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The weather was starting to become colder; it was closing in to December and close to our GCSE mock exams. I sat in English bored; it wasn’t a subject that interested me. Yeah, I was in the top class – but the fact remains that it was still stupid. I don’t want to analyse punctuation and loneliness.

I’m 5”8, fairly skinny with dark brown hair and eyes. I’m 15 and in Year 11. I never really got on with my English teacher, we would always argue about one thing or another.

Recently, we started to do revision on the non-fiction topic of our exam. As we looked back at our Year 10 results for that exam I read through the question about writing about a time where I felt unsure. It was marked with “I love your writing style, Perry”. Now, we were tasked to write about another time and hand it in as homework. I didn’t take it seriously. Jokingly, I wrote my story about a taxi and arriving in Bel-Air, it was a joke.

We got our books handed back to us and I read through the marking, “I really love your writing style. Keep this up.” Followed by a little heart symbol. I knew the teacher was a flirt; she was quite nice and would always have the class in good spirits. I’ve even had her keep me after class to ask about my family because she was concerned personally.

The lesson went on and we were put into groups to do some work, and the groups of the day were our “friendship groups”. Shortly after us three started the work did my teacher come over and talk to me. She knelt down by the table, exposing the front of her top to me. It wasn’t huge or anything, I wasn’t used to it. “Perry, do you mind staying after class? I need to talk to you about the homework.” She said in a serious tone. I replied “Uhm, I guess so.” She got up and walked away at this point. I was questioned by my two friends about what it was about. I only said that I think she didn’t like the jokes in my story. I was trying to keep it from looking suspicious, but I was also confused.

Everybody had packed up and left the room, I told my friends I would be at the usual spot while they went to buy food. I went up to my teacher’s desk and stood, leaning forward with both my hands on the desk supporting me. “So Miss, what’s this about?” I questioned, curious to know.

“Oh it’s nothing bad. I just wanted to praise you, sit on that table if you want; I need to speak with you.”
I moved back, sitting down on the table close to her desk. “What’s to talk about?”

She moved from around the desk, now standing in front of me. She’d done this when asking about my family so it was nothing unusual. She was fairly small, only coming up to about my shoulders. In around her lower 30’s she was considered to be fit by me and my friend. With long blonde hair with spots of brown in it and dark brown eyes she was nothing to pass by. She was fairly skinny as well. She had DD perky breasts that didn’t droop. Today she was wearing a black blouse and a skirt that matched. Her ass though, by god was it nice. A bit big, bubbly and firm. You could easily tell in lesson that it was such an ass.

“Well” she said, bending over her desk to grab a pen and my book, “You have an amazing writing style. I’m in love with it.” I responded, “Thanks Miss, it’s actually nice hearing that. I needed it.” She reached over her desk again, trying to get the book in her bag. At this point I could tell how flirtatious she got, shaking her ass and taking longer than usual. I sat there, staring at her ass, skirt barely covering it as she reached further. I grew hard just looking. It was awkward and I knew I had to do something.

“Is that all Miss, or should I go or?” I started to stumble. I knew she could tell, being a major speaking presenter she could tell. She stood back up, slowly turning to face me. As she turned the whole 180 I saw her top buttons undone. I could see her cleavage and the sporting black bra she wore under. “Do you like?” Was the simply question she asked me.

“Uh, yeah, yeah. They’re amazing.” She started to unbutton her top more, to which I replied by throwing my bag and blazer off and undoing my buttons and tie. We both threw open our tops, revealing our chests. Her boobs laid there in her black bra, just wanting to be let free. We moved at each other, kissing furiously. I started to knick at her neck, drawing in her strong scent of perfume. I moved up, just stroking by her lips and nibbling on her ear. I knew I had done it right when a small moan passed her lips. Her breath smelt of strong mints, it was arousing.

We moved back to kissing as we groped at each other. I moved myself under her top and down the back of her skirt. I could feel her panties and grabbed at her ass. The firmness of them was relaxing as I moved my hands. As we slowed I moved back up her and fumbled with her bra. She giggled like a small girl and while still kissing me, guided me and removed her bra. Her boobs were in full show now and they were glorious. They were soft and had bright pink nipples on them. I grabbed them both and stroked, wanting her to become aroused. More moans passed her lips as she then fumbled with my belt.

I stood as she started to take off my trousers. Now all that was left was my boxers. She knelt on the floor and removed them slowly. My erection flopped out, smacking her in the face. As I looked down all I saw was her left side of her face, while her right side was just covered by my dick. “My god, Perry. How big is this?” She was surprised by my size. I responded calmly, “Oh about 6 and ¼ when fully hard.” I wasn’t lying and she could tell. The pure gleam in her eyes showed her excitement. She lightly lifted her head and ran her tongue along the bottom of my dick. I was sent into a frenzy, the sensations were so good and I didn’t want to miss one bit. I begged her to suck but I was met with resistance. Instead she started to jerk me, twisting her hand as she went. It didn’t take long until she held out her hands and told me to spit in them. Doing so she put both hands on deck and jerked me with a twisting motion. I felt like I was in paradise, the feelings were too good to explain.

