Chapter 1: May 29, 2012

SURPRISE!!! Everyone yelled as Teagan and I walked into the house. Teagan stood in stunned silence for a moment and then started to cry as she picked her mom, Becca, out of the crowd. Becca was supposed to have left for Australia the day before, but secretly stayed behind for a couple of more days so she could attend Teagan’s surprise 18th birthday party.

“Mom, I thought you had gone back to New Zealand, I thought…” Teagan sobbed in disbelief hugging her mom.

“No sweetheart, I wouldn’t miss you birthday for the world. Mike and I have been planning this for a month.” Becca grinned.

Teagan hugged her mom tightly, and then spun around, looked at me with a look that really tried to be mad, but wasn’t, and said “Oh, dude…you are in so much trouble!”

I just rolled my eyes as Teagan came over and hugged me tightly. I could tell by her hug that all was already forgiven.

Everyone from the team was there, as were more than a few parents, some select friends from school, and even a couple of girls from a couple of different teams that Teagan had met over the years. Some of the girls were going to have a sleepover later; the only part of the party Teagan had actually known about. School was out for the summer and it was time to have some fun. Mitch and I were doing the cooking for the group and the pool, hot tub and cabana were all open for the night. BBQ chicken, cabrito, jalapeno sausage, and cajun boiled shrimp, new potatoes, and corn on the cob were cooking; KC strips were available to order; the Shiner Bock and Modelo Especial were on tap, and the wine and soft drinks were cold. It may have been Teagan’s 18th birthday, but it was also the start of the official summer party season.

Renegade would use almost any excuse to have a party, and this was no exception. Both girls and parents had a great time and almost everyone had eaten their fill by the time twilight began to darken the back yard. There was still plenty of beer and wine however, Mitch had made sure of that… I lit the torches and Courtney gathered everyone up so Teagan could open her presents. She got the usual assortment of gifts that any 18 year old girl would get, clothes, money, jewelry, gift cards, etc. I gave her a pair of small emerald cut diamond earrings and a matching necklace. It took almost two more hours before the only people left were Mitch, myself and the sleepover girls; Teagan, Courtney, Sundee, Skye and Ally.

Mitch had finally told his bitchy wife, Tricia to go fuck herself and moved out. A good lawyer was able to ensure that Mitch could still see his boys. The divorce wasn’t final yet, but it was obvious to almost anyone that Mitch had the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders. He was much happier, and seriously less stressed. Mitch and Sundee had also repaired their relationship. Sundee now followed Mitch around like a new puppy; they were spending a lot of time together and were none too subtle about it. Sundee had turned 18 back in late January, just about the time Mitch moved out. Coincidence? I think not.

Mitch cooked up another couple of pounds of shrimp and some sausage, and the seven of us sat around the edge of the hot tub eating spicy shrimp and jalapeno sausage, washing it all down with beer. Teagan whispered something to Skye and the two hopped up and ran inside the house; appearing a few moments later with shot glasses, salt, limes and a bottle each of Patron Silver Tequila and Tito’s Vodka.

“BODY SHOT TIME!” Skye said laughing, already slightly slurring her speech, carrying one bottle of booze in each hand.

“Hell yeah!” “Sweet” “Now you’re talkin’!” “WooHoo!” Came the various replies. Only Ally looked like she really didn’t know what was getting ready to happen.

“OK…rock, paper, scissors to see who gets the first shot! And if you win you get to pick who you want to take the shot off of.” Teagan said, clearly somewhat more sober than Skye.
Three rounds later, Courtney was the winner. “Ok, I pick Teagan!” Courtney chirped, “And you have to take off your shirt!”

Teagan stripped off her t-shirt revealing the tiny black bikini top she had been wearing. Teagan lay down on the mat, holding a wedge of lime in her teeth, and tried to hold still as Courtney sensuously licked Teagan between her tits and sprinkled salt on the wet spot. Teagan watched as Courtney slowly moved in, and erotically licked the salt off Teagan’s chest; then moving down, slowly poured the shot into the hollow of Teagan’s belly button, while simultaneously slurping up the tequila as she poured. Teagan was shaking with silent laughter as Courtney bit into the lime in Teagan’s mouth spritzing both of them with fresh lime juice. Courtney finished Teagan off with a kiss. Teagan rolled over, sat up and said “Shit! That will make you horney!”

“Really?” Skye said. “If that’s what it does, I’m next!”

“Oh no you’re not! It’s my turn now.” Teagan looked over at me and grinned seductively. “Mikey…lose the shirt, babe!” She cooed erotically, her voice dripping with lust. I took Teagan’s place on the mat.

Teagan was on me immediately, straddling my hips as she thought for a moment how to take the shot. Teagan poured a shot of Tito’s vodka and carefully balanced it on my chest between my pectoral muscles. I had to hold perfectly still or we were going to waste a shot of really smooth vodka. Teagan slid back, wiggling her ass against me as she did so, much to the delight of Courtney and Skye.

“Teagan, Teagan, Teagan…” Courtney and Skye chanted. They were joined by Sundee and Ally as Teagan parted her pouty lips, and drooled a bit of spit into my belly button and sprinkled on the salt. The girls cheered in approval as Teagan tongued my belly button, slowly and sexily cleaning the drool and salt off me. She then slowly sat up, licked her lips, bent forward, opened her mouth and picked up the full shot glass with just her mouth. Slowly Teagan tipped her head back, letting the vodka trickle down her throat. She managed to get the shot down without spewing it all over everyone. Teagan took a little bow and then leaned forward and kissed me hard. It was obvious she was showing off her boyfriend now that she was 18.

“Ok babe, your turn!” Teagan purred seductively. “Anyone you want, except Mitch; which would just weird me out.”

Everyone laughed as I looked at Teagan and asked. “Anyone baby, seriously?”

“Yes, anyone, my birthday present to you...and do it anyway you like! Free pass on this one babe!”

“Ok Skye, come here. You too Sundee, I’m gonna need your help.” I said thoughtfully.

Skye was wearing a bikini top about two sizes too small; which in fact, worked out perfectly. Her cleavage created a ravine that made the Grand Canyon look like a crack in the ground. I had Skye lie back on the mat, propped up on her elbows. I leaned over and gave her a wet, open mouthed kiss right where her neck and collar bone met. Skye squealed and shivered in anticipation as I sprinkled a little salt where I had kissed her.

“Ok Sundee, pour the shot slowly, right here when I tell you to.” I said, pointing to a spot on Skye’s chest right at the top of her cleavage. I passionately kissed Skye’s neck, sucking up the salt and sending chill bumps down the left side of her body. Then, lying down between Skye’s legs, I positioned my mouth just below her belly button. Skye’s pussy was just below my chin.

“Pour it Sundee.” I said. Slowly the golden liquid trickled between Skye’s boobs and cascaded in a little tequila waterfall over the end of her cleavage and onto her stomach, puddling in her belly button. Voraciously, I slurped up the liquid, purposely doing my best to press my chest into her pussy and tickle Skye with my tongue at the same time. I pushed my hands into the small of her back, preventing her from escaping as I mercilessly attacked her.

“OH MY GOD! SHIT! AAAAAAAAASTOP!” Skye struggled but was no match as I finally slurped up most of the tequila and let her go. She curled up on her side in the fetal position giggling uncontrollably.

And so it continued. Sundee and Teagan took shots off each other. Courtney took one off Mitch. Ally took two; one off Teagan and another off Courtney. Skye was now seriously shit faced as she had done one shot each off me, Sundee and Ally, and she was basically drunk before we started. Mitch and I took one each off our respective lovers, Sundee and Teagan.

“Hold on sunshine, no more for you.” I stated, grabbing the bottle of Patron out of Skye’s hand; knowing that the last thing we needed tonight was an underage alcohol poisoning.

“Awwww, c’monnn coachhh.” Skye slurred, trying to stand up in protest; her legs not quite letting her.

