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In the first chapter Tangie and I went from sharing a couple meals to sharing our bodies. But now it will go father! Farther then it may have ever gone in the first place.

Hope you enjoy!

Tangie's First Time - Chapter 2

I sat upstairs in my bedroom just lounging in my chair. I opened my email accounts checking for anything new and emptying the spam and trash in each. I was relaxed and comfortable to say the least. I had gotten my teenaged ebony friend down to just her green thong to suck my cock. She had taken care of "her man" orally with a little help from her left hand and my finger in her pussy. I had played with that pussy too! Manipulating it with my fingers and fucking it two knuckles deep! I made that little bitch cum as I pictured her sitting in my lap and then laying on my couch with her eyes closed tightly, her jaw dropped, and cream flowing from that tight brown pussy. Tangie had soaked her panties and allowed a man over twice her age to play with her in any way he chose. She had been a toy and used to pleasure a man that couldn't get enough of her petite brown body.

I suddenly remembered the pictures and headed down stairs. Once I had it I headed back up to the laptop to download the scene. I turned it on and plugged in the download cable. 38 was the number that came up. When it asked if I wanted to download all, "FUCK YES" I said in my head smiling with a chuckle. The first with her legs together and the next with them spread. Then her titties without her hands trying to hide them like she was shy. They ended with her totally naked and me holding her right leg over my shoulder lifting her tiny ass off the cushion. I snapped three with her like that with each zooming closer… and closer!

I looked out the window to notice a car rolling slowly through the parking lot. When it stopped some unknown boy ran up to the driver side leaning in the window. I sniffed at them knowing it was probably a drug deal. Some person sneaking in to get themselves a crack rock. In less then a minute they hurried off as the boy ran back to his designated apartment and inside. "Fuckin' crackheads" I thought to myself.

I went back to looking at the pictures of Tangie. After the first few she was smiling and in a couple giving me her kissy lips. An innocent little girl naked for her man showing me her cunt cause she was my "baby".

Another car pulled in and whipped into a space beside the dumpster at the corner hiding themselves in the shadows. I looked for the crack dealer who would run out to give them 'curb service' like a Drive-Up Restaurant. They weren't there for crack! Tangie's mother ran out her front door and hurriedly jumped in the passenger side. There was limited light from the street lights and the fact that most of the ones in the apartment complex had either been broken to limit it or just didn't work. From my window I could still make out the figures inside the car though. I saw her lean over. Her head was definitely in his lap and the sight of her head bobbing up and down a clear indication that a quickie car blow-job was going on. I looked at the clock, 10:53 and then back to the car. Her dirty white wife-beater gave away everything that was going on. She sat up and opened the door and leaned toward the pavement. She must have been spitting out his nasty load of cum from her bare back blow-job. 10:58 and the door was opening up and she was off running back inside her place. But five minutes later the crack boy was knocking on her door while looking around hoping no one was looking. "Hey dumb ass! I'm watching you make your deal you stupid mother fucker!" was what I said in my head wishing I could just say BOOO! and make him jump out of his skin.

I started to think of Tangie sitting in her room or the same room watching her mother smoke her new rock. "Fuckin' Whore!" I thought as I felt that "my baby" might be ruined from what she was doing. But then how could she be more ruined then from a man sticking a cock in her mouth that barely fit after fingering and feeling her up before she was old enough to know what she was doing. Would her mother call the police or have her home boys seek me out wanting to kill me from molesting her. I did feed her and two nights in a row too. That was more then that bitch probably did. "Fuck her!" I thought "That fuckin' whore says anything an I'll set her crack ass up!"

I put the pics in a folder "Tangie" and went to the bed. Stretching out on it I opened a book, a true crime story, and picked up from where I had left off. I was… content. I didn't work because I had made my fortune. Not a big one like millions hidden away from the I.R.S. but enough to last me years. There were plenty of zeros and more then one account! I chose this place because it was cheap and different from everywhere else I had lived.

I had given up the rat race. The suits and ties and the high-rise offices with secretaries dressed like whores hoping that showing their tits or sucking the bosses cock would get them somewhere. I had my fill of standing in my office looking at the top of some bitches head while her mouth proved that "anything" meant… anything!

