ok another new story it has fisting its has deep insertions and I do mean DEEP it is very nasty though it may be a bit short this may only be the first story of jessica and stepanie I can write more mind you but I have to have good enough feed back I know I don't write to often that may be to bad but deal with it if u don't like the story tell me what is wrong with THE STORY not with my ideals this is what I like anybody who puts negative comments saying im sick or fucked up well you know what you can go out side and play hide and go fuck your selves for those that do like it if u want more just ask positive ratings are always welcome I know there will be grammer and spelling mistakes I caught a few yes but im sure that there are some that I missed oh well!

Ok so my name is Jessica I'm 32, 5 feet 9 inches tall, with long blond hair that goes down to my rear end. I have large breast's and i'll just leave it at that dosen't really matter about the specific size and my body is trim and toned so no fat where it shouldn't be. I'm not a lesbian but I do perfer women over men and the only reason for that is because I'm a masochist and the men are the biggest babies of them all when I want them to do something NASTY to me. So theis story is going to tell you about the fist real fisting I had and it was with a wonderful girl whom i've never forgotten. I've done many things on my own i've opened my ass hole well with a speculum as well as my pussy. There have been many a night where i've had my pussy stretched open while I layed in front of a mirror and have just marveled at my cervix as I spread it open. Most nights I would have to stop from exaustion because I have a candle that I use one of the long ones like you see in movies that I push it in and it hurts so much (and I love it) that I squirt so hard that I have to clean the mirror because I can't see anything in it anymore.

My bed room is an assortment of handcuffs, whips, chains, and other various objects. Like I said though most of that is for the times when I have someone over and most men believe it or not talk big but they are only good for a few strokes after that is good night and maybe we shall do something agian "MAYBE" being the big word because they leave satisfied and I'm so not. So I spend the rest of the evening trying to get my self off which nothing much helps becuase I'm so damn horny I can come a dozen times and it's still not enough. So I turn to my old friend in a bottle and just fall asleep with objects stuffed up my cunt and my ass my nipples with clamps on them and wake up in the morning hurting all over heading to the bathroom showering and taking some meds to stop my thorbbing headache.

Any way one night I decided to go trolling at a bar this was a mostly ladies bar not that guys didn't hang out there it's just that most guys would come in get shot down a dozen times and head off to another bar with easier pickup's. Don't get me wrong every now and then a guy would get picked up and it was usually by a couple of chicks who were just looking for a piece of meat for a one night stand and they usually pick a guy at the bar who wasn't trying to hit anything with two legs and a pussy, but I'm dipsticking from my story and need to get back to it. So I'm at the bar i've got a nice little table where I can see the door and I'm kinda in a dark spot so most of the chicks walk by with out even noticing that I'm there. I'm on my second martini and in walks this cute little thing with short cut red hair, and I mean the real stuff not that died from a bottle crap. She looks like she could only be 13 not even able to drink small tits nice little ass just a bit of a bubble, but so hot on her a short shirt that shows off her very nice stomach and a short skirt that says yes I'm a slut but can you handle me I think not.

She sat down at the bar and I quickly but trying to look like I'm not trying headed over to sit next to her at the bar. I ordered another drink for my self and introduced my self. She said her name was Stephanie and she was looking for something a little different tonight. I asked her saying I know it's sudden and all but would you like to come back to my place. She answered by dropping two 20's at the bar more than enough to pay for our drinks and give the bar man a nice tip then gently put her lips up to mine and just barely brushed my lips with hers before moving to my ear and whispering "let's go now cause I'm not wearing any panties". My god I almost came right there it was the most sexually arousing thing I have ever heard even to this day and if I could have I would have layed her down right there and feasted. Sadly this was not the time or the place. We ran to my loft apartment only a block away and as soon as the door closed it was like a bomb went off clothes went everywhere. We both stood there naked looking at each others wonderful bodies and as horny as we both were we just wanted to take a second and drink in the sight of the other.

Like I said she was short maybe a foot less than me she had small tits perhaps an A cup, no bra, with nipples that could poke your eyes out she was trim and tanned with no tan lines and a small hair less snatch. I quickly dropped to me knees opened her little hole and took one nibble of her clit, and that was all it took for her to squirt in my face and cover me with her girl juices. She collapsed and I caught her and carried her to my bedroom while she was cradled in my arms with her hands around my neck. She began to nibble my ear lobe as I opened my room good thing the bed was only a few feet away becuse I was on the verge of an orgasm that when she pinched my left nipple I literally dropped her on the bed as my body shook from an intense orgasm. We both layed there for just a few minutes cuddled up enjoying the new found love we were both feeling at that moment. After a moment she started to notice my assortment of stuff and asking questions which I was more than happy to answer. When she found out I was a mosochist she wanted to know first what it ment and second what it ment that she could do. I explained to her that I got off on pain and it ment she could do most anything as long as it didn't leave a scar.