Courtney wrapped her arms around Skye and helped her stand up. Without warning, Courtney, her arms still wrapped around Skye, lunged forward; her momentum carried both she and Skye into the pool. Courtney came up laughing. Skye stood up, pulled off her tank top and threw it at Courtney. She missed, but managed to grab Courtney before she could escape. Both girls wrapped their arms around each other and, began making out. Eighty proof booze and watching a now topless Skye and Courtney grow increasingly amorous, was all the stimulus the group needed. Ally jumped in the pool and tried to rescue Courtney, who in fact did not really want to be rescued. Skye and Courtney took exception to Ally’s playful interruption and turned on her. Courtney grabbed Ally and kissed her deeply as Skye pulled Ally’s bikini bottoms down around her ankles. Despite her struggles, Ally was no match for Courtney and Skye. Eventually, the three made their way over to the big round outdoor sun lounge and proceeded to share kisses, soft orgasms, and body fluids. It was too dark out to see exactly what was going on, but by the sound of it, no one was complaining.

Teagan and Sundee exchanged a few soft kisses, and then turned their attention to Mitch and myself. Sundee lay down beside and sort of on top of Mitch; they kissed each other passionately, Mitch running his hands over Sundee’s back and ass. Teagan lay down with her back to me, and her head on my chest. She took my hands and placed them on her boobs with her hands on top of mine. I massaged her firm boobs gently. The conversation the four of us were having eventually died off as Sundee and Mitch seemed more interested in each other’s tongues.

“Babe,” Teagan mewed softly, “I need you to make love me...when are we going to bed?”

“Soon baby, soon.” I said. Trying to think how best to interrupt the passion that surrounded us. Mitch broke the silence first.

“Hey Mike, do you mind if I crash here tonight? I think I’ve had too much to drink to drive home.”

“No problem man, take your pick of the upstairs bedrooms. The girls can use whatever’s left.”

“Cool, Thanks” Mitch said. Sundee was making happy noises, but they were too soft to make out what it was she was saying.

Teagan got up and walked over to the lounge where the three girls were still locked together in a lust filled tangle.

“Hey my babes,” she cooed softly, momentarily shaking Skye out of her fascination with Courtney’s pussy.

“Haaayyyy Teagan…sss’up?” Skye was still drunk, but was at least capable of recognizing Teagan.

Ally was kneeling over Courtney’s face and had her hands resting on Courtney’s hips. Courtney had been feasting on Ally’s tight slick pussy; driving Ally to the edge of cumming. As Teagan walked up, Ally shifted off Courtney, sat down and began frantically rubbing her clit.

“Ally, you OK?” Teagan asked cautiously.

“I…will be…” Ally squeaked, between ragged breaths. Courtney looked over at Ally and gently raked her nails along the inside of Ally’s thigh. Ally gasped and buried two fingers deep into her slick, wet pussy, pushing herself over the edge of a massive orgasm.

“OH SHIT!” OH! OOOOOHHHH! SHIT!” Ally collapsed on the lounge, still breathing hard and rubbing her clit slowly.

It was close to 1:00am when everyone finally crawled out of the hot tub and headed for bed. I decided we could clean up the mess in the morning. Ally, Skye and Courtney wished Teagan a happy birthday and headed off together. Whether sleep was in their plans or not was anybody’s guess.

Chapter 2: May 29, 2012

Sundee whispered something to Mitch, walked over to Teagan, took her hand, and said to Mitch and me, “You two need to go do whatever for a while. I need Teagan… we’ll be in a little later.”

Sundee wrapped her arms around Teagan and said “Happy 18th T, come on.” Teagan followed Sundee toward the sports cabana as Mitch and I watched them disappear down the path, into the darkness of the warm summer night.

The girls walked into the cabana and sat down beside each other on one of the futons. Sundee spoke first.

“Teagan, I want you to know how much your friendship means to me. After I got shot, you were the first person who really made me feel really loved and cared for again. That afternoon when you kissed me and made love to me…it was such an amazing experience, you have no idea how deeply your friendship and love for me as a person has affected me. You will always be very, very special to me.”

“Awww…Stop, you’re going to make me cry!” Teagan said as she leaned forward and kissed Sundee.

Sundee sat up, took a deep breath and said “You told me that one day, I could return the favor of making me cum…If it’s Ok, I really want to make love to you tonight and make you cum, like you did me.”

“OK…are you kidding? Sundee, yes, it is so Ok!” Teagan cooed seductively.

Sundee leaned over and kissed Teagan deeply, their tongues exploring each other passionately. Teagan slipped her arms around Sundee’s neck and gently pulled Sundee down on top of her. The girls continued passionately kissing and softly touching each other for some time, before Sundee slipped her hand, cautiously, between Teagan’s legs.

“Sundee you shit; you are such a cunt tease.” Teagan sighed softly.

“Teagan, my stomach is all in knots. I want you to enjoy this but I don’t really know what I’m supposed to be doing…” Sundee whined

“When you and Mitch are together, what does he do to you that you really like? Just do that, whatever it is; I’m sure I will be more than OK with it.” Teagan replied reassuringly.

Sundee sat up and kneeled between Teagan’s legs. Ever so slowly, she pulled on the side ties of Teagan’s swim suit bottoms, freeing Teagan from the black fabric. Teagan lifted her hips as Sundee pulled the fabric out of the way.

Sundee stroked her hands along the inside of Teagan’s thighs, as she bent forward and kissed Teagan’s tummy. Painfully slowly Sundee moved lower, kissing Teagan as she went. Teagan’s breathing was becoming shallow and rapid as she anticipated her friend’s eventual kisses on her velvety smooth shaved pussy.

Sundee’s head was spinning. Kissing Teagan was unexpectedly exciting, and now she wanted to dive into Teagan’s wet pussy; just the thought of it gave her a damp tingle between her own legs. Sundee took a deep breath to clear her head, spread Teagan’s damp labia and gave her soft gentle, lick.

“Oh god…oh Sundee, yes please like that, please more…” Teagan mewed softly. The taste of Teagan’s pussy was like a drug to Sundee; she had tasted her own juices on Mitch’s cock plenty of times. But this was new; familiar yes; yet with a taste completely unlike her pussy juices, and so damn exciting. Sundee dipped her tongue into Teagan’s pussy again, licking up and over her clitoral ridge.

Teagan gasped and moaned in ecstasy as Sundee pulled back on her clit’s hood, exposing the swollen bud. Sundee kissed Teagan’s clit and swirled her tongue around the bud, gently.

“Aaaahhh” Teagan cried out, pulling her legs up giving Sundee better access. Sundee continued to lick and kiss her friend. She buried two fingers deep into Teagan’s pussy all the while teasing Teagan’s swollen clit. Teagan was becoming more vocal and physical; pushing her hips forward encouraging Sundee to be more aggressive.

Sundee began sliding her fingers into and out of Teagan; twisting her wrist as she did so; fucking Teagan with her long fingers.

“Oh Sundee, more, do that more…that’s sooooo good.” Teagan hissed with an intensity Sundee didn’t expect. Sundee also didn’t expect the flood of creamy pussy juice that Teagan was giving up to her friend. Sundee sucked and lapped up as much of the sweet nectar as Teagan could give her.

Teagan sat up and propped herself up on her elbow. She twisted her fingers into Sundee’s hair and pressed Sundee hard toward her sopping wet pussy.

“Cum for me Teagan, cum for me girl…” Sundee said with a fiery intensity, before diving back into Teagan’s warm wetness. Teagan curled her toes as the electric sensations of Sundee’s fingers and tongue continued to build.

“More…like that…yeah, yeah…like that…” Teagan cooed, begging Sundee to finish what she started.

“Shit, more, you are going to make me cum…OH…GOD…YEEESSS!” Teagan screamed as she exploded with a shattering orgasm provided for her by Sundee. Teagan’s pussy muscles crushed down on Sundee’s fingers; simultaneously squirting some of her pussy juices onto Sundee’s chest and arm as she came. Sundee sat up and almost lovingly rubbed the creamy girl cum into her skin; then lying down beside her, kissed Teagan deeply and softly. The friends lay beside each other, kissing for some time.

“About time you came back.” Mitch said in a low, teasing, and sarcastic tone as Sundee quietly opened the door to the bedroom.

“Hmpff…kiss my ass boyfriend…you’re just jealous ‘cause all you’re getting is sloppy seconds.” Sundee teased back. Sundee stripped off her bikini and sophie shorts, climbed into bed and kissed Mitch hard.