I had fucked teenage interns that hoped they could gain a permanent spot on the payroll by allowing me to punish their tight little twats. I had even fucked my secretaries seventeen year old daughter just for the hell of it.

I bent the skinny little bitch over my desk and jerked her panties over so far that after she had spent about five minutes kneeling sucking my cock, they ripped deeming them unusable in the future. With her dress laid up on her back I plunged into her without even wondering if she was wet enough or ready for it. A firm grip of her hip I pounded her into submission until her mound was cherry red. Within the first few strokes her body shuddered and her leg lost control. She creamed and lost it all over my cock but I didn't let up. I gave her no mercy as I pounded and forced her to take every bit of it. Eight inches of thick cock was making her grunt and whimper with every thrust. I knew she must have been a slut. She didn't bleed and I could bury it to the balls. My sack slapped her clit every time my hips slammed into her. I only lasted about ten minutes before I buried myself into her as deep as I could and flooded her teenage womb! "Fuckin' cunt" I thought as she adjusted her panties so they'd fit the best they could. She smiled and gave me a hug "Mom was right… you got a huge fucking cock!" I watched her walk out the door and knew that was it for me.

I had her mom, my secretary come in the next day to help me write a letter. She sat in the chair opposite me with her to short skirt showing me her panties ready to type on her laptop. I started with Mr President and ended with Regretfully. She gave me a stunned look but sent it anyway. I took the laptop from her and stepped to the door. She stood and started to it but as I locked it she stopped. I turned and stepped up close to her and put my arms around her waist to begin feeling her ass. She kissed me hard and went straight for my cock with her hand. "Suck it baby" I whispered and she immediately went to her knees. Within a minute I was in the sluts mouth staring at her head. I had hold of her hair fucking her mouth "suck it baby… swallow that fucking cock you slut!" I pumped and gagged her, grinning the whole time.

I snatched her up by the shoulders and spun her around forcing her to bend over the arm of the couch just in the door. Her satin panties had no chance as I grabbed them and jerked. I stretched them to the point of ripping and let them fall down her right leg. With my hand on my cock I wiped the head up between her well used cunt lips and shoved my way in. Taking her by the hips I crammed myself into her in one hard thrust and began banging her as hard as possible without giving her a chance to get wet or use to me. She was grunting and whimpering "Damn baby give me a chance to get wet. Slow down honey… slow down!"

But I didn't! I pounded her hard and within a few minutes pulled out and spun her around. One hand on my cock and a hand full of hair I spanked her face with my pent up cum. I plastered her like a whore paid to do a facial in some cheap online porn movie. I used the head to smear it all over her cheeks and chin ruining her make-up and lipstick. " I should have cum in your daughters face like that too! YOU FUCKIN' BITCH! Tomorrow expect to be at a different desk. Don't worry… I'll make sure it's an easier one where you'll make more money… if fucking that little slut of yours was what you were looking for. You can have the rest of the day off too." I opened the door and stood there waiting with it open for her to stand and walk out. Her face was covered in cum and her hair a mess. I tossed her panties to her when she was just out the door then slammed it shut. "FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! God damn whores." I was pissed that I let myself get used or that I put myself in a position that I could get blackmailed.

But now I was out. Only thing was now I was on the edge of fucking up again. Tangie was 15 and had sucked my dick and posed naked for pictures and had cum all over my fingers and tomorrow she was surely coming back again for, at the least, something to eat. I was wanting something to eat too. HER! That sweet ebony pussy was deep in my thoughts and not going away. I was going to end up fucking her eventually if not tomorrow and when I did that tender little thing was going to bleed and bleed big time. Virgin or no just seeing how small her pussy was I knew it wasn't going to be easy getting in her much less making her take the full length. Hell just getting the head in was going to rip the little shit! "Damn baby you gonna fuckin' be sore!" I thought. I marked the page and dropped the book on the floor and went to sleep ready to end the day and begin another.

