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Chapter 15

Erick awoke from his slumber, as he walked past the mirror in his hotel room something caught his attention. He looked at his reflection, blinked twice, rubbed his temple, pinching his cheeks hoping it was a dream. His left eye was now green while the right one stayed dark brown. Using his hands to get a better view he noticed something missing, the band in which Bella came from.

Bella,” he said. No answer.

Bella,” still nothing.

BELLA,” he shouted.

I’m here I was lost in your new improved brain. It’s going to take some time to get used to...” she stopped.

Now, that you’re done exploring. Please explain what’s happening,” relieved at the fact she was still with him.

I don’t know, this is new to me also. I could make it so people do not notice,” she proposed.

“How many people can you affect at once?”

“Depends on how many are on Earth.”

“What about distance is it not a problem?
” Erick asked.

Not really.”

“Hmph, well got a flight to catch

He got ready, waited for the limo to come around after the long drive he was back at the airport, passed all the security checks and left. On the flight he was served by the same cute hostess. She was wearing a light blue blouse, navy pencil skirt and heels.

“Bella, I want to join the mile high club,” Erick said.

Will do,” Bella responded.

Stephanie’s eyes glazed over for a short moment, before long she was biting her lips along with shifting uncomfortably in the cabin.

“Stephanie can you please bring me a bottle of water?” Erick asked.

“Yes Mr. Smith.”

She walked to the small fridge and grabbing a bottle. She brought it to him, upon their hands meeting at the exchange Bella sent a small orgasm through her. Stephanie dropped the bottle on the floor hastily she picked it up handing it to Erick who smiled innocently.

“Why don’t you take seat, next to me so we can talk,” he proposed.

Moving across him, she sat on the plush leather seat crossing her legs.

“How long you’ve been a hostess?”

“I only started a few years ago.” She grabbed a magazine venting her face with it.

“Do you like it so far?” approaching his face closer to hers.

“Yeah… the pay… is um… good…and I get to… see different places… plus I really… like serving people… in general,” her breathing growing more erratic by the second.

“Really, serving people,” he drew circles with his finger on her slim thigh.

She swallowed; Erick moved his hands unbuttoning her blouse. She stood up moved over to straddle him. He unclasped her bra, seeing her orange sized cone shaped breasts, with her big areolas and nipples. Wasting no time, she lifted her skirt, and pushed her panties aside. Erick unbuckled his pants pulling out his penis. Gently she descended her pussy on his shaft.

With her head lowered on his shoulder, he felt her vagina adjusting to his size. He lowered his hands easily palming her teeny ass. She placed her hands around his neck, and began moving her hips up and down. Erick nibbled her earlobe, trying to focus on anything except her warm pussy. Stephanie bounced on top of him, moaning erotically each time her wet cunt reached the hilt of his dick. They both knew they were reaching the point of no return. Luckily, for him Stephanie erupted first, thrashing uncontrollably as the orgasm took over her. As she declined from her euphoria, Erick arrived at his, filling her with his spunk, sending her to another orgasm.

He sat there with her on top of him, sperm dribbling out of her vagina onto his balls. He sensed her chest rise and fall, her nipples poking through his shirt. She stood up, glob of white jizz streaming down her leg. Carefully she removed her skirt, her panties where sticky with an assortment of bodily fluids. Erick saw her standing there got horny all over again, and parted way himself with the rest of his clothing. He got up and kissed her, loving the way her soft lips danced with his. Their tongues played around like two exited puppies. His hand glided down her back, caressing her butt crack. He inserted his finger in rubbing her butthole.

“Eww,” she exclaimed, pushing him away.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Touching my butthole it’s disgusting. It’s almost as bad as a blow job,” crunching her eyebrows together.

Her eyes glazed over, Erick looked at her smiling. “You don’t like anal you say.”

“No, I love it almost as much as blowjob.”

“Great, now let’s get started,” reaching to the overhead compartment retrieving the lube.