“Wow…what is that?” Mitch, slightly confused, asked Sundee. “You don’t really taste like you.”

Sundee giggled and said, “Hey baby, kiss me on my neck and between my tits.”

Mitch happily did as he was asked; paused and said. “What the hell is that? Some new perfume you got?”

“No dipshit…that’s Teagan. That kinda sweet, kinda tart scent; that’s what Teagan’s pussy tastes like. You like it?” Sundee asked playfully.

“Hell yeah I like it, now that I know what it is.” Mitch responded. “Damn, just another of the 50 or so reasons Mike is so wrapped up in her.”

“I know…right?” Sundee said. “I figure that’s probably what Mike’s cock smells like.”

“You’re a nasty little girl, you know that?” Mitch laughed out loud, swatting Sundee on her ass.

“Quit whining lover, you wouldn’t want me any other way, and you know it.” Sundee quipped happily.

“Here, lick my titties, so you can fantasize about Teagan, while I suck your dick.” Sundee straddled Mitch’s chest as she rubbed her tits in his face. Mitch grasped her tits roughly and teasingly bit her nipples. Teagan’s scent covered Sundee’s chest. It really was different and erotically sexy. Sundee scooted down and laid her head on Mitch’s stomach. She reached down and took his ball sack in her hand, squeezing it gently as she sucked Mitch’s thick, semi hard cock deep into her warm, wet mouth. She sucked him aggressively, pressing down hard with her lips on the head of his cock. She could feel his magnificent cock swell in her mouth in anticipation of her slipping him deep in her own pussy; a good fucking was going to be needed before they finally fell asleep for the night.

Chapter 3: May 30, 2012

“Uuunnnng! God what is that pounding in my head?” I asked myself as I struggled to wake up, afraid to open my eyes for fear I might bleed to death from the bloodshot. It didn’t take long for the memories of Teagan’s 18th birthday party the night before to come flooding back. It had been one hell of a good time, and that pounding in my head… yeah, that was my heartbeat.

“Tequila is just an evil liquid…and who the hell is in the kitchen?” I thought to myself. It sounded like Courtney and Skye. As drunk as Skye was last night, I was surprised she could stand, much less think about food.

“Teagan…?” I wondered as I looked over to her side of the bed. I had no idea what time she had come to bed. Teagan was still wearing the black bikini top from the party….nothing else; just the top. She was lying on her back, one leg hanging over the edge of the bed, with her left arm over her eyes. She was breathing heavily and was still sleeping off the beer and body shots from the night before.

I crawled out of bed threw on some clothes and went out to the kitchen. Sure enough Skye and Courtney were cooking omelets and bacon. They had thankfully begun to clean up some of the mess from the night before.

“Haaaay coach Mike.” Skye cooed with a soft sexiness that sounded eerily like Teagan. “Sleep well?”
Skye walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me, laying her head on my chest.

“Yeah…but waking up was painful. How the hell can you be up, wide awake, and all perky and shit after everything you drank last night?”

“Dunno…but I feel fine, and actually I’m really hungry.” Skye said happily.

I had never seen two girls burn the alcohol out of their bodies faster than these two. I drank a cup of coffee and talked to the girls for a while before heading back to the bedroom. It was already 9:20 and Ally straggled into the kitchen just as I was leaving to see if Teagan was awake yet. Mitch and Sundee were still missing in action…

I walked into the bedroom, and heard the shower running. I opened the door and peeked in. Teagan was in the shower, standing with her hands on the wall, her head bent down and the water pouring on the back of her head and neck. I opened the shower door; the noise startled Teagan.

“Sorry baby.” I said.

Teagan just looked at me; she had a pained and unhappy look on her face. She took a deep breath and said, “Mike, I feel like shit…and I have a hell of a headache.”

“That’s called a tequila hangover baby…would a massage help?” I asked grinning at her and trying not to laugh out loud.

“Maybe…Yeah, it couldn’t hurt.” She whined softly, without a lot of enthusiasm.

I stripped off the cargo shorts and polo shirt, walked into the shower and wrapped my arms around Teagan. She returned the affection and pressed her wet sexy body against me and gently scratched my back with her nails as she held me close to her. I began gently rubbing Teagan’s neck and shoulders. She purred her approval softly, as she hugged me tight. I could feel the firmness of her taught, sexy body resting against mine as I continued to work on her tense neck.

She looked up at me and said “I love you baby, thank you so much for my party. It means so much that you would do that for me.” Teagan managed a weak smile as I leaned down to her and softly kissed her lips.
“What time did you finally come to bed last night?” I asked curiously, still rubbing her neck and back.

“Late. It was about 2:30 when I laid down. I tried to be quiet; I didn’t want to wake you up.”

“Were you with Sundee the whole time?”

Teagan giggled. “Yes, we were together the whole time….” She said mysteriously. “Sundee and I have become really close; we just needed to spend some girl time together.”

“I thought Courtney was your BFF lover of choice.” I asked sort of confused.

“I can have two BFF’s if I want to…” Teagan said smugly. “Courtney is like an X rated fantasy; Mike she is soooo unbelievably erotic, almost like she has super powers. I have never made love to anyone who can make me melt like she can…except for you of course. Sundee is different. Sundee is a confidant and friend; almost like a sister. Making love to Courtney is something you do for yourself. Being with Sundee is something we do for each other. Make sense?”

“Ummm…yeah I guess so.” I marveled at her logic, even though, down inside, I didn’t really understand where she was coming from.

Teagan collapsed on the couch, exhausted. It had taken Mitch, Sundee, Teagan and myself more than three hours to clean up the mess from the party the night before, clean the grill, wash down the pool deck, treat the pool and hot tub, bag all the trash and get the beer kegs ready to return to the distributor. We had finally run Mitch and Sundee out of the house after we had all eaten a late lunch. Teagan and I were now, finally, alone.

“Hey baby, would you like anything to drink?” I asked, calling to her from the kitchen.

“Just a bottle of water please babe.” She responded sounding about half awake.

I came into the living room, handed the bottle to her and sat down beside her, propping my feet up on the coffee table. Teagan sat up, smiled sweetly at me and took a long drink from the bottle. “I’m going to sleep good tonight, damn I’m tired.” She said.

“Well, I do have a little surprise for you…unless you’re too tired.” I teased, knowing full well that I now had Teagan’s undivided attention.

“For me, really?!” She quipped, now fully awake and curious.

“Yeah. Actually it’s not really a birthday present, but I wanted to give it to you in private, not last night with everyone here.”

“Awww…that’s so sweet babe.” She looked around the room, got a curious look on her face and said. “Where is it?”

“Right here, but you have to promise me something first.” I said in a teasingly mysterious way.

“Okaaaay…” Teagan agreed with just a bit of unsure in the tone of her voice.

I reached into the side pocket on my cargo shorts and pulled out a small black velvet box. I cupped it between both of my hands and held them out toward Teagan.

She started to reach out for the still hidden box, but stopped short and said with a grin. “Wait, what do I have to promise?”

I snapped the box open revealing the shimmering emerald cut diamond engagement ring inside, and simultaneously said. “Teagan, you have to promise to marry me.”

Teagan froze staring at the diamond solitaire in my hand without making any movement or sound. Teagan’s mouth opened as if she wanted to say something, but nothing came out; she continued to stare at the ring in stunned silence for several more seconds. Finally she giggled; and then giggled again, this time louder and with more emphasis.

“Oh Michael…Baby…!” She cried and threw her arms around my neck, squeezing me harder than I think she ever had. With tears of joy in her eyes, she looked up at me and said with a trembling voice. “Yes babe, I promise to be your wife. From the first days we began our friendship, I have never really wanted to be anything else. I promise, I promise, I promise to be your wife forever. I love you…I love you SO much.” She started to reach for the ring but she was trembling so much she stopped and said. “Babe, put it on my finger for me, I am afraid I will drop it.”

I slipped the ring out of the box and slid it on to Teagan’s finger. “I love you Teagan.” I said. Teagan and I kissed deeply, basking in the love we shared for one another.

