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My name is Sarah and I'm a 38 year old single mom living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I've looked after myself and I'm quite trim. I'm especially proud of my tits, especially now there swollen with milk and I have a very good ass.

I'm fortunate in that I don't have to work, I was left some money by my grandparents and at the age of 36 I decided to quit my job and have a baby. I wasn't romantically involved with anyone at the time so I decided to do it all by myself with just the aid of a clinic and a sperm donor.

Emma was born a little over a year ago and we have been very happily getting along together ever since.

Anyway, to my tale.

The house is a four bedroom property with a pool. You need a pool in Albuquerque because it gets hot, very hot. I have a lovely old gentleman, Jose, who looks after the pool once a week. His wife, Teresa does the house cleaning and laundry.

One day when they arrived they had their grandson Hector with them. He was about 12 years old and it was obvious Hector had not been in the country long, he hardly understood any English and Jose and Teresa spoke only Spanish to him.

When I was out by the pool feeding Emma while Jose worked skimming off some insects and leaves. Hector wandered by. He stopped and looked intently at me as I fed Emma. It make me a little uncomfortable. When Jose had finished cleaning the pool told him to tell Hector if he wanted he could have a swim in the pool.

Quick as a flash Hector took off his tee-shirt and jeans and I caught myself quite an eyeful. When Hector took off his jeans he was wearing boxers and his cock hung out of them buy a good few inches! I was quite flustered, I'd never seen a cock that size and Hector couldn't have been older than 13 at the most.

When they left I put Emma straight down and went for a lie on my bed. When my fingers found myself I thought of Hector's cock. I knew it was wrong but I couldn't get it out of my head. it was enormous. In the days that followed I regularly fantasised about holding and stroking that cock.

A few weeks went by before Teresa brought Hector round again. I went straight to the pool and started to feed Emma and it wasn't long before Hector was there too!

My Spanish is not great but I can manage "Quieres ir a la piscina." As Hector stripped off I saw he was wearing whities and it was an impressive bulge.

While Hector swam I brought out some cokes and chips and when he got out of the pool he sat with me. I know it is wrong but I decided to give him a good look at my tit as I started to feed Emma again. I couldn't see if it got him physically excited but his eyes never moved from it.

I didn't see Hector again for ages after that until Jose and Teresa came round one day and it was obvious there was trouble. I was busy with Emma as she was teething but from what I could gather Hector' mother was a bit of a wild one and someone had to go to bail her out of trouble.

When Teresa told me they had to finish early I offered to look after Hector. Teresa was a little concerned as she knew Emma was teething but I told her it would be no problem. Teresa thanked me and Hector settled down on the couch.

I busied myself with Emma, she was very grumbly and wouldn't feed.

At round 6 o'clock Teresa rang. They now had to go all the way to Phoenix, she apologised and asked if I could look after Hector overnight? No problem I told them.

I have to say I was excited Hector would be staying overnight but I also knew he was a 12 year old boy and Teresa had entrusted him to me. I had to put his cock out of my mind and behave myself.

Hector could now speak quite good English. I asked him what he wanted for dinner and as he was a big soccer fan I showed him how to use the cable. He happily watched a couple of games on the cable and at about 10 o'clock he fell asleep on the couch.

I carried him up to the spare room and put him to bed. I was quite proud that I had resisted the urge to undress him for bed! I was being a good girl.

It had been a tough day with Emma teething and I was tired. I had a large glass of wine and I went to bed shortly afterwards.

At around 1am Emma woke up crying. I brought her out of her cot and tried to settle her down. She was having none of it and I had to give her some of her medicine. As I was trying to feed her to sleep Hector appeared at my door. Oh Christ.

"Can't you sleep?" I asked him. He shook his head. He stood at the door as Emma finally drifted off to sleep.

I don't know what came over me. I Put Emma back down in her cot and called Hector over. Settling him on the bed I put his mouth to my tit and stroked the back of his head as he began to suck. It felt great

I briefly pulled him off my tit and told him very firmly "Tell no-one". Hector shook his head. I put him back on the tit and he suckled himself to sleep.

When he was asleep I took his jeans and tee-shirt off and put him in my bed. I held Hector tightly. I gently stroked his cock through his whities. A line had been crossed.

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2013-11-22 18:46:55
Please continue this story! I felt like it was left hanging far too much. :(

anonymous readerReport

2013-11-20 00:39:48
the story ends rather abruptly

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2013-11-19 13:45:59
Why is there a difference in genders? The byline reads that the author is a male; yet, the story is written from a female first person, which indicates that this story may not be true.

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2013-11-19 13:45:54
Why is there a difference in genders? The byline reads that the author is a male; yet, the story is written from a female first person, which indicates that this story may not be true.

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2013-11-19 13:39:30
Is there more to this story?

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