She pressed a button making the leather seat reclined; she got on it and waited her ass pointed up. He lubed his finger sticking it up her dark hole. Her nether hole now a whole lot more sensitive than the norm caused her to twitch as he grease her up. As he put the head of his dick on her bud ready to penetrate, he felt almost sorry for abusing Bella’s power in this manner… almost.

He penetrated her ass slowly. Once he bottomed out, he stayed in there watching her arching back. He pulled out his dick, her thigh sphincter threatening to rip it out of him. He reentered her going all the way down making her cum. Stephanie shook as an orgasm hummed through her body. Waiting till she was done he continued gently stroking her ass. Balls deep in her he decided to kick it up a notch by lifting her upper body up. He cupped her breast with one hand the other wrapped around her stomach. He then proceeded to fuck her butt hard. Her gentle moans turned to screams, which normally would have alerted the pilot/co-pilot had Bella not intervened. He pounded her deep, his hand groping her breast, as the other one held her in place.

“I’m going to cum,” Erick said.

Automatically Stephanie jumped out of his arm, kneeling in front of his throbbing cock. She greedily slid it in her mouth and started sucking him. Not long afterwards Erick released his thick wad down her throat, she came again as she swallowed his hot, salty sperm. After this session, Erick fucked her two more times before calling it quits. When he was done she had jizz leaking from every hole.

Can you make her forget this encounter,” he asked.

“I can do even better,
” Bella replied.

Bella made Stephanie clean herself and the whole cabin before she lost all memories of everything. As far as she knew this was a routine flight, where like before the passenger wanted to be left alone. She could help wondering why her pussy and asshole hurt so badly, and as to why she was going commando all of a sudden.

Erick grinned to himself as he saw her walking awkwardly up and down the aisle. As they all left the plane he thanked her for her service and watched her walk away with a small wet patch on her backside.

While waiting for Ms. Sanchez he made a phone call.

“Hello Erick nice of you to call.”

“Yeah, yeah Jim let’s get straight to business.”

“You finally want to meet the present?” he questioned.

“Yes,” he answered.

“No problem. You owe me one,” Jim hung up and a few minutes later Erick received a text with an address on it.

“Orlando huh,” he looked up and spotted Ms. Sanchez pulling up next to him in her White Range Rover.

“How was the trip sir,” Ms. Sanchez asked as he loaded his luggage in the trunk.

“Fantastic,” he went in the passenger seat.

“All of your uncle’s assets have been transferred to you. Except for one, which is taking a little longer than expected, but it will be yours within a month or two.”

“I was thinking with all this money, maybe I should buy a car or something. Instead of driving that beat up Nissan around,” he said.

“No problem sir. Did you have anything in mind?” she inquired.

Erick told her, “A BMW.”

In the GPS she searched for the closest dealer and headed to it. They arrived at the BMW dealer, a short middle aged, potbellied, bald white male came to greet them.

“Hello folks, my name’s Jack, how may I be of service today?” he greeted

“My client would like to buy a car,” Ms. Sanchez stated.

“Okay, what kind?”

“A BMW M3,” Erick answered.

“Right this way please,” they followed him to the right department.

Erick made his mind up on the convertible. They went inside where he chose all the details such as, the interior color, rim size, trim and other things. Once, done Jack told them the price to which Ms. Sanchez pulled out a checkbook and wrote it off.

“Okay the car will be ready in one week,” Jack announced.

“I was hoping to have it by tomorrow. Oh well guess I’ll just have to do with the Nissan,” he said, taking a sip of water.

“Sonny unless you have a method for them to ship the materials here, force the workers to work overtime, there is no way it’s gonna be ready anytime soon,” Jack explained.

“Excuse me Mr. Smith give me a minute I have to step out for a minute.” Erick nodded enjoying the sight of her swaying butt as she walked out.

She walked back in, “My client wants the car in twenty four hours. Make it happen Jack.”

“Lady I just told you it’s impossible,” he said.

“If you want to have a job by this time tomorrow, the car had better be ready,” she threatened.

