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How I met the love of my life.
I know I am going to have to start somewhere. I really like the film 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' so I will be using my two favorite characters names for this story. All events in this story are true apart from names and locations to keep my identity a secret.

In Australia the weather here gets rather hot in summer. During summer you are either down at the beach or at the local pool. For me it began at the beach.

I was down at the beach with a few mates one day after work. The beach was a fair way from any town. We all had our surfboards and we all had our towels and whatnot. I have never been physically attractive nor have I ever been in top condition regarding my health. I was chubby but not overweight, I had a fairly decent amount of upper body strength.

When we initially arrived at the beach, I spotted some hot girls that were sunbathing to the left of where the cars were parked. One of my friends, lets call him Matt, was built like a Spartan Soldier, with rock hards abs and muscles to go along. When he and I exited the car these girls that were sunbathing seen us arrive. Matt had already put on his wetsuit before we got to the beach, so all he had to do was get out, get his board and go. Me on the other hand was ill prepared. As Matt ran down the beach to his favorite spot, all of the girls, four to be exact, were all looking at him apart from one. This girl with long blonde hair, a light see through dress with a bikini on underneath was looking at me.

Like I said before, I wasn't built like a God. I had no abs, I had no pecs or any decent bulging muscles. I was just a tad chubby. This girl was eying me off, I could tell. I noticed her and looked her directly in the eye, she noticed and we stared at each other for around a minute or so before I got my board and started to head out.

Decent waves, wind was crap and swell was shit.

As Matt and I headed in, our other friends, Steve and Aaron arrived. We greeted and they suited up. I grabbed a quick drink while the others ran off into the water. As I headed back out, I heard this voice in the back of me head, "Just look in her direction you twit", I did and to my surprise she was staring at me. This time she had no dress, only a black bikini with red highlights on. I waved a friendly gesture at her and she replied by doing the same. I stopped dead in my tracks while walking, "What harm would it do to go over and say 'Hi?'". "Fuck it" I said openly.

As I walked over, the girls huddled in and giggled to themselves, all but the one staring at me.

"Hi girls! Lovely day isn't it?!"

"Yeah it's pretty good." Girl number one said.

"Out here to check out us guys eh?" I asked jokingly.

"Only the good looking ones", in a very hypocritical way. This was clearly aimed at me not being in the best of shape.

Upon getting closer to them, I got a good look at her. Long blonde hair, golden glowing skin, long legs which also had a nice tan. I tried to estimate her breast size without making it too obvious I was looking there. My guess was D? Maybe even DD.

"See something you like?", girl number 3 snarled. She'd obviously noticed me looking at 'her' and tried to make it obvious I was a pervert

"Lay off him, he's only being nice!", she said. My god! Her voice! It was so sweet and so innocent. I could tell she was trying to defend me looking at her breasts.

"I'm so sorry! It's just that they caught my attention! I am a male after all!", I promptly stated. The whole time saying that I never broke eye contact with her.

"I'm Agnes, and you are?", she said with the cutest smile.

"Uhhh I'm Ash! Pleased to make your acquaintance, M' Dear Lady.", I tried to sound as smooth as possible.

Agnes sat at there smiling at me while the rest of the girls looked at each other, trying to understand what I what I had just said. There was an instant spark between Agnes and I. I never broke eye contact with her for the next 5 minutes I stood there with them. Board under one arm and my other hand behind my back. We talked for a while before I stated that I should probably get back in the water.

"Wait!" Agnes protested!

She jumped up and ran up to me. She leaned in close to my ear and whispered "When you get back to your friends car, there will be something waiting for you.", which she said in the sexiest voice i've ever heard. My mind ran rampant thinking what I could come back to find. I securely tucked my board under my arm and ran off into the water. I ran because my dick was starting to stir at the thought of what I might find when I get back!

After another hour or so of surf, all of us guys headed in and started to finish up. I ran back to the car, hoping to find a piece of paper with her number or at least a photo of some sort. I peered into the car to see something scrunched up in my seat. I reached in and grabbed what seemed to be a bikini bottom, absolutely soaked at the crotch area. All of the other guys were pre occupied by something. Without putting my nose near it I smelt pussy juices. My dick stood hard at attention which was difficult in a wetsuit. I looked over at her to see her in her dress again, staring back. I raised the bikini bottom to my nose and sniffed. She looked at me and winked.

