Brad and Sophie include a friend in their sexual exploits
I opened my eyes and lay there in the dark room, my mind still foggy with sleep. My arms were wrapped around a warm, naked body. I raised my head and found the clock, and realised I had woken up 40 minutes before the alarm goes off. As I lay there a soft snoring reaches my ears. I looked down to regard the soft, angelic form of my younger sister as she nestled into my chest. A light buzzing begins deep in my groin as my eyes sweep along the length of her perfect figure. I subconsciously pull her closer to me, pressing my erection into her abdomen. Sophie began to stir slightly, tucking her legs up and putting one arm around me. Her other hand starts to trail down my chest.

As her petite hand slowly engulfs my shaft in it's warm embrace, her eyes flutter open and look at mine. Her lips slowly form a wide smile.
"Good Morning brother. Mmm, I could get used to waking up like this" she squeezes my cock and moves forward to kiss me on the cheek.
"How did you sleep Brad?"
"Well, I wish I could say I slept well, but I kept waking up in the middle of the night to ogle at this naked beauty that was sleeping next to me."
Sophie sits up and grins cheekily. "Heheh, I know, it took me a couple of hours before I fell asleep. You woke up and started stroking me a couple of times. You have no idea how hard it was to pretend to be asleep and not just pounce on you."
I grabbed Sophie around the shoulders and threw her to the bed and pinned her, tickling her mercilessly as she squealed and begged me to stop. "So, my little sister thinks that I'll just let her get away with being so naughty, does she?"
"No-ahahahaha-stop it you bastard!"
I finally let up and roll over onto my side. Sophie rolled with me and rested her head next to mine, speaking in a soft voice. "This is so perfect Brad. I wouldn't change a thing right now. Oh, well there is ONE thing....."

She giggled and rolled over, pressing her ass up into my groin. "How much time do we have before we get up?" She asked innocently.
I lined my cock up with her butt and poised at the entrance, while Sophie reached down the side of the bed and grabbed a bottle of lube, passing it to me. I squeezed a sizeable amount onto the tip of my cock, and pressed it against her ring.
"Yikes! That's cold!" Sophie yelped. I waited for her to relax before continuing, pushing forward slightly while pulling back on her hips. I slowly entered her, getting three inches inside before stopping. The feeling of her ass swallowing my cock was amazing.
"How do you feel now, my gorgeous sister?" I asked cheekily. Sophie responded by pushing back at me until I was all the way in.
"There! Now it's perfect."

We gently rocked with each other for a while, savouring the exquisite feeling of my cock being milked by her anal walls. Slowly I picked up the pace, encouraged by the whimpering noises Sophie was making. Sophie grabbed my hand in hers and squeezed it tightly, her breathing getting heavier and heavier as I kept up a fast pace. My cock could feel every bump and ridge of her anus as I fucked it. I grabbed her breast in my hand and pulled her closer to me. Our bodies moved in unison as I pounded away, rocking the whole bed with my thrusts.
"Oh Sophie, fuck I love you!"
Pushing all the way inside her I came, spraying her bowels with my seed. We held that position for an age as I spasmed and rocked, our genitals still twitching and gripping each other. My penis stayed hard inside her as we spooned, holding each other's hands.

Looking up, I saw we had ten minutes before the alarm went off. I pulled out slowly and turned Sophie onto her back, kissing her tenderly on the lips.
"Well Soph, we've got ten minutes to kill before we're meant to wake up. The way I see it we have two options here. Option A: We "wake up" now and get ready for school. Option B: I see how many times I can make you cum before the alarm goes off."
I wiggle my way down her body as she giggled and ruffled my hair. I stopped just outside of her labia and sat there, looking at her beautiful sex. I could see my cum dripping out of her ass onto the sheet.
"I hope you don't mind but I think you're going to need a fresh sheet."
Sophie, misunderstanding what I said, smiled broadly and cupped my cheeks in her hands. "Fuck, that is so sexy Brad. Yes, make me cum all over the bed. I want you to make me soak the mattress through!"
Chuckling to myself I didn't say anything, preferring her interpretation. I spread her lips with my fingers and slowly licked up her vulva. Sophie gasped and bucked her hips, already very close to orgasm. It only took two minutes of sucking on her clit to make her cum.
"Aaaaaaah Yes Brad!!!" Sophie shrieked as she closed her legs around my face. I concentrated on lapping up the juices pouring out of her cunt as Sophie jumped and spasmed, humping my face viciously. When she was done I started to kiss up and down her legs, giving her a chance to recover.