The next day I woke with a raging hard-on. Thoughts of Tangie ruining my sleep, waking me, making me want to go to the crackheads apartment dragging her away to my bed. I laid there naked stroking slow and methodically but not wanting to cum. I pictured her laying naked and the looks she had when I made her cum. I heard her voice call me baby and the sounds she made when my cock filled her mouth. Fuck I wanted that little bitch with me right then so I could spread her legs and fuck her tiny pelvis making her understand what saying "my man" really meant.

I showered, dressed, and then left in my car. I didn't look to see if she was around or saw me leave. I needed to get out and do something constructive before that "time" would come when I could deal with her again. I went to the mall and got a coffee. Walking around I glanced in stores, window shopping and browsing. I walked in the Gap for no reason. I never buy things in there and didn't know why I was looking but then started looking in the Junior Women's section. I looked at tops thinking how she'd look in them or if she'd like them. I looked at the shorts remembering her wearing the same ones two nights in a row.

"May I help you with something?" a young sales girl ask walking up to me slowly with her hands clasped behind her and smiling the cutest smile.

" No… mum… yea… yea… uh My niece has a birthday coming up and well… she's bout this tall.. tiny… umm… have no idea bout sizes or anything."

"Okay… well… how old is she? Do you know what colors she likes?"

I thought quickly….. fuck.. age? Shit! " She'll be twelve and... bright? I huh have no fuckin' idea…. sorry… no idea!"

The girl giggled and said " That's ok… well… how about something like this or this?" She held up a couple pair of shorts. "These tops are really cute too. They're good on days it's fucking hot…. I mean… really hot!" She giggled and showed me more. Before long she had me holding three pairs of shorts and four tops. Two with string straps and the other two a more conservative front. "If they're to big or small you can exchange them anytime with the receipt. I work days Tuesday, Friday and Saturday." She added. She blushed a little and turned with her back nice and taught showing off her ass to me as she folded up the discarded tops and shorts then headed to the register to check me out.

My cock was getting hard from the teasing from the young girl. Short dark hair and probably still in her teens. A nice small tight round ass with tights drawn up into the crack between those sweet cheeks. I should have taken her into the back room and split her open making her moan out "FUCK ME… FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK!! OH MY FUCKING GOD FUCK ME!!" but I didn't, I just smiled when she handed me the bag and said "Thanks… you were a big help sweetie"

I had a tuff piece of pepperoni pizza in the food court and a soft serve ice cream cone. One more cup of coffee from Starbucks and thirty minutes later I was headed back home, back to Crackville and my little slice of pie.

I laid the clothes out on the bed picking each one up and wondering if she'd like it. Also how she'd look in it. I thought a couple times they may be to small but then if they were how they'd hug her perfectly round little butt. Fuck my dick was getting stiff again and I took it out and started stroking to the thought of her laying there wearing them before getting naked to fuck "her man". Shaking my head I had to focus. No need to jack off when i had her to give me a mouth to cum in. I could even lay her down and shoot a load all over that tender smooth chocolate skin if I wanted. I knew by the way she stripped her panties off that if I told her to lay naked cause her man wanted to jack off on her body that she would just smile and let me. She'd get wet from the feeling of warm cum splattering her belly and titties. She'd stick her tongue out with me holding her head up by her hair to cum in her face hoping to get some to taste and swallow.

I took the things and placed them back in the bag keeping the receipt to put away incase of exchange. A good excuse to see the little nymph at the Gap that wanted my cock! I set them in the chair in the corner where I sat the night before watching her whore mother running to the car for her "date". When the time came I could send her up and have her check them out, trying them on while looking at the way they hugged her ass and titties in the full length mirror.

It was 5pm and the chicken had just gone in the oven. A nice creamy sauce with rice in a pan with the chicken on top ready to bake away and feed us giving us the energy we'd need for the relentless sex that we would be having later on. I stepped out back and sat on the crate picking the small bit of joint left out of the ashtray and lit it. Before I could get my third hit, which was only two before it would be done "Baby you gonna have to stop smoking' that shit!" she informed me as if she was my bride and telling me what I could and couldn't do.

"Hey baby… come ear and gimmie a kiss!" reaching out she stepped between my arms, bent down and gave me a big hug and a peck on the lips. "Fuck baby I wanna kiss!" I said as I tickled her sides.

