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Warning: This story might not be for the faint of heart, so read at your own risk. It deals with rape (kind of really turns int reluctance thought) and some other strange things. There is no violence however, so please be aware of that.


With a splitting headache and the taste of copper in her mouth, Anna came to. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked up into the beautiful night sky as trillions of stars winked down at her, their distant light like beckoning her. This was strange though; why was she laying in the soft and cool grass outside? The last thing she remembered was being in the school gymnasium with her friends Mark and Tanya in the middle of the night.

Rubbing her head gently, Anna pushed herself up and gazed out around her to find that she wasn't just outside, she was in the middle of a lush and green forest somewhere. Large and solid trees stood proud everywhere she looked and a warm wind danced through their leaves, making them dance to unheard music in turn.

With her head about to split open she forced herself to stand and dusted off her skinny jeans and tank top, getting any loose dirt or grass off her clothes. This was strange, and she realized it. She had no recollection as to how she got out here and she didn't even know where here was. As far as she could tell she was utterly alone as well, and that made her nervous.

Maybe this is just a prank... she thought to herself, but couldn't swallow that logic. Who would want to prank her like this? This wasn't a prank, it was kidnapping as far as she could tell.

"Hello?!" she yelled out into the stillness, her voice shrill and her throat painfully dry. "Is anyone out there?!"

At first there was no response other than the sound of the leaves rustling in the hidden wind, but after a long moment Anna managed to hear something shuffling a few dozen feet away. She quickly jumped into action and ran as fast as her weak body would allow her until she passed by a rather large and beautiful tree and burst out into a small clearing in the middle of the woods.

What she saw sucked the breath right from her lungs; in a good way.

Standing in the middle of the clearing were the last two people she had been with before she passed out and awoke here; Mark and Tanya. Mark stood tall with broad shoulders, short brown hair and a babyish face with no real muscles to speak of. What he lacked in muscles he made up for in brains though, and was the smartest student at their school. Tanya on the other hand was the opposite; she was the big breasted airhead of their school. She had looks most guys jacked off too with obscenely large breasts and perfect curves in all the right places. She had shoulder length hazel hair and deep brown eyes.

Compared to Tanya, Anna was like a stickman. She was thin with short thin legs and arms and no fat on her body. Her breasts were barely more than little bumps and her ass stuck out slightly more than she would have liked. That wasn't to say she had a big ass; in fact she had a small one. She just hated it because she wanted to have as small of an ass as possible. At least her hair was the perfect color of red and her eyes were a bright green. Those had to count for something, right?

"Mark! Tanya!" she called out loudly and spooked her friends. They quickly turned to see her and a wide smile broke across Tanya's face as she broke into a run and pulled her into a rib cracking hug.

"Anna! You're safe! Where are we?" her best friend cried happily and Anna actually felt tears on her bare shoulders.

"I was going to ask you the same question. One minute we're in the gym and the next thing I know I'm waking up out here!"

"So you don't know what happened either, do you?" Mark asked seriously as Tanya released her from the hug. The tall boy strode slowly over to them and ran his hand over his forehead, his usual sign that he was deep in thought. If anyone could figure it out it was sure to be him.

"Maybe we got drunk," Tanya offered but Anna quickly threw that idea out.

"We weren't drinking, remember?" she scolded gently and her friend flashed her a pathetic look. "Actually the last thing I remember doing was—"

"Was setting up the summoning circle," Mark finished for her and she had to repress the urge to hit him for always doing that. "We were in the gym and had the chalk outline all drawn out for the summoning. We even had those candles lit."

"I remember now!" Tanya exclaimed excitedly and smashed her fist into her open hand like she was the one that had figured it out. "We were trying to summon a demon!"

That was exactly it; they had been trying to summon a demon in their school. It had all started when Mark said there were no such things as demons or angels and challenged them to prove it. Well Anna wasn't going to let mister know it all be right for the millionth time, so she and Tanya decided to summon one to prove it to him. That was the last thing she remembered.

"You don't think..." she began but let her words fall to the ground.

"I do," Mark nodded. "You didn't summon a demon, so I win the argument once again!"