Her thighs were so creamy and smooth, I loved to lick and suck the supple flesh into my mouth. Up and down I went, savouring the delicious texture. Eventually I knew she was ready for more because she started to hold her breath every time I kissed up her inner thigh. When I made another pass up I hovered over her hot pussy and lightly kissed it, eliciting a gasp and a jump from Sophie. I kissed, licked and sucked every inch of her vulva, revelling in the rich taste and intoxicating scent of her arousal. Sophie gripped my hair, intermittently clenching her thighs around my face and grinding it into her mound.
"Oh wow, Brad your tongue feels so fucking good. Mm right there, don't move from there!"
I brought my hand up and slowly inserted two fingers inside her up to the knuckle. Her vaginal walls clenched around them as I massaged and probed the entrance. Faster and faster I lashed at her vulva with my tongue as my fingers plunged in and out of her.
"Ungh! Ungh! Uuuuuugh ah, ah, don't stop, please don't stop Brad. I fucking love you, oh God, yes, YES!"
As Sophie is crying out from pleasure the alarm radio starts to go.
"Ignore it Soph, come on you're nearly there!"
I sucked and pinched her clit between my lips, stopping to lavish it every few seconds with my tongue. My fingers were pistoning in and out of her as she convulsed, drooling slightly.
"Come on Sophie, I know you can do it! Squirt all over me!"
Sophie groaned and gripped my head, holding it against her pussy as she started to rise up into a sitting position on the bed.
"OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD" Sophie screamed, squirting everywhere. My face was soaked instantly as I sucked up her juices, craving more and more as they gushed out.

I felt Sophie flop back onto the bed as I feasted on her cum. Her vagina had such a tight hold around my fingers that it felt like they would fall off. I slowly massaged her clitoral clusters (A.K.A G-spot) as I brought my face up to hers and kissed her softly. I didn't think she would have any energy left so I was taken back by the way she threw herself at me and mashed her lips against mine, penetrating my mouth with her tongue. She pushed me back onto the bed and straddled me, her wet thighs slipping and sliding against my groin.
"Braaaaaad, Brad that was amazing. Oh my God, I am so fucking lucky!" She squealed and buried her head into my chest, her nails ripping into my arms as she clung to me.

We lay there for a bit while I stroked her hair, listening to the radio play. I knew we had to get up soon or we would be late but I also knew that I didn't care if I spent the rest of my life in that position. I loved the feeling of Sophie's luscious breasts pressing into my stomach, and the way our intertwined legs were rubbing and caressing. Finally I accepted reality with a sigh, and tried to nudge Sophie off of me. Sophie clung tighter to me and became rigid, resisting my attempts to break our reverie.
"Come on Soph, we have to get ready for school."
"Not only will mum kill me if we don't go, but she will also never consider leaving us alone on a school night ever again. Come on sis, we have to."
Sophie made a cute little noise of frustration as she bounced up off the bed and haughtily stomped away, only to pause in the doorway and spin around at me. "Naked breakfast in the kitchen?" She asked quickly, winking at me before dashing off. I loved how quickly Sophie's mood could clear; she never seemed to be too down for long. I quickly followed her into the kitchen and sat down, watching my sister's beautiful, smooth body as she bent down to grab two bowls from the cabinet, walked over to the cupboard, reached up to grab the cereal, and made our breakfast. She sat down in the chair next to me and moved it as close to me as possible, so that the skin of our legs were touching. We ate in silence, putting down our spoons every once in a while to absent-mindedly touch each others bodies. I slowly chewed my food with my eyes closed as my finger separated her labia and slowly caressed her soft vulva. Sophie stopped chewing and her grip on my cock tightened as I travelled past her clit.