Teagan was still trembling, happy tears still rolling slowly down her cheeks as she studied her ring, now sitting in its proper place on her left hand. “Oh my god…this…this is the ring we looked at in Colorado!” She gasped, suddenly making the connection in her mind. “Michael, this is too much…how…I mean…this ring is huge…baby, and it’s perfect…it had to cost a bloody ransom.”

I reached out and pulled her to me, softly wrapping her in my embrace. “Teagan, it does not matter what it cost, I would have gladly paid many times more if it meant you could have the ring you really wanted. This ring is my gift to the woman I love so deeply. It is for you, not so you can impress your friends, but so every time you see it you can remember how much you mean to me and how much I love you.”

Teagan and I had spent most of the remainder of the afternoon on the couch kissing and talking about our future life together. We had gone out to eat and celebrate; come home and made love for the first time as an engaged couple. Teagan had been especially erotic tonight as we made love. She had purchased three thin gold chains. They were connected together by means of a small ring on each end that was designed to clip gently around her nipples. The chain draped sexily between her boobs, shimmering in the candle light as she softly straddled my hips, my cock buried deep inside her tight, wet pussy. We made love gently for most of an hour; Teagan moving just enough to keep herself wet and me rock hard. It was difficult for me to let her take control of our love making, as we kissed, touched, and savored each moment of our intense passion for each other. I desperately needed to pound her pussy and get some sort of release, but I forced myself to lay still and let Teagan set the tone. I softly kissed and sucked on her firm perky boobs as she leaned down to me. Working around the chains was different, but her body felt so good and so perfect, the tiny gold chains really didn’t matter.

“Oh god, I can’t….I can’t Mike.” Teagan said, her voice little more than a forced whisper.

“Can’t what baby?” I asked softly.

“I can’t hold it any longer, I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum baby….OH…OH…AAHH GOD YEAH!” Teagan exploded with a powerful orgasm, her warm juices flooding down around my cock and pouring onto my balls. It only took a second and a couple of deep thrusts as I joined my fiancé in a mutually shared orgasm. As we rolled onto our sides to relax, she locked her legs around my waist, preventing me from pulling out. We lay there together, inseparable, kissing one another deeply and savoring the feeling of our slightly sweaty bodies together as one.

“Teagan? Baby, you OK?” I asked sleepily. The clock said 3:32 am. There was the distinctive glow of her iphone lighting up her side of the bed.

“Baby I’m so sorry,” she whined softly “I didn’t want to wake you up. I can’t sleep. I guess I’m too excited. I just can’t stop looking at my beautiful ring.”

“Come here” I said, patting the bed right beside where I was laying, propped up on my elbow. Teagan rolled over and scooted up next to me.

“Will this help?” I asked; running my hand between her legs, pressing firmly but gently on her clit.
“Oh, I think so…” She purred in a soft breathy voice.

I held my fingers up to her lips and pressed gently. She immediately took the hint and began sucking on my fingers while rolling her tongue around them to wet them completely. She simultaneously reached between her legs and pulled the black cotton thong covering her perfectly trimmed pussy aside.
My hand gently parted Teagan’s full soft labia, as I dipped two fingers inside her. It only took a moment to find the firm ridge that partly covered her small firm clit. Steadily and firmly I rubbed the ridge in a soft irregular circle, varying the speed from dead slow to medium fast; her juices ensuring that she stayed wet.

“Babe…oh my god Mike….I love it when you touch me…unnnng…like that.” Teagan was beginning to wriggle as I continued to massage her clit and pussy. She tensed and relaxed her legs and arched her back in response to the steady, firm yet gentle rubbing.

“Shit…oh yeah…like that, just like that, that’s it…Mike…OH Fuuuuuck, oh yeah. Teagan sighed deeply and relaxed her grip on my arm as she came. I kissed her deeply and passionately holding her throat in my hand just a bit more than gently.

“I love you baby.” I said as I released my grasp on her.

“I love you too Mike…so much. You are so good for me.” Teagan kissed me again and rolled over, pulling my arm over her as she did so. I adjusted our position to get comfortable. We both quickly fell asleep, locked together and deeply in love.

Chapter 4: June 13, 2012

“Teagan, I’m so sorry I had to leave the day after your birthday honey.” Becca said. She had had to fly back to New Zealand, but now, a couple of weeks later, Becca was back in the states and looking forward to a couple of mom and daughter weeks with Teagan.

“That’s ok mom, really. I’m just so glad you were able to be there for the party; that was a huge surprise, and it really meant a lot to me! I mean it is not like we don’t talk almost every day anyway…” Teagan responded happily as she finished putting the dinner dishes in the dish washer.

“Teagan; honey, where did you get that ring? Becca asked with a mixed tone of curiosity and wonder in her voice, having just noticed the solitaire for the first time. “Did you get that for your birthday?”

“Ummm…yes I did.” Teagan was now faced with telling her mom the truth. She had thought about how to break the news to her for weeks, but now there were no more rehearsals in front of the mirror. This was it.

“Lemme see!” Becca chirped. Teagan held out her hand as Becca looked at the ring intently. “Honey, that’s beautiful…it even sort of matches the ear rings that Mike gave you…and it looks SO REAL. That’s just amazing! Who gave it to you?”

Teagan paused… “Mike did.” She said softly, trying desperately to hide the stress in her voice.

“Well he certainly has an eye for jewelry! Seriously though honey, you shouldn’t wear that on your left hand, people will think you are engaged or something.”

“Mom…we need to talk…” The tone of Teagan’s voice was dead serious.

“Teagan…honey…what’s wrong?”

“Mom, please just come in the living room, sit down, and listen to me for a minute.”

Becca walked into the living room and sat down on the couch beside Teagan.

Teagan took a deep breath and said. “Mom, the reason this ring looks so real, is because it IS real; and rings like this are supposed to be worn on a girl’s left hand.”

Becca paused, letting the unbelievable revelation sink in. “Teagan Malia Ryan, what in God’s name have you done?”

“MOM. Just STOP OK? And listen to me, please?” Teagan pleaded.

Becca was shocked, angry, and frankly a bit hurt by Teagan’s totally unexpected admission. “Mike gave you that ring? So…what, you and Mike are engaged now? You’re pregnant aren’t you? He took advantage of you, got you pregnant, and now he’s trying to cover his ass by marrying you…I should call the police!”

“MOTHER!!” Teagan shouted angrily, slapping Becca’s phone out of her hand. “LISTEN TO ME…PLEASE! If you make that call, I swear to god mom, I will walk out of your life forever…please…don’t do that to Mike and me.”

Becca was stunned; Teagan had never reacted violently toward her or even shouted at her like she just had. The look on Teagan’s face was stern, with a touch of anger. Something was going on; something Becca did not understand, and it was obviously very important to Teagan. Becca decided perhaps she should hear what her daughter had to say before she did anything that might drive a permanent wedge between herself and her only child. “Ok Teagan, you win, for the moment. Why don’t you explain to me what appears to be completely unexplainable.”

Teagan paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and began. “Mom, I love you so much. I knew this was not going to be easy. All I ask is that you let me explain, don’t interrupt, and then I will answer any questions you have. OK?” Becca slowly nodded in agreement.

“I guess the answer to the most important question is yes, Mike and I are engaged. I’m so sorry, but I have to say this now. If you or anyone tries to break us up or have Mike arrested, Tori, Mike’s daughter, and I will activate a financial agreement. The papers are already drawn up. The agreement will transfer most all of Mike’s assets into Tori and my name 50/50. That will allow me to be able to live at Mike’s house independently. Now that I’m eighteen, no one can stop us… including you. Mom please, please don’t make me do that. This is what I want. Marrying a man like Mike is what I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl. Please…I need you to be happy for me and don’t judge my decisions and choices based on what you would do.” Teagan wiped away a couple of tears as she looked at her mom.

Becca sat in silence for several moments. She had picked up her phone off the floor and was holding it, as if she was trying to decide if Teagan was serious and what would really happen if she called the police. “How long has this relationship between you and Mike been going on?” Becca asked softly.

“About a year and a half.” Teagan stated flatly.

“And I assume this is a sexual relationship?”