"What fo dinner baby?" looking around from the grill not going. "It inside already an shit?" she asked with her back to me walking right in like it was her place.

I took one more long hit and dropped the roach into the ashtray just before burning my finger tips and went in to see what she was doing.

" Fuck baby! You cookin' fo me? Fuuuuucckkk… you wantin' sum tonite! Shit…" and grinning with her hands on her hips, swaying her ass looking in the oven window " and you gonna fuckin' get it too… Shit that smells good. What the fuck is it?"

"It's a creamy sauce with rice and baked chicken. You like chicken soup? Rice? If so you gonna love it I promise?"

"Fuck yes… makin me wanna get fuckin necked fo my man doin dis fo me!"

"Tangie… baby… watch your mouth sweetie… no reason a sweet girl like you needs to be using that word so much okay."

" Sorry baby….. just fuck . I mean.. sorry… ummmm… it does smell good doe!"

She stepped to me and raised her arms to hug me. Her head went back letting me know she wanted to kiss and we stood there for a few minutes exchanging fluids and swapping tongues. "You gonna get up under ma shorts?" she asked then continued kissing. I grabbed her ass and worked it slowly with my hands. "I will eventually. No hurry huh baby." I loved her ass in those shorts but again they were the same. "I got something for you today. I hope you don't mind and will like it but… if you don't I'll take it back okay. It's in a bag upstairs in my bedroom… in a bag on the chair in the corner." Tangie smiled big and pointed upstairs…. then turned without saying a word. "Front room a yelled as I heard her going up the stairs.

I was dishing the rice onto plates with a piece of chick on top of it when Tangie walked in. She picked the pink shorts and a white top. One of the tops that had string straps, spaghetti straps as she would tell me later on.

She turned and posed like she was modelling them just for me then with a skip jumped up on me hugging me tight and kissing me. Her feet off the ground I had my arms around her holding her up by her ass. "I'm a fuck you tonight… sorry.. I'm going to … have sex with you tonight!" Then grinned.

"You like them? They fit okay? I wasn't sure about the size and had to guess and You My Baby…. (whispering in her ear) you can say fuck during sex if you wanna."

She dropped down smacking me on the shoulder. Then taking my hand she led me to my chair. I stopped and held hers out and as she sat slid it in for her showing her how a man should treat a woman. "Thank You… fuck dat… Yum that looks really good.." smiling at me trying her best not to say fuck. It was hard for her too. Fuck was a word she used a lot every day. It was fuck this and fuck that. Fuckin shit and mutha fucker. it was fuck you or fuck them or fuck me but however it was used it was always… FUCK!

As we ate I tried to let her know she could take her time. There was plenty for four not to mention just two of us there and not being able to eat anywhere near it all. She tried to be more "lady like" as she sat up straight in her new shorts and top. She used her napkin to wipe her mouth off and when she burped once giggled and said excuse me.

We laughed and had the best meal so far since the burgers that were "the fuckin' best!"

I stood behind Tangie with my hands on her hips as she washed the plates and glasses. My cock was thick and swelling for her and she knew it as she swayed and ground her ass into me. "Baby? Can you take that cock in the living room and go let me do my kitchen work?" Her head turned looking up at me then raising her arm to look at me behind her shooing me away, "Men… pussy on da brain all da time… you funny! Now git!" she ordered. Her kitchen work. Like it was her kitchen. Her man! Her kitchen! Her cock and MY fucking pussy!

So I did! I sat and watched TV waiting for my baby to wash up after dinner. "Hey baby? can you bring me a glass of Coke when you come in?" Looking round the corner through the door "That how you ask baby?"

"Sorry sweetie…… please?"

Walking away out of sight "Yep… keep ya pants on baby…. momma got shit to do!"

I had to laugh out loud to her momma comment. Little bitch was gonna be momma tonight laying there crying as I tore her pussy up leaving her bloody and sore for a week. I'd have her rethinking that momma shit and how she figured she was my woman. Hell after one time with me I might not get it ever again from her being to scared to come around thinking she'd never walk again if she let me back up in it.