"Brad, we're never going to get to school at this rate!" Sophie looked at me with a mixture of exasperation and amusement on her face.
"I know, I'm sorry I just can't help it. We've gotten ready for school together as brother and sister for over 11 years now. I just want to savour this moment for as long as possible."
"Me too Brad. My head is swimming in a foggy cloud of bliss right now." She leaned over and sucked my cock into her mouth, slowly circling it with her soft tongue, then she moved up and kissed me on the lips. I slowly brought my hand up from exploring her wetness to holding her face as we made out. Eventually we tore ourselves away from each other long enough to finish our breakfast, shower (we decided to shower separately to avoid any delays) and get dressed for school. It was a fairly cool Spring day, so I was wearing a simple top-and-pants combo, and Sophie looked absolutely stunning in her school top, skirt and white knee-high socks. I stood there ready to leave, but was rendered completely immobile by how beautiful she looked. Her blonde shoulder-length hair was covering half of her face as she looked at me, and the one eye that I could see had me trapped in it's hazel prison. Slowly she walked towards me, her hands resting lightly on my shoulders as she leaned in close. My breathing had grown laboured and erratic, her beautiful and luscious lips that were inches from my own had captured my complete attention.
"I still can't believe my childhood dream came true" She murmured softly, stroking my face with the back of her hand.
I grinned at her, not being able to help myself, as I cupped her face in my hands. "Come on Soph, if we don't leave now we never will."
"What's so bad about that?" Sophie pouted, but she had already grabbed her bag and was walking towards the front door. I slung mine over my shoulder and followed her out.

The bus came not long after we arrived at the stop. We chose to sit at the back and got to enjoy a nice quiet journey, with Sophie's head on my shoulder and our hands holding each other. When we arrived at the school the bell had already gone and students were heading inside. As we parted ways Sophie whispered to me "keep your phone close by" and winked. Sure enough, with 5 minutes to go before Recess I received a text from her simply stating "Middle-school building, East Wing, 2nd floor disabled toilets. Knock 7 times". As soon as the bell had rung I was out of my seat and power-walking down the hall. We didn't have much time and I wanted to savour every second. I exited the senior building and headed towards their building, slipping past the students exiting the building. As I approached the second floor and entered the deserted hallway, I spotted the right toilet sign and rushed over, skidding to a halt outside the door. I calmed myself, and slowly knocked seven times. After five seconds there was a 'click' and the door swung open. I hurried inside and closed the door, locking it behind me.

When I turned around I nearly jumped out of my skin; next to Sophie, was her closest friend Emily, looking at me and blushing openly.
"Soph, what are you thinking? Does she kn-"
"-shh, not so loud Brad! Yes, she knows everything. I spent the last period filling her in." They giggled together and both took a step towards me, pinning me against the bathroom door. Sophie casually went on. "She's known for years now how much I wanted you, in fact she was the one who kept telling me to make a move."
I looked towards Emily for confirmation and she nodded her head, taking another half-step towards me. I've always loved the way Emily looked. Where my sister's beauty was more in your face and care-free, Emily had more of a sophisticated elegance and shy demeanour about her. Her straight brown hair ran halfway down her back, and I loved her light blue eyes. I have always had a thing for Emily, and I think she knew it and liked it; she was always extra smiley and bubbly and touchy-feely around me. As if to emphasise my thoughts, she pushed her petite chest into mine and pressed me against the wall, breathing onto my neck.

Sophie continued to talk like everything was perfectly normal. "You see, I promised her that if I ever did get my hands on you, that I would get you to teach her about sex. She's never even seen a cock before, and I figured that you wouldn't say no to a fun lesson or two!"
I gulped and struggled to speak. "W-well.. That's not, not e-entirely-"
Emily interrupted me in her sweet, light-as-feathers voice "Please, Brad. I've known you for ten years now, and there's no doubt in my mind that I want you. I know you want me too." Her hands rubbed the obscene bulge in my pants and I moaned involuntarily, putting my arms around her. I don't know why I had initially resisted, maybe I was scared of the trouble we could get into. But all of my worries disappeared as soon as my lips touched hers. I ran my hands up and down her back as we kissed again and again and again, years of unspoken sexual tension that had finally received an outlet gushing out, unchecked. My hands roamed the front of her uniform, squeezing her breasts and cupping her mound through her skirt. Her hands felt so wonderfully warm and soft as they explored my chest under my shirt. She moaned into my mouth and scrabbled at my jeans, undoing my belt and fly.
"When Sophie told me that she was going to blow you during recess, I begged her to let me do it instead. Is that OK? I know I won't be as good as Sophie but I, I want to do this so badly! Please?"

