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Wayne and his wife wanted a foot massage. They found the perfect place that satisfied all their needs.
VIP Foot Massage 1 - The Introduction

Wayne and his wife wanted a foot massage. They found the perfect place that satisfied all their needs.

Author’s note: Every character in or referenced in this story is 16 years old or older. Sometimes in real life people lie about their age. In the same manner, these story characters may lie about their age, stating that they are younger than 16. But I am stating here and now, as the author of this story, that every single character is at least 16 years old. Any reference to an age younger than 16 is a lie, stated by the character or narrator of the story in an attempt to shock the reader. But do not believe them. It is not true. They are really 16 years old or older. Believe me. I know. I wrote the story.

"All I see on my phone is this VIP Foot Massage," I said to Andrea, my wife.

"The ad looks a bit sleazy," she replied. "But right now my feet hurt so bad I would take anybody. I'm calling them."

She did too. A minute later she said, "We're heading over there. I think he said they can take us. He didn't speak much English, just kept saying Yes, Yes, Yes."

"Hmmm, sounds like you in bed," I joked.

"Oh stop it Wayne," she scolded me. The truth was we actually hadn't had sex a whole lot lately.

We got there to VIP Foot Massage in a few minutes. There was a guy outside smoking. We went on in as he held the door and then followed us in. A woman met us inside and had us sit in these large comfortable recliner chairs right there in the main entry room.

The man and woman were oriental of some sort and didn't speak really good English, she better than him though. Andrea ended up with the man and I got the woman to massage us. Thank goodness because I didn't want some guy putting his hands all over me. But having a woman do it is a turn on for me.

After 15 minutes of soaking our feet the massages began. They had us lean back in the recliner chairs and just relax while they did their work on our feet for the next hour.

It really was very good. I didn't get her name but the lady giving me my massage gave me a quick work up of my lower legs right at the end. Then when my wife was getting up from her chair and putting her shoes on the lady ran her hands up and down my upper legs a few times. I'm sure the lady knew my wife was busy with her shoes and not looking. Her fingers ran across my inner thighs. I looked at her and it appeared as if she was staring directly into my eyes, like she was watching for my reaction. It was so quick that I'm sure my wife didn't notice. I didn't tell her either. The lady gave me a smile and then stood up, indicating we were done.

The massages were only $30.00 each for an hour. I gave her a twenty dollar tip. She thanked me and said loud enough for my wife to hear, "You come again." At that price we could come every day and our bank account wouldn't even notice. We don't really go out or do much, so with both of us working we have quite a nice bank roll.

"We will, thank you," I told her. My wife turned and started walking out.

Then the lady placed her hand on mine that was resting on the counter and quietly said to me, "You come for me, OK?"

I stared at her for a moment and daydreamed. Her broken English made me think of how I would love to cum for her. She broke my fantasy when she handed me a punch card.

"Ten massages and you get one free," she announced loudly, giving me a card with two punches in it already.

"That was really good, Wayne," my wife told me as we left. "I would totally come back here."

"You crack me up Andrea," I began. "An hour ago you wouldn't have stepped into any Asian massage parlor. Now you think they're the greatest."

"Well this foot one is anyway," she explained. "I still don't like the thought of an Asian body massage. All they want is for you to buy sex."

"You do realize VIP foot massage offers a body massage too," I pointed out.

"Well it's not their main focus," she countered. "It's just a side thing and I think these people have proven themselves as being on the up and up."

I chuckled to myself thinking about the quick thigh teasing I got from my lady masseuse. If Andrea only knew what I was daydreaming about. I had already planned on coming back, but this time by myself. I wanted to find out if it was all my imagination or what. She did ask me to come back and ask for her.

It didn't work out that I came back to VIP alone. My wife Andrea liked the foot massage so much she insisted on us both going again the following weekend. This time they were a bit busy. They had rearranged the chairs so that they were all set at a slight angle. The first chair was empty and they had my wife take that chair.

There were two people getting massages by ladies I didn't know, younger than my lady masseuse from last week. But my lady was there and led me to the fourth chair. Because of the angle of the chairs I could see everyone else but they couldn't see me, especially my wife, not without turning her head way around anyway.

Nearly an hour into my massage, the man who was massaging my wife finished up and had her just lay back and relax while my lady finished up with me. The two customers in the other chairs had long since finished and left, the two younger masseuse ladies had gone into the back somewhere. The man masseuse went outside, I'm thinking for a smoke.

My masseuse lady began massaging my calves. She slowly worked her way up my legs until she was massaging my upper legs. I have to say I was starting to get a little bit turned on by this lady. She spent a couple minutes on the inside of my thighs and gently brushed her fingers across my groin. She realized that I was now sporting a rather large hard-on under the towel that covered me.

She stopped what she was doing and looked up at me smiling. She then stepped up close on the outside and whispered into my ear, "You come back, no wife. I give good massage, you hear?"

