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An Intro story to what's going to be about 10-15 parts in the end
It's hard to know where to begin looking back upon all these years of pleasure and debauchery. 86 yrs. ago today, is where our little sexual sojourn begins...I'm amazed I made it to live a whole centuries worth of time(100) yrs.

It was my family's genetics, a witches curse, a distant relative into some arcane things blessing....none of my family knows. Here's what we do know but rarely talk about. About once a generation some one in the immediate or extended family will "inherit," shall we say....abilities. Powers. It comes with the onset of puberty, and most of the "gifted" ones had to be put down before to long.....the gift abused, driven mad with power and lust, or maybe the villagers just pitchforked their dumb asses for being to obvious.

My grandmother had whispered in my ear ever since I could remember, that she was certain I would be the chosen one of this generation. She just had a way of knowing things that some old ladies just know, be it intuition, or experience, or both. I never knew what she was talking about, until my 14th year of life on this earth. I was starting my freshman year....and boy, with my undersized stature, and oversized physiche, should make for the longest 4 years of my life thus far. I was right in that aspect....oh so wrong in many others. It started in class, math class, one day while I was daydreaming of the two football cheerleaders in the front of the class. But they are another story, haha.

I had noticed hair sprouting in odd places...and any place seemed odd, since I had never sprouted hair before, anywhere other than my head. I had been having wet dreams for a couple of years...oh yeah, and the slight voice change that comes with the transition into manhood. I had seen an odd tiny little ball of light slowly floating around the room. I was very careful to watch this phenomena without giving away that I was staring at a ball of light. I wasn't sure my classmates had noticed yet. As a minute passed by I started concentrating on it, rather than fascinate on it. To my utter surprise and disbelief, the ball of light seemed to move in the direction I wanted it to. When that thought had ended, I got a little nervous, and the light winked out of existence. I saw it several more times that day, and thought complete madness shall be upon me soon, maybe I should just go with it.

I got home that afternoon and walked over to my grandma's house a short 15 minutes away, by car that is. When I arrived my grandma noticed the change in my expressions, my demeanor, and she could sense something was amiss, even if she didn't know all the whats....yet! Come sit, she told me, start talking, while I get you a snack and a beverage. I started in a rush , at the end sometimes, but eventually came back around full circle to the beginning of my adventures with the essence of light I kept witnessing throughout the day. When I had run out of breath, the silence that ensued, almost frightened me into leaving and never bringing it up again. Finally, she smiled. An ear to ear grin that I had not seen since my last grandpa died.
I told you all along young one, that you would be the one, and I've already figured out what your blessing and curse is to become....mind control. The ability to implant thoughts, words, or actions into the minds of ....well, just about everyone on the planet. Could lead you to an early demise...or a long and exciting life, the decisions and lessons are yours to hone from here on out, Good luck and I love you, she told me, as she followed me to the edge of her driveway, beamed at me with pride, and I saw a clarity in her eyes that I hadn't seen that focused in a long time.

Um Holy Shit, did she just say I had the ability to "be" the puppet master, to control what others do, at the power of my suggestion. That's going to be a shame, because I've never forgotten, or forgiven, some of the pukes that have tortured me from Kindergarten up until now, freshman year.

I spent the next week launching my personal ball of brilliant special effects from my head, and into the head of others. I hadn't tried much in the way of getting people to do whatever I say....I guess I was taking baby steps with my fledgling power. By Friday afternoon, I was going to give it a true test run.

The last class of the day had been Algebra, and it wasn't my strongest subject to say the least. Plus, the teacher, Mrs Snowden, had popped a quiz on us at the beginning of class. Mrs. Snowden had just recently gotten married. All the boys in class knew, that if given the chance, they too would bend her sweet assets over. At 5' 2", 120 lbs,, Aqua blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and a sassy little attitude to go with her 300 pound linebacker of a hubby.

After the bell rang, I hung around until everyone had shuffled out of the room, heading off to enjoy and rage on the weekend. Sara Snowden was looking down, grading our pop quizzes, and hadn't even noticed she wasn't alone. I watched her work for a minute while I formulated a plan of action. I had never done this before(yet), and hoped I didn't fall flat on my face and embarrass myself so bad it would follow me the rest of my high school life. I

I had made it almost to her desk before she noticed, looked up, looked annoyed, then looked down and kept scanning and checking wrong answers off everyone's tests.

"May I help you with something Chris? It isn't polite to just stand and stare...why aren't you going home now like the rest of the good kids?" asked Mrs. Snowden.

"I was wondering if I could do anything for extra credit, I'm failing out of this class already and some of these equations are just going beyond me, as of so far?" I inquired.

To which the teacher replied, "I would only give extra credit to someone not failing out already. Would it honestly help your poor performance, inadequate test scores, and minimal attendance records. Why do you think you deserve shit but a big red F on your report card....I should stamp it on your forehead and do the other teachers a favor," she more than chuckled at her wittiness.