For some reason Erick though this scene seemed vaguely familiar.

“I don’t know who you think you are,” Jack’s phone rung cutting short his remarks. “Hello,” he answered, his face turned stone white. “The car will be ready in twenty four hours,” he said after hanging up the phone.

“Um, what just happened?” Erick asked.

“I just bought the majority share of BMW. So you’re now the owner,” Ms. Sanchez announced.

Erick chocked on the water he was drinking as Jack was hectically running around the room making things happen.

“I expect you will have the car deliver to Mr. Smith’s when it is done right. With all the legal work taken care of,” Ms. Sanchez said.

“Will do,” Jack responded hurriedly.

“Time for us to leave Mr. Smith.”

They headed out of the dealer, with Erick amazed at how Ms. Sanchez handled everything in there.

“I was thinking,” Erick said when they arrived at his house. “If you would like to also be my assistant since you seem to know your way around things. Which would prove helpful in the future. This position will also include a pay raise.”

Ms. Sanchez smiled with her luscious lips saying, “I accept.”

“Give me the checkbook.” She did as he asked and handed it to him. He scribbled in a number handing it to her. “Think of this as a bonus. Have some fun tonight with your girlfriend, boyfriend, one night stand don’t matter.”

“Wow, thank you sir. However, I’m new in town and I do not know no one to spend it with.”

“How about we go out tonight say around eight,” Erick suggested.

“Sure, I’ll com pick you up then sir,” she said happily.

Erick exited the car taking his luggage from the trunk and went inside. As he walked in the driveway the garage door was open in there was a car covered sitting there as always. Entering the house, he said hi to his parents and told them his plans to move out soon. Which they took relatively well, after hearing the explanation he gave them, the discussion done he went to the garage and rummage through it, till he found Alex’s old sketch book.

Why do you need this for?” Bella asked.

It’s a surprise,” he answered, putting it his room.

Eight o’clock came and Erick was waiting outside wearing black pants, black shirt and a yellow tie. Ms. Sanchez arrived on time he got in and she drove them to a restaurant near Ft. Lauderdale by the sea. The valet picked up the car up front handing her a ticket. As Erick walked in, he took a good look at Ms. Sanchez. She had a on a beige gown with a cold-shoulder strap, with matching heels. Her wavy hair was down on her back, bouncing with each step she took.

She hooked her elbow onto his, “this is my first date in a long while, especially with someone as cute as you.” He shrugged walking inside.

The restaurant was a hibachi grill with the front having a bar and spiral ramp leading to the hibachi area. Ms. Sanchez flashed a gold card on the front desk and immediately they were seated. They sat near a window, which overlooked the ocean.

“Ms. Sanchez, what was that card?” Erick asked.

“The gold card they call it. Me I prefer ‘the get things done card.’ Show it at anyplace it gets anything you want, quick and efficient. Also doubles as a credit card” pointing at the card. “And please since we’re out tonight call me Natalia and I’ll call you Erick.”

“Seems fair enough,” Erick nodded.

The chef arrived and put up a culinary show for them. As they ate, Erick learned more about Natalia. She was born of a Puerto Rican mother and a Mexican father, a middle to upper-middle class family. She lived in Arizona where she studied at the University of Arizona for eight, graduating in the top five percent of her class. That is where she met Columbus and has been working for him ever since. After his death, she moved to South Florida to handle the legal case as per his request.

“This was a great night, thank you Erick,” pulling up to his house.

“No problem I loved the talk we had. Also, I need you to take care of something for me. I’ll text you the information later just have Jack drop them off when he comes.” he exited her car and watched her leave.

Chapter 16

“Are you going to tell me about the present already?” Bella asked, as he prepared his bag with clothes.

You waited three months and two weeks to hear about my past. Yet you have trouble waiting for three measly hours,” Erick remarked.

“Technically you didn’t tell me anything, I learned it myself.”

“Anyway, Jack is supposed to come right about now so wait some more.”

Ding, dong.