“Mike’s and my relationship goes much deeper that just sex. But yes, sex is a very important part of what we have together and share as a couple.”

“So are you or are you not pregnant.” Becca asked.

“Mom…I’ve been on the pill since I was thirteen, remember? You took me to the Dr. and he prescribed them to help with the cramps. They don’t call them birth control pills for nothing. So…no; I am not now and never have been pregnant.” Teagan reminded her mom a bit sarcastically.

“How did Mike talk you into this? What on earth did Mike say or do to you to get you to think all of this is a good idea? You’re smarter than this Teagan; I can’t believe you think this is a wise decision.” Becca snipped, trying unsuccessfully to hide her growing frustration with Teagan.

“I think you underestimate your little girl mom….this was my idea. Mike was the perfect gentleman until that first night we were together, when I became his lover. I seduced Mike. I made sure he could not say no to me. My plan worked perfectly, even if it took nearly five months for him to admit he had fallen in love with me.”

Becca was stunned. “I…I can’t believe what I’m hearing. You did this? You planned it, worked your plan and are now going to be a trophy wife for a guy that just happens to be older than I am? You actually want me to believe that Mike was just a victim of your strategery, never saw this coming, could not get out of the way, or even be bothered to tell you to stop?”

“Well…I would prefer to think that because of who Mike is and the kind of man he is; I fell in love with him. I realized that he has all of the qualities I desire and need in a husband and that the chances of me finding another like him would be slim to none. So, I decided to use the two things that have always worked best for me; my brain and my body to get his undivided attention. Turns out, I just happened to be what he was already looking for too; he just had not figured it out yet. I believe the whole last year and a half has been so much more than just beautiful serendipity. But, if you need to think of me as, Teagan the slutty little gold digger…feel free.” Teagan said with an extra helping of sarcasm in her voice.

“Teagan, I do not think of you that way, I never have and never will. You are my only child. There is nothing you could ever do to make me stop loving you; including marrying a man old enough to be your father!” Becca paused. “Where do the two of you go from here Teagan? What’s the next step? Do you two even have a plan now that this is apparently a done deal?”

“I intend to graduate from high school and continue to play softball for the school. Being married won’t change that. Both Mike and I are done with select softball however…we figure not many people there will understand. We plan to sort of lay low and not make a big deal of the engagement. Once we are married, it will no longer matter who knows. So…you and I have about six months to plan a small, intimate wedding, over Christmas break back in New Zealand…don’t worry, Mike said he will pay for everything…”

“Well, that’s nice to hear…getting a wedding party to NZ and back is going to be expensive. Though I can’t imagine it will cost more than that ring did…let me see that rock again.” Deep down inside, Becca knew there was no arguing with Teagan. Resignation to the situation was Becca’s only real course of action if she wanted to have any kind of relationship with her daughter in the future. She wasn’t happy about it, but she really had no choice. Logical stubbornness had always been one of Teagan’s most effective weapons.

Chapter 4: December 2012

Teagan and I were married in NZ in a simple, private ceremony, December 21, 2012. A beach wedding had been Teagan’s dream since she was a little girl. Teagan, Becca, Sundee, Tori and Courtney flew down as soon as school was out for Christmas. The rest of us left several days before the ceremony.
The actual ceremony was as unconventional as Teagan’s and my relationship. Teagan insisted on exchanging our self written vows at dawn on the beach in the company of a few select friends and family. The minister was there just to make things legal. I had not seen Teagan in almost two weeks even though we had talked and/or texted several times each day since she left. Teagan insisted that the wedding party all be dressed in white linen. No shoes were allowed.

The sun was just above the horizon as we all gathered on the beach. The chosen spot was near a large rock outcropping. I knew that Teagan and Mitch were on the other side waiting for the signal to come and join me at the “alter”, which in reality was a ornate, round, antique table the resort where we were staying had gotten from somewhere. The temperature was already warm and there was a gentle breeze blowing. The tide was not an issue as the beach was quite wide where we were; seagulls and the waves providing soft calm background noise. At the appointed moment Mitch and Teagan came around the large rock and walked the thirty yards or so to where we stood. Tori, Courtney and Sundee were on one side and Travis and my father were with me. Mitch would join me as soon as he “gave away” Teagan.
“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here this morning to celebrate the love and wedding of Teagan Malia Ryan and Michael Jacob Marstadt. Who gives this woman to be married?” the pastor asked.

“Her mother and her friends” Mitch replied.

Mitch gave Teagan a quick hug, took her hand and guided her to me. She was even more beautiful than usual. Her halter style dress had a tie at the waist; the back was open. It was cut just below her knees in the front. The hem extended almost to the ground at the back. Her thick shiny black hair was curled at the ends; she had a small braided headband that went from her temples back to the back of her head and disappeared back into the thick black curls. Her beautiful light brown skin and her black hair contrasted beautifully with the white dress. Her makeup was perfect, just enhancing her natural beauty. Her lips shimmered with a clear gloss. We turned to face one another, grinning, holding hands and looking deep into each other’s eyes.

“Teagan and Michael have chosen to write their own vows and will recite them to each other.” The pastor announced to the group. Several other random guests of the resort had gathered at a courteous distance to watch the ceremony.

Teagan began. “My dearest Michael. I am certain you were unaware the effect your kindness had on me the first day we met. You probably thought I was just another girl trying out for your team. But even though I was having a bad day, you saw something deeper in me. You saw who I am as a person and you understood who I could be; you freely gave your friendship to me in spite of myself. You did not understand it then; but you were an answer to my prayers that day. But I understood. As our friendship grew, so did my love for you. Silently and in complete secrecy, I suffered, certain that there would be no possibility of moving our friendship to another level. I was certain someone like you would never see me as more than a friend. But I was wrong. As our friendship grew, you began to want more from our relationship as well, but dared not tell me. As time went by I decided to take a chance, expose my heart, offer it to you, hoping against hope that you would receive my love the way it was offered. You did. Now, many months past that day we first told each other “I love you”, I cannot wait to become your wife. You are the man I have dreamed of and hoped for, since I was a little girl watching weddings like this from a distance. I promise to love, honor and cherish you from this day forward. To be a partner in life with you, to stand with you, whatever life may throw our way. I love you Michael.”

Teagan reached over and took my ring from Tori, and slipped it on my hand. It had been almost five years since I had worn a wedding ring. It felt different, but somehow it felt very right.

I looked at the ring, and then at Teagan. I had written what I wanted to say to her on a small card, but suddenly what I had written did not seem right. I folded up the card and slipped it into my pocket. It was time to speak from the heart.

Teagan Malia. When we first met I had a broken heart. There was a hole in my soul. An aching, missing piece I thought I would never again be able to fill properly. Then one day, quite unexpectedly, a beautiful young woman, happy, full of life and energy came into my life. You were so much more than I expected you to be when we first were introduced. Slowly over the months our friendship and trust in one another deepened; a deep bond was formed between us, without either one of us letting the other know what we were feeling. Somehow, deep inside, you knew we were destined to be together. Today especially, I am so thankful that you boldly took a chance, and acted on those feelings. If you had not, I do not believe we would be here today; and I would not be the thankful happy man I am. You are the answer to my prayers Teagan; you are the one who has filled and healed the painful emptiness that was once in my soul. Teagan, this morning, I take you to be my wife, and I give myself to you to be your husband. I promise to love, honor, and protect you. To have you stand with me. Not in front of me and not behind me; but beside me as an equal life partner, lover, and friend as long as we both shall live. I love you Teagan.

Mitch handed Teagan’s guard ring to me and I slipped it on her hand, nestling it up against her engagement ring. She and I were now one couple, right where we were supposed to be.

The morning wedding gave us a chance to spend time with family and friends and have a late morning private reception brunch in one of the dining rooms overlooking the ocean. Afterwards we all went down to the beach with snacks, wine and iced shots. Teagan and I changed separately in the rooms we had been staying in. I had arranged to have our things moved to one of the stunning suites at the resort. Unfortunately, that move had not happened by the time we were ready to change. We spent until late afternoon relaxing and just hanging out with our friends and family.