"Come here little momma!" I said with a very happy smile, arms reaching out for her as she walked in carrying two glasses of Coke. After setting them down on the coffee table she turned and knelt on the couch throwing her leg over me to sit in my lap with her arms going round my neck and her mouth searching for mine. My hands went right for her ass and she arched her back giving it to me. I was pulling it up searching for that smooth silky fanny skin of hers when "Don't you fuckin' stretch ma new shorts outta shape!" Giving me a stern look. "Watch your mouth baby" I went back to her. "Shut the fuck up and feel ma ass… mommas fucking horny and needs her man. But I mean it…. don't you mess up ma good shorts!"

"I won't baby….. mmmm… my little mommas ass is warm and I bet my babies pussies wet too!"

"Show is… sure is baby… and I know you want it. I know you wanted it last night too. Surprised you didn't take it from me. Fuck baby.. thought dat why you told me to take ma panties down." We continued to kiss as she ground her twat into my cock. I was hard as fuck and that little tart knew it too. Her knees came up off the cushion helping her get her mound firmly against my thick shaft and she worked it like a little girl humping her pillow.

" Tangie… ?" I started to ask but then stood lifting her with a death grip on her ass. She hugged me tighter helping me carry her as I headed up the stairs. One by one up we went. Her kissing my neck until we reached the top. Once there and inside the bedroom just before setting her on the bed… "I ain't neva…. " Looking at me with a little worry in her eyes "You a big man baby… I be a good momma to ma man okay just… " I kissed her stopping her from taking.

"It might hurt a little baby when daddy goes in but I be easy and good to you. Daddy wont hurt ya no more then possible but…. your man got a big cock for a girl your age and size so…. "

Her head leaped beside mine as her arms squeezed my neck tighter then ever before. Tangie knew she was on the verge of feeling my cock up in her and knew it was going to hurt. I wondered if I should maybe just finger her and eat her pussy while she resumed her training on sucking my cock. But damn I was so hard with her there in the bed.

She began to kiss my neck and was trying to give me a hickey. I pulled her away and laid her flat on her back. Her ass still in my lap I massaged her thighs thinking of how warm and tender they were. How soft her skin was wondering how hard they would shake and shudder with the force of my cock penetrating her.

My hands slid slowly up under her top caressing her braless titties. Those full round small titties with nipples so hard. As hard as my cock. They could have put and eye out from how hard they were and were stretching the thin cloth of her top just begging to be touched. Kiss us, feel us, pinch us, suck us! They were begging and needed attention. Her hips began to move gyrating like she was mounted on a cock and needed to cum. The crotch of them stretched tight over her mound. Her pussy was wet and Tangie was ready. She laid there silent, her eyes fixed on me licking her lips. I slid back and let her watch me slowly strip. I scooped up her legs and she giggled as I laid her ass back in my lap as I knelt before her on the bed. Her back off of it all the way up to her shoulders.

I pressed the base of my cock against her mound. She could feel the fullness of my balls and closed her eyes and moaned. She opened them when with my thumb I pushed my cock down to show her how far it was going to go up inside her. The head reaching up past her belly button. WAY PAST!!

"Oh fuck! You a big man baby!"

I just smiled at her and slid my hands up under her feeling her as and then taking the waistband in my hand from the back, slowly tugged her shorts lower and lower. As they rounded her firm young cheeks meeting her thighs her legs straightened up. She raised them holding them together with just enough room the let them slide down her legs. I took them slowly… teasing her with how long it took. When they were off… she spread. No panties were under them. "mmmmm no panties on my baby!!!" Smiling while staring at her pint little vigin cunt.

I leaned down and kissed her, my cock pressing against her bare pussy, and she began to work her hips on it grinding and humping. My hands went up under the small of her back slowly working her top to just under her shoulder blades. I rocked back lifting her up into my lap and she raised her arms. I tossed the top to the floor like a used rubber not needing it ever again. Discarded and forgotten. We were naked finally in the bed. Me kneeling with my ass on my feet and Tangie's legs spread around me and her bare pussy doing all it could to rub itself against the length of my thick rigid cock.

Tangie looked down between us as she sat there with me hard. "Fuck baby dat damn thing gonna go up in my throat!" Then kissed me hard. She kissed me like it was going to be our last kiss… or the first one before a new life.