I looked at her and just nodded my head yes. She went back to my feet and finished my massage, ending it just as my wife's masseuse came back in. I got the impression that the lady did not want the man to know what she was doing with me at the end. I had relaxed enough so that I wasn't showing an erection. I paid for both of our massages, $30 each, and then dropping $25 as a tip this time. I made sure my wife had turned to walk out first then I put the tip money into the lady's hand. I closed her fingers around it, holding my hand over hers for probably a moment longer than I needed to. The whole time I watched her eyes. When she looked back at me I smiled and let her go. Just then my wife called to me as she was walking out, "Don't doddle Wayne."

It was a long week but Saturday finally arrived. My wife decided to go get her nails and toes done so after she left I drove over to VIP alone. When I got there I almost didn't go in. I could see through the door, looking at feet anyway, that the place's four foot massage chairs were full with customers. That was confirmed when I stepped inside.

I started to reach for the door to leave and the lady that had given me my massages in the past suddenly appeared. She must have been behind the counter. There were several other ladies and that one man giving people massages in the four chairs.

"You come," she said, grabbing my wrist and leading me through a hallway and into a room. There was a massage table there and a foot massage chair just like out in the lobby area.

"Sit," she instructed as she went over and closed the door.

"I massage you here," she said as I took off my shoes and socks.

"What's your name?" I asked her, taking the time now to really look at her. "She looked like she was maybe in her late 30's, thin and very short. She had a pretty face and looked Chinese. But knowing how orientals always turn out to be older than what they look to me I would guess she could easily be in her late 40's and still look in her 30's. I was really a poor judge of age.

"Ling my name," she replied as she placed my feet in warm water to soak. "You?"

"Oh, I'm Wayne," I told her.

"Wayne, nice name," she said. "Wife no like massage, she not come?"

"Andrea? Her new thing is getting her nails done. She liked the massage just fine though," I told her. "But I think I liked it more, especially coming from you Ling. You are quite good at this."

She blushed and I could see a little color in her face. It contrasted her normally fair skin and brown eyes. Her long jet black hair sat in contrast of her complexion and made for a very pretty older woman. She stood up when she took the water away and I realized she couldn't have been more than 5 feet tall. She had on tight spandex looking bottoms and a tight top that revealed her very small breasts.

She went through pretty much the same routine as before for the massage with me in the recliner and my feet on the padded foot stool. Nearing the end she stood up and turned around. She stood backwards over my right leg and pulled my knee up into the air with my foot on the stool. This positioned her so that her ass was between me and my right leg.

She then began to massage my calf with long downward strokes. The first couple of times she did it without touching me with anything but her hands. On the third time she pressed the front of her body lightly against the front of my upper leg.

I thought it was an accident at first but this motion was repeated a few times, each time with slightly more pressure. It was turning me on as I stared at the back of this tiny body in front of me.

A couple more times and she was pressing her bottom down into my groin. My mind was getting a bit foggy. It took me a few moments before I realized she was no longer massaging my calf but was holding onto my knee while she ran her groin up and down my upper leg, landing harder and harder each time onto my growing shaft.

She must have known when I was sufficiently hard as she stopped her rise and fall and just stayed down. She began to rotate her butt on top of me as I gently held her hips with my hands.

"Ohhhh Ling, your massage feels so good," I moaned.

"You like?" she replied. "You like Ling massage you like this?"

"Oh God yes Ling," I said. "I like it a lot."

She suddenly stopped what she was doing, lifted my left leg up to match my right one, both knees in the air. She then turned around facing me and sat on my lap. Smiling at me she began rotating her hips, grinding her groin down onto my stiff shaft.

"Ling make Wayne feel good?" she stated more than asked.

"Oh yes, you do Ling. You make me feel very good," I told her. "Is this part of the foot massage?" I laughed.

"You tip nice," she said. "I be nice so you tip nice again … and again … and again."

She continued to massage my raging hard on with her ass, both of us fully clothed. "You like Ling massage? You promise come see Ling again? Give Ling big tip?"

"Yes definitely Ling," I told her. "I'll come here for you as often as I can."

She smiled at me and said, "You cum for Ling now, OK?" Then she ground her cunt hard into me, rocking her hips ever faster forward and back. "Wayne cum now," she demanded, her voice more stern sounding. 

I didn't think I was quite ready but for some reason my body obeyed this tiny Chinese woman. I shot my cum into my pants as if I was shooting it into Ling. My hips jerked upward with each pulse until I was done cumming.

"Oh God Ling that was incredible," I praised her. 

"You come see Ling again, Ling make Wayne feel more better, Wayne cum for Ling again and again," she promised. "Now Wayne go."

She got up off of me and walked out. I put my shoes back on and stood up. I couldn't see anything through my shorts but I could still feel the cum in my skivvies.

I walked back out to the front desk and paid for my massage. I gave her $30 for the foot massage and another $30 tip. 

"You tip good," Ling said. "You come see Ling soon." Then leaning in close she whispered, "Ling have special time for you. You enjoy much. You promise come see Lin, no wife?"

"I promise Ling," I told her. 

"Good," she said, then whispered, "I make you happy you come for Ling. Nobody touch Wayne but Ling."

Unfortunately I had to find some more time when I would be alone. The alone time turned out to be actually easy when I realized Andrea had started getting her nails done. So I complemented her on how nice they looked hoping she would get them done every other Saturday, providing several hours of that alone time I needed.