"You little asshole!" Anna suddenly yelled and charged at him, her fists ready to bring down on his big dumb skull. Tanya quickly jumped in and held her back like she always did though, and all Anna could do was hurl insults at her enemy while trying to push the larger and stronger girl off of her.

"Calm down, Annie," Tanya warned, using the one name Anna hated more than anything. "Don't forget what's happening. We're kinda stuck in the middle of nowhere."

"You're right," she quickly sighed and stopped her rampage, stepping back away from her friends to cool her temper for a moment, "I never thought I'd say that."

"I have my moments," the girl giggled and shrugged, basically admitting that she was an idiot.

Mark on the other hand had been deep in thought the entire time Anna was trying to claw his eyes out and he turned in a circle where he stood, looking in every direction. He didn't seem to find anything that would help them though and a low groan came from his lips as it seemed all hope left him.

"What's wrong?" Tanya asked curiously, totally oblivious to his dejected appearance.

"This isn't right," he admitted after a long moment and now both girls were staring at him curiously, silently pushing him for an explanation. "I thought we could head north until we found a road, but I can't even find the North Star. Actually, I can't find any constellation I know. Not the Big Dipper, not Orion, not even the moon! It's a totally alien sky!"

"Alien?" Anna repeated with a huff, sure that her friend had truly lost his mind.

"You mean, like we've been abducted by aliens?" Tanya asked stupidly and Anna and Mark nearly slapped her for it.

"No, I don't think we were abducted!" Mark snarled. "The forest looks like something you'd see on Earth and I don't see any alien trees or plants. It's more like our stars got replaced by someone else's."

"No, I think you were right the first time," Tanya kept pushing and now Anna really did reach out to smack her; but she never got the chance. "Those look like little aliens."

More out of habit than anything else, Anna looked to where her friend was pointing and nearly dropped in shock. Between the bushes a few hundred feet away she could indeed make out the shadows of some short and strange looking humanoids moving through the brush. Without a moon to light up the area though she couldn't really tell what they were. She wouldn't have to wait long to find out.

"Run!" Mark suddenly hissed and before Anna knew what was happening, the strong guy had grabbed a hold of both her and Tanya and was starting to run in the opposite direction.

They didn't make it more than five feet though. The first thing that Anna noticed was the whistling sound that was suddenly following them, and in the next instant all three of them were falling to the ground as something hard wrapped around their legs and tripped them up. Looking down at her feet she saw three round objects attached to a leather rope had wrapped around her ankles and prevented her from running. It was almost like a bolo, but these felt immensely heavy.

In the very next moment the weird creatures who had been moving through the brush were upon them, their bodies cloaked in shadow as they descended on the group of friends. For the briefest of seconds there was a lot of commotion and yelling but it was quickly snuffed out as something hard struck her in the back of the head and she keeled over, her eyes rolling into the back of her skull. She had been knocked out.

Once again Anna found herself waking up with a splitting headache and the taste of copper on her tongue, but unlike last time she didn't appear to be outside anymore. She found herself laying on the hard and cold stone floor of some building, and opening her eyes she realized that the ceiling reached so far above her head that she couldn't see where it was even at.

"Anna!" Tanya's voice suddenly screamed in her ear, and looking to her side she found her friend laying next to her with great big tears in her eyes. "Thank god you're okay!"

"T... Tanya," Anna stuttered and tried to force saliva into her dry mouth. "W... what's happened? Where's Mark?"

"I... I don't know. Those... things... took him when they brought us here. I've been so worried," the girl cried painfully and all Anna wanted to do in that moment was reach out and hug her friend.

She couldn't though. The moment she tried she realized that her hands had been tied behind her back and her ankles were tied together; rendering her immobile. She struggled against her imprisonment but nothing she did worked. In fact it almost felt like the ropes began to tighten every time she fought against them. After only a few seconds of thrashing she was forced to stop in fear that all the blood to her hands and feet would be cut off.

"Aren't you going to struggle more?" a soft, feminine, and almost snake like voice hissed through the large and cold room and Anna quickly realized they weren't alone. "I was having so much fun watching you try to feebly break your restraints."

"Who are you?" Anna demanded, momentarily forgetting her situation. She tried to sit up but most of the strength in her body had vanished when she had been knocked out and she could do little more than roll onto her back and stare up at the ceiling.