Emily pleaded me with her eyes as I stood there against the door, speechless. Finally I mustered up the capacity to speak. "Uhh, sure, of course Em! I would fucking love that" Emily grinned at me and tugged my pants and undies down, leaving me with only a top on. She held her breath and got on her knees, holding my erect dick out towards her face, turning it this way and that. Slowly she ran her tongue along the shaft, tasting my skin. I clenched my teeth from the surge of pleasure that her tongue ignited along my meat. I exhaled loudly when Emily closed her mouth around the head and sat there, looking up at me with concentration etched on her face. Sophie got down on her knees next to her and started to whisper instructions to her. Emily began to bob up and down, swirling her tongue around slowly. Sophie would have her speed up, then slow down as I approached climax. About halfway through Emily pulled off and lightly jacked my cock, talking excitedly with drool running down her chin. "I really like this! Your cock feels so good in my mouth Brad. And your pre-cum tastes interesting too. Am I doing alright?"
"A-absolutely amazing, please don't stop."
Emily giggled happily to herself as she plunged back down on my shaft. Sophie was giving less and less instructions as Emily found her own rhythm. After a while we heard the preliminary bell that goes off a couple of minutes before the real one.
"He's nearly finished, come on you can do it Emily!" My sister urged, pushing her friends face further down onto my rod. I was struggling with every fibre of my being not to shout out in pleasure, as Emily's mouth milked the sperm up out of my balls. Sophie held Emily's head still as I lightly fucked it, filling her mouth up with my cream. Emily gulped down each mouthful of sperm I gave her, then leaned back, letting my soft penis fall from her mouth and sighing.

"That was a lot better than I thought it would be! Was it as good to do Jake as it is Brad?" Emily turned to ask my sister.
"It's hard to say. Brad's is a lot bigger and thicker so it's harder to do, but personally I like the way it fills up my mouth. What did you think of the taste of cum? I think Brad's tastes better than Jake's."
"Yeah, I didn't mind it at all, I mean it didn't taste GREAT but I'd swallow again, no problem." Emily turned to me and kissed me on the lips. Our tongues danced, and I could taste my sperm on her tongue. Sophie broke us apart and kissed Emily deeply, before turning to me and doing the same.
When we finally broke away, Sophie's voice was a little breathless as she spoke "You should probably go now Brad, before the bell goes."
"Yeah you're right. Em, thank you so much. I hope you let me return the favour some day."
"I should be thanking you Brad! But don't worry, you can pay me back by making sure you come back at lunchtime." Emily suggested with a wink, and I pulled both of them in for a group hug, my face buried in Emily's hair. We held that position until the final bell went off.
"Whoops! I better get going. I'll see you both at lunch." I gave them both a quick kiss and darted out of the toilet, closing it quickly behind me. Thankfully there was no one around, and I was able to leave the building without incident.

The next period was an exquisite form of torture as I desperately waited for the lunch bell to go. I didn't even pretend to pay attention to the lesson, all I could think about was how ridiculously slow the minute hand was moving on the clock. Try as I might, I couldn't stop re-living Emily's blowjob, and I was going insane with impatience, waiting for lunch to arrive. 5 minutes before lunch my phone vibrated in my pocket, and I discreetly brought it out and looked at it. It was a photo message from a number my phone didn't recognise. I opened the message and quickly stifled a gasp. The picture was the crotch-shot of a Female student, her legs were spread and I could see under her skirt. Her panties had a big wet spot in the middle, and one of her puffy labia lips were exposed. There was a single line of text at the bottom: "The thought of what you're going to do to me is driving me crazy. Hurry up lunch!" I gulped and backed out of the message, adding Emily's phone number to my contacts. Then I made sure no one was looking, undid my fly and released my aching hard-on, taking a quick picture before stuffing him back into my pants. I sent the photo to Emily with only one word: "Hunger".