"Suck daddies dick some baby before you give it to me… I wanna eat my little mommas pussy first too."

" I laid her back and she came right back up on her knees leaning over and taking me into her hands. Her little mouth went right down over it stretching her lips around it. Her tongue tried to lick the head circling around it and lapping at it. I took her up in my hands making her stop. "What.." Then slid down on my back. "Get it baby!" I told her as I grabbed her sides. She laid on her hip just as my ribs. Her legs together pulled up under her. "Get up here baby" I said while trying to lift her hips and hooking her legs had her straddling me in seconds. We were in 69 and a perfect position for her to try and take more of my cock in her mouth. I hoped she would learn soon how to get at least half of it in there so I could give her a good gagging. She stroked with one hand and played with her mans balls with the other. I hugged her waist and pulled her down onto me and her body jerked with a thrill when my tongue reached her lips. I licked her mound up and down on both sides before treating myself to each swelling lip. I aimed lower and with one long lick starting at her clit had her raise up off my cock and "FUUUCCKKKK….. OH GOT DAMN…. "

She got light headed and almost fainted. The grip of her hands stopped for a minute while she regained her composure. Tangie was moaning as I licked all over and then eagerly gobbled up my cock as I began to concentrate on her clit. She was using my cock to muffle her screams! Screams of ecstasy that were shuddering through her young teenaged ebony body. Her legs were quivering and shaking… she was loosing control. I could taste her beginning to drip and it started actually running out of her, dripping from her clit, from straddling me.

I buried my face firmly in her little twat and began to eat her aggressively! One arm around her and pushing on the back of her ass I held her in place as I reached for her head to push on that. I wanted her to know she needed to take more. I wanted to blow in her mouth and show her how much her man could really cum. I wanted her to decide…. if she wanted to go trough with what was about to happen between her legs.

Tangie soaked my face and her legs gave out. Her knees jutting outward and her thighs shaking uncontrollably. "oh got damn daddy…. mommas fuckin' cumin… got damn you mutha-fucker! " Num num num is all I did. I lapped deep and hard at that swollen little pussy. I wanted her wet to make it as easy as possible when it came time to open her up. I also wanted that chocolate pussy creaming on me. My tasty little ethnic felt so good and tasted like heaven laying there with her womanly parts attached to a little girls hips and ass for me to enjoy. I needed her wet and she was. As wet and slick as she could ever be. A full jar of K-Y or Vaseline couldn't have gotten her any slicker.

Tangie leaped forward even under my grasp, "CUMMINNNNGG.. OH FUCK BABY I CUMMED!" breathing deeply, her chest heaving and her back humped trying to catch her breath! Her pussy dripping onto my chest. I could feel her juices dripping from my chin onto my neck as I let her settle down with my hands stroking the back of her thighs.

Those thighs. Tender young thighs. Thighs that had just discovered what cumming really was like. Her man had just eaten her out big time sending her over the edge of ecstasy and beyond. Before now she had been trying to be sexy for me acting like she was a woman. My little momma. She had kissed me like she knew what it was all about and how it would end. She had been fingered and had her hips shudder from the pleasure of an orgasm happening between her legs. She may have been fingered before by some random boy reaching into her little girl panties playing with her in an unexperienced way making her giggle and drip a little thinking she had cum. She may have even stroked a cock and seen cum shoot shaking and giggling at her accomplishment. But now she knew truly what cumming was. There was no dought that if someone ever told her they were gonna make her cum they better because now she knew what cumming was!

I raised up on my elbows and started sliding out from under her. She was still there bent over on her knees and hands, arms straight breathing heavily. I was sitting with my legs straight out between her legs and under her when I took her by the hips guiding her to sit beside me. She gingerly unmounted me going to her knees and sitting up. My arms reaching around her I laid her back and then stretched out beside her.

"I didn't make you cum baby… shit I'm sorry.. but fuck… you just… got damn baby… that was like…"

"shuussssh… kiss me" I said as I planted a warm slow loving kiss on her. My hand reaching down between her legs she instantly opened but when my fingers touched her clit she jerked… "Oh fuck!"