A moment later rough and hot hands grabbed her by the wrists and hauled her off the cold stone floor, giving her the first real look of the room she had as she was forced to sit with her legs straight out in front of her. The entire room was made from large grey stone bricks and there wasn't a single window to be seen. The place was lit up by archaic looking lit torches hanging from the walls and a single massive door led out. It was what stood before that door that really scared Anna though. She had never seen anything like it before.

Standing—if you could call it that—close to twelve feet tall with another five to six feet still to go was something so bizarre that Anna wondered if she had been hit on the head harder than she first thought. The lower half of this things body was that of a giant (and she meant giant) black scaled snake, while the top part was that of a person; more or less. The tail receded into a muscled belly of the same color that rose up to display two very large and bouncy looking pierced breasts. Instead of just two, this creature had four arms that were covered in muscles. The head appeared to be humanoid as well, with hair pulled back into a tight braid and two eyes that glowed slightly red in the low light. However the snake like tongue that licked at the large and perky lips and the crown of small horns around her skull spoke otherwise.

This was a creature from nightmares; a demon.

"What are you?" she found herself asking with a shaky voice, the urge to pee pressing against her mind.

"Why are you asking me? Weren't you and your friends the ones to try and summon me to the human world?" the creature queried and honestly Anna couldn't dispute that logic. "But I suppose introductions are due. I am Puyala, Queen of this land and ruler over all denizens who call this world home! Now it's your turn."

"Q... Queen?" Anna trembled as some kind of pressure emanating from this creature pulsed against her weak and sore body.

"Does that mean you're the devil?" Tanya suddenly asked, and for some reason there wasn't that much fear in her voice. Only an airhead could pull that off.

"In a sense," Puyala admitted and flicked both hands on the left side of her body out. "If that's what you wish to call me, then so be it."

"It worked!" Tanya once more yelled and now her voice was excited beyond reason. "I told you it would work, Anna! We actually summoned the devil! And damn is she buff!"

Before Anna could even think to yell at her friend for being an idiot, the Queen snapped her tail like a whip across the ground and the crack tore through the room, quickly getting both girls attention as she glared angrily at them. Anna still didn't know what was going on, but she was sure they were in even more trouble now.

"Enough of this insolence!" she roared and whatever creature was holding her up even trembled under her rage. "You think that paltry little summoning you tried to use would ever be enough to summon me to the mortal world?! I am the most powerful demon to have ever lived, you whelps! So strong that I was able to trace your summon back to its origin and then bring you all to my world!"

"S... sorry, your highness!" Tanya squeaked and Anna knew the girl had cracked. She always buckled when someone yelled at her.

"That's better! Although I must thank you for your stupidity in trying to summon me. Usually we have to rely on human operatives to send us new flesh; but you made it easy. You even brought a male along with you! Very well done!"

"A.... male?" Anna tasted the words and it suddenly hit her. "Where's Mark? What have you done with him? Why did you even bring us here?!"

"Do not worry about the man, child; he is safe. He has been drugged and is currently waiting for me to get through with you. So let's get through the introductions; we wouldn't want to make him wait too long."

At that, creatures that had been hiding along a far wall in the shadows slowly stepped out into the light and once more Anna gasped in surprise. They were short, probably no taller than three feet tall, and had skinny bodies with long arms and long legs. They were red in color and completely hairless, with two large eyes and an even longer nose that sat above wide mouths with two rows of pointed teeth. They were also just as naked as their Queen was, but Anna noticed that none of them seemed to have any genitalia at all. They kind of looked like Ken dolls. She also realized that these must have been the creatures that caught them in the forest.

"Let me introduce you to my Imps. Although I think you've already met them. They are my loyal servants who are tasked with catching the new humans sent to our world and bringing them here to meet me. They also get the pleasure of preparing you and your bodies for what you will experience while you stay on this world."

"W... what do you mean? Prepare us for what? You still haven't even told us why you brought us here!"

"Oh, didn't I? How careless of me," Puyala laughed and her insanely large breasts bounced dangerously on her muscled chest. "You're here for two reasons! The first reason is as a form of entertainment for me and my subjects. We get terribly bored. The second reason is for breeding, but you don't have to worry about that for now."