At long last the bell for lunch went, and I bolted out of the classroom, not caring about what others thought. I approached the Middle-School building and ducked inside, fighting the flow of students trying to escape to the yard. No one paid any attention to me, save for one or two of Sophie's friends who waved as I rushed past. I reached the second floor and slowed down to a casual walk. I passed one teacher in the hallway, but thankfully they either didn't realise that I was a senior or they didn't care. I reached the door, quietly and quickly tapping seven times. After a short pause the lock slid open and my sister's face appeared. Her cheeks were bright red and her chin was oddly glistening. I could see her bare shoulders. She quickly pulled me in and locked the door, throwing me against the wall at the same time. I took in the scene before me. Emily was lying naked on the floor, fingering herself and watching Sophie as she tore my clothes off me, taking the time to kiss random parts of my body as she did so. When I was completely naked she walked over to Emily and got into the 69 position with her, completely ignoring me. I had planned to get right into it but now that I was looking at these two going at it I knew I couldn't pass up the chance to appreciate this fantastic sight. I crouched over Emily and stroked her hair as she feasted on my sisters leaking pussy. From the looks of it Emily was no novice to cunnilingus, I suspected that these two had been pushing the boundary for a while now, which took me back a little. I kneaded Sophie's buttocks and lightly massaged her anus with my fingers, feeling her push back at them, trying to get me to penetrate her. I teased her some more while telling Emily to speed up, and as Sophie started to grind against her best friends face I quickly slipped two fingers inside her anus, causing her to gasp in shock and shudder involuntarily.

We quickly had Sophie thrashing about in orgasm through our combined efforts, and Emily hastily pushed Sophie off of her and swivelled around so that our genitals were aligned. She moved towards me but I held her back, not ready yet. I moved down and quickly lapped at her already glistening vulva, delighting in her mild but erotic taste. It might have been my mind playing tricks on me, but I swear there was the faintest taste of Sophie's mouth among the other flavours, and it tipped me over the edge into a frenzy of lust as I attacked her pussy with my tongue. Sophie crawled down between my legs and slowly slipped my aching cock into her mouth, lapping up the pre-cum oozing out and covering my entire shaft in her saliva.
"Come on Brad, she's ready."
I moved up Emily's supple body to her mouth, penetrating it with my tongue. I felt Sophie's hand grip my cock and guide it towards her friend's vagina.
"You're going to have to push hard to get through Brad, she can barely take two of my small fingers."
I turned to look at Sophie. "Are you crazy? That'll hurt like hell!"
Emily turned my face towards hers with her hand. "It's okay, just hold me until it stops hurting."

I could see fear and uncertainty in Emily's eyes, but also a quiet bravery and determination to see this through. I steadied myself and pushed slightly past her labia, finding her tiny hole with my girth. I was certain there was no way I was going to fit, but I knew that neither of them would let me stop now, even if I actually wanted to. I gripped her shoulders with my hands and tensed for a second, before pushing hard against her. To my surprise. I slipped in quite easily, until I bumped her hymen. Emily flinched and gripped my arms, making me stop instantly.
"Just push through, get it over with Brad!" Sophie urged me, and I lunged forward slightly, ripping through. Emily let out a fraction of a squeal before I clamped my hand over her mouth, and our arms tightened around each other as. I felt her ridiculously tight cunt squeeze and stretch around my steel hard-on. I held myself up off of her slightly, allowing our skin to touch as she slowly unclenched her muscles. When she squeezed my hips with her thighs I slowly drew out before sinking back in, getting three-quarters of the way in.
Emily let out a long, drawn-out gasp and quickly blurted out "I love you" and gripped me tighter in her arms.

I grinned down at her, thinking she said that out of lust, but quickly realised just how serious she was by the sad, anxious expression she was wearing. "I....... I love you Brad. I'm sorry, I know that you and Sophie are meant for each other and that you could never love anyone else, but I-I can't help these feelings, every time I see you I-"
"Oh for christ's sake Em, he loves you too!" Sophie said with humour in her voice. "Honestly you're meant to be so smart but you can never see the obvious even when it's screwing you on your back!"
Emily turned to me, her face still clouded with doubt. I slowly pulled in and out of her, leaning close to her ear and speaking in a low voice.
"Emily, the only thing that stopped me from asking you out 6 years ago is the fact that you're my sister's best friend. If you had come to me at any point during my relationship with Tracey I would have dumped her then and there over the phone. I love Sophie, and I have always loved her body, but she's not the one I fantasised over when I discovered masturbation. She's not the one I would find any and every excuse to hug or hold or even just to brush up against. You've always been my forbidden desire. I thought I had kept my feelings for you a secret from Soph, but I guess I should have known better."

