I had lots of first times in my life and the first was with Mommy and Daddy.
Hello everyone, These are all true stories and I have taken them from the diaries I kept from the age of 10.
I blossomed early and at the age of 9 and a half my nipples were very sensative. I did not understand yet why but soon found out when I got my first period not long after. My Mom helped me and explained what happens to a woman when they mature or "grow up" as she said. Mom was great looking and I just hoped to be near as beautiful as she was. She had 36DD breasts, 28 waist and 38 hips and was in great shape with long red hair.

Not long after my period I began feeling other things and getting figity and found myself rubbing my little clit, not that I knew what it was but it felt good to rub it and tweaking my nipples that rubbed against my blouses making them hard. I was sleeping one night upstairs and heard Mom downstairs making the most unusual noises. I was in panties and a night shirt and crept out of my room to the top of the stairs and saw her and Daddy totally naked. Mommy was moving around on Daddy's lap and he had his head back and she was saying, "Oh yes, that cock is right where it needs to be Baby. Fuck my pussy, fuck it good before you go on your trip." She went on and on saying things like this and soon let out a loud almost growl and collapsed onto Daddy and he did the same noise. I did not know then that they had both cum. After a little Mommy slipped off his lap and moved down taking something in her hands and then I heard Daddy moan again, "Oh yeah Sweetheart, you give the best blowjobs of anyone." and she kept on and then I moved down to see Mommy with his cock in her hands and her mouth was takin it all in. Daddy was huge for my little eyes but later I found he was huge for anyone's eyes being 10 inches in length and so far around that Mommy could not get her hand around it. It took a while but Daddy moaned and Mommy made slurping sounds and I found later that Daddy had cum in her mouth and she had swallowed his cum. I ran to my room and heard them say, "What was that?" but that was all.

Daddy left on a trip the next day and Mommy and I sat eating lunch after she drove him to the airport. "Were you awake last night Sweetheart?" she asked me. "Well, I heard some noise but I went back to sleep." I said. "You are really growing up, what happened to my little girl?" Mommy asked me. "Well, like you said, I guess I am growing up." I laughed and we laughed and went out to the mall. "I think you need some new clothes," Mommy told me, "You are in need of some bras the way you are growing." she said. I was 10 now and my breasts were getting bigger by the day it seemed and so Mommy found me some bras and the size made her whistle, "My goodness, 34C, you are going to really pass Mommy and leave her behind." she said. A few days later I was home from school early and Jill, Mommy's friend and Mommy looked like they had been caught doing something wrong. Both had red faces and asked why I was home early and I told them last period had gotton let out and I got a ride home with a friend. "Honey, Jill is staying over for a few days while her house is fumigated." Mommy told me. "Okay." I said. "Maybe we can all go out and do some girl things." Jill said and Mommy gave her a hard look. "Oh great." I said and Jill looked at me, "My, we are growing up aren't we?" she said and looked me up and down and saw the curves I had developed and smiled. Jill was athletic and what is called flat chested and she hardly had nipples that stuck out.

We went out to dinner one night and Mommy and Jill had wine and brought a bottle home and I went to bed and they stayed up watching a moving and drinking wine. I laid in bed, wondering at all the new feelings my body was having and trying to know why my nipples were always so sensative and now my pussy would get moist when I thought of Mommy and Daddy that time on the couch in the living room. My hands wandered around my body expolring and then I heard Mommy, "No Jill, no please, Susie is upstairs." I heard her say. I know" Jill said, "She is getting as hot as you are." "Jill, no please, you know I get hot when you do that." Mommy said almost moaning. "Then get hot." Jill said and then I slipped out to the stairs and saw that Jill was undressing Mommy and sucking her nipples. Kissing her deep on the lips and her hands were moving all over Mommy. I moved down the stairs some and could now see that Jill had Mommy naked and was kissing her all over. My hands had found their way to my little clit and moving around it. Jill moved down my Mommy's tummy till she was between her legs making all kinds of slurping noises. Then Jill stood up and took off her clothes and got back on the floor licking Mommy again. Soon Mommy had an orgasm and even though I did not know that is what it was I felt a hot flush go over me as I had my first one from rubbing myself. I let out a little squeal and then caught myself. "What was that?" Mommy said and Jill said, "I will go see." Mommy told her to put something on but she didn't and was at the bottom of the stairs totally naked looking at me smiling. She came up and took my hand and smelled it and said, "Oh, your daught had been watching and playing with her button and her fingures smell so nice." she said as she led me to Mommy who had tried to cover up but could not find anything.