I, however was not chuckling at the moment. At this very moment I was launching a radiant orb of energy from somewhere within my brain, and darting it in her direction. She had no idea what was about to be happening, but I sure knew she was more than rude to me, and for no reason. The orb penetrated her skull and widened itself into a paper thin sheet that started wrapping itself tightly around her brain. I imagined the duller expression that crossed her visage, was due to the fact that she was losing her free will and hadn't realized it yet.

"STOP grading!" were the two first words that came out of my mouth. I watched as she reached forward and slowly set her grading pen down. She was more than a bit put off and confused now. I told her to save all questions, statements, and in general any noise from her vocal chords, for the end of my extra credit exercise, She probably wanted to scream from the top of her lungs "what just happened," instead a look of dread in her eyes, let me know all was going well.

"You will find my quiz, pull it out of the stack, pick up your little pen again, and mark it an A+." My third instruction was just more of the same, "Now open your grade book, and start going back through every grade for my name....and give me an A."

Mrs. Sara Snowden started moving slowly, in utter disbelief that she was about to do something so illegal and morally wrong, but she couldn't stop herself. It felt as if a blanket of light had warmed her brains and gave the feeling of floating. She didn't have a choice. She wanted to do whatever the voice coming through the fog told her to do, which was odd enough. The part that scared her was that she wanted to do it well, and make the student telling her what to do a happy camper, so that maybe this nightmare of a situation would be over...

I studied her face and her expression as she went through and started changing all my grades to A's. Too bad she was cute, because otherwise I could have ended it here and walked away. But, I didn't. This was far from over...It really had just begun.

The last grade had been changed to an A, as she set the pen down and closed the book. I patted her on the head and told her what a good girl she was. I gave her the next 3 instructions all at once and told her to listen carefully, so as not to mess any of "my tutoring" up. She stared blankly up at me waiting for me to continue.

You will unbutton your blouse top all the way down, then you will remove your bra and panties and put them in the drawer, and finally you will sit down on your hands, keeping your back straight and chest out. I added a final note to keep shutting her mouth and not to utter a word or make a peep. I almost caught a tear from the teach, but she caught herself in time and pride rebounded and turned into defiance in her body language. We will break her of that nasty habit later after she's done swallowing a fresh of load of my cum.

I walked quietly over to the classroom door and shut it. Not that the door had windows in it either way, because the teacher's desk was out of the line of sight from the doorway, but I thought no interruptions were probably a good thing at this point. The dead bolt clicking into place echoed loudly in the quiet that had consumed the halls and most of the school. My footsteps also made a lot of noise as I strutted back to Sara(did I mention she's my English teacher?) The blood rushing hotly through my head contributed a whole lot to how well I seemed to hear...heightened sense of awareness? Horniness? Both, I thought to myself and I smiled a grin I had never smiled and dived into my newfound ability with to much wonton desire to do the world any good, but at least it will feel good.

I pulled Mrs. Snowden's chair back away from the desk, and lightly pushed her head down so as to make her eyes rest upon my crotch area, instead of me. I sat on the desk and then pulled the chair back to me. Don't move, I whispered in her ear as I pushed her blouse back off of her shoulders and it fell into a silky bunch behind on the chair. She had beautiful hand full sized perky tits, and she shivered as I lightly put my hands upon both of them to test my hand size theory. I squeezed her nipples and flicked my fingertip back and forth across them, and to my amazement, they were stiffening. The taboo of teacher/student line's were about to be crossed in both of our minds, and it turned her on minimally. It turned me on maximumly. After a few minutes of this I sat back to give my teacher the next pop quiz....(to bad she didn't realize it was her oral exam we were about to take). Oh well, she deserves a pop quiz too, for as many as she has given us this year.

"Mrs. Snowden, you are such a beautiful lady, especially sitting here the way you are." I teased her a bit now. "I'm very glad you invited me to your after school tutoring lesson, thank you! You've been such a good sport about this all and for it being completely your idea, because I never laid a hand on you, or forced you, or threatened you In any way. Considering our age differences, I doubt the courts would consider much of anything you had to say, if it ever came to light. But it won't, because we will both walk away from this a slightly different person, but most of all we will be quiet people. Never telling a soul about what's happening here or between us for any reason, Yes? I see that you just got that fancy diamond ring last month and went on your honeymoon. That's the last person I would ever tell about something like this, agreed?" I waited for her answer.

"Agreed," was all she could muster out, almost inaudibly.

