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Amy's giant teddy bear becomes more than a friend
Amy was a 13 year old girl she had brown hair, brown eyes and a flat chest. She wasnt very popular in school and got rejected by every boy who asked her out, she usually spent her weekends alone playing with her dolls. It all started off on a saturday night when she thought she finally got a date with the boy of her dreams and she was so excited, she wore a blue dress and had her hair in a ponytail. When the phone rang she thought it was her date saying he was on his way but instead he cancelled on her for a “hotter girl”. Amy hung up the phone and went to her room and cried, after a few minutes she picked up one of her barbie dolls and started to talk to her.
“Barbie am i ugly?” she asked as the doll just smiled at her.
“Why can’t i be as pretty as you? maybe if i was i would have friends.” she set barbie down and cried some more. She then looked over to her giant teddy bear sitting next to her nightstand and got an idea in her head.

“I don’t need any boy all i need is you… Austin” She picked up the bear and went to the dining room and sat austin down and sat across from him. Amy went into the kitchen grabbed a lighter and lit two candles and placed them in the center of the table. If she couldn’t go on a date with a real boy she would do the next best thing.
“So austin you’re looking beautiful, how do i look?”
“I look sexy, why thank you. you know you’re the first boy to compliment me on my looks.”
“You know austin you are really sweet and your eyes are so soft!” She said while staring into his eyes lovingly.
“Oh, you want me to sit next to you well alright.” She then moved to a chair right next to austin and grabbed his hands and looked into his eyes.
“What’s that austin? you want to kiss, well pucker up!” She leaned in and gave austin a big passionate kiss, she kept kissing him for 4 minutes.
“What do you say we go to my room and have some fun?” She took austin’s blank stare as a yes and took him into her room. She had watched porn before and she was very eager to try it out, and austin was the perfect person to do it with.
“Here we are austin, now you sit down while i undress. Amy slowly took off her dress and shoes and was standing in her underwear, she then took that off too and let her hair down.
“Oh austin, i never thought anyone would tell me i have a great body, you are such a great guy!” Amy laid austin down on her bed and got on top of him and kissed him some more.
“I never realized how great a kisser you are austin!” Amy said as she continued to make out with austin.
“I’m a great kisser too, well don’t you know how to make a girl feel special!” She was getting really turned on and eventually started humping austin’s crotch. Amy moaned with pleasure as she was grinding into austin.
“What’s that austin? you want to lick my pussy, ok if you insist.” Amy put her vagina onto austin’s mouth/nose and began grinding some more, she did this for 6 minutes until she came all over his face.
“Oh what a mess, i guess i’ll have to clean you up huh?” She then licked the cum off of his face and it tasted great, she then sat austin up against her bed frame and grinded her ass into his face. After a while she turned around and started licking his crotch pretending she was licking/swallowing a huge cock.
“Austin, your dick is very big, i don’t know how i can fit it all in my mouth.” She continued giving him a blowjob until about 11 o'clock at night. Her parents came home from their date and asked how her’s was, She told them it was amazing and that it was just what she needed to make herself feel better. As she was getting ready for bed she realized the fun didn’t have to end, she turned over to austin and put him in her bed.

“You’re sleeping with me from now on austin, because you’re my new boyfriend!” She took off her clothes and curled up with austin and gave him a good night kiss before she went to sleep. Amy stroked his fur and told him she loved him, and would never hurt him.
“I love you austin and i hope we can be together forever, well goodnight baby!” During school amy didn’t feel so alone/upset because not only did she have her barbies to play with she had a boyfriend who loved her and would never stand her up. Everyday after school she would come home and play with her barbies, but if no one else was home she would go on a date with austin the only boy who would ever love her.

Amy really loved austin as more than a stuffed animal but as a boyfriend, there was something about him that turned her on! Every night she would have a quick sex session with austin before she went to bed and every morning before school. As the years went on she continued to date austin, but when she got to high school she started to have more friends and went on real dates with real boys. Amy still played with her dolls and still had sex with austin from time to time, because he was her first and he helped her through a difficult time. If people asked her about the dolls and austin she would say they were her friends growing up and she can’t just give them away, not after all they did for her.

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-17 23:09:26
Interesting idea, but it feels rushed. It could have been better if you saw it through her imagination where the teddy bear came to life (think Calvin & Hobbes). Also, how about she buys a strap-on on the internet, puts it on the bear, and then fucks it. There are plenty more good ideas that can be used to flesh out a story and make it better. All you need to do is take the time to do so. Next time before you write a story, write a short outline of what you want to happen in the story, and when you're done, build on it. I mean, this story could have been so much better.

And don't listen to all the people who leave only negative comments. Not everyone is a brilliant writer when they start out. You can't write your first story and expect to instantly be the next J.R.R. Tolkien, or Stephen King, or J.K. Rowling, or whoever your favorite author is. You just have to keep at it.

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-16 17:48:28
I couldn't be fucked to read this, maybe the author was trying a new or unique approach to the more cliche stuff on here. But its shit.

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-16 17:31:46
Couldn't get past the very first line were "she got rejected by every guy who asked her out". That doesn't make sense and as such, makes your story crap regardless of whether it is good or not.

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