Breeding? What the hell was this crazy devil going on about? Did they plan to rape them? No, that couldn't be. That kind of stuff didn't happen. Then again, demons weren't supposed to really exist either, and now Anna found herself surrounded by them. She desperately hoped that she had heard wrong though.

"Breeding?" she asked and her voice betrayed her. "Y... you don't mean... like having babies, right?"

"Oh, that's exactly what I mean. But like I said, don't worry about that just yet. Whether or not that happens is all up to you. Would you like me to explain how all of this works?" the grotesque and imposing Queen demon asked and Anna quickly nodded. "Very well. Starting from this night, you and your friends will have two weeks to survive out in the wilds of this world; on your own. Out there you will be... well let's go with taught... how to endure the pleasures our race has to offer. Every hole in your body will be violated all in preparation for your test. You see, at the end of your two weeks you will once more be brought before me at my castle, where I will administer your final test. If you pass, you are free to return to your lives and we will even be so kind as to remove all your memories of being here. If you fail however, you will be stuck in our world for the rest of your lives and kept as breeding stock!"

That was pretty much the worst thing anyone could ever hear, and Anna could feel her fear creep into her brain even further now. Tanya didn't seem to be doing too much better and she was loudly crying beside her, wailing like a toddler who had just had their toy taken away. There was still one thing that was bothering Anna though.

"What kind of... test is it?" she asked and had to force each word out of her mouth.

"The best kind," the snake lady smiled widely and showed two long and dangerous looking snake fangs. "When you return before me you will be put to the ultimate test; a match. The rules to this match are simple: make me cum within one hour and you are free to go. Don't make me cum or cum so much yourself that you are unable to continue on and you stay here for all of eternity. Sounds tantalizing, right?"

"Sounds like I'm going to puke," Anna whispered under her breath and hoped that this monster didn't hear her.

This couldn't be happening! This was real life, not some pervy Japanese hentai where the high school girl gets raped by monsters! Weren't demons supposed to be all about eating and killing humans, not mating with them? Where was the brimstone? Where were the pitchforks? Why wasn't she waking up yet?

"Before your trial can begin, you first need to be prepared for the pleasures you will meet outside my gates. To accomplish this and allow your bodies to take everything without breaking, we prepare you in two steps. The first step is to make you drink an elixir that comes from the venom in my fangs. This venom will not kill you, but at first you'll wish that you were dead."

With a snap of her fingers two of the creepy and small Imps moved towards them and held out small goblets in their long clawed hands. Before Anna could even think about turning her head to avoid it, another Imp grabbed her head and plugged her nose; forcing her to open her mouth for oxygen. At that point it was already too late.

A cool and bitter tasting liquid was forced down her throat and it coated the thin membrane quickly, clinging to the walls of her mouth and throat like a syrup. So much was poured into her mouth that she could actually feel the weight of it in her belly and her head began to spin as her body instantly warmed up to an almost unbearable temperature.

"Feels amazing, doesn't it?" the Queen asked and Anna couldn't even curse at her. "My venom works like an aphrodisiac, clouding your brain and making even the slightest of touches turn to pleasure. What you two have just been given is a small, watered down dose that will simply get you ready for the second step. Before that happens though, how about you two beautiful girls just enjoy the feelings flooding through your bodies and minds."

A second later the ropes around her wrists and ankles were cut and she was dropped to the floor roughly. She knew she should have felt pain from landing on the cold hard floor, but all she felt was a jolt of electricity run from her nipples to her clit; three things that had already gotten hard on her. It was like the Queen said, all she could feel was pleasure. Even lying on the cold ground was making her wet and she suddenly wanted release, badly. No matter how good it felt though, there was nothing to push her over the edge and she remained right on the precipice in agony.

Her mind was so distorted and foggy that she couldn't even focus on making herself run. Both her and Tanya had been freed, but they both remained on the ground and writhed in pleasure as moans escaped their lips. She was so worried about her hot body and the pleasure rippling through it that all she wanted in that moment was to orgasm. She had never wanted to cum so much before. It was all she could think about.

"Mmmm, I love watching your faces twisted in both pain and pleasure like that. The torture is so sweet! Just watching you roll around and moan as your body cries out for pleasure is enough to get me horny! As a special treat I will allow you to have what you so desperately crave!"