"Good, now that we are on the same page I'm going to give you the next set of instructions that you will follow completely and to the best of your ability. I'm going to unzip my pants here and something is going to come up that you need to talk to. Have a little chat with him, up close and personal. He needs love, forgiveness, kisses, and then more love. You will cover every little inch of it with your tongue, and kiss it more on the way around my dick. Then, you will pop the head of it into your mouth and suck on it slightly while feeling your away around with your tongue again. Next your going to put that friendly guy all the way into your mouth and suck it harder. You will keep up the bobbing motion, giving no thoughts to gag reflexes, or lack of air, or the fact that your married." I laughed at the little twist at the end, but kept going, "As I'm watching you go up and down on my dick i'm going to be instinctually placing my hand on the back of your head to better support myself in that final moment. May even be a little hairpulling too, but I guess that's up to you and how well your performance goes. I'm timing you and grading you, on a scale, with no handicap. Since this is my first blowjob ever in my life, I would like for you to make it memorable. Don't half ass it. Give me something to compare it too and miss the rest of my life. And then I can't help myself any longer I'm going to explode, right into your still sucking, bobbing mouth. Your going to taste some, swallow some, and save the very last bit of it in your mouth, waiting for me to tell you what to do with it. Do you understand the task at hand Mrs. Snowden?" I asked shyly and innocently sounding.

There was nothing shy or innocent about anything I was making this poor woman do, but hell, I couldn't stop now. I had to test my inheritance, know it's limits, do's and don'ts, etc. etc. The tentpole in my pants completely gave me away as to how ready I was. I looked down and had to take a second look to see if I was mad or it what it looked like was actually what it is. It appeared to me that my dick had gotten much bigger than I had remembered, at least from last night wherein I was jacking off while thinking about this moment in time. I unzipped it quicker than usual and let my pants drop. We both just sat and stared at my fully hard and throbbing cock. I didn't have a clue this was going to be part of my gift and damn I was glad it came as an added bonus. It was at least 9 inches, and perfectly proportioned in thickness without making it look to fat or to skinny. It didn't have a curve or a twist of any kind it was was just a perfect looking specimen of what you would picture as a perfect cock.

"what do you think of that teacher?" I taunted her a little.

"it's perfect and gorgeous....I want to please it now.....and taste it!" she added with a smile. Sara couldn't believe she just said that out loud and blushed a pretty shade of red.

"You may begin, Sara," I stated as a matter of fact.

She complied, as a matter of fact. Her tongue came out slowly and led the way, as she closed her eyes. When her tongue had reached its destination, we both shuttered with pent up intensity. She brought her tongue into her mouth as she lovingly kissed the head of cock. She then kissed and licked up and down both sides, top, and bottom. I was pretty close to coming then and there hadn't been any penetrating yet. My cock was throbbing wildly, and she sensed my closeness to ejaculation too. She pulled back and let my cock have a break. It glistened from her wet mouth. About 15 seconds did she give me before devouring her meaty treat. She latched on to my dick with a purpose and wasn't going to let go. I grabbed the back of her head and thrust my hips forward to meet her downward motion, and now we started getting it down her throat a ways. She had only been able to sink the first half of it in her mouth before, and now we were getting a good 3/4 of it to go in. I was seeing stars, losing my balance, and toes were curled up tight as the tip of dick exploded the first shot of hot jism. Her throat was opened up and it just slid down to where it's new home was at and rested comfy like in the pit of her stomach. On the second shot and third I made sure the tip was in her mouth only and she was flicking her tongue wildly on the head of my dick. She was moaning too as she tasted every drop of manliness my balls could offer. Mrs. Snowden swallowed half of that volley, and saved the rest in her mouth like she was told to do earlier.

I regained my senses, balance, and focus after half a minute or so and I noticed her waiting on the next instructions. Oh yeah, I had almost forgot why I made her do it this way.

"I want you to slowly let that juice dribble out of your mouth and let it roll down your chin and neck. You know what it is you nasty teacher, but you want to make me happy, so do it!" I commanded sternly.

She closed her eyes and let the cum drip out and down. When she had emptied her mouth of that she sat still completely, waiting to see what would be demanded of her now.

I ran my finger up the trail and scooped some up on my finger. I painted some onto her nipple and ran my finger all over it, coating it with a nice layer. I repeated the other side and watched her hardening nipples. The last of the cum I took and spread it across both of her lips generously. I told her to let all three spots dry hard before proceeding to get dressed. I'm so very pleased with your performance, I give you an A+. You will lick you lips clean slowly while driving home today, and you may wash your nipples tomorrow when you shower.

Mrs. Snowden looked up at me shyly. She nodded in compliance. I told her to get dressed and go on about her evening like nothing unusual had ever happened and really just forget about it. With that, I jumped down off the desk, grabbed my back pack and exited stage left from the school and on to home

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2013-11-17 04:52:45
I'm interested in how this story progresses. Make sure there's an antagonist or at least something the protagonist needs to work at, since he already appears to have complete control of his powers. Not bad for a first chapter, but yeah the switch from math to English seemed like a continuity mistake - so make sure you proofread your stuff first.

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2013-11-16 10:09:56
Repeat a lot of words, really no dialogue, you don't pay attention to what you write...maybe just give up? It'd be better for us all

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No, you did not mention that she was your English teacher, however, you did state hat she was your Algebra teacher earlier in the story.

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Awcyhrxef oi. .gcucd

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Very good read, looking forward to the rest.

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