Finally the day arrived and as soon as my wife was gone for her nails I hurried over to VIP. Just as it had been two weeks earlier the place was busy. 

When I walked in, there was Ling. "Wayne, you come for massage," she stated. Taking me by the hand she whispered, "Today you get really good massage."

"You always give me a good massage Ling," I whispered to her as she led me back into that same room as the previous time.

She went through the same routine as before, giving me an incredible foot massage. But as with the last time, about 45 minutes into it she started working on my legs. In a couple of minutes I was hard with anticipation.

Ling smiled and put my feet flat on the floor. She knelt between my legs and unzipped my jeans. A moment later she had my cock in her hand slowly stroking me up and down. I about lost it when she suddenly took me into her mouth.

It felt so warm and she was soon running me deep inside her mouth and back out again, gliding that tongue of hers along the underside of my shaft. It felt like nothing I had ever experienced. As I neared my climax I tried to warn her, "Ling, I'm going to cum." But she just sucked that much harder. The next moment I was shooting my cum up inside this woman's mouth. I thought about how many times I had tried to get my wife to do this and she refused. It was too yucky for her. Andrea wouldn't even go down on me, let alone swallow my cum.

When I was done she cleaned me off, zipped me up and said, "I like Wayne. He good customer. Ling make Wayne cum every time."

I really was a good customer too. I payed her the $30 for the massage and gave her $40 tip before she even left the room. I didn't want anyone to become suspicious if they saw me giving such a large tip out in the lobby area.

My wife asked about going back to VIP for a foot massage but I told her that I didn't think they were that great and thought we should try and find somewhere else to go. She did not pursue the subject as she was going every other week for her manicure and pedicure.

Two weeks later I found myself walking into VIP again while my wife Andrea was getting her nails done. This time the man was sitting there doing nothing, the place being empty. Ling came out from a back room and took me by the hand again, leading me into that same room we used before.

The man said something to her in Chinese and she replied with some quick sharp words of her own. Of course I didn't understand. As I sat down in the massage chair, I saw her shut and this time lock the door.

I wondered what she had in mind for me this week. Ling had on the same tight clothes as before but this week it seemed that her nipples protruded through her top. When she got to the leg massage I was already hard.

This time after unzipping my pants she pulled them down a bit towards my knees. I was hoping she would give me a blow job again but she surprised me by climbing up onto the recliner with me. With both knees straddling me she slipped her tights down over her ass and part way down her upper legs. That freed her pussy. I could see the mass of thick jet black hair covering her groin area. Slipping a condom onto me she lined the head of my dick up against her pussy lips and slowly dropped herself down onto me.

I easily slid into her hole and in a moment she was riding up and down my shaft with ease. I rested my hands on her hips but just let them go up and down with her body.

"Oh shit, you are so hot Ling," I quietly cried out as she continued to fuck me.

"You like how Ling massage you now?" she asked.

"Like hell, I love it, you nasty woman," I told her with a smile on my face.

"I like Wayne too," she added. "He make Ling feel good inside." She made sex feel better than anything I had experienced in the past year with my wife Andrea. I guess we weren't the newly weds that we were a couple of years ago.

"Well I'm about to put something else inside you too," I warned her. But then remembering, "if it wasn't for that damn condom."

Ling suddenly got this look of surprise on her face and I felt her pussy walls start to contract. She opened her mouth and let out a soft groan. "You cum for Ling now," she gasped.

Just as I had done in the past, when she said cum, I obeyed. My body convulsed and I was filling up my condom with my cum. It was a couple of minutes before Ling and I regained composure.

"You want to cum in Ling next time, no condom?" she asked.

"Oh yes," I quickly answered, "very much so."

"Who you fuck?" she asked. "You fuck other massage ladies like Ling? You fuck girlfriends?"

"No, no one else," I replied. "Just my wife Andrea."

"Then you no fuck anyone but Ling, OK?" she ordered. "Then Ling let you cum, no condom."

"What about my wife?" I asked.

"Wife only fuck Wayne?" she asked back. "She fuck nobody else? She fuck boyfriend Wayne not know?"

"Yes, uh I mean no, no one else, just me," I told her.

"Then wife OK, no one else," she stated flatly. "Wayne promise Ling."

"I promise you Ling," I said. "I won't fuck anyone else. I want to feel you without the condom."

Ling then said pretty much the same thing as always, "Wayne tip nice. Wayne good customer."

I was too. I payed her the $30 for the massage and gave her three twenties as a tip before she left the room, just how I paid her last time, so no one else would accidentally see the large tip.

As she left she said, "You take time clean up, no rush, no need room."

"I might just relax here a bit if that's OK with you," I said.

She nodded OK. She then locked the door handle and pulled the door shut behind her, essentially locking herself and everyone else out until I left.

With Ling gone the room was quiet. That is until I thought I heard someone in the closet to my left. The closet doors were louvered downward so that you couldn't see in but someone inside could see out. I quickly dressed and then went over to those doors. With one yank I opened them and there standing in front of me was this young girl.

The End (until I found out what this girl saw)

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