I felt a folded piece of paper inside of the bikini. I opened it to read "I noticed you staring :) Maybe we can catch up in ten behind somewhere?" It was about 4 O' Clock and everyone at the beach was pretty relaxed and chilled. I looked over at her and gestured her to come over here. She got up slowly, facing her finely shaped ass towards me, giving me a clear view of her pink slit. She walked over quickly. I scanned my surroundings quickly. There was a small shack just further towards the road. I could see how to easily break in, I was a little rebel you see. When she got to me, I said "I'll meet you by the shack over there in 10?" She didn't say a word and started walking towards the shack. "How eager is this girl to get fucked?" I thought to myself.

My friends arrived and made themselves useful by preparing a small change area at the back of the car. I had changed into some spare shorts and singlet I had brought with me. I said to the guys I was going over to the shack to check it out and maybe check it out. They seemed chill, they agreed they would head into town and grab some fish and chips and come back here. "Perfect!" I thought. They all changed, got Matts car and headed off. As soon as they were on asphalt, I legged it to the shack. I peered over my shoulder to look back at the other girls and to my surprise they seemed they couldn't care less of what was about to happen.

I peered inside to find Agnes inside the bedroom. The shack was recently renovated. It looked like it was furnished last week. I peered inside the bedroom to see Agnes spread eagle on the bed. The window was open so a slow but cool breeze ran through the room. I climbed onto the bed. Kissing her neck at first, I slowly worked my way down to her tits. I yanked off the bikini top which made a snapping noise which made her jump. I sucked on her tits furiously, and I mean furiously. I moved my way down to her pink pussy. I grabbed both nipples with each hand and started playing with them while I slowly started to eat her out.

Slow at first, I sped up to a fast pace. By this time she was bucking on my face and was moaning excitedly. Her pussy tasted sweet and bitter at the same time. My dick was as hard as stone by this point. I considered myself above average, considering I was packing 7 inches which hooked to the left. I stripped off my clothes and positioned myself above her and nearly started when she grabbed my dick, pushed me back started giving me the best blow job of my life. I was on the verge of cumming when she looked at me and kissed my dick and winked at me at the same time. That was enough to make me shoot seven to eight large shots all over her face. She stayed still for a moment, dick still in hand before she cleaned her face with the bed sheets.

I positioned myself above her for the missionary position. She stopped me and said "How about we try something I've always wanted to do?" "Sure", I agreed without thought. She positioned herself so that her ass was up in the air with her head drooping off the side of the bed. I kneeled on the bed and started to fuck her, slow at first, but within 30 seconds I was at race car pace. She looked at me and bit her lip, not moaning even a tiny bit. I thought to myself, "Damn, I know how to make you scream." I stopped fucking her. She started to look up at me when I instantly kicked back into action, fucking her harder and faster than before. She instantly let out a massive moan followed by her continuously saying "fuck fuck fuck Fuck Fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK".

We fucked in that position for about 10 minutes before I nearly came. I stopped and took a quick breather. Her eyes were filled with lust by that point. I told her if she lay on her side, I could fuck her in the pussy kneeling. I figured the way that my dick bent slightly, I would be ramming her clitoris and fucking her g spot as well. As soon as I stuck my dick in her, she let out an almighty moan followed by more "fuck"s. My dick at this point was still harder than granite which helped us both achieve orgasm pretty quickly. We came simultaneously. We lay on the bed, naked, covered in sweat. She said to me "I'm pretty sure you feel the same way about me as I do about you". "And what's that?" I pleaded. "That we want to be in a relationship, were we have sex, make out, go to movies, meet the other persons parents, have sex some more, not at the parents place obviously." She had a type of humor I liked, dirty but yet still funny.

"So basically boyfriend and girlfriend? Sounds good."

As soon as I had finished talking, she grabbed my dick and started stroking it. "Oh and don't worry, I'm on the pill.", which she then said.

To this day I am still going out with this amazing lady, the love of my life. We're not married, but we plan to be.

We fuck almost every night, apart from that time of the month, amirite?

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2013-11-27 05:51:27
A great match well done. She sounds hot

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2013-11-19 14:25:25
I give this story a 7 out of 10.

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2013-11-18 21:15:46
I salute you and your girl friend, greatest of luck in your upcoming dedicated relationship and the best of wishes now and into the future - wish I could be there to give the both of you a wonderful hug for finding each other

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2013-11-18 16:43:01

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