Emily's breathing had gotten more and more intense as I talked into her ear, slowly picking up my pace with each sentence. She was so unimaginably tight that I knew I wasn't going to last very long, but I wanted Emily's first time to be special. I pinched her nipple and held her waist up slightly with my hands as I fucked her, allowing me to enter deeper. Sophie scooted around and crouched low to Emily's face, giving her a passionate kiss before speaking "He's not going to last for much longer Em, do you want him to pull out or stay inside?"
I marvelled at how Sophie had known how close I was and had thought to ask the thing I should have asked at the beginning.
Emily locked her legs around my hips and pulled me closer to her "Stay inside, stay inside, I'm coming!"
I felt her vagina clamp down on my cock as I pounded her hard, holding her against me and mashing my mouth against hers. Emily's nails ripped into my back as I fucked her mercilessly, feeling my sperm surge from my ball sack and through my scrotum, igniting a white-hot fire in my loins. I buried myself completely inside her as we squeezed and convulsed against one another, not seeing or hearing, only feeling our genitals fuse together and the waves of pleasure cascade through our bodies.

5 minutes went by before I slowly pulled out of her, Sophie immediately pounced on my groin and sucked my limp dick into her mouth. She licked it clean and let it slide out with a pop.
"Mmmm, you two taste great together! Brad, that was... THAT was..... so, fucking hot. The way your back was going up and down as you fucked her mercilessly. You have to do that to me!"
She leaned up and kissed me, gripping onto my arm tightly. I held her for a moment, before moving over to Emily to see how she's doing. She opened her eyes slightly and smiled at me as I leaned over her on all fours, our faces level. My lips gently found hers and our bodies melted into each other. Emily's hand found my spent member and cradled it, stroking my balls tenderly. She pushed my head away and gasped for air. "Time-out, give me a second!"
"But it was only meant to be a quick kiss! S-sorry" I mumbled, embarrassed.
"Don't be sorry, you dumbarse!" Emily replied, letting out a loud laugh before hastily covering her mouth.

I decided that drawing out the risk of getting caught naked with two middle-school girls in the disabled toilet any longer would be foolish to say the least, so I quickly dressed and reluctantly let Sophie fix my unkempt hair and straighten my clothes.
"You know, if anyone who knew me saw me like this, they would be instantly suspicious" I said dryly.
"Who cares, I think you look better that way." Sophie replied, finishing with my collar and giving me a pat on the head like I was an obedient dog. I replied by bending her over and pretending to slap her hard.
"You're lucky that that would be a really dumb thing to do right now" I said grinning, then I walked over to Emily who was frigging away happily. I slowly inserted two of my fingers inside her and pulled them out just as slowly and pushed them into Emily's open mouth. She sucked and licked my fingers clean, bobbing her head up and down on them in an obvious suggestion for me to stay. I kissed her on the forehead and sadly shook my head, giving her a quick hug and leaping up before she could get her sweat and juices on my clothes. I kissed and hugged Sophie again and went to the door, placing my hand on the handle. Turning around, I could see that Sophie was resuming her place in the 69 position with Emily. I laughed quietly and told them to make sure they get back to class in time, and quickly opened the door, locking it beforehand so that they wouldn't have to get up.

I exited the building as the first bell went, and headed over to the oval, where I knew my mate Matt would be. When he saw me he stopped talking to his soccer mates and rushed over to me. "Dude, where the fuck have you been?" He said, eyes wide.
"What, what happened?"
"Tracey showed up at the start of lunch, mate she was furious! Going on about how much of a "needy bitch" you are and badmouthing about you to everyone. Where were you man?"
I thought quickly and came up with a passable answer. "I was just hanging out in the toilet, avoiding Tracey for this exact same reason. I had no idea she was such a bitch man, why didn't you tell me?"
"Aha, as if I would do that! You would've just told me to fuck off. Have you forgotten how happy you were when she agreed to go out with you?"
Before I could respond the bell went, so we headed off to class. Tracey was in the final subject with me, and every time I looked over she was glaring daggers at me. I just leaned back in my chair and stretched, acting care-free, which I was. When the bell for dismissal went she walked up to me, her face dark and ominous. I waved goodbye to her and walked off, losing her in the crowd.