He rushed to the doorbell and saw Jack standing there with the M3 parked on the curb.

“I appreciated it Jack. How about you send me the names of everyone who helped you, so I can give you all bonus. Also, you can take a day off today and tomorrow if any problem arise send it to Ms. Sanchez alright,” Erick said.

Jack looked happy hearing what he told him and before he forgot handed him a small envelop.

“Ah thanks, I might need this. Here,” Erick said. “These are the keys for the Nissan here, I don’t need it anymore so get rid of it please. If you sell it any money you make feel free to keep it.” With that, he ran to his Beamer.

The outside was a bright red except for the hood, which was chrome black. He opened the door and saw the red leather seats with the wooded trims exactly as he ordered. He waved bye to Jack as he passed him by with his old car. He rushed inside said bye to his parents grabbed his bag threw it in the trunk. He got in the car, sat in leather seats letting it caress his skin. He pressed the start button and heard the engine roar to life, his hands shook as he held the wheel.

Did you just have a mini-orgasm?” Bella mocked.

Yup, and proud of it, at least I didn’t cream my pants,” he replied.

He put the car on first and drove with stopping only to do gas. By five he arrived at the designated address. He was in front of an old apartment building, shutting the engine he got out with his bag. He walked to door 101 took a deep breath and knocked.

“Hello,” a woman answered.

“Hey Ms. Imano, how’s it going,” Erick responded

Ms. Imano gasped, “How did you find us. Why are you here?”

“Jim gave me your address. We both know I’m here to see Jim present or my niece.”

Her eyes opened wide, then Erick heard a loud voice yell, “Janice, where the hell is this month’s rent,” an old middle eastern male yelled.

“I’m sorry Mr. Amir. I’ll get it to you the 19th Friday,” Ms. Imano answered.

“No you give it to me now or I’m throwing both you and your daughter out,” Mr. Amir screamed.

Erick opened his backpack, took out his checkbook scribbling some numbers he handed it to him. “Is ten thousand dollars enough for you to give us peace Mr. Amir.” He took the check and nodded almost running away.

“Mommy I’m hungry,” a voice said behind Ms. Imano garb.

Erick looked down to see a young red boned girl about 5 years old. She was walking barefoot, wearing a faded pink Cinderella shirt with blue shorts. She had high cheekbones, shinning black eyes and big lips.

She looked up at Erick who grinned at her and screamed, “Daddy.” She ran and jumped, latching onto his legs.

Erick blinked, “I am not your dad sweetie.”

“No you are, mommy showed me your pictures every day before I go to sleep. Did you come back for us, I knew it mommy always told me you’d died but I prayed every night and here you are.”

He looked at Ms. Imano and saw her watering eyes. “Is it okay if I come inside?” he asked her.

She nodded, stepping aside to let him in. He walked in, noticing the simplicity of the apartment. The living/dining/kitchen area had a beat up couch, a tiny plastic round table with two crooked chairs and the cabinets for the kitchen looked as if there’d been there since the dawn of civilization. He rummaged through his bag pulling out a picture, he showed it to his niece.

“This is your father and I during our sixteenth birthday. Um… what’s your name?”

“Evelyn,” she answered looking at the picture. “Wow there’s two of them. You see this mom,” running to Ms. Imano.

“Yes dear, how about you go to the room for a moment. Let us grown up talk okay,” Evelyn ran to her room looking at the picture.

Ms. Imano sat down she aged greatly the last five years. She was skinnier, her eyes had dark circles under them. Stress was eating her alive, she looked like she’d given up hope a long time ago.

“Why are you here?” she asked.

“To see my niece and to apologize,” he answered. “You don’t deserve this life. If wasn’t for me you’d be in Beverly hills living high. You would have a husband and Evelyn the father she craves so much. All in all, I’m here for penance against my wrongdoing.”

“I’d never thought I’d live to see the day to see you apologize,” she chuckled, taking a step forward she hugged him. “How long have you known of our relationship?” wiping tears off her eyes.

