she took my hole cock right down to my bush
So there i was get some of the best head that i can ever rember. She was taking my whole dick down her throat, damn can she suck a mean dick. By this time dean was starting to come around, chery saw this and was trying to move to get my dick out of her mouth, but there was no way in hell that i was going to let that happen. I pulled out my knife again and told her to stop moving and work my cock before i cut her fucking head off, and with that said i stabed her in her left tit right through the nipple. She tryed to scream only to be choked my surge of cum. With my load now emptyed down into her stomach my attention turned to dean i quickly went into the kitchen and got some oil, came back into the bed room and dumped a nice amount into his ass crack. Now he was fully awake trying to bust out of his bond, "stupid prick your not going any wheres just yet, i had my fun with your girl now its your turn, and if you don't stop moving around and shut the fuck up i'll slice off your balls." With that i pick up my knife and pressed the blade into the back of his cock so he knew i meant bussiness. He finallly stop trying to fight and calmed down, i think he new what was happening and there was no way out. After i got his ass lubed up with all the oil i started to finger him first one then two and then three fingers were easily sliding in and out of him. He kept say no, but judging on how hard his dick was he liked it. Time for another finger or two. Now i have four fingers in his ass all i need to get in is the thumb and then his ass is my punching bad. hehehehe i like the thought of that. I fucked him for about 10 min to 15 min with four fingers before pulling them all out i made a fist and slamed my whole hand into his ass right up past the wrist half way to my elbow. Deans whole body jack knifed and then went limp, oh well what did i care so i kept my hand fist in his ass and fucked him with it intill he woke back up. During the time he was asleep he came all over the dresser and my arm was covered in blood and aliitle shit, its ok i thought they have a sink i can wash in. Chery was watching the whole time my fist was up his ass, never taking her eyes of us. I think she was starting to enjoy the sight before her, her tit stoped bleading and now just looked like she had a scratch on it. I kept fucking deans as with my fist intill he came again this time he was awake and telling me not to stop. Ok enough of this i though, I riped my fist out of his ass and walked up to his head where i smeard all the blood and shit across his face. I then went back over to chery with the biggest hardon i have ever had i told her it was her turn. She look at me shaking her head and screaming "NO NO YOU CAN"T I'M PREGENT." " So what bitch its not my kid in there why the fuck should i care?" with that i untied her legs and started to rub her clean shave pussy with my dick. Once i got her wet enough i slid my dick into her and started to fuck her calling her a dirty slut and a fucking whore. i ask her if she like what she saw me doing to dean and to my surprise she said yes. now she was moaning and begging me to fuck her harder and faster. So I did. I could feel my balls start to tighten up and knew i was about to cum so i said " here it cums baby hope you like it" with that i slamed the rest of my cock into her and fill her pussy with my man juice. I pulled my dick out of her now juicy pussy and look down at it to see my cum start to run out of it. i pick her legs up and put them back on my shoulders and started to finger her, she was able to take four of fingers from the start. So i thought what the hell an pushed my whole hand into her pussy all the why up to my elbow. she was screaming and moaning i knew she was about to cum so i fuck her ass hard as i could with my fist slaming it in and out intill my whole arm was covered in her pussy juice. I let her come back down for her climax before starting to work my now hard cock into her ass. she just laid there not knowing what to do, way to spent to fight or cry. Well i decide that it was time to really fuck with this bitch, i pulled my cock out of her ass and when ti the kitchen open up the fridge and saw 2 huge cucumbers, so i grab them and went back into the bed room. i oiled up the smallest of the two and shoved it into her ass, grabed the other one and put it in her cunt I took out my duct tape and tape the two invaders into place, retieing her legs to the bed I walked over to dean. I got behind him and with out warning shove my whole cock up his ass and begin to fuck the shit out of him. As I was fucking him i reached under him and squeezed his ball so hard i heard a low POP sound and he started screaming, i knew i just broke one of his nuts. Oh well his pain is none of my consern. I just kept fucking him intill i came deep in his ass. When i was done