When I arrived at the bus stop Emily and Sophie were already there among the growing crowd of students. They were both propped up against the wall, resting their heads together with their eyes closed. I walked up to them and stood next to Sophie, our arms just touching. She opened her eyes and saw me, before shifting her head over to my shoulder and sighing.
"You girls look tired. Busy day?" I asked, the faintest of smiles on my lips.
"Shut up" Sophie replied sleepily, and I sniggered and put my arm around her. At this moment I spotted Tracey stomping towards us, her eyebrows furrowed in a permanent scowl.
"You fucking loser, did you really think you could avoid me? You're such a fucking joke, you are shocking in bed and you can only think about yourself. Good luck finding someone to kiss your tiny dick, arsehole!" She turned around and stormed off, apparently satisfied now that she had had the final say. It was a good one too; I was feeling more than a little embarrassed. Emily walked up to me and turned to face Tracey's retreating figure.
"HEY TRACEY!" She called out. Tracey span around, still glaring. Emily reached up and kissed me full on the lips in front of everyone. There were a few gasps and one person even whistled. Tracey yelled out "Fuck you!" and must have walked off while we were kissing, because she wasn't there when we finally broke away. Emily was flushed crimson and avoiding my gaze.
"Brad, I'm so sorry I did that, I didn't even ask, I just, I couldn't stand to see her put you down like that. Oh god, now everyone will think that we're going out!"
I put my arms around her shoulders and pulled her in close. "That's what I want them to think" I said, kissing her on the forehead. She melted into my arms and we stayed in that position with Sophie at our side, discreetly holding and rubbing my hand and pressing her boob into my side. I looked over at Sophie and she beamed at me, seemingly over the moon with the latest developments.

Finally the bus arrived, and we all sat up at the back, me in the centre and each girl on either side of me. We talked quietly to ourselves about when we can catch up next, Emily wanted us to come over to her Grandparents manor up in the hills, she was positive that we would have tons of privacy there. Then Emily's stop arrived, she kissed me deeply and hugged Sophie, before skipping down the aisle and hopping off through the door, waving enthusiastically to us as the bus drove away.
"She's certainly become more enthusiastic, I don't think I've ever seen her like that." I remarked truthfully.
Sophie giggled and wrapped her arms around mine. "That's because she's never been this happy before. Only you could have that affect on her..... and this affect on me." She added, guiding my hand to her warm, moist crotch. She leaned in and whispered in my ear "When we finished up at lunch I wiped myself down and put on a fresh pair of panties. All that happened here was that I started thinking about what we're going to do once we get home."
I dug my fingers into her slit and rubbed up and down, making her grip my arm tighter. Unfortunately the bus had reached our stop, so I reluctantly withdrew my hand and stood up, Sophie following suit.

As we walked home Sophie grabbed my hand and started swinging it, just like we used to in primary school. "So, you want everyone to know that you're going out with Emily now huh?" She asked, arching her eyebrow and looking at me. I knew that she was okay with it but I just didn't know for sure if deep down her feelings were hurt or not, so I decided to play it safe. "Yes Soph, I want people to know we're going out. I can't think of anyone I would rather want as a public girlfriend." I made sure the coast was clear and pushed her up against the fence of someone's property. "But girlfriends come and go, no matter if they're kept secret or the latest rumour. You're my soul-mate Sophie, I'm positive of that. What we have is eternal."
Sophie threw herself at me and crushed her mouth against mine. I returned the kiss for a tender moment before I broke away, paranoid that we'd be spotted. When we turned onto our driveway mum's car was parked there. I stopped for a second, then laughed to myself and shook my head. "How could I have forgotten that mum lives here too? I guess we won't be going hard at it tonight Soph."
She turned to look at me, not troubled by this news in the slightest. "That's okay! I'm more than happy with slow and romantic." She gave me a wink and continued walking to the door, me following close behind.

