me in my sleep again!" She exclaimed.
"Okay, sure" I said, screaming in overpowering enjoyment on the inside.

Heather walked off and I got In a shower to try and sort out my hair. Over the sound of the shower I did not hear heather open the door and take all the towels from the rack and my robe from the hanger. When I got out the shower I was surprised. I could of sworn my robe was left behind the door. I was dripping wet when I opened the door and peered out. I couldn't see heather so I tip toed out and into my room where the ambush awaited. I opened the door and was dazzled by bright light. I couldn't see but I heard the sound of a camera and then rapid footstep run past me. I turned around and let my eyes adjust to the light and I saw her ankle disappear into the kitchen.

I charged after her, fully nude and leapt into the kitchen. After a quick wrestle I tackled heather to the ground and pinned her under me.
"Delete the pics" I yelled, smiling at the same time.
"Now that u got me, what are you going to do to me?" She said in a mischievous tone.
"What do you want me to do to you huh?" I replied with a sly smile.

Heather was wearing a tight tank top with a frilly white bra and a squirt with matching panties underneath. She lifted up her tank top and showed me her little, pubescent boobs.
"Is this what you want?" I asked.
She nodded cheekily.
"Fine" I said laughing a little.
I lifted her off the floor and rested her in her back in the kitchen counter and took of her tank top with my teeth, god, she smelt so good!! I thought to myself, like strawberries and honey in a lovely concoction. I licked from under her chin, through her tits and down to her squirt, which I under the zipper and yanked it down. She was now in her bra and panties on the surface where I prepare food. I asked her, "boobs, ass or pussy to start of with?" She answered," boobs then pussy then ass".

I rolled her onto her back and licked her from her neck all the way down to where her ass crack started. She squirmed and said it ticked so I only did it more. When I was finished I un clipped her bra and flipped her back on her front. I slowly peeled of her bra exposing her beautiful tits, firm and silky. I placed my palms underneath them and shook up and down. Making them jiggle for me. She moaned loudly when I suddenly pinched her nipples and pulled them out. Heather was writhing under my grasp. I then placed my lips around her left nipple and sucked her nips like a baby would, she groaned at this and thrust her chest into my face. It was like someone had thrown a silk pillow and had enveloped me with it.

When her nipples were fully erect I traced my tongue down south. Towards her sweet scented pussy. I slipped of her panties and stared at her beautiful pussy. Not a single blemish. Just soft, smooth skin. I looked at her clit which was poking out of her labia lips. I spread her legs out wide and ran my finger along her slit. She moaned and begged for more. I then got her clit between my thumb and forefinger and pinched lightly. Her reaction was immense. She screamed in pleasure and here sweet pussy started leaking tasty juices. I thought that the neighbours might hear her so I grabbed a pillow and threw it to her to scream into. I then focused in her Virgin fuck hole. I inserted a finger tip in, god she was tight. Luckily she was so turned on her juices helped me until I was knuckle deep. She groaned into the pillow as I rubbed her clit and fucked her gently with my finger. I felt her contract and squeeze my finger. Her little toes curled up and released meaning she was close to a climax. I rubbed ferociously until she couldn't take it any more. My finger was forced out by juices and they flew out into my face. Holy shit! I thought, she can squirt! That was amazing, I couldn't do that and I knew few who could. I looked and smiled at her, juices flowing down my nose and off my chin. She was still screaming into the pillow, it admit doing much and I swear the floors of my apartment were shaking.

When she had quietened down I flipped her on her front and spread her legs again, giving me perfect access to her asshole. I smacked her ass a few times, leaving a red hand mark and heather into another groaning fit. I spread her ass cheeks and spat on her but hole. I traced the outline with my tongue and pushed some spit in. I stuck my finger in her pussy to get some juices for lube and just inserted the tip of my finger in. She groaned, "relax you ass muscle" I said soothingly. I felt it loosen a bit but not much, oh well. I pushed in a bit more, the pulled out, then without warning I shoved my whole index finger in, she screamed in pain but the moaned in pleasure. I finger fucked her ass until she almost past out from endless waves if pleasure.

I picked her up and carried her to her room where I laid her down and tucked her in, her pussy juices still seeping out.

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