Of cours before we started with me I wanted to have a little fun with her that didn't last all of three seconds. So I rolled on top of her and she grabbed one of my nipples between her teeth and bit down hard before I could move down her and another orgasm shot through my body making me squirt all over her legs. I pushed her head back and moved down to her nipples and sucked and rolled my toung over the erect little buds making her moan and squirm on the bed. As I began to nibble her little buds she tried to move her hands to her pussy I quickly moved her hands up to the fuzzy cuffs attached to my head board and locked them in place so she couldn't pleasure her self and would be stuck in agony till I made her cum. I worked planting little kisses down her stomach stopping to kiss her belly button (an outie) and play with it for a moment. She squirmed a little and I'm guessing no one had ever done this to her before. I kissed down to her thighs and around her labia never touching her lips though not for lack of her bucking and trying to get me to hit her pleasure center. I kissed down her left leg slowly moving my finger nails along her leg tickling it as I moved to her foot. I gently and slowly devoured each toe starting at the largest and flicking my tounge in between each didget as I went. She just sighed and relaxed as I went giving the effect I wanted as I moved to her right foot administering the same treatment and getting another sweet sigh from her. As I moved up her right leg she began to move around again. I got to her hips and kissed from the outside of her right hip across her waist to the outside of her left hip using my nails to tickle the inside of her thighs making her sqirm very nicely.

I figured I had tortured her almost enough as I kissed down toward her lips gently pulling them apart and recieving a large amount of juice. I licked the inside of her outer lips and recieved the sweet taste fo strawberries. I barely brushed my lips over her clit and recieved another large squirt from her pussy. She shook for three minutes as I uncuffed her hands she curled into a ball and I spooned with her as she came down from an all natural high. When she was finished she gently rolled me over and cuffed my hands as I had done to her and used all the same techniques that I had used and I came from being treated the same way god she was a quick learner. I asked her to reach into the top drawer of my night stand beside my bed and pull out the lube and the speculum which she was only to happy to do. After lubing up the speculum I told her to insert it into my pussy and open it to the max it would go. When she was done she could see up
into my pussy and was looking right at my cervix. She pulled the box of latex gloves from my night stand and lubed up her hand and started to reach for my pussy.

I stopped her and directed her to my ass she smeared my hole with lube and proceded to insert two fingers at once inside me. She quickly got the idea that that wasn't going to be enough and added a third and a forth finger and then her thumb. Than with out warning her whole hand just dropped into my well used ass. She paused for a moment looking at the expression on my face after seeing I was fine she wanted to know what she should do. I told her to go as far as she could as long as she was comfertable with it she pushed her hand in till she was past her wrist and I could feel her hand moving into me like a wonderful pointed object. She continued pushing and as I looked down for as well as I could see she was half way up her lower arm with her eyes bulging at how much I could take, but thankfully she didn't stop. She pushed all the way up to her elbow and paused what she did next was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt even though it also
hurt like hell. She began to swing her arm back and forth inside me moving my insides around and makeing my already open ass hole stretch this way and that. Then she stoped and moved her arm down and touched my backbone with my insides it was a feeling I cant describe, but I will say it was marvelous. She reversed her arm and pushed my stomach up as I watched my tummy rise from the inide out I could almost make out the shape of her hand in my skin. She pushed as hard as she could and I could feel my muscles pushing back trying to keep her from ripping through. That was it my pussy contracted and the speculum squeezed out and I squirted all the way over to the wall. Thang goodness Stephanie was out of the way or she might have been injured from the force of my squirt. I passed out.

When I came to it took a moment for my eyes to adjust. Aperently I hadn't been out all that long because from the bathroom I could hear the water running and Stephanie humming sweetly. I was still cuffed which didn't bother me a bit this was the most thrilling night I had ever had. As Stephanie returned from the bathroom she had a wash cloth in her hand. Oh your awake she cooed good I was hoping you wouldn't be out to long because I was wanting to continue if you were feeling up to it. Hell yeah was I feeling up to it. I asked her what happened she appoligized saying she had gotten a little to rough. As the warm wash cloth touched my ass hole a shot of pain surged through my body and my nipples became erect in an instant as I hissed through clenched teeth. Sorry bout that she said your ass is gonna be a bit tender as she held up the wash cloth a small bit of blood tinged the white material. Like I said I got a bit to rough. She sat back on her ass giving me a wonderful view of her spread legs and her bald cunt, and asked what did I wanna do now.

I told her that although my ass was satisfied my pussy was not. She put on two new latex gloves and started inserting fingers into my pussy. Starting with three this time she quickly added the other two digits and pushed her hand in without hesitation or resistance. She then took her other hand and added another two fingers still not full enough she inserted her whole hand. I now had two hands writhing and moving in all directions in my cunt and I couldn't have been happier or so I thought. She removed one hand and I mewled with the loss of a dear friend. Her other hand hadn't finished she pushed it all the way back till she bumped against my cervix, and unfolded her hand the experience was magical. She touched my cervix and my body jumped she than began to finger circles around the opening. Than a finger popped in and a long slow growl left my body than another finger and another growl. I was hurting my body was on fire and I was loving every single second and soaking up every single feeling. My pussy and cervix opened than clamped down on her fingers and hand as she tried to keep them inserted as my body shook, creamed, squirted and sqirmed from the most wonderful orgasme EVER! After a few minutes once I had settled down she started moving again. She inserted a third finger and a forth and asked if it was too much or not enough. Though my speech was very slurred because my brain was trying to keep from shutting down completely I managed to get out one word. MORE! She pushed in her thumb and then slowly ever so slowly pushed her hand into my cervix till I felt a POP and her wrist was in. I looked down to see a small bulge in my abdoman.

