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It all happened at school
This is a true story of how I started IF your under age PLEASE LEAVE NOW..
I was 14 and my sports teacher Mr B married and 45 asked to stay back and help him with the gear. We went to pee and he caught me looking at his cock and asked if I want to touch it When I said I did he locked the doors to the change came up behind me kissing my neck and put his hands down my shorts playing with my cock and slid my shorts off. I got a little scared as I could feel his cock through his shorts against my ass and I wasn't sure what was going to happen. He took his top and shorts off and stood there naked before me. He lifted my top and started to play and suck my boy boobs my nipples were puffy like a young girls tits and this excited. He pushed me down to suck his cock and I took as much as I could in my mouth as he face fucked me. It didn't take him long till he came in my mouth with so much cum it ran down my face and on my school shirt, so he took it off to clean and took me over to the showers. He soaped me all over washed my boyy boobs and got down sucking them and finger fucking me He then sucked my cock till I came . That was the start of it all.. Next day back at school during lunch break I was standing near the sports store room when Mr B came by he looked around then nodded for me to go inside. Once inside he locked the doors and took me to the back where they had a day bed, He stripped me naked and got naked himself and told me he wanted to fuck me, I started to cry and told him yesterday was the first time I had done anything with anyone. MrB got some gel and put it between my legs and told me to hold them together He slid his cock between my legs and we pretended to fuck He was sucking my boy boobs and fucking between my legs and came with a gush, He then got down and sucked my cock and played with my boy boobs again ,then sent me of to my music class with a not for Mr K my music teacher. Mr K told I would need to stay back and make up time after school. That afternoon when I went to Mr K classroom he came and sat next to me, I could see he was hard and got worried. He put a hand on my legs and asked me how yesterday was with MrB. I pretended that nothing happened but he said Mr B had told him everything but that it was ok as long as I sucked him.. I got down between his legs and took his cock out and sucked it till he was ready to cum but instead of leaving his cock in my mouth he pulled out and came on my face.So ever day either during school or after I sucked 1 or the other some both on the same day. WOW at 14 school was starting to be fun for me, and my grades improved which my folks at home happy.. 3 months after all this started MrB sent a not home for a school camp which mum signed and sent back The day of the trip MrB came to pick me up from home and told mum he would be taking me as the bus was already full. We then went a picked up MrK from his house and set off. We never mad it to camp we ended up in a country motel for 4 days. 1st night they got me naked and a little drunk gave me amyl to sniff and told me it waould relax me I had 1 teacher sucking my boy boobs and the other sucking my cock till I came. They then got me in MrB's daughters bra and panties and had me lay on the bed with my legs spread wide like a girl Mr K was the first to fuck me his cock was maller and went in fairly easy as both had been finger fucking me for the past 3 months.. While MrK fucked me MrB was taking photos.. It didn't take long till MrK came in my ass and MrB said it was his turn So laying back in Bra and Panties and cum running out my ass MrB entered me slowly. He kissed me and called me his sweet little pussy boy They both fucked me twice that night next day we lazed around the pool till about 3pm when they told me to go get changed. Mr B came in with something he got from the car He told me to lay down and he put his wifes breast pump on my boy tits even though they were puffy he told me this would make them more so. MrK came in and was all excited when he saw the breast pump on my boy boobs. after 5 mins they took it off and yes they were puffier than before and both teachers started to suck them .We had sex again and they told me we were going out for dinner that night MrB used the breast pump on me again and then got his daughters bra and panties My boy boobs filled the bra which made them both happy. They then got MrB's daughters skirt and top and dressed me up as a girl and put make up on then a wig and made me look like a young girl of 14/15 They told me that's how I was going to dinner, So that night dressed in MrB's daughters bra, panties, skirt and top and a wig I went to dinner in town with them. I was scared someone would know I was a boy and when it was time for me to go to the toilet MrB took me over to the ladies and waited outside for me. This just added to the excitement.. END PART ! . Happy tell you all more if you guys tell me how you started with older guys or how you had sex with younger guy...???

Business DadReport

2013-11-19 03:24:14
hey I'm NOT a writer and this is a TRUE story

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-18 06:25:59
Needs paragraphs and better structure plus detail's, great base for a good story, neg vote for single solid block of text

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