“Summer of ’07. Alex was hanging at ‘Jim’s’ place a lot. One day after he cleaned the room he misplaced my calculator. I went to Jim’s door only to find Jim by himself editing his black book. Seeing his sketchbook, it hit me Jim was an acronym, which stood for Janice Imano. I noticed the look you guys shared during in the presence of others. Thank heavens you didn’t gain too much weight when you were pregnant. Where you in your last trimester?

She nodded, “Her birthday is the 6th of August.”

“What happened to you, after I left?”

“I quit the Academy, there’s no way to hide that I was engaged with a student there. Moved here found a job as a waitress at the nearby Denny’s. I lost contacts with everyone except Jim who visits us from time to time.” She said.

“Before I forget I got something for you. This is how I learned about your pregnancy” he handed her Alex’s sketchbook.

On the last page there was a picture of Ms. Imano naked covering herself only with her arms. Her belly bulged inside it was a star, shining brightly. She took it and tears leaked out of her eyes more and she hugged him again.

“Mommy I’m hungry,” Evelyn ran out the room crying.

“Okay Eve wait a moment,” furiously wiping the tears out of her eyes.

“Ms. Imano you and Eve take a seat and wait I’ll cook,” Erick proposed.

“You can call me Janice. I’m no longer your teacher, and thank you,” she said.

He headed to the kitchen searching the cabinets finding a box of spaghetti, some olive oil, salt, pepper. Opening the fridge he found pasta sauce. Thirty minutes later they were seated around the table eating.

“My daddy is really dead,” Eve finally said. Erick nodded. “Does that make you my daddy uncle?”

“Huh?” he said as Janice giggled.

“Well you look like my daddy, but you’re my uncle. So you’re my daddy uncle.” Janice at this point was laughing out loud.

“You really are your father’s child,” Erick sighed. “I’m going to be in town for two nights how about we hand out together,” he stated.

“Can’t I work part time at the museum for the rest of the week,” Janice said ending her fit of laughter.

“Really and here I had three tickets to Magic Kingdom, guess I will just have to throw them away,” Erick said.

“Ahhh,” Eve screamed. “Mommy, can we go please. I promise I’ll be a good girl. Please can we go? Please mommy.”

Erick grinned, “C’mon Janice everything paid for even the resort we’ll be staying at.”

“I have to work to put food on the table,” she pointed.

“Eh, the check I gave Mr. Amir should cover you for a while. Have some fun,” Erick said.

Janice looked and saw Eve giving those adorable cute puppy dog eyes that reminded her of Alex. “Fine,” she caved in.

“Do you need any help packing?” Erick questioned following her to the room.

“No, just wait for us we’ll be done in a bit,” she replied, closing the door behind her.

A few minutes later, the girls were ready. Erick placed the child seat in the back for Eve. They all piled in and headed towards Disney World. It was nice warm summer night, Erick was driving with the top down, feeling the breeze. Eve, in the back, was singing every know Disney songs as her Jew fro was being buffeted by the wind. Janice in the passenger side was feeling something long forgotten, the feeling of being carefree. The increase of mickey’s head indicated they were getting closer and closer to their destination. When they passed the sign leading them to Magic Kingdom, Eve was yelling excitedly in the back.

At last they reached the Magic Kingdom entrance the drive took them less than thirty minutes. Erick continued until he stopped at the contemporary resort. The resort was a big A shaped building with the monorail going straight through it. They exited the vehicle removed their bags leaving the rest to the valet. Eve bounced around as soon as she got out. The lobby had a sleek modern look from the leather sofas to the granite counters.

“Good afternoon sir would you like to check in?” a black clerk with a thick Caribbean accent asked.

“Yes Paul,” reading the nametag. “I should be under Erick Smith.”

Paul checked the information, “Ah here it is. I will need your credit card sir.”

Erick handed him his gold card. Paul’s eyes widened, he swiped the card and returned it to him along with the room keys.

“Your room number is 3018, which is located…” Paul said.

