Hello Friends, thanks for your response in part 1. It was a only 1 part story butt for your response I am going to write 2nd part of this story. I will try my best. Hope you all are enjoy on this 2nd part.
Hello Friends, thanks for your response in part 1. It was a only 1 part story butt for your response I am going to write 2nd part of this story. I will try my best. Hope you all are enjoy on this 2nd part.

After date with my mom we both living nude in our home and fucks at all different place in the house. Sometimes in a bathroom, up stairs, on the terrace in dark night, at backyard, in kitchen, in a car etc. We'd enjoyed for week a in house alone and no contacts with any persons. She never enjoyed a sex before in her life and she was 100% satisfied with me. She loves me like a lover.

Next Morning,

Me: mom, we should have take rest from our sex life for few days for more enjoys, shouldn't we?

Mom: hmm... yeah, you are right. We should have take rest for few days from our sex life so we can enjoy more when we will attach with one another again. But you must promise me....

Me: Promise for what?

Mom: When We starts again that time you must give me something different for my satisfaction.

Me: OK Mom I promise.

And I gave her hug and kiss on her lips.

It was a challenge for me to satisfy her needs. I was thinking about her that how could I satisfy her needs. For that I went to a sex toy shop for buying a dildos.There were different varieties of it. There I found a wireless vibrator which works moving in round circular way when it goose inside pussy or asshole and you can sets vibration level from 1 to 5 level and then I went to a cash counter. But there I found something another thing. It was a fucking machine and bought it too. And then I bought a new sexy dress for her.

After 15 days we were ready for our date. I present her a new dress to wear it.

Let me tell how she was looks like in that dress. When She came out from room she was looking as hot as erotic. it was a black sleeveless dress with looking deep cleavage and fully back less until it shows her upper ass chicks and its shows her left leg from her toe to her thick thighs. And also it shows her sexy belly.

She was looking stunning in this dress and she liked this dress too.

She smiles at me and me too. I went to closer her and sits down to her knees. I pulled her panties and make wet my finger with my saliva and inserts in her pussy. She moan slowly and then I put that wireless vibrator in her pussy and before I got up I sets vibrator at level 2.

Mom: Hey, what did you this?

Me: oh come on mom just wait and watch. I will gonna best date of your life.

I took her in restaurant for a dinner and vibrator was still in her panty. Meanwhile when I was driving I put starts button and looks at her. She closed her eyes and moaning slowly. hmmm.......ssshhhhhh...........uuuuhhhhhhh...... That vibrator was moving in a circular way in her pussy and making wet her pussy. After 1 minute I stopped it.

Mom: What the hell you are doing?

Me: Mom just calm down I will give you your life's best enjoyment.

We reached at restaurant. When we were at door entry a door man was got stun on looks of my hot mom. I was behind her and her ass was shaking in her high heels and her boobs were also. Everyone's eyes were on her body structure. We sets on our booking table.

Mom: Look, everyone is eyed on me. I feel uncomfortable.

Me: Mom, You must have enjoy this because this is what you wants something different.

Meanwhile a manager came to us for dinner order.

Manager: Yes Sir, May I have your order please.

Me: Oh yes, you may ask order from a beautiful lady. Hope you don't mind.

Manager: Sure Sir. Yes Mam, order please.

That was a time for me when she was giving an order to him. I starts a vibrator again and she closed her eyes again and she breaths hardly. And stopped again and she opens her eyes and looks at me in anger. I just smiles. She was ordering red wine, maxican sizzlers and thigh foods meanwhile I starts again.

When she was talking to manager her emotions were erotic.

hhhmmm..... Maxi.....can.................Sizz..........ler.......... a......nd...........

After order,

Mom: Are you mad? What happen if he knows about this?

Me: Relax Mom. No one will know about it. I swear.

Mom: You're crazy as hell.

I smiled just. After half an hour a waiter came with our ordered dishes and came to us for serving. When waiter was serving I starts vibrator again and my eyes on her reactions. She couldn't closed her eyes and was breathing hard again. While she was breathing hard a waiters eyes were on her chest. he doesn't get knows that what is going to happen. When I looks at my mom I knew that she is now out of control of vibrator pleasure I stopped the vibrator and release her. When a waiter gone after serving mom says me: Come to home and I will kill you mother fucker son.

We starts our dinner and when she was going to drinks a glass of wine I starts vibrator again. On the jerks of vibrator she fall her wine glass on her chest and whole chest gone wet.

Mom: oh Jesus.

A waiter seen her and came to her and said: Are you okay Mam.

Mom: yeah, I am okay.

Waiter: Come with me and let me take you to the rest room.

Mom: Thank you.

She went to a rest room and cleaned herself there. She came out of rest room but she went again inside. But I don't know why she came back.

After 2 minutes she was now on the dinner table and pointed her purse to me. I knew that she puts that vibrator in to the purse.

After Dinner we were on the way of our home. In car, she bent to me and unzip my jeans and pull out my long thick dick and starts sucking it like a mad (But Doesn't knew that I took a Viagra). A distance from restaurant to home took half an hour. She sucked me for half an hour.