This continued for a short while before she lowered her mouth to my dick. Licking the head first, covering the top with her saliva and then moving on. I was fully erect now and I could tell she knew. At first she would go down and upon the return would move away, with a small saliva trail going from her mouth to my dick. She started to become more aggressive, taking more in every time. Eventually she was talking the whole thing in, making noises as she went. The moisture and heat of her mouth made me want to explode but I knew I couldn’t, at least not yet.

I stood up, grabbing my teacher under her arms and picking her up. I dropped her on her table and lifted her legs up. I threw off her high heels and pulled off her skirt. She was now bare, with only an open black blouse and her green panties protecting her. I lowered her panties and started to move closer to her pussy. I took in her aroma, she was shaven and smelt of flowers. She was taking care of herself. I moved in further now, and stuck out my tongue. I started by only moving across the top, but dove in as soon as I could hear her soft cries. I knew from what little my brother told me (I didn’t know anything about sex) that I should caress her clit. I found it and rubbed it with my thumb and index finger. The soft cries grew louder and I sped up.

She was becoming wet, I was feeling how moist she was just by my tongue and soon my fingers were covered by her juices. I moved two fingers in her, slightly smaller than my dick, and moved inside her. She grabbed at my wrist with both hands, wanting me to stop. I stopped and got back up, kissing her again. I stuck my fingers in her mouth and watched her suck on them for a short while until they were clean.
I stood her back up and moved around so I was leaning against her desk. I lifted her left leg up and pushed my dick inside her. Both of her lubricants worked well as I slipped right in. She was both hot and damp. I started to pound away at her, reveling in the fact of how tight she was. “Oh god, Miss Negri, this is amazing” I said. Through the thrusts and her awkward breathing she said “A…nita… call me… Anita…”
I leant a bit further back, allowing her to come in close to me. Both her hands wrapped around my back, clawing into me. We kissed again, trying to keep our breath and kiss at the same time. Our tongues moving around, trying to cause the other to feel more.

“Anita… this is amazing… you’re so tight…” I said, I was in the mood and she was perfect. Her cries continued for a few minutes before we became bored of that position and she got off my dick. As she lifted her leg she raised it even higher, mirroring a gymnast closely. As he put her leg down she bent over the table and wiggled her ass. “Come get it, big boy” she taunted.

I stood up behind her, she was at the perfect height so all I had to do was move forward. I pushed pass her legs and into her pussy again. Both her legs made her become tighter than before and it felt a hell of a lot better. I started to thrust back and forward while moving my hands under her boobs, pinching at her nipples and stroking the rest. “Grab my… hair” she demanded, gasping for air and I kept fucking her. I grabbed her hair with my left hand, leaving my right to stroke her ass. I pulled her head back as I continued, calling her my slut and bitch.

The cries were becoming loud now and I could tell she was close. I stopped, flipped her over and leant straight into her. My dick was buried deep inside her as I continued. I would nick her neck every now and then as she wrapped her legs around me. Her hands dug into my back as he nails clawed away. I didn’t care at this point. I picked her up again while she was still wrapped around me. As I kept pounding at her she leant back, moaning as I went. The moans were becoming higher at this point and I knew she was going to cum soon.

I put her back on the table and continued fucking her. “Come on, cum in my pussy, cum in your teacher’s pussy”. I was close now and she was too, she started to stiffen. As I was nearing a close I felt her cum, it was hot and her pussy tightened a lot. I came nearly instantly after that into her pussy. I shot a huge load into her as we shared a few last kisses. We both sighed, signalling our finish.

We started to clean up there was still a good portion of lunch left so it was not too suspicious. As she stood up the combined cum trickled down her leg, she scooped it up and licked her fingers till they were clean. We were finally dressed again to look like nothing had happened after using a large amount of tissue to clean up the mess. We shared a long kiss where our tongues said their goodbyes and we parted. She went to the English staffroom to talk to the other teachers and I went on the my usual spot to hang with my friends.

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2013-12-18 12:49:47
When was this happen

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2013-11-22 00:05:42
Worst story ever. In one paragraph you say she kneels down and exposed the top but it was nothing huge. Very soon after somehow you know thst she has DD and perky tits even with a bra on? Youre dumb

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2013-11-22 00:05:42
Worst story ever. In one paragraph you say she kneels down and exposed the top but it was nothing huge. Very soon after somehow you know thst she has DD and perky tits even with a bra on? Youre dumb

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2013-11-22 00:05:42
Worst story ever. In one paragraph you say she kneels down and exposed the top but it was nothing huge. Very soon after somehow you know thst she has DD and perky tits even with a bra on? Youre dumb

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2013-11-22 00:05:34
Worst story ever. In one paragraph you say she kneels down and exposed the top but it was nothing huge. Very soon after somehow you know thst she has DD and perky tits even with a bra on? Youre dumb

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