This is a boy/boy story. If you are not into Gay Sex then do not read
Young Boy’s New Experiences

Here is my next story. Sorry, but this stuff skips around a bit since me and Ryan must have fucked well over 100 times.

Over the next several months its seems every weekend I was at Ryan’s house. By day we were just two young boys having fun and being glad to be out of school. By night however, we were learning more and more about the wonders of sexuality…boy on boy sexuality.

The wonders of the internet made us see and want to experience more and more. We got to see more positions to try out. Well, that is for Ryan to try out on me. I was getting fucked by his 6 inch 12 year old cock every weekend. Sometimes, it was so much that my first day of school I would be so sore and afraid someone might notice. It never happened and I soon learned to cope and get used to it.

Summer break would be coming soon, and Ryan and I had plans for that, but until then we were just fucking on weekends, and loving every minute of it. We had started looking into newer, more crazy things, to try with each other however. We felt that, we were now becoming more experienced.

Later one night, I was up and Ryan’s room with him on a Saturday night. We had already fucked the night before, and were nude and in bed already. We had just been jacking each other off a bit and I had been sucking his cock when he moved my head so his cock popped out of my mouth and I looked up at him.

“Why did you…” I started to ask when he interrupted me.

“You want to go to the hot tub,” he asked.

“What, now,” I replied.

“To finish down there,” he answered with a grin and I saw he had that glint in his eye.

“What if we get caught?!”

“We won’t. the water flows into the pool through the slits and those rocks are a little high,” Ryan explained. “No one will see us. Just don’t moan so loud you wake people up or make them come look outside.”

I thought it was risky, but it sounded awesome. The hot tub was always on a little so it would be a little warmer than the pool. We most likely would hear anyone come out so we could just ask like we were sitting there in the water talking or something. We could come up with something convincing about why we were there.

“Sure,” I said. “Sounds like fun.”

“Glad you think so,” Ryan answered with a grin. “Lets put on swim suits. You can borrow one of mine.”

Ryan got up out of the bed and walked nude over to his dresser drawers. I was hypnotized by his smooth, lean, tan body with his hard hairless cock bouncing as he walked across the room. I got out of the bed and followed him. I came up behind him just as he pulled out two of his swim suits.

“Here,” he said as he handed me one. “Put it on and we will head down.”

I quickly put my feet in the swim suit and slid it up my skinny white legs. I then turned and saw Ryan had finished putting his on. He turned and looked at me and said, “Lets go man.”

He headed for the door and I quickly followed behind him. We went down the two flights of stairs to the ground floor. Once there we went through the living room into the kitchen where the back door was. Ryan quietly opened the door and we both went outside and just ad quietly closed the door. We walked down the rock path that led to the pool and walked around to the hot tub connected to it.

Once their Ryan climbed in and got in the water. “Warm,” he said and then looked at me. “Come on in.”

I put my feet on the rock edge and slid feet first into the hot tub. The water was warm, and the rocks that rose up a bit did conceal us. The slits that the water ran out into the pool about two feet below would not expose us, or our evening entertainment.

“So…”Ryan started to say but he did not finish. Or if he did I did not hear it as I already was going underwater. I slid his swim suit down and took his cock into my hands. It started to grow at the touch and I quickly put it in my mouth and started sucking. I loved feeling his cock grow in my mouth.

For a few seconds I sucked his cock and it grew to full size. Soon I knew I would need to come up for a breath. So I slid his cock out of my mouth and came up. I broke the surface and took in a few breaths. Ryan was standing there, smiling.

“You sure don’t waste any time at all do you,” he quietly said.

“Not when it comes to you,” I replied with a grin.

“Stand up,” Ryan told me so I did. Then he went underwater and I felt my swim suite being pulled down and a warm sensation a second later engulf my cock. It felt so good, the warm water around my exposed body with Ryan’s even warmed mouth sucking my 12 year old hairless cock. After a good half minute or so Ryan’s head broke the surface and he took a breath.

“Mmmmm, so good Ryan,” I told him with a smile.