“It’s okay I’ll find it,” Erick responded as Bella retrieved the required information.

The trio thanked Paul for his service when they left. Even was skipping ahead oohing and aahing at everything she saw. Once they stopped pacing, trying to keep up with Eve, they arrived in front of their room. Erick inserted the card key in the lock, he waited until the light flashed green before turning the knob.

The door opened up displaying a breathtaking sight. The room opened up with a complete living room. The living room had a sofa, four armchairs surrounding it and a TV, in the middle of two floor lamps, facing the sofa. In the middle of all this was small round circular coffee table with a bowl full of marble on top of it. Directly behind the sofa was a glass table with two lamps at each end and a pot of fake flowers. The dining area consisted of an oval dining table sitting six people. Next to that was a small bar containing two highs chairs, some glass cups near an ice bucket. Behind the bar, a black Kenmore fridge took up most of the space, a tiny sink and a coffee maker stood on the counter. Opposite to the door, the glass windows revealed a patio. The patio had an outdoor glass table with four chairs surrounding it.

“Your room should be on the left.” He pointed to a door near the dining table.

Eve ran to the designated place, opened the door and screamed. The two followed to see the bedroom. The room had two queen beds parallel to each other separated by a nightstand. In front of each bed was an ottoman. Facing the beds was a dresser with a TV on top, adjacent to it was a small round table with two chairs.

“Mommy look we have two beds. I can finally have my own bed. Look their bigger than the one we have at home.” She exclaimed kicking her shoes off to get on one of the beds.

Erick left them as Eve was jumping on the bed. He went to his room, which he found to be similar to the other one except his had a king sized bed. His bedroom along with the rest of the hotel room was colorful to say the least.

He threw his bag on the bed, opening the curtains he saw the little balcony with two chairs facing the Seven Seas Lagoon. Crossing the room, he peeked in the bathroom. He let loose a long whistle. Everything about the bathroom resonated with the rest of the room. It was modern, decent size with a dark green and black décor all around.

“Erick,” he heard Janice say. He stepped out and noticed her standing in front of the door.

“Is there any place I can get food for Eve? She’s hungry?” she asked.

“Already, we ate less than an hour ago,” he replied.

“Normally that would be okay. Except this time someone mentioned going to Disney at the start of dinner,” she countered her hand on her hip.

Erick knew he had caused this nodded at her. “Some restaurants should still be open, it’s still 7:00.”

They headed out to the elevator descending to the fourth floor. The door opened up a loud cacophony of sounds. They walked closer to the noise, as a monorail passed above them. The source of the noise was a restaurant called Chef Mickey’s. The place had a fairly simple layout. It was a buffet style place with chairs and tables all over. They stood in line waiting for their turn at the concierge.

“Welcome to Chef Mickey’s. How many are you?” A short brunette, with a cute round face standing behind the concierge asked them.

“Three,” Eve yelled.

“Smart young girl we have here,” the clerk smiled, showing her pearly white teeth. “What name should I make the reservation under?” addressing Erick.

“Erick Smith.”

She typed the name on her computer and pressed enter. She read the description and instantly called the manager. A few minutes later a tall lanky man with slick black hair approached them.

“Mr. Smith, my name is Gustav. May I see the card.”

Erick did as ordered showing him the gold card. Gustav reached for it with his long fingers.

He swiped it, “Who’s pager is about to Buzz next Jamie,” talking to the clerk.

“Joshua Jones sir,” she told him. She glanced at Erick who grinned at her innocently causing her to blush.

“Show these three their table. I’ll handle Mr. Jones,” handing Erick back the card.

Jamie ushered them to a table as she talked to them Erick noticed some her more hidden features. For example, her canines were slightly longer than average, beneath the posh attire she wore she was quite busty. She showed them their table and left going back to the concierge.

The food was good, but the best part was when Mickey came around the table. Eve, in the most appropriate way to describe it, lost her shit. She screamed of pure joy, Mickey posed to take a picture, then it occurred to everyone on the table, none of them had brought a camera with them. Erick got up excused himself, he headed straight for the concierge.