Mum was already making dinner, so we put our stuff away in our rooms, changed out of our uniforms and headed into the kitchen.
"Hey mum, how was your night?" I said, raising my eyebrows in an exaggerated fashion.
Not missing a beat, mum replied with a laugh "It was great, thank you. Joseph and I haven't been able to have sex like that in years! Thanks Brad! Oh god that sounded creepy, thanking my son." She chuckled, dishing up our food on plates and serving them to us.
"Thanks mum!" We both chimed, and attacked our meals with gusto. After dinner the girls went into the loungeroom to watch Supernatural together, and for once I had a good reason to join them. As I entered the room mum threw a surprised face, so I said something about being too tired to bother doing anything else, and sat down on the lounge next to Sophie, getting under her blanket with her. Mum was in her recliner, which was closer to the TV than the lounge, so she would have to be facing away from the show to catch any unusual movements under our blanket. Sophie moved closer to me and slowly we pulled ourselves together and held one another, feeling the warmth from each of our bodies flowing into each other. Sophie had changed into a nightshirt, tights and panties, and as my hand caressed her butt I noticed that she had pulled the last two down to her ankles, giving me unrestricted access. I slipped my shorts off and instantly Sophie's hand found my cock and lightly squeezed it, slowly stroking up and down.

My hand went down under her backside, and she spread her legs apart to open up her slit. I slowly passed my hand over her moist heat, before dipping a finger in and dragging it along her vulva, bumping her clit. Her hand tightened around my cock and the fingers on her other hand scratched my arm. She moved further down the lounge away from me, then lowered her head until it was resting in my lap above the blanket. We had done this a hundred times before around mum so I guess she felt safe. Sophie stopped moving so I turned my attention to the show, still allowing my hands to roam up and down her beautiful body. I started to notice Sophie beginning to move her head up ever so slightly, and pull the blanket from under her head. Now she was completely under. I could feel her hot breath on my shaft, and I quietly held my breath as I felt her tongue slowly drag up my cock. A rush of pleasure overwhelmed me as she slid her mouth down over my cock, getting the entire length in her mouth, even swallowing my glans. Then she slowly pulled up, held the tip in her mouth, and started jacking the shaft, lashing my cock-head with her tongue. This happened to coincide with a climactic part of the show, with loud dramatic music and screaming and violence, and the TV was loud enough that I was able to get away with gasping heavily as I began to erupt into my sisters mouth. I could feel her gulping down my semen as my I kept my own mouth open wide, jerking from the pleasure as her lips slowly sucked and slid along my pulsing length.

Soon after Sophie's head reappeared from under the blanket, and she looked up at me, beaming happily up at my spent and satisfied expression. After a couple of minutes I got up and left the room, heading towards my room. I sat down and just stared into space, still dazed from that powerful orgasm. Sophie quickly followed and sat down next to me, giving me a tight hug and kissing me on the lips. I swiped my tongue across hers and could taste my cum. I hugged her tight to me and whispered in her ear "Sophie that was absolutely incredible, you are so fucking sexy. Jesus Christ I thought I was going to scream at the end there."
She giggled and clasped my hand in hers. "I just wanted to thank you for those beautiful things you were saying when we were walking home." She kissed me on the cheek and then stood up, facing me with her hands on her hips. "Now, there's something I've been meaning to ask you. During lunch, you told Emily that you've only ever masturbated over her. Is this true?" She was staring at me with disbelief in her eyes, and I held her gaze for a bit before smirking and looking away. "Of course it's not true! I can't tell you how many times I've masturbated while you were in the shower, picturing the water running over your naked body. I just didn't want her to feel like the weak link in this bizarre love triangle, even if it is technically true."
Sophie looked down at me with a warm smile slowly growing on her lips. "Will it always be true?" She asked, cupping my cheek in her hand.
"Sophie, even if I married Emily, you would be coming with us on our honeymoon. But if you and I somehow ever got married, there wouldn't be anyone else in our bed but us. That will never change." I held her to me and kissed her temple, before standing up and walking her to my bedroom door. "Hey Soph, make sure you lock your bedroom door tonight, because if you don't then I'm going to have to wait until mum goes to bed, then sneak in to your room and fuck your brains out for the rest of the noght. And we wouldn't want that, would we Soph?"
"Why no, that would be just awful wouldn't it?" Sophie replied with a grin, and gave me a fierce kiss before walking off.
"Sweet dreams, big brother" she said, swaying her ass from side to side as she walked off.

"Sweet dreams, little sister"

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