cumming i left my cock in his ass intill it started to go soft, when it was soft enough i started taking a piss deep in his ass i filled him with my piss and my cum. I slowly pull my cock out of his ass and walked to his head and told hime to lick it clean, he shook his head no so i pull out my knife and cut his fucking balls off, he was bleeding all over the place and passed out. " FUCK YOU BITCH " i said as i spit in his face. i walked back over to chery with dean's balls in my hand and said " looks like his fun is over now" and threw his balls at her. walking back ober to dean i took my knife and slit his throat, fuck him i thought, one down one to go. I wanted to take my time with chery and try to enjoy the rest of the night with her. She started crying now sobbing "you killed him you fucking killed my love, my only love, what the fuck is wrong with you jack why did you do this to us we never did anything to you we were always good friends." "SHUT THE FUCK UP SCANK" "you wanna know what you did to me you little boy toy here thought he was all big and bad came knocking on my door telling my that i had to stop the kids from jumping around the other night thats what he did and you always walking around like your shit don't stink. FUCK YOU" with that said i started kicking the cucumbers into her holes i was really putting force into it. After my leg got tired i got up riped off the tape and pulled out the cucumber just to replace the with both of my fists one in pink and one in the stink. she kept on crying and now the bed was covered in blood i did'nt care she was going to die to night to i just want to use her to get my nut off thats all i care about. Well my dick started to get hard again so i asked her " what should we do about this?" pointing to my cock "we can't put it in your ass or you pussy their both way to loose for my taste. i know why don't i make a new hole to fuck?" with that i pulled my knife out of the dresser by deans dead body walked back over to chery and push the knife into her belly button. she started to scream and a taped her mouth shut. i made a slice no wider then the blade pulled the knife out tossed it to the floor and slide my dick into the knew hole. let me tell you if you've never fucked a chick in the belly button you gotta try, i mean wow what a new felling every time i push in her guts would wrap around my dick, it was like fucking 5 different pussy at once. well i came and i came alot i looked down at her and she had passed out from the pain, so i pulled my dick out of her aimed it at her face and started pissing she woke up quicker then shit. When i was done pissing i cut her for the bed and retied her to the door with her arms over her head and her pregent belly really streched. I picked up my knife walked back over to her and with a flick of my wrist i gutted her, all of her insides came squshing to the groung right alone with her baby i then took my knife and sliced her throat. leaving the bed room i walked to the bath room and took a shower. On the way out of the house i stole everything that i wanted and took their wallets I grabed a container of gas and walked back into the house i started dumping the gas all around the house. I went up stairs grabed all of my stuff that i could fit into my truck went to the storage place to put all my stuff there, I made several trips back and forth from my house to the storage place getting all of my shit out of the house. I went back to the house with more gas and did the same to my apartment that i did to theirs and set in on fire. I went back to my truck called my wife jess told her i just got the house cleared up and was on my way to fl. to meet her to start our vacation.

the end hope you liked it sorry i got so grusome just need to get it all off my chest
please post your comments good or bad i love them all anyways


2010-10-01 23:35:03
I love the topics and themes in your story. But you are just a worthless shit of a writer.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-10-28 12:48:09
You bastard, I'll just tie you up, cut your dick with your fucking balls..
make a big incision in your belly and put those fucking organs
there and then chop your head off...

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-24 14:37:29
That was WRONG. Why the heck would you want to kill a pregnant woman and cut her guts out along with her unborn child? You are sick! You really need some serious help. This is the worse story I have ever EVER read.


2006-12-29 21:05:31
That was disgusting! Where do you get off thinking it's hot to murder pregnant women? That was seriously disgusting and disturbing.


2006-11-04 12:49:07
you have some serious fuckign issues. I will love to cuts ur balls off and makeu feel as u made the guy feel, u sick fuck! hope you die and go to jail and get butt fucked everynight!

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