I rolled over on top and between her legs. "Got damn baby you really gonna shove that fucking cock in me?"

" Oh yea baby… we gonna fuck now!"

" Oh fuck. I don't. I mean… fuck baby… don't… hurt me but.. I mean I wanna but .. please don't…" I had the head between those dripping little 15 year old lips. Her hips were moving saying fuck me but her brain was telling her to back out. I pushed and popped the head in. Her back arched up on the bed high. Her ass, and high on her shoulders, the only think touching the mattress.

"it to big baby it to big fuck don't please!"

I pushed harder and felt myself slide in a couple more inches. Her legs tried to close and I put my face on her neck kissing her and whispering "be a good momma baby.. spread your legs". They opened back up and I pushed but was restricted by her hymen. I was there and knew it. On the verge of busting her wide open and on my way to banging her little cunt so hard she'd cry the whole time making her go home sore and swollen form the punishment my cock was going to lay on her pussy.

"Oh god damn baby please…. slow please don't… IT HURTS…. FUCKKKKK!"

I pulled back and reaching up under her back and grabbing her shoulders RAMMED into her busting through her hymen shattering her virginity and causing a jolt of pain to shoot though her hips into her lungs coming out as a huge gasp of air being sucked into her young lungs and then spilling out as "OH GOD DAMN YOU MUTHA-FUCKER… DADDY PLEASE…. OH GODDDDDD NOOO IT HUURRRRRTTSS. FUCK BABY…. IT HURRTTTTTSSSS!

I looked down between her legs. Just a little over half my cock was in her. maybe five inches and this little slut was full! She was begging to be let free but the deed was done. Her cherry popped and soon would be dripping all over my sheets and seeping through them permanently staining my mattress.

I whispered in her ear.. "Relax baby… relax….. I won't move… That's my little momma…" I pulled out an inch or two giving her less to deal with. Her arms were wrapping around my neck and getting tight.

"Fuck baby that hurt! Why didn't you stop? why? Yo dick to big fo me yo knows that fuck why?"

" shusshh Tangie… it's okay baby.. I told you it would hurt a little but it's"


" I KNOW BABY.. RELAX… I aint' gonna put it no deeper or move till my baby ready for it okay. Kiss me so I know you still love me."

"Within a few minutes after kissing her hard and passionately I felt her legs begin to relax. She was so tense she had made her pussy almost impossibly tight. Her breathing easing so I poked what I had pulled out back up in her.


"Relax sweetie daddy gonna take his time so momma can get use to it."

"You betta!! Momma got a big cock man and right now baby it's just to fuckin' big!"

After a couple more minutes I started to pull out to just the head in. When the edges of the swollen head past the torn spot of her hymen she'd grit her teeth and wince. I tried to make sure I didn't get to the depth I had been. Half my cock was enough for her and I knew it may be the next time… if there would be a next time… before I could get more up in her. I also knew it might be a few times before I would ever get to feel my balls slapping her tender little brown ass… if ever!

"Better baby?" I asked after I had been in her stroking slow and steady. My balls were needing release and all I really wanted to do was rare back and just go to pounding her cunt ramming as much as I could force up in her so that I could blow a big load all over her torn up cunt and womb!

"Yes!… slow slow.. that's enough that's enough!! FUCK…. Baby?"

" What baby?" whispering in her ear….

"It wet under ma ass!" She giggled…. embarrassed or maybe worried.

"Man got you fuckin' wet huh baby… did ya cum on your mans cock?"

I kissed her mouth before she could answer giving her a chance to want to say oh yes I came all over that big fuckin' hard fat cock. Slam it in my young teen pussy and this time hurt me.. hurt me bad I wanna know my man was fucking me in the morning!!

"I dunno… Oh god… my girls gonna be jealous as fuck cause my mans dick bigger then theirs!"

I looked down as I was pulling out to check the wet spot. She hadn't cum on me! A bloody spot was what she was laying in. It was like a print of her ass. Wet and red… half my cock was covered marking the depth of the tunnel I had probed showing how much further the drilling needed to be before the job was done and the well complete.