Teagan appeared in the doorway of her bathroom in our honeymoon suite. She had redone her makeup, but had taken the braids and such out of her hair, letting it flow naturally. Her eyes were accented in a black, razor thin eye liner, with a smoky-metallic shadow; her full pouty lips shimmering with an almost invisible, milky pale silver, high gloss finish. She was dressed in thigh high white hose with lace tops. Her bra and thong were a translucent white silk mesh that allowed her nipples and landing strip to be just visible behind the gossamer thin fabric. In the soft indirect light, the shimmering white fabric appeared to glow against her skin. She was as stunningly beautiful as I could ever remember seeing her. Teagan’s glow reminded me of the first time we were together, almost exactly two years before. But tonight she was sexier, more mature, more beautiful than ever, and my wife.

Never breaking eye contact with me, Teagan slowly walked over to the bed, carefully placing one foot in front of the other as she crossed the room. She lightly trailed her fingers over the covers at the end of the bed as she slowly sauntered to the other side. Teagan crawled up onto the bed beside me; her slow purposeful movements, erotic, almost catlike. She straddled me, sitting on my lap as she cradled my face in her hands and kissed me deeply with a fiery burning passion. She eventually released me, sat back, took a deep breath and said.

“I love you so, so much baby. I’m your wife now…all yours baby…whatever you want, whenever you want it, nothing held back. That’s how much I love and need to be with you.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

“I love you too Teagan. You mean the world to me. Just remember baby, we are equal partners, especially here in our bed; it’s not just about what I want. It’s Ok to ask for what you want too.” I reminded her.

Teagan smiled as she sat up, reached behind her and unclipped her bra. She slipped her arms out of the straps teasingly slowly. Removing the wispy bra from her sexy firm boobs equally slowly. Teagan reached up and squeezed her left boob while sucking on the middle finger on her right hand. She inhaled sharply as she rubbed her wet finger around the smallish puffy areola.

“Kiss them please baby.” Teagan breathed softly, squeezing her breasts together and lightly rubbing them over my lips. I reached around her and gently took hold of the back of her neck with one hand, placing the other in the middle of her back and pulled her to me; gently kissing her damp left nipple and sucking it into my mouth. Teagan smelled wonderfully clean and fresh, with just a hint of a floral, earthy perfume; her skin was warm and soft. She cooed softly as I pressed forward, into her chest. There was no mistaking the passion and lust in her actions. Her back and neck muscles were taught; anticipating a night of love and passion.

“What do you need me to do first, baby?” Teagan mewed softly, resuming her sexy soft kisses; not really giving me a chance to answer.

“Surprise…me…” I replied through her shower of tiny kisses. Teagan paused, sat up and looked at me intently. I could see a plan taking shape in her mind. She bit her lower lip and grinned at me with a sexy, sort of evil grin.

“As you wish my…sexy husband.” Teagan cooed as she slipped off my lap. “Lie down.” She said.

I did as she asked. Teagan quickly untied her thong, but kept the tiny piece of soft fabric wrapped around the fingers of her left hand; she hooked her fingers into the waist band of my boxer briefs, and oh so slowly, pulled the fabric down. I lifted my hips to help her remove them. Teagan gasped slightly as she gently touched my semi hard cock, wrapping her hand around me and stroking me slowly and gently. Kneeling beside me, she brought her thong up to her nose and inhaled deeply.

Teagan closed her eyes as she deeply inhaled her own scent; pausing briefly, she looked at me with a burning stare of lust and passion, slowly licking her lips as she did so. She pressed her left hand and the thong gently over my nose and mouth. The thong was damp with her feminine moisture. I breathed in deeply; the sweet, musky scent of Teagan’s pussy flooded my senses, instantly making me painfully hard and ragingly horney.

Teagan read my reaction, grinned at me and said. “I love you too Mike…forever and ever.” She swung her leg over me and laid down on my chest, placing her sweet, wet pussy inches from my face, while simultaneously wrapping her hands and lips around my cock, stroking and sucking me deeply into her mouth. Teagan’s pussy was slightly gapped open, deep pink inside and glistening wet with her own juices, as she adjusted herself to make sure I had full access to everything between her sexy shapely legs. Teagan moaned softly as I dipped my tongue into her, savoring the erotic taste of her tight wet pussy and pressing my thumb against her anal starfish. This was going to be a spectacular night.

Chapter 5: December 22, 2013 In Teagan’s words.

“I was rudely awakened by a narrow shaft of brilliant sunlight shining directly in my eyes. I twisted out of the blinding light and blinked several times, trying to clear the spots out of my vision. I felt cold and exposed, and I desperately wanted Mike’s arms and warmth around me again. Wrapped up in Mike’s arms was the happiest, most peaceful place in the world for me. The vibrant memories of our first torrid night as a married couple came washing back over my mind like a powerful wave. Mike was over on one side of the bed still asleep; lying quietly on his side; the covers over his legs. His strong muscular body, powerful arms, hands, and his wonderful cock; the very tools he had used, repeatedly and skillfully, to give me such indescribable pleasure just a few hours before… were now silently teasing me, calling to me, playing on my nearly insatiable desire for my new husband. God, I so needed to fuck Mike again.”

“I also needed to pee, and softly slipped out of our bed. As I dabbed my pussy dry, I winced slightly; I was sore and a bit raw from the passion Mike and I had shared repeatedly the night before. I slipped back into bed and snuggled over close to Mike, trying to get as close to him as I could without waking him. Musky semen, salty sweat, and a wet spot, still damp, with my own tangy sweet juices…the scents of our night of sweaty lust and fiery passion still hung in the warm, humid morning air. I could feel a warm, damp tingle growing between my legs. I sucked my finger, wetting it, and reached out, touching Mike’s cock, softly sliding my finger tip over the smooth velvet-like underside. He did not move, but moaned softly, asleep, but living in an erotic dream. Once again I rubbed his cock, harder this time and with the palm of my hand, I felt badly about waking him up, but I needed to be in Mike’s arms and have him deep inside me again. He opened his eyes, shifted and placed his hand on the side of my face; I looked up at him and grinned as our eyes met.”

“Good morning beautiful.” Mike said gently as he wrapped me in his arms around me and pulled my nude body against his, kissing me deeply as he did so.”

“Hi…” was all I could manage to say as I bit my lower lip and reached around Mike’s neck, smothering him with tiny soft kisses. I was all knotted up inside, anticipating nothing and everything simultaneously. I reached between his legs, my hand easily finding his thick warm cock. I stroked him gently.

“I think somebody is still horney.” Mike said, laughing softly as he rolled onto his back positioning me on top facing him.

“Make love to me again please baby.” I said, my voice trembling in anticipation of my husband sliding his cock deep into my now sopping wet pussy. Mike reached around and took one of my ass cheeks in each hand and spread me open. His cock was already rock hard and he easily found the sopping entrance to my pussy. I squirmed trying to slide back and take all of him as deep as I could into me, but Mike was too strong. He held me, only allowing the head of his cock in me.

“Baby, Mike, please…don’t tease me.” I was whining. I could not stop now, my body was silently screaming for the amazing feeling of being stretched and completely filled by a man you cannot live without.

“You’re sure…?” Mike asked, grinning slyly.

“Yes…I need you inside me. I need you to fuck me until I can’t anymore…Mike please, baby…” Instantly and without warning Mike rolled us over and sunk his thick, throbbing cock deep into my aching, wet pussy.

“Unnff…aaaagod.” I exhaled hard as Mike’s weight crushed down on me. He felt impossibly heavy and there was no way for me to move him, but I didn’t care…My husband and lover had filled me with his cock. My pussy was sore and burned inside, as if a hot spear of lust had pierced me to the deepest depths of what I am as a woman. I squeezed his cock with the walls of my cunt. He lifted his body up off me; kneeling over me as I spread my legs as wide as I could, giving him full access. His strong hands wrapped around my waist; arching my back as he pulled me hard onto his cock. I locked my legs around his waist and pulled him to me as our pubic bones ground aggressively against one another. I felt his hand tenderly caress my neck and then clamp down and squeeze, limiting my breathing.”

