Mrs R get her way while Mr A is treated like a dog
Her early morning alarm went off in the dark quite room before she could hit the snooze she felt her husband’s hand quickly grab her naked butt as he has done so many mornings. Except this time he spread her cute bubble butt and pushed his face between her cheeks. He slowly licked her tight ass gently until he was sure she was awake, then slid his tongue around and began to play with her pussy. By now he could hear moans coming from his wife above the sheets and this encouraged him to bring her to a great morning climax. He nibbled and licked her clit as it began to get swollen he returned his attention to her lovely ass. He licked and tickled it with his figure which caused his wife to grind up against his face. His tired tongue split her asshole and soon she felt him slipping in and out of her ass with his tongue, a practice that he knew made her pussy drip with ecstasy. She reached her hand down and started to rub her hard clit as he filled her ass continually with his mouth; she started slow then built to a fierce pace. He moved and tongue fucked her now soaking wet hole let her use his face to finish herself off. She exploded with an orgasm that shook the bed and left his face wet with her cum.
Oh Mr. A did you forget something a voice says from above the covers , um no Mrs. R as he slid up next to her . Well as you may have forgot last night you comment on how tomorrow was Femdom Friday and I would be in charge all day. She reaches down squeezes Mr. A balls tight and whispers now you didn’t ask to jam your tongue in my ass did you, and you certainly didn’t ask to taste my orgasm. He gasps in shock. Now Mr. A get out of bed get dressed and make breakfast for us you will be punished tonight after work. I have also just decided that it is now FEMDOM weekend so be ready.

After thinking all day of what could Mrs. R possibly have in mind the thoughts began to wonder on his drive home. Mr. A was home later than usually and after saying his hellos went straight to the shower to clean up before bed. He finished up with his shower and went to the bed room where before opening the door he could hear his beautiful wife watching porn. He burst open the door to find Mrs. R in her corset and a small pair of black thon panties so small he could see a wet spot already forming. He quickly scanned the room and noticed various sex toys out around the room. With a huge smile Mr. A made his way to the bed but before jumping Mrs. R bones he was stopped. In a stern voice his sexy wife said. Now you don’t think this is for you do you? Tonight you are going to be treated like the bad dog that you are the kind that would wake me up with a tongue in my ass. Now go into the rumpus room where you can watch through the sliding glass door with these 3 rules. * You can watch but you can’t touch me or yourself * you can’t sleep in the bed tonight no matter how much you beg *this weekend Mrs. R controls your orgasm -

Mr. A crawled off the bed and opened the door to the step down room shutting the door behind him. Mrs R watched some more of her porn flick while she teased her nipple that rested on top her corset. The thought of her husband locked away only to watch made her start to get very wet she grabbed a small vibrater from her night standard began to rub it on her clit. She was starting to get close to coming and her on looking husband could tell. Mrs R was on edge several times before stopping with out release.slowly she got up out of bed and walked over to where her husband could get a nice view of her and bent over to show him how wet she had become.

Mrs R reached up onto the bed and grabbed a monster dildo, it was as thick as a soda can and good and long. She have the head of it a lick and teased what she could fit in her mouth at this point Mrs R was putting on a show for her audience and her husband was about to burst. She took the huge cock and slapped the suction cup to the floor . It stood straight up rigid and the tip shinning with her spit . Mr A had only seen this toy a few times and never seen her be able to handle it all . He watched as his wife leaned over and licked the large balls on the base and ran her mouth from the base to the tip wetting every inch of this monster cock. Mrs R sat up and straddled over it so Mr A could watch as she sunk down and the head of the rubber dick split her dripping cunt open. She gyrated back and forth only taking the head in warming her pussy up for the onslaught of size to come. She rose up off the dildo turned so her juicy ass was facing her husband and slid back onto the tip. Now with each thrust she was going deeper and by her moans she was loving it. She slammed down the final bit and found her ass resting on the balls and her cunt as full as it's ever been. By this time Mr A hand was in his sweatpants jerking his cock hoping she didn't turn around and ruin his show . His pre cum was starting to drop and leave a wet spot in his pants. She sat for a second not moving getting used to the size of the cock filling her then began to grind down on the balls impaling her self on this beast. MrA could see her juices dripping out into the balls and the floor a sight that brought him close to the edge. He watched as she steadied her self then brought a hand down and rubbed her clit . This was his final straw he fiercely stroked his cock and exploded a hot load into his pants MRs R could hear him cumming as he grunted and it sent her off . She rubbed her clit to the point of no return then sat back and pounded down on that massive cock till she came hard on it her ass twitched ass her she cummed she screamed out and fell onto her back as the huge wet cock slipped out of her and fell over. She lay there with her eyes closed painting in a pool of her own sex.
It seemed like minutes till she open her eyes and looked up at the window where her husband stood still watching. She never made eye contact she looked over at the large dildo the at the wet spot from his cum stained pants and mouthed the words "looks like you broke a rule get some sleep dog tomorrow morning Mrs R will see how much her bitch can take".sleep well my bad little dog.

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2013-11-17 01:12:33
Another fantasy story posted in "true" section - just like your first one - get a life and be honest you turd - - if I was looking for this crap I would look to fantasy or fiction why not just be honest ??? DUH!!! I give you a negative again because of misleading the readers again and also because the story is crap

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2013-11-16 13:35:00
This story is hot wonder what the rest of the weekend was like

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This story is hot wonder what the rest of the weekend was like

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