Rough hands suddenly found Anna's body and she shivered in anticipation as new ripples of pleasure washed over her aching body. Before she knew what was happening she suddenly found herself being forcefully stripped, the clothes being torn from her nubile body so roughly that she cried out. Her scream wasn't one of pain though. No, she had been so close to cumming just by being roughly stripped.

"I suppose I should warn you, my darlings," the Queen spoke once more and Anna could barely hear her in the back of her mind. "The vast majority of my subjects are nothing more than wild beasts with an over heightened sex drive. Do not expect them to be gentle with you. But do not fear! For your first times here I have chosen my Imps to rape you. They have smaller cocks than most other demons. However, they do have one thing going for them."

Directly before her eyes, Anna found one of the most grotesque looking cocks she had ever seen before. It was small at a little under five inches long while it was hard and its girth made it look more like an oversized pencil than anything, but it was red and pulsing. Literally pulsing. The tip was crowned with a small little hole and a horribly stinky and watery liquid was dripping out of it, splashing onto her tiny bare tits and causing her to groan in pleasure.

Even though it looked so gross and smelled so bad, Anna found herself wanting it. She wanted to feel this skinny dick sink into her pussy and drill her for all she was worth. She wanted this creature to fill her womb with its semen and mark her as his own. She wanted it so bad that she began to whimper as all she could do was look at it.

As if able to read her thoughts—partially—the Imp leaned forward and thrust his pencil dick straight into Anna's mouth. Her first thought of biting off the stinky and sticky rod was quickly pushed out of her mind as her tongue began to lap at the underside of it without her permission. At this the Imp began to buck his hips back and forth, thrusting his cock into her throat over and over again as an immeasurable amount of pleasure erupted in her womb and she silently begged for another cock to fill it.

She didn't have to wait long. As one Imp was fucking her throat savagely and causing her to drip drool all over her mouth and chin, another one had already pulled apart her knees and placed the thin tip of its small cock at her shaved opening. It rubbed the head of its monster cock against her pussy lips and clit, slowly opening her folds only to pull back and start all over again. The pleasure was excruciating and she pleaded with it silently to fuck her until she passed out. But it didn't. It continued to tease her until she felt like she was going to die.

She felt two hard and clawed hands grip her thin thighs tightly, the pointed nails digging painfully into her skin and in the very next moment she was finally given what she wanted. With one great thrust backed by an insane amount of strength, the Imp plowed into her virgin pussy and ripped her hymen so savagely that she grunted around the tip of the cock buried deep in her mouth.

She had been told by people that losing your virginity was supposed to be painful and that your first time was never that good; but she begged to differ. All of her pain and discomfort were channeled into pleasure and she came the instant she felt the cock get buried in her soft and wet folds. The orgasm crashed over her like a wave and her whole body shook violently as she gurgled around the cock in her mouth. Her nipples were on fire, her muscles were clamping and releasing, her clit felt like it was going to explode, and her pussy tightened painfully around the intruder as she screamed in ecstasy.

A few feet off to her left she could now hear Tanya's own moans and cries of pleasure as she herself came for the first time, and Anna hoped she was having as much fun as she was. That was simply because her orgasm never ended. It had hit her and continued to wreak havoc on her body and mind as she came constantly and felt like she was going to pass out from all the pleasure she was being forced to endure. In that moment she wished that it could remain like that forever. If her entire life was to be getting fucked like this then she would gladly accept it.

"Oh my, that looks amazing!" the Queen commented and Anna could only imagine the sneer on her face. "I can't wait for two weeks to go by. I'm going to have so much fun playing with you two. But your initiation isn't over just yet. I told you that my Imps had one good thing about their cocks, didn't it? It looks like it's just about to begin."

The smelly and sticky cock in her throat was taken out of her mouth and Anna found herself actually sad about it. However it wasn't taken away from her completely and the Imp kept it just close enough for her to lick the head. Which she did happily, swirling her tongue around it and sticking it into the tip as far as she could so she could taste the salty and slightly tangy precum. What happened next though surprised her.

The cock being licked by her tongue began to suddenly grow, stretching out to become longer while still remaining the same size in girth. It had gone from around five inches long to being a good ten inches long and began to curve upwards slightly as it tapered into a slimmer head. What was really odd though was the fact that the cock began to bulge about an inch below the head and it looked like air had somehow gotten stuck in there; if that was even possible.