“Hey Jamie, is there a shop that sells cameras near here?” he inquired. She told him the directions; he thanked her and headed there.

Soon he was back with an overpriced Buzz Lightyear camera; however, by then Mickey had already left. All was not lost because not a moment later Donald Duck appeared. This time Erick was poised, ready to take all the pictures in the world, before the battery ran out. Everything was great until Eve spilled some ketchup on her dress.

“Mommy,” Eve said pointing at the stain on her bright yellow shirt.

“Really Eve, didn’t I tell you to be careful,” Janice reprimanded her clenching her teeth.

She tried to wipe it off to no avail. “What am I going to do,” she cried.

“It’s not that big of a deal. Just wash it when you get back home,” Erick said.

She shook her head, “this is the only outfit she has to go out.”

Erick realized how dire her financial situation was. “I’ll take care of it,” he told her.

He waived at a nearby waiter to give them the check and exited the restaurant, not before receiving a smile from Jamie. He went back to the shop he bought the camera, and let them pick out their clothes.

“Do you like it?” Eve asked Erick back in the room, modeling the princess pajamas he got her.

“It look nice on you,” complimenting her.

“Now what do you say Eve when someone buy you something you like,” Janice said.

“Thank you daddy.”

Erick looked at Eve “Didn’t we already talk about this, you decided upon daddyuncle.”

“But daddyuncle is too long, it’s easier to say daddy,” was her reply.

He exhaled, knowing she was her father’s child, thus she may be incorrigible at times. As it was late they said goodnight and went to their respective rooms.

So should I expect any more secrets from your?” Bella asked.

None I am aware of at the moment,” he replied.

Anyway, you’re doing a good thing for these two. I scanned Janice’s mind earlier.”

“How is she holding up mentally.”

“She’s resilient, alright. However their financial situation is extremely dire
.” Erick was thinking about what Bella told him before sleep overcame him.

“Daddy, wake up. It’s time to get up.” Eve screamed shaking him on the bed.

He turned to face her. She switched to a white shirt with mickeys face on it, bright yellow short her dark curly Jew fro bouncing along with her.

“I’m up, I’m up,” he groaned, rubbing his eyes. 6:00 o’clock read the time on his phone.

“Evelyn, didn’t I tell you not to wake up your uncle,” Janice yelled in a hushed tone.

“It’s no problem, turns out she’s an hour ahead of my alarm,” he said. “If you’re hungry feel free to use room service. I doubt anything’s open this early.” Janice nodded, grabbing Eve by the arm and leading her out of the room.

Great niece you have there,” Bella remarked.

“Shut up, I don’t need your sarcasm right now,” groggily walking to the bathroom.

It was 7:55, a huge group of people stood in line waiting for the first monorail to arrive. An Iron Man decorated monorail came, its doors opened and the trio entered. As the monorail did its course Eve sat on her mom’s lap with her face glued to the window. The ride stopped, they exited the monorail, walking towards the kiosk to check in. Eve gasped when she entered the park. In front of them was the iconic “Let the Memories Begin!” sign, surrounded by people taking pictures using it as a background.

“Shall we go?” Erick asked, watching mother and daughter looking around in awe.

The day was everything and then more, taking pictures, locating hidden mickeys, overdosing on sweets, and walking under the baking sun. Going to “It’s a small world after all” an incalculable amount of time to end it all sitting on Main Street watching fireworks go off before the park closed for the day.

“Why can’t you stay with us more daddy,” Eve pleaded.

“I’ve got some things to clear up at home. Besides I’ll come visit as often as I can.” He responded. “Think about it this way there’s an empty bed you can jump on.” Hearing this she wasted no time darting to his room.

“It’s been good seeing you again Erick,” Janice said.

“Visiting family is always a good thing. Oh, I have something for you.”

He pulled out his checkbook and wrote a check for ten thousand dollars in her name.