“Want to know something,” Ryan said, but before I could reply I started saying what he was going to say anyway. “The waters the only lube your gonna get tonight Shawn. I bet your ass is gonna feel great as I fuck you in the warm water.”

I was sure as hell that it would and I was really itching for Ryan’s 6 in cock to penetrate my 12 year old ass and fuck me good. So I turned around and put my skinny white body against the rock wall. The head of my hard cock was barely touching the wall of the hot tube under the water.

I looked back at him and said, “Then please fuck my ass.”

Ryan wasted no time on that offer ad he came over and grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them. He spread them apart a bit and moved his cock to my tight exposed hole. I quickly felt the tip of his cock on my hole and I felt the slight push of it wanting to enter me.

“Here is comes Shawn,” was all the warning I got from Ryan and his cocks head penetrated my tight hole and half of his 6 inch cock slammed into my ass.

“UH oooooo,” I moaned and tried to make it softly, but was louder than expected. So Ryan again covered my mouth with one hand and with his other he grabbed my hip. He then started to rock his hips and his cock slid out a bit and then he slammed his cock more into me and this time I got all 6 inched of his 12 year old hairless cock in my ass.

“UH!” I moaned a muffled moan, and then he started rocking his hips again, only this time with greater speed.

I felt the warm water around me moving with Ryan as he fucked me. The warm water was my lube and it made Ryan’s already warm cock so much better as warm water was now in my ass as well. The speed he was fucking me at was faster than the other night and my hard cock was now bouncing on and off the wall of the hot tub, causing me a little pain. I did not care though, as the cock in my ass was pounding my prostate and filling my ass. My whole body was tingling with pleasure as Ryan fucked me.

Ryan’s hand moved away from my mouth as my moaning, though steady, was softer now. I felt both of his hands on my hips then also felt a little more of his cock leave my ass than it had been the last few trusts. Then I felt a big thrust and his cock entered me full force and I was now on my toes in the hot tub, getting pounded hard by Ryan’s cock.

“UH!” I moaned louder.

“Fuck Shawn,” Ryan said. “Not so loud.”

“Sssory,” I replied as I felt his cock go back in with force, fucking me deep. The water was now violently sloshing back and forth as Ryan really went to town on my ass. His cock was fucking me harder, and faster, and going as deep as he could possibly go.

My hand went beneath the water and grabbed my cock and I started to jack my cock off as I was getting this amazing fuck in the hot tub.

“Fuck Shawn!” Ryan said. “Oh fuck, fuck oh God fuck.” His nails were starting to dig into my flesh a bit on my hips he was squeezing so hard. Then I could feelt his hands moving ever so slightly forward for a better grip, which was just at tight.

He pulled me harder and harder into him with each thrust. He was really liking this. It was a little scary, but at the same time I was loving it and did not want it to stop.

“I’m…I’m…I’m…” I was saying with each thrust, trying to say I was going to cum.

“You’re what Shawn?”

“Gonna…gonna cum Ryan,” I replied to his question.

“Not before me bitch,” he told me.

Bitch? Did Ryan call me a bitch? I was then jostled from that thought as another violent thrust came and Ryan said, “Here it comes Shawn!”

I felt the load a second later and with it a slight, satisfying moan from Ryan as he unloaded all his cum in my 12 year old hole. I then felt my own cock twitch in my hand and felt the ecstasy of my own cum shooting into the hot tub water.

Panting, Ryan lay on my back and licked my ear a bit. “You like that?”

“Yes,” I replied out of breath. I was unsure of what to think about what just happened. This time, it was a little more intense. I was also called a ‘bitch’ for the first time during sex. It was sure not going to be the last and this, as it turned out, was only just the beginning.

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2016-10-15 03:23:30
Be sue and write more it was very good, I screwed my friend in a hot tub and he done me also but I like it in the bed then I can lick him up clean and get my cum i really like it that way.


2016-06-28 17:06:20
Oh shit this is hot, I want to read more. Please write another chapter or two. Wow

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