“I swallowed hard and I tried to inhale to get air into my lungs. Only a small gasp made it. Mike was fucking me hard now, my pussy simultaneously throbbing in pain and drooling with rabid ecstasy as he thrust deep into me; fast and repeatedly. I absolutely loved the feeling of being overpowered and totally controlled. I heaved my chest sucking in a little air, the motion driving my hips down against Mike, his balls bottoming against my clenched asshole as he continued to fuck me with passionate abandon. The mix of my aching, burning pussy and my rapidly growing need to cum was almost overwhelming.”

“I needed air. I heaved my chest again, sucking in enough air to keep me conscious. I reached up and grabbed the back of Mike’s neck with my hands. I desperately needed to cum now. I coughed and thrust my chest up, my mouth now open struggling for a breath, any breath…I was getting dizzy, my lungs beginning to burn; matching the feel of my rapidly building orgasm”

“I was so close now; I could tell despite my growing dizziness and the black shadows beginning to creep into the edges of my vision. Just a bit more and I would explode as I came, showering Mike and myself in my hot juices. Air…please God…I need air…I grab Mike’s arm and try to move it, but I can’t. Oh shit, OH YEAH, I’M GOING TO CUM, YYYYEEEESSSSS…I open my mouth to scream in ecstasy but nothing comes out.”

“Mike grabs me, rolls us over and thrusts his cock as far up into my aching pussy as he can. I gulp air, deep breaths, again and again as I feel my body spasm with a massive orgasm, my juices flooding out of me…I’m dizzy, so very dizzy as my entire body reverberates with the electric like surge of my orgasm.”

“Mike…help me…baby!” I hear the confusion and panic in my own voice…then only silence; save the pounding of my heart in my ears. ”

“My eyes flutter open. I’m confused and my chest and boobs are covered in Mike’s thick warm cum. Mike is lying beside me; I reach over and instinctively pull myself close to him. Mike holds me firmly but gently, stroking my hair and gently kissing my lips. I’m breathing deeply and slowly now, my body still buzzing…I remember the orgasm…”

“Baby…what happened?” I whisper, still trembling slightly.

“The French call it “Le Petite Mort”, the little death. Sweetheart you passed out when you came.” Mike said with a grin, trying hard not to laugh at me.

“Don’t laugh at me. How long…was I out?” I ask, still a bit dazed.

“Maybe 30 seconds…or so.” He replies, still grinning. “Can you sit up baby?”

“Yes…I think so.”

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”

“Mike helps me sit up. I’m not dizzy anymore but I am completely exhausted and blissfully happy. “I love you baby...that was absolutely amazing…I came so hard.” I coo as he picks me up off the bed."

“Mike has me cradled in his arms as he carries me, sweaty, and cum covered, to the shower; I softly kiss his neck as he carries me. He sets me down; I walk into the shower and wait as he adjusts the temperature. I absent-mindedly play with the cum on my chest, rubbing some into my skin. Mike reaches over, takes my hand and guides me under the warm water. I wrap my arms around him and give him a slow, wet, deep kiss. I feel like…no I am…the luckiest girl in the world; and this is just the beginning. Mike and I are going to have an amazing life together.”

Chapter 5: January 2013

“Hi Mrs. Loden.” Teagan chirped happily as she walked into the school’s front office. Mrs. Barbara Loden was the office administrator and had worked for the schools for almost forty years. She knew almost all of the kids on a first name basis.

“Well hello Teagan!” Barbara replied. “Did you have a good Christmas break?”

“Yes I did, thank you.” Teagan replied.

“Did you do anything interesting, or just hang around town?”

“Oh no…I went back to New Zealand and got married. I got a husband for Christmas.” Teagan smiled; waiting for the shocked reaction she knew was coming.

Mrs. Loden tilted her head slightly and looked at Teagan with a look that was best described as deeply confused. “I’m sorry Teagan, for a moment I thought I heard you say you got a husband for Christmas. Silly me…”

“No mamm, you heard me correctly…I need to change my name and address records please.”

“Teagan…sweetheart are you serious?”

“Yes Mrs. Loden, I am. My new last name is Ryan-Marstadt, and I live with Mike, my husband in our home now. Here is my marriage license.” Teagan said rather matter of factly, handing her license to Mrs. Loden.

“Mr. Stockton, can you join me out here for a moment?” Mrs. Loden called into the principal’s office.

“Well hi Teagan.” Mr. Stockton said walking out of his office. Mrs. Loden handed him Teagan’s marriage license, and he studied it, reading it over the rim of his glasses.

“Teagan, would you join me in my office for a moment, please?”

“Sure.” Teagan replied.

“Teagan, I am going to assume that this is NOT a practical joke…is it?”

“No sir, it is not. I went back to New Zealand over the break and got married. That is a dream I’ve had since I was a little girl. That license is real, as is my ring.” Teagan stuck her hand out so Mr. Stockton could see the ring. He studied it momentarily, and then looked back at Teagan.

“Teagan, you realize how unusual and out of the ordinary this is?”

“Yes sir, it is a bit unusual.”

“Your new last name is Marstadt, correct?

“Yes sir.”

“Please tell me this is not the same Mike Marstadt who has a daughter named Tori who graduated from here a couple of years ago.”

“Ummm…yeah…it’s that Mike Marstadt. Tori is now my step daughter…” Teagan replied sheepishly.
Mr. Stockton sighed deeply and closed his eyes for a moment.

Teagan, I hate to ask you this, but are you pregnant?”

“Why does everyone ask me that? NO…” She stated emphatically. “I am not pregnant!”

“Quite the age difference between you and Michael isn’t there?” Mr. Stockton asked.

“Your point is what?” Teagan snipped defensively.

“Teagan, you are a Varsity Softball starter. As such you are a representative of this school and a highly visible student athlete. Once word of your marriage to a man who is what, nearly 20 years older than you gets out…that will call a lot of unnecessary and frankly less than positive attention to the school and the team. Also, keep in mind, that Coach Jenkins and I cannot allow a pregnant girl to play on the team. Frankly speaking, the less attention you can call to your marriage and your name change the better for everyone…and by the way, congratulations.” Mr. Stockton was looking at Teagan over the top of his glasses.

Teagan smiled. “Thanks Mr. Stockton, I’m very happy, and I will try and keep this as quiet as possible, but I will not deny it, or my husband. If people can deal with the age difference, cool; if not …” She just shrugged and shook her head.

“I wish you well Teagan. Please give this back to Mrs. Loden and sign the name and address change paperwork. I will have a discussion with your teachers one on one, to let them know what has happened.

“Thanks, Mr. Stockton.” Teagan replied softly.

And so on and on it went. The school administrators were just the first of many who decided it was their job to give me, Teagan, or both of us together, a ration of shit about our age difference. The fact that we had gotten married while Teagan was still in High School was a second issue with a number of people as well. Everybody seemed to have an opinion about the relationship Teagan and I shared, and usually felt the need to tell us about it; even when we were not interested in hearing it. Rare was the person, who knew the truth about Teagan and me and either didn’t care or just kept their opinion to themselves. We kept those people close; we called them friends.

I was arrested. Twice. Once on statutory rape charges and the second time on an abuse of authority charge. Teagan and I were the only ones who knew the actual date we first made love, and neither one of us were talking. There was simply not enough evidence to follow through with a trial (there was plenty of speculation, but no evidence) and the rape charges were dropped. The abuse of authority charge didn’t stick either. Teagan told the prosecutors that she was the one who seduced me, and that she did it all on her own (which was the truth) I didn’t force her to do anything. Our attorney went to the media with Teagan’s story, blamed the prosecutor for witch hunt tactics, trying to break up a loving couple etc. Once again the charges against me were dropped.

Teagan and I travelled a lot. Sometimes just short trips, other times back to New Zealand for weeks at a time. Being, out of sight, out of mind, made life easier for Teagan and me. Most people just assumed we were father and daughter and didn’t give us a second thought. By the time Teagan had turned twenty-one she had matured to the point that she looked somewhat older than she actually was. People recognized that there was an age difference between us, but since they could not tell exactly how old she was, no one paid much attention to the May/December couple anymore. It took more than three years, but eventually the bad circus that surrounded Teagan’s and my unusual marriage slowly faded away as people moved on to some other, more interesting scandal.