"Oh fuck I'm bleeding!" her eyes jumping up to mind with fear in them!

"You're okay baby… that just your cherry.. that's normal okay. maybe a little more then normal but it okay… just maybe little more cause….. you small and… it's to big."

"What the fuck we gonna do? Got damn I can't let my momma see she gonna.. oh fuck.. we in troubbbblllllleeeeee!! Shit she gonna fucking find out wit me bleeding like dis!!"

"Shush baby… it'll stop okay… you're not bleeding… it's just where you so tight couldn't come out till I pulled out."


"next time you betta be easy wit me you understand. Fuck baby.. can't be hurting' mommas pussy like dat no more. promise?"

"Okay. I promise!"

You betta… Don't make me take it away from ya hear?"

"Yes mamma!" I kissed her and sat her up. She tried to avoid the spot shaking her head at me like I could have avoided making her put it there. I took her into the bathroom and stepped into the shower after the water had warmed and started to wash her off. "Make sure I'm clean baby. My momma see that blood we fucked!"

Tangie washed my cock too… telling me bout how it looked nasty while her hands slowly lathered it up. She was washing my balls and looking up at me grinning and kissing my chest. Then she leaned over and put the head in her mouth. "Muh man needs to cum" then back on it. Her mouth went farther down her lips reaching parts of my shaft she hadn't been yet. She was standing at my side and the arch of my cock gave her the perfect direction to get deeper into her mouth then before. That or she was trying harder so she'd make me cum and keep me from pushing back up into that sore little pussy between her legs.

I figured the fucking was over as I squirted a long stream of body wash onto her back and ass then began lathering her up. Her mouth still working on my cock trying to make my balls explode a load into her mouth so she didn't have to satisfy her man with her unwilling pussy.

I was reaching between her legs whispering how clean she was gonna be. I slipped my finger up to the first knuckle into her ass. She instantly swatted at my hand, as in don't you dare finger my ass! But she felt okay when I'd touch her pussy. I stood her up and in front of me taking her arms and showing her to hold the rod to support herself.

"The soap will make it slicker and easier!"

"oh no don't yo….."

shusssssh baby….. you gotta trust your man or we never gonna get my little momma use to her cock."

Tangie gripped the rod tight and hung her head as I bent my knees getting up under her with my cock. I worked the head around finding those lips and had it between them. She adjusted her stance when she felt me find her and tip-toed just before the head poked in. She let out a little gasp but then it slid back in. First couple inches we were good. Then couple more. I was half way in back to where I had left off and she hadn't said stop yet. I pulled back and pumped back in. Over and over slow and sure. The head was swelling and the friction from her tight walls making me wanna bust a nut. I was going at a slow constant pace in and out as she started moaning and I took that as a good sign so pressed harder for more depth! I was 6 out of 8 in her and as I'd go in she'd grunt until "fuck baby.. to deep to deep!"

I kept pumping her cunt and didn't let up. Leaning over and kissing her neck whispering I told her I was close to cumming. Just as I felt my balls begin to let go I pulled out and ground it against her ass. Right in the crack I used her cheeks like to round titties fucking them until I shot off!


I did too…. a huge load from all the playing and teasing that had gone on during the eveningt causing it to build for hours and hours! That creamy brown skin of her back was covered with gobs and streams of cum as it spurted with extreme force from my shaft! It was running and dripping back down her back and into the crack of her beautiful little round ass. I spun her around and kissed her hard then "fuckin' busted my nuts with that pussy didn't ya baby…. damn my little mommas gotta sweet pussy between them legs!"

" You know it baby and don't you foget it either.. You know momma make her mans cock feel right!"

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Why does she have to talk like a fuckin retard? I don't care if she is from the south, or that's it's realistic, or none of that uneducated shit. That shit is a major turn off. And the writer was attracted to that piece of trash? Wow, what a sad sack of shit.

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make another one a part 3

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make another one a part 3

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Sorry but self obsessed rich white trash idiot main character ruins everything, I feel nothing but hatred for the main character and almost instantly want to see him disappear, and through that disgust I lost all interest in continuing reading the story. Maybe next time write about someone us readers can empathize with and not wish dead almost instantly.

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