“No, no, no, I can’t accept this. You’ve already done enough. I can handle myself quite well,” shaking her head.

“Okay, not enough one more zero then,” writing it on the check.

Janice placed her hands on her face, tears streamed down her eyes.

“I knew it too little,” he added two more zeros.

Signing it he handed it to her. At this point, she was sobbing, she hugged him. He felt her cry out her frustrations of the past few years.

“Thank you, thank you,” she repeated like a mantra.

“No problem, moreover I got this money because of a rich uncle. Now it’s my turn to be Eve’s rich uncle.”

“Why are you crying mommy?” Eve asked walking back into the room.

“Everything will good now sweetie,” Janice said hugging her daughter.

“Time to go now,” Erick packed up his things. “This room is due in two more days. Anything you two want just charge it on the room. Spoil yourselves, Eve this is the last I’ll say this but only for these two days you can get anything you want even if your mom says no. I’ll send room service to clean my room it any of you two want to use it. Bye, have a great week end.”

“Daddy when are you going to visit us again?” Eve questioned.

“Can’t tell you at the moment, but I’ll come visit you two ASAP okay.” Kissing both of them goodbye he left.

At the concierge he told them what he needed to be done the room and handed them Eve’s child seat to deliver to the room.

“Hello, Mr. Smith was it.”

Turning to the voice he saw Jamie standing behind him.

“Yes, it is. Do you need anything?”

“Can you please give me a ride home?”

“If you wanted to fuck me you could’ve thought of something better to say.” He whispered walking out the door.

“I’m too horny to think of something good… whoa is this yours,” pointing at his car.

He nodded, she got in with him and he sped to her place. Before long they arrive at her apartment. Click the door closed, instantly Jamie attacked him, removing his pants placing his dick in her mouth. Erick leaned his back on the door as the short busty brunette sucked his cock.
When he was sufficiently hard enough for her liking, she stopped leading him to her room there she undressed. Her huge breasts hung with pierced one inch long brown nipples, protruding in the air. She laid down on her back spreading her leg open to her landing strip shaved glistening wet pussy.

“Put your big prick right here,” spreading her red puffy lips apart.

Erick climbed on top of her, penetrating her wet folds. “Mmmhmmm,” she moaned.

He thrust in her pussy, feeling it clench around him. His hands digging in her jugs, he watched her face flush in excitement.

“Yes, like this. Play with my melons.”

She wrapped her legs around his waist. He picked up the pace. His hands were now holding his chest upwards. Leaning forward he kissed her. She kissed him back, her finger playing with her tits.

“I’m gonna cum,” she yelled.

The orgasm started slowly, then came crashing down on. Her body contorted, she pulled her nipples as she screamed. The orgasm passed and she stopped breathing slowly. Erick still hard, started stroking her vagina again. Jamie, with Bella’s help, was aroused and ready for more. They switched sides with Erick on the bottom and Jamie on top.

“Oohhh, you fill me up so much.”

Her back arched protruding her tits forwards. Her hand on his chiseled chest for support she rode him to town. Erick grabbed her lean ass, inserting a finger in her butthole. She lowered herself allowing him to bury his face in her cleavage. He powered harder in her vagina, feeling the familiar bubbling rising in his balls. Adjusting himself to get a better angle he came in her pussy, sending another wave of orgasm through her.

“Anytime you come in the area give me a call,” Jamie handed him a note before he left.

Next time, warn me before picking up a random. Was this some kind of revenge because I didn’t tell you about Eve,” he told Bella.

“I have no idea about what you’re talking about. So what’s next?” she asked.

“Well apartment hunting a nice place by the beach.”

“Mhmm, I think you’re wrong on this one

Before he could respond, a young beauty with a round face and porcelain white skin came out her door.

“Could you help me with my… light bulb?” she looked confused at her sudden action.

“Sure… why not,” Erick exhaled. Her look changed from confusion to pure lust as she licked her lips.

Have fun,” Bella chimed in.
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