Now we reached at home and I parked the car in garage. I came out of car and my mom was standing at car door. I went there and gave her a kiss and puts my right hand behind her head. We were kissing passionately and gives her french kiss too. She was enjoying it.

Then I came to her neck line and moving my tongue there and sucking it and she was moaning like she is in heaven. then I took out her big boobs press them slowly and put my tongue on her nipple. She was enjoying hardly and moaning erotically.

Then I removes her panty and sets her towards car door and puts my both hands on her ass chicks and makes them wide. I bent over her ass and put my tongue on her asshole. I heard a sound from my mom. Shhhhh..................aaaoooouuuuhhhhhhhhhh........... I put my finger in her pussy and she was wet. I starts finger fucks her pussy, put my thumb on her G spot and sucking her asshole and sometimes also gives tongue fuck her asshole. She was really enjoying this.

Oh baby.....fingering your mom's pussy.......aaaooouuuuhhhhh......yeaaahhhhhhh.............aaaahhhhhhh......

put your your mom's asshole.......ooouuhhhhhh.........yeassss........aaahhh.......uuuuhhhhhhhhhh................hhmmmmm..............

She was really enjoying this therefore I raised speed of my finger fuck make her loud moan. After 15 minutes I got stands up and release her. She then sits on my knees and takes my dick in her hand but I stopped her.

Me: No Mom, Its time to gives you a pleasure.

I took her into my bedroom. There I'd already set a fucking machine for her.

Mom: What is this?

Me: This Machine will fuck your pussy and I.....

Mom: And I......!!!!

Me: I went to closer to her ear and said " I will fuck your asshole."

I set my mom on bed in doggy style. I took a vibrator from her purse and sets it on her G Spot. Then I put a big thick long dildo in a machine and sets it near her pussy. Then I put that dildo inside her pussy and starts a machine. A dildo was also doing a same thing which was doing a vibrator. This dildo was moving in a round circular way inside her pussy and yes It has doted on a dildo.

Now a vibrator was fucking my mom's G-Spot which moving on her G-Spot and a machine dildo was inside her at T-Spot which is giving her pleasure and She was enjoying it.

I stands there for 15 minutes watching her. She was moaning whole 15 minutes like hell.

Now I stopped vibrator and machine and came to my mom. I gave her kiss and said: Mom, you will enjoy more now.

I get behind her and put my tongue on her asshole, sucks it hard and makes it wet. Meanwhile I starts vibrator and machine again. I was sucking her asshole and giving her tongue fuck . I put my finger in her hole and then 2nd finger inside her. She was moaning loudly as never as she did before. She was enjoying on 3 ways. A vibrator was fucking her G-Spot, A machine was fucking her T-Spot in her pussy and I was fucking her asshole with my tongue and fingers.

After that put my dick in her asshole slowly. First I tried entering my dicks head slowly and then giving my whole dick slowly inside her asshole. She was moaning, moaning and moaning hardly. When my long dick went inside her ass I starts fucking her slowly. When my dick went inside she enjoys the pleasure I was giving and when my dick was coming out she feels like she was getting relax. I fucked her in slow motion for 10 minutes.

Then I increased my speed and she was moaning more....ahahah.....aaahhhh.......aaahhhhhhhh.........uuuuhhhhh.....uuuuuuhhhhhhh,,,,,,,,,,aaahhhhoooouuuu,.

When I was fucking harder and faster my thighs was slapping her ass chicks and its sounds makes me fuck her harder and faster more.

Then she told that: I am going to squirting my son......uhhhhhhhh...........yeaaahhhhhhh..............

So I released her from me, machine and vibrator and within a half minute she squirts with full pressure from her pussy. This means She was 100% satisfied. She got relaxed on bed and said: she was never got satisfied from my Dad like this before even not squirts before and smiles at me.

I said her: But I am still not mom look at my dick. Its still hard.

Mom: No son I am not able to do more now.

Me: Relax mom It will not take more than 5 minutes trust me.

I took her and sets her on the edge of bed and put my dick inside her pussy. She moans loudly again: oouuuhhh..............yeas........................

I put my whole dick inside her pussy and giving her thrust faster and harder like a monster and she was also feeling like heaven and moaning louder. She can't take it any more and trying to go far from. But I couldn't let her go.

I increased my speed even more and giving full thrust inside her pussy to continuous fucking for 5 minutes.

Mom: son..............I am gonna squirting again you mother fucker...........aaahhhhhhhh,..................

Me:'m going to cum too.......I'm going to cum too.......

Mom: Shoot it in my mouth you mother fucker.........

When I released my dick from her pussy she forcefully squirts again and I put my dick inside her mouth I load my sperms inside her throat. She swallows all inside her and then I relax myself on her and sleeps on her naked body.

We sleeps there.

------------------------------------------------------------------The End of Story.--------------------------------------------------------

If you guys like this story and wants to continue I will try again on this.

Thank You.

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