Anna knew exactly what this was used for though. She had taken health class and knew where the uterus and cervix were positioned, and she had also seen a catheter before; so she knew that the bulge just under the head was meant to keep something stuck inside her. As if to prove her right she suddenly felt the cock inside her sopping wet and swollen pussy begin to change as well, following her pussy perfectly. It was as if it was perfectly suited for her.

She felt the tip of the head begin to press up against her poor cervix and she grunted at the sudden pressure. That grunt was quickly turned into a yelp as the strange demon cock thrust hard into her cervix and breached directly into her womb in one pump, pushing all the air out of her lungs as her continuous orgasm was joined by yet another one and they rode together like two waves lapping up against the shore.

"OH GOD!" she screamed in ecstasy and nearly peed on herself as her body lost control of what it was doing. "Yes! FUCK ME! FUCK MY UTERUS!"

As the little bulge began to swell just inside her uterus and trap the cock in her, the Imp that had been fucking her mouth grew impatient and shoved his strangely shaped cock back into her gaping maw. She was being pierced from both ends and she was absolutely loving it. She honestly hoped that this would continue on forever, but right now there was a more pressing matter at hand. She wanted cum, and lots of it.

Anna had been a virgin in every way up until this moment—she had only played with her clit sometimes—and she had never once tasted cum. One of her friends had told her it was slimy and disgusting, but at this point she really didn't care. She wanted to drink it all down her throat and feel it erupt in her pussy and uterus as the cock remained lodged inside her, not letting a single drop escape. She wanted to be coated in the stuff and be covered in so much that she could have a cum bath. She needed to be cummed in!
The amazing cock in her pussy and uterus began to thrust once more, causing her to grunt around the one in her throat. The bulge behind the head left just enough room for a good inch to continue pumping in and out of her and each time she felt the knot slam into her cervix hard she orgasm even more, tears of pleasure streaming down her face.

Suddenly both demons began to grunt and their cocks pulsed even harder now as they were about to dump their loads into her waiting holes. The knowledge that she was about to make them cum made her giddy and she began to buck her hips in unison with the one fucking her down below while she began to hum and spit around the one in her mouth. She was in paradise, even though in the back of her mind she was disgusted at herself for this.

All at once both Imps unleashed a torrent of hot and watery cum into her body, their groans and grunts being lost in her own screams of pleasure. As the sticky liquid hit her throat and uterine walls and splash towards her fallopian tubes, the most intense part of her orgasm ripped through her young and tight body like a bolt of lightning.

She had lost total control over all her body and she twitched and writhed madly as both Imps continued to ream her as hard as they could, dumping their hot baby liquid into her furthest depths. She couldn't imagine how much they were cumming, but even more she couldn't imagine how much she was taking. She didn't feel over full or stretched in anyway; if anything it felt like her body was absorbing most of it. It was the most amazing thing she had ever felt in her life, and so what if the crap tasted like shit!

"Ah, what a grand show that was!" the Queen applauded from her vantage point just as both Imps streams of cum began to dwindle. "Both of your bodies have now absorbed enough of the magic potion that comes from an Imps cum to be able to withstand almost anything you will encounter out in the wild. I am so pleased you all enjoyed it!"

The snake lady's words were lost on Anna as she came down from her high, her breathing erratic and her heart pounding in her chest. Her orgasms were beginning to dissipate now as well and the afterglow of cumming so hard enveloped her like a warm and soft blanket. It wasn't over yet though. There was still one more thing to deal with.

The cock still trapped in her womb wasn't shrinking and the bulge still kept it snuggly behind her cervix. That all changed a second later though. With a great tug the entire length of the cock was pulled free from her body and she yelped in surprise and pleasure as another orgasm rocked her. She could feel the knot tear through her cervix and the curve of the cock push against her soaking wet pussy walls as it split her open even further than she had been before. It was the most interesting and intense pleasure she had felt yet and she suddenly felt faint. Her orgasm hadn't even finished when she passed out in exhaustion.


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Nicely written. Can't wait to read part 2.


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This is a very good story, well written & vividly imagined

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Very good story. You have avivid imagination.

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