Jill reached down and pulled my short off and my naked body was there in front of her and Mommy took in a deep breath. "She is hot." Jill said and Mommy just watched Jill as she touched my nipples making me squirm and feel hot. "I bet she is really more hot than her Mommy, wanna find out Susie?" she said. "I don't know, but maybe." I said shivering. She pushed me down on the couch and said, "Now Susie, there are things that men and women do that feel really good and when there are no men around a woman and another woman can make each other feel good too." Jill said. "Yes, I saw Mommy and Daddy a while ago making each other feel good." I said. Her hands were all over my breasts and tummy as she spoke. "Well, Mommy and I are going to help you discover how good we can all make each other feel tonight." she said and I smiled. "Oh, that would be wonderful." and Mommy said, "Now Jill, wait a moment." and Jill told her, "Anne, it is time for her just like you had your first time. I want to be both of your first times." Jill said and then, "And you are going to help me and join us." Jill took her half glass of wine and gave it to me and said to sip it some. I did until it was all gone then she got up and brought three glasses back and we all sipped them and now I was naked with my panties on the floor even though I did not remember taking them off. I was between Mommy and Jill and Jill told me, "Now lay back and relax and just enjoy everything Dear." she said and then, "Close your eyes." and I did and she began gently kissing me on the lips and then down my neck till her mouth found my nipple making me gasp for air. "Anne," said Jill, "You do the same on he other side and give Susie a good kiss too. " Mommy did just that and slowly kissed me and then my other nipple was in her mouth and then Jill was moving down kissing my tummy and found my little clit and made me almost die. She moved slow and I do not know how long later but I had my first orgasm and then Jill told Mommy, "She tastes wonderful Anne, now you taste her." and Mommy did like Jill had done and Jill was now licking Mommy while Mommy licked me. We laid there on the floor after I had three orgasms and then Jill said, "Now we teach you how to return favors." and I was guided through how to kiss and suck a woman and how to lick her pussy until and orgasm. Jill talked me though eating Mommy and after her orgasm I did Jill too. "Oh that was wonderful" JIll moaned after I finished and then she got up, "Upstairs everyone." she said and we all went up to Jill's bedroom. There was a huge bed there and she told Mommy and I to lay down and get ready for the next part of our fun.

Jill went to the dresser and brought out several kinds of dildos and brought them to the bed. One was a strap on and she put it on and moved over Mommy, "Now Susie, watch how I drive your Mother crazy" and she began all over again kissing and playing then sank the huge dildo into Mommy make her cry out and Jill began doing like I saw Daddy do and she made Mommy have several orgasms. Jill took off the dildo and put it on Mommy and Mommy got up like she was going to do JIll but Jill said, "No Dear, your daughter needs to have her virginity gone tonight and you are going to take it, then I will." Mommy began protesting and yet Jill had some control over her and got next to us as Mommy laid next to me and Jill put lubricant on the dildo and then Jill licked me again through another orgasm and told Mommy, "She is ready." and then to me, "This will hurt some Hun but after this the sky is the limit and you will love it." and so Mommy was between my legs kissing me and sucking my nipples and Jill guided the head of the dildo to my pussy and then between the lips some and it felt like it hurt some and Mommy started moving in and out some a little at a time. "Oh Mommy," I moaned "It feels good." and Jill said, "See, she is ready." and then she pushed Mommy's hips down so that the dildo plunged into my pussy make me scream out. Mommy froze and stared to move out but Jill told her to stay in me and wait. She did and after a while moved some slowly and in and out and then I heard myself moaning and telling Mommy it felt good. Mommy kept doing it until I began to build up to a orgasm and then as I exploded we all laid there and then Jill took the dildo and said, "My turn." and soon she was in me moving all around and making me have orgasm after orgasm. I do not know how long it was but we all fell asleep, Jill still with the dildo on and me and her and Mommy all tangeled up in each other's arms.

That was the first night, the next ones were even better.


2014-04-24 02:21:09
Hard to believe that is a true story. So very hot.


2014-01-09 04:10:31
Nice story Sue. You could work a little on your spelling and grammar but all in all good work.
Positive rating from me, kept me hard.

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2013-11-19 03:05:30
Hot Start look forward to reading more

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2013-11-18 10:56:43
Started out hot but went dowhill in my opinion....
3 out of 10....

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2013-11-17 19:46:15
Write more I could read more of your story ........

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