Courtney: Fall 2016

True to her dreams of becoming a porn starlet, Courtney left for California in early July 2014. She had taken the time to do some research, get some contact names and had enough cash to last her several months. As I suspected, she was placed under contract almost immediately. Cute, petite red heads with skills and big boobs are always in demand in the porn industry. Courtney didn’t come back to Texas until Christmas that first year. By her first trip back, she had already done nearly 20 scenes and appeared in 4 movies. She had moved into a small efficiency apartment about a block off the beach in Venice CA. The apartment was not much to look at, but it was hard to beat the location and made it easy for Courtney to disappear into the crowd when she needed to be anonymous for awhile. She will also fly back home for a week or so occasionally, sometimes staying with her mom and sometimes with Teagan and me. She has already been to Poland and the Czech Republic to work on “Art Porn” scenes (a current favorite in Europe and growing fast in the US) and is currently scheduled to return to Prague for six to eight weeks early next spring. She is also earning a small fortune.

Sundee and Mitch: Fall 2016

Unlike Teagan and me, Sundee and Mitch never have gotten married and keep separate living arrangements. Never mind that Sundee spends a huge amount of time at Mitch’s place, and sleeps more nights in his bedroom than she does in her own; but I digress. The two of them hang out with Teagan and me regularly. They are the closest friends we have, and the only ones who know everything about me and Teagan and truly understand what we have. Sundee’s mom Nikki was not as freaked out about the relationship between Sundee and Mitch; unlike most people were about me and Teagan. Probably because Mitch is almost eight years younger than I am, and their affair and age difference just didn’t seem as wrong to most people as did Teagan’s and mine. Sundee went to work for her mom at the tattoo studio. Working and learning the trade alongside her mom and the other two artists, Sundee was now beginning to make a name for herself with her intricate, detailed and amazingly colorful, goth, fantasy, and sci-fi based original designs. She really is amazingly talented. Several of the girls including Courtney, Skye, Teagan and Mallory all now have some of Sundee’s art work on their bodies somewhere.
Sundee also loves to play step mom for Mitch’s two boys, Caleb and Conner. The feeling is apparently mutual, as Sundee is always around when Mitch has the boys for weekends and vacations. They go and do everything together, quite the cute little “family”…but to this day Sundee swears that she is not going to have kids… Anyone want to take that bet?

Skye: Fall 2016

Skye continued to pitch for Renegade until she retired at the end of the season following her nineteenth birthday. She finished her senior year pitching for St. Basils Prep. Skye finally found some boyfriends that she was comfortable with. She would not date one steadily, but was seen out regularly with one, then a few weeks later with another. Sort of reminded me of the way Courtney went through High School. Not long after she graduated, Skye moved to Colorado to be closer to her real dad. Her mom was released from prison just before Skye’s senior year and had moved in with her parents as a condition of her parole. Skye’s grandparents continued to try and exert serious control Skye’s life, even though she was now 19. This did not go over well with Skye and before she moved to Colorado, Skye lived with Teagan and me for about a month. Last anyone heard, she was living in Telluride Co. and was helping manage an apartment complex. She is also rumored to frequent and occasionally work the bar at Sammy’s. A brew pub and restaurant managed by one of her current boyfriends.

Mike and Teagan: March 22, 2020 1:47AM

Teagan laughed out loud. “Noooo…”she mewed seductively. “You need to cum inside me, just like you promised…you know how much I love to feel you cum in me. Do not change the rules of the game just because you won the bet…and no candle wax tonight either! That shit is too hard to get out of the good sheets.”

My beautiful, nearly 26 year old wife was grinning from ear to ear as she straddled me. She bent down kissing me deeply, teasing my tongue with hers. Passionately and deeply we kissed, lost in the feel of each other’s bare skin and kisses. After several moments, Teagan sat up and scooted back, reached between her smooth sexy legs, took my cock and guided me deep into her hot wet sex. Teagan settled back, impaling herself on the full length of my seriously hard cock.

“Unngghh…god baby I love the way you feel…mmmmm.” I moaned. Every inch of my cock was now wrapped by the hot, slick walls of her pussy. “Mmmmm, oh yeah.” Teagan giggled quietly as I placed one hand on her hip and my other on the small of her back; rocking her gently forward and back, grinding her clit into me. Teagan inhaled softly; placing her hands beside my head and leaning down, enveloping both of us in the silky waves of her long, jet black hair.

“I love you, Michael…make love to me baby.” She whispered; her lips just caressing mine as she spoke; so softly, she seemed far, far away.

“I love you too, Teagan, you mean so much to me sweetheart. You’re so beautiful, so special…” I was rocking her hips into mine as we kissed slowly, deeply and passionately as if we had all the time in the world; her pussy tensing and relaxing as I slid her back and forth on my rock hard cock. Teagan’s thick, jet black hair cascaded over our passion like black silk, sweeping softly back and forth, as we made love in the flickering glow of the cand….

“Mommy! What you doin’ t’ my daddy?” The tiny voice asked, giggling, but with just a hint of concern.

“Shit…”Teagan whispered softly. She stifled a giggle and lifted her body up off of me a little. We both looked at each other, and then, over toward the edge of the bed. There, standing beside the nightstand in just her pajama bottoms was our daughter Tiyann. The happy, precocious and insanely curious four year old had a big smile on her face. Neither Teagan nor I had any idea how long she had been standing there.

“Daddy! Mommy’s nekkid! Mommy! You don’t have clothes on!” Tiyann said, nearly doubling over with laughter.

Teagan just smiled and gave me a look that said, “I think I will let you handle this…” as she gathered some of the covers around her hips.

“Tiyann, sweetheart, why are you in daddy and mommy’s bedroom? Why are you not in your bed asleep young lady?” I asked gently but with just enough emphasis to let the little girl know daddy was not happy. Tiyann is Teagan’s mini me. She is petite, beautiful and has the same flawless olive tan skin and pouty lips as her mother. In a crowded room, there is no doubt as to who Tiyann’s mom is. The only real difference in the look of the mother and daughter, other than age obviously, was that Tiyann has dark brown hair with natural golden highlights and the same bright emerald green eyes as her step sister Tori.

“Daddy,” Tiyann said wiping stray strands of hair out of her face with both hands. “I heard mommy laughing. I wanted to see why mommy was laughing!”

“Young lady, you need to be in bed asleep, it’s late.” I said not wanting to get into an explanation of exactly why Teagan and I had been laughing…

Tiyann sighed deeply and said, “Daddy, I need some more water.”

“You already drank all of the water in your cup?” I asked curiously.

“Yes I did.” Came the tiny, yet confident reply.

“If you drink any more water, you’re going to have to pee...” I said trying to dissuade her.

“Oh no daddy, I already went pee; I need more water…please.” Tiyann said proudly smiling at me; her countenance glowing radiantly in the warm candle light.

I glanced up at Teagan, my slowly shrinking cock still buried in her silky wetness; this was not an argument I was going to win.

“OK Tiyann, you go back to your room and get back in bed, and I will be there in a minute to get you some more water.”

“Thank you daddy! Night mommy! I love you!” She chirped happily as she turned and trotted out of our room.

“I love you too baby girl, g’night sweetie.” Teagan said.

Teagan rolled off of me, buried her face in a pillow and roared with laughter, trying her best to keep it quiet. She looked up at me and said “Hurry daddy, I need your cock back in my pussy!” Mimicking Tiyann’s tiny, child like voice; immediately collapsing again in howls of laughter as I pulled on a t shirt and my boxer briefs and went to tend to our daughter.

“Here you go sweet girl.” I said as I walked into Tiyann’s room. I handed her the cup of water as she popped up onto her knees; she drank about half of it and handed the cup back to me. I set it on her nightstand.

“Thank you Daddy!” Tiyann chirped hugging me tightly.

“You’re welcome sweet girl; but it is time for you to be asleep; under the covers pretty.” I said playfully. Tiyann crawled back under the covers and giggled as I tucked her in.

“Good night Tiyann, I love you.” I said as I bent down and kissed her cheek.

“Night daddy, I love you more…” She cooed. I blew her a kiss, and closed her door.


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