Her hand was in my womb it was really in there and I was in heaven. Angels rejoiced, trumpets sounded and I was the fullest that I had ever been and was loving ever single part of it. My body was all tingles as if some one had sat on me untill I went numb and than got off me to let the circulation flow through me once agian. I began to sweat, and shake, and pull at the cuffs as my whole body tried to curl into a ball with an experience I had never had before of since. She yanked her hand from my body or maybe I pushed and it popped out what ever happened thats the last thing I remember. I woke up the sun was shining in through the skylight hitting my face I turned my head in agony and looked at the clock 3:30 PM. I tried to get up only to find out that I couldn't move its not that I was still tied down, but the fact that my body woudn't move on its own. The bedroom door opened and Stephanie peeked in. Noticieng that I was awake she entered wearing one of my button up shirts with only the top three buttons done. She did a little twirl as she came in and the
shirt lifted for the briefest of moment and I got a glimpse of her tight ass and bald cunt. She came over put her arms under me and helped me out of the bed and into the bathroom so that I could pee. Insted of letting me sit on the toilet like I was used to she gently reached down spead my labia and watched as my piss hole opened up and a golden stream ejected from my body and entered the toilet. After I was done she wiped my hole and led me over to the shower. My legs were better but still to wobbly to support my self. She opened the door and we walked or she walked I kinda hobbled into my shower that could have fit 5. I sat on the stool I had in there for days when I just wanted to let my cares soak away in the hot shower jets. She turned on the shower and threw the shirt out the shower door and closed it. She adjusted the water and began to lather up the large sponge that I used for washing. I loved this sponge since it was one of the big over sized ones shaped like an 8.

She latherd up my body paying special attention to my nipple by tweeking them and she soaped up my large tits. As she worked her way down to my cunt she ran the sponge through my lips and licked and sucked my clit while she soaped up my legs and toes. Miny orgasms were shooting through me left and right and little sparkles flew through my vision. She lifted me up and layed me on my stomach and spred my ass cheaks and massaged my ass with the sponge than she rinsed off my body and began to shampoo and condition my hair, and since I have so much it took a while. Not that I minded since this gave me time to sit under the shower head and enjoy the warm water as it eased the tension out of my muscles. When she finished we exited the shower with me still needing a hand to keep me steady. She grabbed two big terry towles from under the sink and dried us both off putting both of our hairs up in a turbin style to let them dry. Entering the kitchen not wearing a stich she had me sit where she brought over a cup of coffee, two hearty pancakes with syrup and butter, five stips of bacon, and two scrabbled eggs. I took a crunchy bite out of one of the stips of bacon and noticed that I was famished. I devoured the bacon and eggs and swallowed the coffee as quickly as I could. As Stephanie refilled my cup I began to tear into the pancakes with a hunger I had never known before. After a very filling breakfast she led me back to my bedroom and I sat at my vanity table with large mirror and assortment of hair brushes and perfumes that I used to make myself look beautiful everyday. Stephanie had changed the sheets out on the bed while I was sleeping and had put a fresh new set down. I looked in the mirror and it took a moment to figure that the face staring back was mine. My eyes were bloodshot and my eye lids only opened half way and my face was almost devoid of color besides my cheeks that looked like I had been slapped repetedly.

Stephanie sat me down and began to comb my hair as she hummed a sweet tune that I couldn't place. I just leaned my head back and allowed her tune to carry around me and bring back wonderful memories. When she was done she helped me over to the bed and we embraced in a long slow sensual kiss. We both looked into each others eyes and knew that we were ment to stay together. Stephanie moved in with me and we have more than enough room for the both of us. We have also thought of getting pregnant togther. A very hot guy just moved in down stairs and every night he brings home another girl and gets very loud. Not that we mind we usually join in the loud ness which has had the police come around quite a few times. I wonder if he can handle both of us? Only time will tell!

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"She looks like she could only be 13 not even able to drink small tits nice little ass just a bit of a bubble, but so hot on her a short shirt that shows off her very nice stomach and a short skirt that says yes I'm a slut but can you handle me I think not."

This is the most poorly constructed sentence I've ever seen. Things like this make it hard to enjoy the story...

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I loved it and I would love it if you continued the story. Really liked the cervix play, would definitely like some more of the stuff right there. I know there is now way in hell its possible, but fuck it this is a dirty fantasy land, anything is possible. the grammar was fine for me. fuck all toughs grammar Nazi's!


2013-11-20 10:17:23
you tell me my stories r shit yet at this point I have an 80 percent raiting im not an avid writer but if u think you can do better log in let me see your stories with better raitings than mine than you can put down my stories loser!

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The idea of the story is good,but your grammar and spelling and sentence construction is utter shit!If you don't fix that,do us a favour...stoo writting!Did not even read upto halfway through

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mmm very hot I love this story

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